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Types of Bangs

Types of Bangs


Gorgeous and Different Types of Bangs

Bangs are one way to completely change the look and feel of your hairstyle and face. Entire decades are characterized by their unique approach to the fringe, and you can use your own bangs to look super current or rock a retro feel. An easy, cost-efficient way to debut a new look, bangs are a great way to test the waters, especially for commitment-phobes. Regardless of your face shape or personal sense of style, we’ve got you covered with 12 Types of Bangs, ranging from the blunt to the side swept to the wispy.

1Super Short

There’s no turning back with these super short bangs that Beyonce’s rocking! Not for the timid or the indecisive, these bangs are definitely a big step and a big change. That being said, if you’ve worked up the courage and you’re in, here’s a way to make a major upgrade to your style and look! A great way to greet the new year or the mark a big milestone, these bangs look great with long tresses or a sleek bob!


For a nod to the past, try out these retro bangs. Break out the curling iron for fancy occasions and curl your bangs inward for a look that’s reminiscent of the days of old Hollywood glamour and pinup girls. To get Taylor Swift’s look, keep the top of your bangs straight and only curl the ends. Bonus tip: keep this look in your back pocket for times when you accidentally cut your bangs unevenly and need to hide it!


Bangs don’t just have to be straight down or side swept. Part your bangs to add to the customizable fun of your hairstyle! To get Mandy’s look use a fine-toothed comb to gently part your front bangs straight down the middle. Brush your separated bangs to either side and lightly spray with hairspray if your hair is super slick. This is a great look to rock with an updo, as it draws the focus to your face.

4Eye Sweeping

For sultry, sensual glamour, keeps your bangs just long enough to brush your eyes. This bang style looks great with naturally curly hair because of the added volume. To fake it till you make it, use a curl iron to lightly curl your bangs. Focus on the part closest to the root because these bangs look best when the root of the hair doesn’t lie limp and flat. Remember to trim your hair to keep this look at its peak performance.


Keep it simple and classic with straight bangs that fall just past your eyebrows. If you have naturally oily hair, keep this look fresh by using dry shampoo, or dusting baby powder on your bangs. These bangs look best with straight hair, but if you have naturally curly hair and are up to the challenge, straighten your bangs for the best results. Added bonus: your eyebrows don’t always have to be on fleek with this look, shh!

6Side Swept

Vanessa Hudgens looks cute with these shiny, side swept bangs. A great way to balance out a large forehead, these bangs are flirty and fun. Perfect for low maintenance girls, these bangs are also very easy to wear, and can even be pinned back on days where you’re not feeling the fringe. Not to mention, they’re are also easy to grow out into long layers. Try this bang style out with choppy, layered hair or with a shoulder-skimming lob like the one Vanessa is rocking.


Not for the faint of heart, blunt bangs make a loud statement. Great for those with thick hair, these bold bangs are stylish and runway model chic. This look works best with oval face shapes. Customize these to your preference by deciding how long or short you want them to be: they can hover right above your eyes for a flirty look, or stay closer to your eyebrows for a more doll like glamour. To keep these bangs sleek, opt for a deep conditioning treatment or just a really great conditioner, especially for humid or cold days!


Great for hair that is naturally wavy or curly, wispy bangs let you have the fun of bangs but with a “barely there” look. It’s okay if your bangs aren’t perfectly straight, the slightly messy and tousled look is part of this style. These bangs are perfect for fine hair that might appear too sparse with blunt or straight bangs. To get Jessica’s bedhead look, gently blow dry your bangs with a round brush for that added umph of volume.


Lily Collins channels the old school glam of Audrey Hepburn with these short, asymmetrical bangs. Their uneven cut gives an edgy upgrade to the typically safe side bangs. This is a bit more of a daring jump than long sideswept or straight bangs, as they will take longer to grow out. These bangs look great with a headband or updo, as they can play center stage.


Here’s a throwback to an old Lucy Liu look that we still can’t get enough of. If you’re looking for bangs that are neither stick straight or wispy, try these tousled bangs! They don’t limit you to a specific part or style, so they have the spontaneity of looking a little different every day. Since they lack a strict structure, these bangs have a great softening effect that’s perfect for balancing square faces or angular features.

11Brow Skimming

Emma Stone strikes the perfect length with these eyebrow skimming bangs! We love these bangs with a wavy bob, they look carefree and beachy. Add some light volume by gently curling your bangs or scrunching them with a small amount of hair mousse. This is a great look to rock with an ombre style like the one Emma Stone shows off here; the darker bangs are a great contrast with the lighter ends.


Bangs can be a bit of a responsibility because it’s easier to spot when something’s wrong with your bangs as opposed to the rest of your hair. Choppy bangs make that burden easier to bear because of their naturally casual and uneven look. These bangs look great with naturally wavy hair and play well with messy buns and high ponytails. Keep these bangs carefree and easy to maintain by keeping excess oil off your forehead with blotting sheets and blowdrying them with your fingers.

Hope you enjoyed our list of Top Types of Bangs! For more bangs inspiration check out our top lists of Side Swept Bangs and Best 25 Hairstyles with Bangs.



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