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Jessica Simpson Hairstyles

jessica simpson hairstyles


Jessica Simpson Hair

Jessica Simpson’s fashion brand has sprawled into a billion dollar lifestyle empire. A veritable goddess in the early 2000s, Simpson has shown her staying power as an American cultural icon. With plans to double — or even triple — her company’s volume in the coming decade, let’s celebrate the past decade of Jessica’s success by looking at the evolution of her hairstyles. Whether she was sporting her trademark blond waves or experimenting with a red bob, her hair was the envy of the public! Let’s take a trip down memory lane with some of her most iconic looks:


1Slick Straight Bob

Jessica looks poised and professional with this straight bob! We love the way she covered one ear, and showed off a large earring on the other side for some chic asymmetry. With a clean cut like this, punch up your look and accessorize with bold jewelry. Alternatively, keep your makeup natural for an au naturel fresh face!

2Voluminous Glamour Waves

Simpson looks like the Texas sweetheart she is with these soft blond waves. Known for not being afraid of letting her roots show, we like the contrast between her dark roots and golden honey locks. Get this look by gently curling your hair with a thick barreled iron, making sure that the front pieces of your hair gently frame your face.

3Medium-length Curls

These Farrah Fawcett inspired ringlets have the perfect amount of volume! Wear them down or sweep them up in a bouncy ponytail for a casual “I’m not even trying to look good” hairdo.  Use a thinner curling iron, like a ¾ inch one to get these eye-catching curls for yourself. Some light hairspraying action can keep your hair looking neat and non-frizzy all while staying loose.

4Poofy Half-up Hairdo

No stranger to hair extensions, Simpson pulls off an amazingly voluminous, Brigette Bardot-esque hairstyle with some amazing faux length. We love how she balances the sleek and smooth length with a full top. The middle part combines with the front pieces that gently frame her face to show off her facial features in sharp relief.

5Curly Bob

Get double the fun and volume with a short cut that’s also curly! If your hair is naturally curly just use some hair mousse or texturizer to keep your curls fresh and frizz free. For those with straight locks, use a thin iron or wand to achieve this cute and youthful look. Tip: These bouncy curls look great with long, dangly earrings!

6Big Beachy Waves

We love these casually loose waves that Jessica is rocking! Her side bangs add a flirty vibe as they fall gently in front of her face. Get this old-school, all-American look for yourself by twisting your hair with a 1 ¼ inch curling iron — remember to curl them in opposite directions! Use salt spray on the finished product to add some light texture.

7Shoulder Length Middle Part

Simpson doesn’t shy away from volume with this big hairstyle The sleek top juxtaposes nicely with the soft curls in the middle and bottom. This soft and natural-looking hairstyle is best achieved with some old-fashioned sleep-in rollers and scrunching. Go light on any hairspray or styling gel, the key to this look is its just-got-out-of-bed ease.

8Chestnut Brown Low Ponytail

Shedding her iconic blond locks for a beautiful chestnut brown shade, Jessica looks just as good as a brunette. Natural brunettes rejoice! You can easily try this style out for yourself by poofing the top of your hair before twisting and braiding it into a low ponytail. Lightly scrunch the ends to maintain the slightly messy vibe.

9Red Bob

These copper ringlets are a major departure from the star’s normal look! This is a great do for those with naturally curly or wavy hair. To get the look for yourself, first use gel from root to tip to define your curls. If your hair is more wavy than curly, maybe add some volume by curling your hair first. Then, blow dry your hair using a diffuser.

10Long Golden Brown Waves

We welcome Jessica to the dark side again with these long brown waves. We love the hint of honey blond hue in this hairstyle, because it adds a nice sheen. These deep golden locks are a great look for the summertime! If you’re getting your hair cut in this style, make sure to ask for long chin-kissing layers in the front.

11Bob with Headband

Here Jessica sports one of her quintessential headbands, a quick way to fix a bad hair day or just mix things up! You can experiment with different colors and styles, for instance rhinestones or cloth or floral. To channel Jessica, smooth your hair tightly back and pop your favorite headband on. This keeps the front smooth while the back remains perky with volume.

12Retro Flipout Bob

Jessica goes old-school with this retro bob. We love this look paired with simple makeup and bright lips! If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, first start by straightening it. Then, use your flat iron to gently curl the bottom tips out, away from your face. Pin back the front pieces of your hair behind your ear to keep everything neat. Accessorize with vintage jewelry!

13Sleek Updo

Jessica dazzles at the red carpet with this classy sideswept updo. Evocative of the 60s, she channels First Lady vibes with a delicate lace dress and pearl earrings. Having her normally long curls up and away from her face highlight her features, making her cheekbones pop. We love how Jessica experiments with retro looks!

14Layered Lob

Forgoing ringlets for mostly straight locks, curly-haired fashionistas can achieve this look by straightening and scrunching/brushing out their hair. We love how Jessica pinned back one side of her hair, it adds a girly touch. Tip: note the intentionally messy side part that Jessica has, which adds to the casual vibe of this style.



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