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Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads


Top Hairstyles for Girls with Big Foreheads

When it comes to paychecks and closet-space, bigger is always better. However, when it comes to your forehead you may prefer to create the illusion of a smaller surface space! Having a generously sized forehead allows you to take advantage of some amazing layered and bangs hairstyles that may unflatteringly overwhelm the faces of some of your friends with more compact facial structures. If you are looking for some fabulous and flattering hairstyles for big foreheads, we have got you covered! We have compiled a list of gorgeous women who absolutely rock hairstyles that flatter their large foreheads. Studies show that having a large forehead is often associated with superior intelligence, so when you add one of these haircuts to your gorgeous face, you will be a triple threat with beauty, brains, and style!

1Long loose waves with full coverage bangs

Although Olivia sometimes prefers to slick her hair back and proudly show off her large forehead, she also has incredible taste in bangs hairstyles when she decides to cover the top half of her face. Olivia’s bangs are full-coverage, but they are not heavy which makes this a great look for girls who want to avoid making a dramatic or blunt statement with their bangs. Full-coverage bangs that come straight down are a super strategic way to give the illusion of a smaller forehead because the beginning of your hairline appears ambiguous. In addition to using bangs to disguise the height of her forehead, Olivia also styled her long hair so that it frames her cheekbones which softly disguises the width of her forehead. This gorgeous look is flattering on generously foreheaded girls with any face shape!

2Wavy Bob and Fringe

Rihanna is a style icon for ladies with larger foreheads because she always works an incredible hairstyle that not only flatters her face structure, but also expresses her fun and edgy style. Wavy bob and fringe, like Rihanna’s are smart choices for women with larger foreheads for two main reasons. First, the slightly parted fringe immediately cuts the forehead in half and draws attention to your gorgeous eyes. Second, the bob cut that’s behind the ears brings the eye downward and away from your forehead. This means that you don’t need to be self-conscious about your forehead since everyone will be too busy admiring your stylish cut and gorgeous eyes to notice anything else!

3Sleek shoulder-length hair with blunt bangs

Christina Ricci hairstyle
Christina Ricci

Christina has a striking bone structure with a heart-shaped face that begins with a wide forehead and tapers to a narrow pointy chin. Her blunt straight bangs perfectly complement her dramatic facial features and her spacious forehead. Full coverage bangs like Christina’s create the illusion of a smaller forehead because they cover the beginning of the hairline and put all of the attention on your stunning eyes!

4Medium length hair with long side bangs

julia louis dreyfus hairstyle
Julia Louis Dreyfus

Although Julia’s forehead is average in height, photos in which she wears her hair back reveal that she actually has a very wide forehead. Julia’s look is a perfect example of a hairstyle that disguises a larger forehead without the use of dramatic bangs or layers. By having just one side section of shorter layered hair, Julia creates the illusion that her forehead is much less wide than it actually is. Although she looks radiant no matter what hairstyle she chooses to rock, Julia made a particularly elegant and flattering choice with this style!

5Voluminous teased braid

Rachel McAdams hairstyle
Rachel McAdams

Rachel is one of our favorite ladies with a generously sized forehead. This hairstyle is the perfect example of a look that flatters large foreheads without actually covering any portion of the forehead. Although the obvious way to disguise a large forehead is using strategic bangs or layers, another way to create the illusion of a smaller forehead is playing with proportions. In proportion to her glamorously tall hair, Rachel’s forehead looks to be average, even below average, in size. Although bangs are a classic solution to large foreheads, don’t forget that you are not limited to wearing bangs if you want to change the appearance of your forehead. This look is so gorgeous and exudes elegance which makes it the perfect updo for girls to wear to special events!

6Voluminous medium length blowout

angelina jolie hairstyle
Angelina Jolie

Angelina is universally considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, and she has been globally admired for her astonishing good looks during her entire decades-long career. If you were worried that having a larger forehead somehow detracts from your beauty, you need not worry seeing as you are in great company with the gorgeous Angelina! Although it may seem counter-intuitive, Angelina Jolie creates the illusion of a smaller and more proportionate forehead by actually adding width to her look. The volume of Angelina’s hairstyle makes her forehead look smaller because the voluminous sides soften her forehead’s width. If Angelina wore her hair sleek against her head, her large forehead would look more severe and obvious. This gorgeous simple hairstyle would look great on any girl, but it is particularly flattering for girls with large foreheads!

7Low updo with middle part and fame framing layers

Zoe Saldana hairstyle
Zoe Saldana

Zoe is indisputably one of the most gorgeous and stylish women in the entertainment industry. She flatters her larger forehead with a middle-parted low updo. Low, somewhat loose updos that maintain a hair part are generally more flattering for large foreheads than tight pulled back updos. Larger foreheads can look somewhat severe and distract from the rest of your gorgeous features if you don’t add some sort of softening effect like Zoe’s gentle face-framing layers. Middle and side hair parts are also great ways to visually break up an expansive forehead which helps create the illusion of a proportionate forehead. This beautiful look is versatile which makes it perfect for both elegant and casual occasions!

