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26 Stunning Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Calling all the girls with brown Bambi eyes! While people say brown eyed girls have it easy as every color goes with brown, it can be quite tricky to find the perfect eye makeup look, but we’ve got your back with 26 stunning makeup ideas, tricks and looks. Whether you have light hazel or almost black eyes, there are various eye shadow shades and makeup ideas and looks from natural and innocent to sultry and daring that will make your eye color pop!

1Glamorous Rose Gold

After the launch of Urban Decay’s famous Naked3 Palette, glittery rose gold shades have become crazy popular – and we can absolutely understand why. Besides looking sultry and luxurious, they will also make any eye color brighter, including hazel and dark brown eyes as well. Use 3 different rose gold and pink tones and blend them together softly to create a stunning ombré look.

2Burnt Sunset Makeup For Brown Eyes

Another makeup trend that has evolved into a beauty cult classic is burnt orange and terracotta eye makeup. Because of its warm, darker undertone, deep orange will accentuate brown eyes and make them look even richer. Orange eye makeup looks go perfectly together with subtle, mauve or nude lips and with dramatic, black lashes.

3Classic Cat Eyes

Ah, who could forget about the all-time favorite, classic cat eyes? To create the ideal angled liner for your cat eye look, prime your lids and apply a matte ivory shade all over your lids – this will not only make your liner last longer, but will also compliment your brown eyes.

4Champagne Shimmer Brown Eye Makeup

We could never leave out the universal champagne shade from our list, which is a versatile color that works for any occasion. Whether you are going for a casual breakfast with your friends or for a first date, a champagne eye lid will make your brown eyes look bigger and even more mysterious.

5Electric Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Don’t say goodbye to your blue eyeshadow palette just yet! A deep, daring blue shadow with brown eyes is a match made in heaven – and to make the contrast even more visible, switch your black eyeliner to a blue kohl pencil or gel liner and don’t be afraid to experiment with your makeup.

6Daring Pinks Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

If you are not a big fan of blues, but would still like to try out something exciting, matte hot pink is another shade that looks great with brown eyes. If you are going for a full-on Barbie look, make sure to apply a thin, black liner and mascara as finishing touches!

7Cool Toned Lilacs

The huge pastel trend reached the makeup world as well, and that’s great news to all the girls out there with brown eyes! Although creamy and soft lavender shades might seem too wild for the first try, if you mix it with a more subtle shade (such as white) or add a gold liner for special occasion, you can create a stunning, unique look.

8Soft Mauves Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Mauve and brown are both neutral shades that complement each other beautifully, so if you are looking for a subtle, more natural eye look, apply a soft mauve shade to as your crease color and mix it with a matte beige all over the lid color.

9Dramatic Falsies

One of our favorite makeup tricks that will instantly create wide, innocent Bambi eyes is simply applying false lashes without any dramatic eye makeup. Use a champagne or ivory eyelid base color, and instead of going in with a crease color, just apply your falsies.

10The „No Makeup” Makeup For Bronw Eyes

Using brown mascara and a smooth white eyeliner in your inner corner will bring out the depth of your brown eyes, while looking 100% natural and appropriate for school.

11Good & Evil

Blend black and white on your eyelids like a pro with a simple trick: in the inner corner of your eyes, use a waterproof, white liner, and follow up that line to a regular flick or cat eye with a black liner. The contrast of the two liners will bring out your brown eyes beautifully.

12Teal & Peach

A beautiful combination that we are currently obsessing over (especially for brown-eyed girls) is teal and peach. These two shades create a very romantic, stunning overall look as they mix both cool and warm tones together. Add a little shimmer on top and you are good to go!

13Classic Pin Up

With neutral, yet bold shades (such as black and ivory), the classic pin up look is the perfect choice for girls with brown eyes. The signature, hot red lipstick will make your eyes pop, while the black, thick liner will create an illusion of larger, more opened eyes.

14Hint of Glitter

Any type of shimmer and sparkle will look amazing on brown eyed girls (especially if you have darker eyes), so it’s time to dig up that glitter liner from your makeup collection! Don’t worry, you don’t have to cover your entire lids with glitter to get that “wow” effect – just have fun with it and try to find how you like it the most (such as a double liner mixed with black or a few sparkles on your lower lash line).

15Camouflage Shades

Caramel, sand, beige, olive, greens and deep browns…do we need to say more? The great thing about these shades is that they effortlessly complement brown eyes and it’s super easy to create a look with them! As usual, blend the lighter shades to your inner corner and lid, and use the darker colors (such as the brown and olive) as a crease color.

16Flirty Burgundy

After seeing beauty guru Huda Beauty create a gorgeous makeup look using deep reds and burgundies, we can’t leave it out from our list. Needless to say, it looked stunning with her dark brown eyes, and it’s overall a stunning choice for simple outfits or girly night outs.

