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22 Gorgeous Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

makeup for green eyes

Gorgeous Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Always wanted to experiment with different makeup looks and colors, but you were never really sure what would go well with green eyes?  You don’t have to stick with the traditional brown shades! Take some inspiration from this list of 22 beautiful eye makeup ideas for green eyes.

1Silver Smokey Green Eyes

Grey and silver shades will definitely make your green eyes pop, whether they are lighter or darker green. Because of the smokey effect and the shimmery silver texture of the eyeshadow, it also creates a beautiful cat eye look. To achieve this look, start with a light, almost white silver shade and use darker, matte gray on the outer corner of your eyes.

2Matte Peach Eye Makeup

Youtube beauty guru KathleenLights shows us how to rock peach and coral shades with green eyes – and we thank her for creating this absolutely stunning makeup! While the inner corners are popping with a shimmery eye shadow, the rest of the look is kept quite minimal with matte shadows, which goes perfectly with the bright peach color. Instead of a liner, finish your makeup with black mascara or false lashes and a nude lipstick.

3Oil Slick Eyes

Any metallic eye shadow looks stunning with green eyes, but this oil slick, metallic blue, gold, and green has to be one of the most stunning makeup tips for green eyed girls. Use a reflective eyeshadow all over your lids and add a chocolate shadow to your crease. Although there is a double liner on the picture, you can keep things simple with a brown or blue liner and a bit of mascara.

4Tropical Vibes Eyeshadow

Perfect for parties and night outs to match a more simple outfit, this look features extravagant neon green and blue shades. Don’t be afraid to use different greens on your eyes from pastel green to neon lime and dark, matte green. Play around with the colors on your lids and as a liner, and add a line to your lower lash line as well. If you are feeling really experimental, you can also add a hint of blue or glitter.

5Feather Lashes

Instead of focusing on your eyeshadow and creating something extravagant, keep it simple and play with false lashes! “Feather lashes” that are fluffier on the outer corners of your eyes can give more definition to your eyes.

6Dramatic Cat Eyes

A simple black and nude makeup will brighten up your green eyes beautifully. Use your deepest, blackest liner and be precise with creating the perfect line. Use a beige cream shadow on your lids with a tiny amount of deeper brown in the outer corner. To frame your eyes, use a black pencil or gel liner on your lower lash line as well, and to keep everything in place throughout the day, add a little black eyeshadow on top of your liquid liner. The powder will set the liquid formulas and lock them in.

7Pink Smokey Eyes

Who says pink doesn’t match green? This makeup look proves that even warm colors such as pink and burgundy can complement green eyes. Start off with an icy, light pink shade and create a smokey look with fuchsia, dark pink and gray shades. With these colors, you can easily take a creative spin on the traditional smoked out makeup. Add on false lashes or a few coats of black mascara and a pink blush, and you are ready!

8Champagne Pop Eyes

Glittery copper, cream, and champagne shades look amazing with green eyes that have a hint of brown in them. Similarly to the pink smokey eye, start with the lightest shade and leave the darker copper and orange shadows to the outer corners. Since it is a generally light and bright eye look, add a black or brown liner to complete your makeup.

9Purple & Green Eyeshadow

Sticking with the green theme, another mix we absolutely love is purple and green. The two together have a beautiful, royal and traditional feel to them. There are various ways you can combine them: either by using purple and green shadows or adding a deep purple liner on a matte or metallic green base. No matter what combination you choose, these two together will definitely create a show-stopper makeup.

10Pastel Liner Makeup

Shimmery pink and baby blue are two soft yet surprising colors that will lighten up your green eyes. If you want to make your eyes even more dreamy, use a glitter liner instead of a regular, matte gel liner (or you can use any cream eyeshadow as well as a liner).

11Deep Blue Eye Makeup

A dark, royal blue shade will make your green eyes look a lot brighter than any other color, so it is an absolute must-have for any green eyed girl. Just like with all the other looks, there are so many ways to play around with blue: create an all-blue eyeshadow look, add a pop of blue to your inner corners instead of a regular ivory or champagne shade or keep your lids nude and go over your lash lines with a blue gel liner.

