Camo Jacket Outfits

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Camo Jacket Outfits

Camouflage has become a huge trend and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2019. Everything from camo jackets, jeans and accessories seem to be everywhere. Camo jackets are a great option if you want to embrace the print in a garment that will offer you a lot of versatility. Even though camo is a print, because of the combination of colors it’s a print that acts more like a neutral. They can instantly add a unique touch to nearly everything you wear them with. Jackets, as always, are a go-to option for versatility this time of year.
If you are looking for some fresh ideas on how to wear your camo jacket, or you’re thinking of adding one to your wardrobe we have gathered up some of our favorite camo jacket outfits.

1Toss it Over Your Shoulders

Camo jackets are an easy way to instantly transform even the most simple of outfits. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and elevate it by throwing on a camo jacket. Add an effortless vibe to the casual look by wearing the jacket over our shoulders. It’s easy and chic.

2Mixing Textures

Most camo jackets are denim-like fabric. Wearing different textures with the camo jacket is a way to subtly create a unique outfit. Try pairing leather pants and a chunky knit sweater with a camo jacket, even when the pieces are in neutral black it’s a standout look.

3Balanced Oversize

The oversized silhouette of camo jackets adds a certain effortless aesthetic. If you want to add balance the oversized shape and still emphasize your natural body shape go monochromatic with everything under the jacket with pieces that are a slim fit. The slim fit gives you that ultra-feminine feel without showing any skin.

4Layered with a Turtleneck

When it’s cold outside leathers are necessary for warmth. However, you may not always want bulky layers. A stylish way to get warmth and style is to style a chunky knit turtleneck with a lightweight camo jacket. Turtlenecks are very on trend this year and the neckline changes the look of the camo jacket instantly.

5Add a Belt

While camo jackets are, well…jackets they can also be styled to function as a top! By simply closing the camo jacket and adding a belt to your waist you can create the transformation. Not only does this add to the versatility of a camo jacket but it is also a fun way to add shape to an oversized piece.

6Mixed Prints

Just because camo is a print itself it doesn’t mean you can only wear solid colors with it! Mixing prints is such a fun way to style a camo jacket. Try styling plaid pants with a camo jacket. The classic feel of plaid provides juxtaposition when styled with camo. Avoid over styling the outfit by keeping the other pieces simple, like the white t-shirt in this look.

7Go Monochrome

Monochromatic outfits are all the rage right now and while we generally associate the trend with solid color garments, it can also be embraced with prints! Opt for a pair of jeans that are in the same color family/tone as the color(s) in the camo jacket. Keep accessories subtle to allow the print and colors to be the focal point.

8Ballet Gone Edgy

Camo jackets do have a certain edginess to them but if you’re a girly-girl you can still rock them in a way that matches your personal style. Few things say girly like a ballet flat! Wear your favorite ballet flats with a camo jacket for that touch of girly-girl.

9Camo Gone Classic

Give your camo jacket a classic aesthetic by wearing it with your favorite wardrobe staples. Styled with your favorite white t-shirt, skinny jeans, nude pumps and simple black tote – proves a camo jacket isn’t just for ladies who love edgy style.

10Mini Skirt Camo

This outfit is the perfect way to transform a camo jacket, with a black leather mini skirt. The mini skirt’s leather texture looks amazing with a simple t-shirt, topped with a camo jacket. The rolled sleeves complement the effortless vibe of the t-shirt. A great outfit for a weekend outing with friends.

11Ultimate Casual Outfit

This outfit is the ultimate casual look. It’s easy and made up of pieces you probably already have in your closet. White sneakers, skinny jeans, and a white long sleeve shirt get a trendy touch when working with a camo jacket. Whether you don’t have a lot of time to get dressed or you just want something easy and stylish this is perfect for any casual occasion.

12Easy White Jean Outfit

White jeans have a way of brightening almost anything, especially camo print. Even casual jeans and t-shirt outfit feels a little more stylish and put together when you replace your traditional blue jeans with white and top your tee with a camo jacket.

13Street Style Chicness

Street style continues to hold its popularity in fashion for 2019. Throw on your favorite pair of black joggers, your go-to cami and sneakers. When you complete the outfit with a camo jacket it elevates your street style vibes, but still keeps it comfy!