17Mermaid Makeup

The rendez-vous of daring green, teal and blue colors results in a fun, one-of-a-kind look that will make your brown eyes sparkle. Start with the lightest color of your choice and gently combine it with shimmery, darker shades.

18Pop of Yellow

Yes, we know, it sounds like a crazy choice, but yellow actually works really well with dark hair and eyes, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and give vivid yellow a try.

19Gold Smokey Eyes

To create a unique smokey eye that will not only make your brown eyes even more mysterious, but will also make you the show-stopper at any party, blend rich gold colors together with dark chocolate brown and black. Say goodbye to the regular grey smoked out look and apply light and dark yellow and gold shades to your lids and crease.

20Sweet Peach

Just like a coral dress or necklace looks amazing with a tan, a peach makeup look will be exquisite with brown eyes. Use a dark peach blush, a pop of coral on your lids and a nice, orange undertone pink gloss on top of your lips to get that summer goddess look!

21Metallic Shine

Besides glitter, metallic shades and ‘liquid glitter’ shadows are also great choices to create a fun and sultry look, not to mention they will also brighten up your brown eyes. The trick to a great metallic look is the perfect application – use a slightly wet, flat brush and tap the product carefully to your lids to avoid fallouts or brush strokes.

22Autumn Plum

Although purple might not be your first thought when it comes to makeup, deeper plum shades are actually amazing for smokey eye looks, especially if you have brown eyes. If you are not a fan of monochrome looks, add a bit of gold or silver (depending on your outfit) to your lower lash line to mix things up a bit.

23Soft Cut Crease

Cut creases can be quite dramatic looks, but if you match two soft shades (such as mauve and brown) and switch your regular black liner to a brown one, your cut crease look will instantly become more wearable, even for everyday occasions.

24Brown on Brown

You can easily reach a simple yet stunning and very fashion forward look by matching the eye shadow to your eye color and applying a soft, deep brown all over your lid. Smudge and blend it out around the edges for a smokey effect, add mascara, and you are good to go.

25The Wet Look

The “wet look” makeup trend originated from various runway shows, and we are absolutely in love with it! The key to this makeup look is quite simple: use a liquid, glossy shade all over your lids and use a dramatic mascara that will clump up your lashes just a bit (yes, spider lashes can actually look amazing with a wet makeup look). Keep the theme going with a hint of highlighter on your cheek and a clear gloss on your lips.

26Bronzed Goddess

Channel your inner Goddess and create that beachy summer look inspired by bronzy and gold shades! Whether you have lighter or almost black eyes, the mix of shimmery gold and soft browns will accentuate your eyes even more.

27Pink and Gold

By now we already know that pink and gold are great colors for making your brown eyes stand out more. Adding golden shades, like this gold eyeliner creates a stunning golden brown effect. Add some shine with matching pink lipstick or gloss.

28Light Brown and Gold

The most flattering golds for brown eyes are usually bronze tinted. This combination of light brown eyeshadow and a little bit of gold, really make her brown eyes pop.

29Glowing Pink

This look is  absolutely flawless. The mix of natural brownish shades and shimmer makes her eyes look bigger and brighter.

30Brown Hues and Eyeliner

Another take on the brown on brown look, only this time a classic eyeliner is added to enhance and create a more dramatic look.

31Golden Eyeshadows

Golden hues bring out the flecks of golds and red tints found within your brown eye color and really makes your eyes stand out.

32Gold Smoky Eyeshadow

A stunning, shimmery dark grey smokey eye look that is ideal for ladies with light brown eyes.

33Peach and Shimmery

peachy eyeshadow a fresh neutral summery color that looks great on brown eyes. Finish your look ith peach lipgloss and matching blush.

34Barely There Look

Minimal makeup accentuates your natural features and can even be much more beautiful than full on makeup look.

35Shimmery Eyes

Using light brown or pink mascara and a smooth white shimmer in your inner corner, as well as on your cheeks, will highlight your eyes and create a chic elegant look.

36Sunset Eyeshadow

Reds, oranges and pinks are the latest trend to try out this winter. This warm peach susnet eyeshadow covers the entire lids creating a super sexy and dramatic look.

37Burgundy Smokey Eyes

Burgundy is another hot winter hue that is super trendy right now. This smokey eyes look is perfect for a night out.

38Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can be tricky to create. If you want to get the perfect angle for your eyes, what you need to remember is to hold your eyeliner diagonally from the nostril up to the corner of your eyes.

39Smoky Eyes and Winged Eyeliner

If you like te natural makeup look but still want to add more color to your eyes, moky brown eyeshadow and a bit of mascara will do the trick.


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