How To Cut A Shirt: 17 Cute Ways To Cut A Shirt

How To Cut A Shirt: 10 Cute Ways To Cut A Shirt

17 Cute Ways To Cut A Shirt | DIY Shirt Cutting

Cleaning out your wardrobe is extremely therapeutic but also a great reminder of the lovely items you have bought over the last few months. Got things to throw out? Not so fast, we are going to show you how to recycle old tops and how to cut a shirt you thought you wouldn’t wear ever again! Check out these 17 different and easy ways to cut a shirt.

1Bare Shoulders Shirt

Bare shoulders are in! It adds a glamorous and sexy edge to your top! Cutting out the shoulder panels is a perfect way of vamping up your shirt. It takes your denim shirt from day to night, and with a necklace tucked under the collar, you won’t look anything less than amazing!

2Cut Out Detailing Shirt

Peekaboo detailing around the shoulders is a trend hitting Autumn Winter collections in 2017, get the trend before it hits the shops by doing it yourself! Cut from just under the collar of your t-shirt and create a triangle on both sides, for a swing-top style effect. You’ll be on the edge of the latest fashion and you will definitely impress!

3Heart Tank Top

Cutting a heart shaped hole into your top is a cute way of customizing! It is girly, simple, and fun way to show off that tan or your bandeau top. Wear the crop top over some ripped light shorts and with your hair up for a lovely day at the beach!

4Side-Knotted Top

Knots on the side are a great way of spicing up that old tank top! With a silky bomber and high-waisted jeans, this outfit can make a great dinner date outfit or a fabulous look for a night out!

How to cut a shirt to get this design?

  1. Mark on the t-shirt which parts you want to cut off with a marker pen. Also, see how big you want the armhole to be.
  2. Fold the t-shirt in half and cut along the lines, this way it will be the same all around each side.
  3. Cut 4 inches from the triangle pieces on the side you have just created to create a slit. You can deepen the slit required and then tie a knot.

5How To Cut The Back Of a Shirt In a Distressed Effect

The grunge look is everywhere, but instead of heading to the mall to get a brand new top, sort through your wardrobe. You have plenty of t-shirts to do this tutorial! Use the collar as a guide to cut out an open back, the deeper the better! Snip holes all over for a distressed, grunge look. This will be a great top for spring and summer, add a cute beanie with your favorite biker jacket and you’re good to go!

6Lace-Up Band Tee

We all have a few band tees crumpled up at the back of the drawers. Lace-up tops and bodies have been in for a few seasons, but the band t-shirts allow to add a grunge vibe to it. Wear it with jeans for casual wear and add a pleather skirt to take it to a nighttime look! Bloggers like Lily Melrose are getting the look themselves and making their band tees more glamorous for nights out! Here is how you can do it yourself.

How to cut a tshirt to get this design?

  1. Use chalk to mark how deep you want your v-neck to be.
  2. Cut out the triangle all whilst keeping the collar of the t-shirt. This will create a cut-out detail instead of just a v-neck tee.
  3. Pin grommet trim along the sides of the cut-out part. Make sure they are aligned.
  4. Sew the trims on once you are sure they are exactly how you want them!
  5. Lace the top up with string.

7Drop Arm Vest Cut T Shirt

Drop arm vests are a summer essential. Layer with a bandeau and ripped denim shorts for your next beach outing! Just cut off the sleeves off an old short-sleeved top and you are good to go! If you have slogan tees, these will look amazing as vests, so don’t be afraid to get scissor-happy!

8Lace Collar DIY T Shirt

Collared shirts tend to be the pricier sorts of tops, but you can save some cash by making your own. Here is how you can make your own!

How to cut a shirt to get this design?

  1. Get an old t-shirt and 2 rectangles of lace of the same size. Place the rectangles of lace around the collar so they slightly touch.
  2. Pin the lace parts where you want them before sewing them on.
  3. Cut the rest of the t-shirt collar off.
  4. Tuck this into a black skater skirt, we are thinking Blair Waldorf vibes!

9Customize Your Tees!

We love lace sweaters and tees, and they are so easy to do! Grab an old long-sleeved shirt and cut pieces out of the sleeves, and use fabric glue to stick lace (or another fabric) to the other parts of your sleeve. This creates a great feminine but casual look and also costs you a lot less than heading to Forever21!

10Scoop-necked Shirt

Here is another way you can customize an old shirt and make it fresh and modern! No one will have anything quite like this, so you will definitely stand out from the crowd! Cut a half-circle shape from under the collar and where your collarbones would be. It is as simple as that! Why not sew a piece of lace underneath for more texture? You will create unique pieces that no one will find at the mall!

11Knotted Crop Top

Knotted crop tops have been popular for the last few years and it’s not all that surprising. You can team them with some high-waisted skinny jeans or with your favorite pair of denim shorts. Whatever the weather, you can still look hot! Here is how you can do it yourself!