8Long wavy hair with face-framing layers

jennifer love hewitt hairstyle
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer’s hairstyle is the perfect look for long-haired girls who also have long foreheads! Jennifer’s middle part creates the perfect setup for her gorgeous face-framing layers which gently curl out toward her shoulders. These perfectly even layers create a sense of balance to Jennifer’s overall look. The key to achieving a flattering hairstyle for large foreheads is not necessarily hiding the forehead, but using strategies that promote balance and create the appearance of a proportionate face. This hairstyle is simple to achieve if you have long hair and it looks mesmerizingly beautiful!

9Short wavy hair with heavy bangs

Tyra Banks

Tyra’s shoulder-length wavy bob with bangs is fresh and bouncy and does a great job of softening her striking features. Although Tyra’s hair is predominantly wavy, she has straight bangs which help to disguise her large forehead. Whether you have natural hair or wear a wig, this look is low-maintenance and super chic.  It will also look great even if you let your hair air-dry. This is a universally flattering hairstyle for girls who have any face shape.

10Side-Part long hair

Liv Tyler hairstyle
Liv Tyler

Liv’s gorgeous long hair cascades down her shoulders elegantly and stylishly. She parted her hair dramatically to one side so that the pieces in front cover a small part of her forehead. This style is easy and gorgeous and shows how easy it is to use a smart hair part to subtly disguise a larger forehead.

11Curly Water Wave Bob

water wave bob

Another gorgeous look by Rihanna! We love this 4×4 closure wig style that will look great, whether you’re going to the office or on a  night out with friends. If you like the wet hair bob look, give this one a try!

12Low ponytail with a side part

Kate Bosworth hairstyle
Kate Bosworth

Kate is well known for her strikingly unique two-colored eyes and she has always done a great job of choosing hairstyles that draw attention to her best feature. While she is one of the world’s most recognized beauties, she also rocks a slightly larger than average forehead. Girls with larger foreheads may worry about pulling their hair back into a ponytail because they think that it will draw attention to their forehead size. However, keeping just a small portion of hair over the forehead is a very easy and gorgeous way to wear a ponytail without making your forehead seem out of proportion with the rest of your face. Using strategic bangs or a side hair part can

13Messy low side braid

Diane Kruger hairstyle
Diane Kruger

Diane completely nails the perfect combination of casual and elegant with this hairstyle. Diane has a rather wide forehead which is why keeping a few pieces of hair over the side of her forehead is particularly flattering for her. This hairstyle is super easy to replicate, which makes it the perfect look for girls who want to experiment with a braided look without spending too much time perfecting it. All you need to do is create a subtle side part and then gather all of your hair to one side. Create a loose braid and keep a few pieces loose so that they can frame your face. Yes, that’s all you need to do to achieve this gorgeous look!

14Heavy side-swept bangs with long hair

Emma’s bangs are perfectly styled so that attention is drawn away from her hairline and instead directed toward her beautiful hazel eyes. This style of bangs is very flattering for girls with long foreheads because the beginning of the hairline is disguised, which means that no one (except for you!) will actually know how big your forehead is. These bangs look beautiful with Emma’s long hair, but they also would look great incorporated into a short and sassy haircut as well!

15Long hair with face-framing layers

Nicole’s hair looks incredible, but this hairstyle is not just gorgeous: it also expertly disguises her large forehead! Long hair can be a tricky hairstyle to pull off when you have a large forehead because you run the risk of elongating your face even more with extra hair length. However, incorporating face-framing layers is a great way to break up long hair and create a visual distraction so that attention is not drawn to your forehead. This hairstyle would look incredible on girls with any face shape.

16Middle part updo

allison williams hairstyle
Allison Williams

This hairstyle is minimalist and elegant, and cleverly styled so that most people looking at Allison would not realize that she actually has a large forehead! This style subtly disguises her large forehead because it creates the illusion of a hairline that is lower than her hairline actually is. This is a great updo for girls who want to make their foreheads appear smaller, but do not actually want to cover their forehead with bangs. In order to achieve this look, part your hair in the middle and pull it back into a ponytail, or bun. Keep the hair loose enough that you can customize how low you want your hairline to appear. Adding a pair of statement earrings is also a gorgeous and clever way to ensure that eyes do not linger on your forehead!

17Wavy bob with side swept bangs

christina hendricks hairstyle
Christina hendricks

Christina is widely admired for possessing certain features that are larger than average, but she is not known for her generously sized forehead! This is because she has always worn gorgeously flattering hairstyles that ensure that attention is directed away from her hairline and toward her best features instead. This is a fabulous short hairstyle for girls with large foreheads because side bangs look amazing with bob haircuts. If you love short hair and are looking for a beautiful way to disguise your larger forehead, you should definitely try this look out for yourself!

18Messy Curtain Bangs

Although you may not enjoy having a large forehead, don’t forget that there are tons of gorgeous celebrities and models who do not let having a big forehead stop them from being confident and the envy of everyone else in the room! We hope you enjoyed this list of the best hairstyles for big foreheads and don’t forget to have fun while you find the most flattering hairstyle option for your face!



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