14Boho Meets Camo

Dresses are so simple and comfortable because well, they are only one piece! However, we all want to give our dresses a different look every once in a while to switch things up a bit. Layering over dresses is an easy way to do that. If you have a boho vibe dress, pairing it a camo jacket adds a touch of edge and gives the dress a completely different twist. Accessorize with simple, complimentary accessories to let the opposing elements be the focal point.

15Edgy Vibes

Jeans and a t-shirt are an all-time style classic. It’s easy and can be tailored to fit any personal style. Wear the classic combination with major edge by styling a black graphic tee, black jeans, choker and topping it off with a camo jacket. It’s simple and loaded with style.

16Camo for Date Night

This snug look gives us all the Kardashian vibes. The high-waisted pencil skirt and a matching tube top is something we’ve seen the fashion influencer family rock. Whether you want to add a little more coverage to the look or just want to add a different twist to the two-piece outfit, adding a camo jacket makes the look perfect for date night.

17Jacket Worn as a Shirt

Give a fashion-forward edge to your camo jacket by simply zipping it closed. Wear with your go-to skinny jeans and black over-the-knee boots. It is a cool way to wear a camo jacket to let the jacket stand out. Don’t you think?

18Pop of Red

There is something so refreshing about a pop of color, mostly when red is that color pop. Wearing a solid red shirt is incredibly complimentary with a camo jacket. Because of the neutral colors in camo print, the brightness of the red feels even more powerful. The addition of sneakers gives this outfit a casual, cool vibe.

19Wear Around Your Waist

90’s vibes are still in full force in fashion and nothing gives us that 90’s nostalgia quite like wearing a camo jacket around your waist. Even a feminine outfit like this slim fit long sleeve shirt and tight pencil skirt get a makeover with a camo jacket wrapped around the waist. The jacket gives the dressed up outfit a casual take.

20Tailored Twist

There is a lot to love about the tailored aesthetic of this outfit. Skinny fit jeans, the ever-classic white button-down blouse, and neutral color accessories are stylish on their own. Paired with a camo jacket, it shows how versatile all of these pieces actually are. Easy and stylish.

21Accessories That Pop

Accessories can change an entire outfit. A go-to outfit with a camo jacket is pairing with basic skinny jeans and a white shirt. It doesn’t get any easier! But if you want to mix it up, while keeping the foundation of the outfit the same it’s all about accessories. Completing the outfit with accessories that are unexpected like leopard shoes and a pale pink bag.

22Bold Skirt Pop

This outfit is so fun and unexpected. Proving a camo jacket can be versatile and is rather neutral! The striped shirt adds strong lines to the outfit and the mustard yellow pleated skirt gives the look a colorful pop. Daytime outfits can be showstoppers!

23Classic Combination

As a wardrobe staple, most women have a denim skirt in their wardrobe. They’re the perfect alternative to denim jeans when the weather gets warmer. The distressed element of the skirt plays into the effortless vibe of an oversized camo jacket. Adding cami compliments the look with a feminine touch.

24Wear as a Dress

The ultimate versatility comes when you can wear a jacket as a dress. With a long, oversized silhouette of this particular camo jacket, the garment can easily be worn as a dress with a yellow belt tied around the waist. Keep the accessories simple and edgy with tall black boots and tights for a chic look that is sure to turn heads.

25Modern Take on a White Shirt

White shirts have held their reign as a classic for so many years. This year the white shirt has gotten a twist with white shirt dresses. They provide the same classic style in dress form – what’s not to love? This white shirt dress gets a new life when paired with tall black boots and a camo print jacket.

26Colorful Denim Chic

There’s no denying denim is a go-to for all of us. It pairs so well with camo jackets for a stylish and easy casual look. An easy way to keep it simple with your camo jacket, but add some color in a new way is with colored denim. This burgundy denim compliments the neutral colors of the camo. An outfit that can take you from day to night with a simple change in shoes.

27Biker Style

Give yourself a tough girl vibe with this biker-style outfit by wearing some moto style boots, black leggings or denim with your camo jacket. It is a cool and youthful way to wear your camo jacket to embrace a different style personality with minimal effort.

28Denim Shorts in Camo

As the weather begins to warm up you can start to swap out your long pants for shorts. Wearing a camo jacket with denim cut off shorts gives you the same ease as jeans. Complete the outfit with a black hat to create a unique style.

29Light Color Palette

Light colors look just as great as dark colors when worn with camo. If you are tired of only wearing black and dark wash jeans with your camo jacket mix it up with white jeans and a pale pink shirt. It gives the camo jacket a spring look that feels so fresh.


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