How to cut a tshirt to get this design?

  1. Cut the sleeves off the t-shirt.
  2. Cut the bottom third of the crop top off, all whilst creating a triangular tip for you to tie into a knot.
  3. Cut the triangle in half.
  4. Last but not least, cut the collar off for a raw-hem feel.

12Revealing Back DIY T Shirt

We do love a good tee with a fancy back! It turns that basic t-shirt from drab to fab in seconds. We love this geometric feel that instantly makes the t-shirt look more modern and interesting. We recommend drawing your pattern on with chalk before cutting the shapes out for precision. Remember to tie up your hair to show off that stunning back! Tuck the tee into some mid-waisted jeans and add strappy heels for a casual, feminine look!

13Lace Inserts

Having a snip at your sleeves isn’t the only way of adding lace to your shirt! Another cut idea is to place lace inserts down the sides of your shirt. It is the perfect way of showing off that new bikini over the summer! Cut a slit down each side of your shirt before gluing the lace inserts from the inside of the shirt. Find yourself a Triangle-style bikini and show off that glowing tan!

14Tube Top

Tube tops make a perfect bikini cover-up or even just a great solution to your wardrobe woes. Here is how you can make your own ruffled tube top!

How to cut a tshirt to get this design?

  1. Turn your shirt inside out.
  2. Fold the bottom hem of your chosen t-shirt over 5 and 3/4 inches and pin it up. This is to make the ruffle part.
  3. Use a sewing machine to create a 1/2 inch hem around the top of your shirt. You will need to leave a bit of room to insert elastic so it clings in all the right places!
  4. Measure the elastic around your bust and leave it a little tight so it will stay on!
  5. Put a safety pin on the end of the elastic and feed it through the small gap in your seam. Once your elastic is in all the way round, sew the two ends together.
  6. Cut off the neck and create a straight line. Obviously, as this is a tube top you won’t be needing a neck!
  7. Cut off the sleeves.
  8. Pin down the sides and use the sewing machine to sew them down. The more material you sew into the sides, the tighter the top will be.

15Dolman Tee

Dolman tees are comfortable, slouchy, and work all year round with skinny jeans and boots for winter, or tucked into a denim skirt over the warmer months. Dig into your dad’s, brother’s, or boyfriend’s wardrobes for cool printed tees that could work well for this tutorial! Here is how you turn a guy’s oversized shirt into a dolman tee!

How to cut a shirt to get this design?

  1. Cut the neck to create a scoop-like neck.
  2. Cut diagonal sleeves and cut a bit off the sides for a more figure-flattering top.
  3. Sew these changes and take the seams in to adapt the tee to how you want it to look.
  4. And voilà!

16Bow Back T- Shirt

This is a super easy and adorable DIY that you could make with an old t-shirt, with 1 or several bows!

17Skull Back Cut Out T-Shirt

This is a really cool (and easy) DIY design for Halloween! To make your own Tee Skull, take a chalk and lightly draw a skull design on your oversized Tee. Then stretch the shirt and gently cut with scissors.

18Vintage Band DIY T Shirt

Take your favorite 90s grunge t shirt. This DIY shirt cutting is pretty simple to do. Once you cut out a triangle, make sure to keep the collar of the shirt. Remember to mark how deep you want your v neck to be. You don’t have to cut the shirt that deep like Kendall did here, but even if you do, you can always wear a basic crop top underneath.

19DIY Cut Out Back Shirt

How gorgeous is this DIY V-Back Tee! Simply mark an upside-down triangle on the back of your tee and cut the back out. This definitely gives your tee a stylish DIY upgrade.

20USA Flag Cut T Shirt Designs

Take one of your old t shirt. Then use a marker to draw the stencil of the flag, or simply use a print if you don’t know how to draw, and trace the flag out. With a pair of scissors cut the design carefully one by one.

21Side Tie Design Cut Out Shirt

A really cute way to upgrade your shirt is but creating a tie-up crop top. To get this DIY t-shirt design just pick up a loose t-shirt, rip out the sleeves and then slit at the right points down both sides of the t-shirt and tie them at the ends. You can wear a bralette underneath to style up the look.

22Simple Cut T Shirt

This DIY t shirt cut design is as simple as it looks. Just cut a half circle from under the collar and cut off gently with scissors.

23More Fabulous T Shirt Cutting Ideas

24Open-Back No-Sew Tank Top

25Cropped Tie Back Tank Top

26Openback Sweater with Top Silk Ribbon

27Summer Laced Up Open Sides Crop Top

28Front Cut Out Crop Top

29DIY Open Back Sweatshirt

30Slashed Cut Short Tunic Top

31 Baggy Shirt with Strappy Open Back



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