12Natural Smokey Eyes

Take the traditional smoked out makeup to a whole new level by using earthy tones and taupes! While this seems to be very natural, it also has a vampy vibe to it that we’re huge fans of.  If you want to keep it even more toned down, don’t add mascara or eyeliner and simply have a smokey brown and taupe look. Instead of paying attention to every little detail, let this makeup be a bit messier and smudgy for that natural effect.

13Pastel Neon Blue Eye Makeup

This picture is the perfect example of making green eyes pop. And once you find your perfect pastel blue for your eyes, you will probably have your all-time favorite special occasion makeup as well. Another amazing thing about blue is that it can be mixed and matched with so many outfits from a casual T-shirt and jeans combination to a minimalist all-white look.

14Glitter Crease Eye Shadow

Gold looks just as good with green eyes as silver, especially if it’s mixed with other green shades. In this example, the gold is used to create a glitter crease, which will give a beautiful cat eye shape to your eyes. If cut crease makeup is not really your thing, apply golden shimmer to your lower lash line or inner corners.

15Smokey Aubergine Eyes

Cool undertone purple shades look just as pretty with green eyes as warmer plum tones. If you are going with a cool, bluish purple, use silver and gray as a complimentary shade, but for warmer purples (and even burgundy shades), stick with golds and browns.

16Smooth Caramel Eye Shadow

A toned down version of copper and gold can be this matte caramel look. Instead of a bright coral undertone, this look only features soft shades, so it is great not only for special occasions but for everyday wear as well.

17Sparkly Green Eyes

Arched, bold brows and shimmery green goes amazing together, especially if you have green eyes. For this look, we recommend choosing a soft green glitter shadow instead going with a darker shade – this way, your makeup look will be fresh and bright.

18Amethyst Eyeshadow

Besides deep plums and purples, shimmery amethyst colors complement green eyes beautifully as well. As they feature a bit of white and silver in them as well, amethyst and reflective light purple eye shadows are great for creating fun, youthful makeup looks.

19Peacock Makeup

Who could say no to this gorgeous look? Gold, green and blue together create a very royal overall look – and similarly to the “oil slick” makeup mentioned earlier, this eyeshadow combination is perfect for parties and photo shoots.  Once you created the ombré shadow, keep the rest of the look natural instead of applying eyeliner.

20Beige and Purple Eye Makeup

A pop of purple can make any natural makeup way more interesting! And since both beige and purple goes well with green eyes, this can easily become one of your favorite makeup tricks. Apply the beige on your lids to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and define your lower lash line with a bright purple liner.

21Gold and Purple Eyeshadow

Warm aubergine with a hint of gold look absolutely breathtaking together, and with green eyes, you are guaranteed to pull off this makeup easily. With a bold eye makeup like that, make sure the rest of your makeup is polished and simple (instead of statement lips and heavy contouring, stick with a bit of highlighter and tinted lip balm).

22Rose Gold Eyeshadow

Although it looks very luxurious and feminine, you can achieve this makeup in seconds: use a wet flat brush to apply the rose gold glitter precisely, and try to be as detailed with the application as possible for a polished overall look. If you wouldn’t like to leave the edges raw, smoke out your eyes with a matte brown or mauve shadow.

23Shiny Browns

Another stunning natural makeup look. If you like light browns and rose golds, you should definitely go for this charming and trendy makeup look.

24No Makeup Look

Another natural warm makeup look with only a touch of brown eyeshadow and blush and a bit of mascara.


To get this gorgeous natural no makeup look, you’ll need to use warm pink eyeshadow that will enhance your eyes color and natural contours. Add warm peach blush and a bit of mascara and finish the look with a lipstick shade that matches your lips natural color.

26Long Lashes

For a natural and casual makeup look, add a volumizing Mascara, a bit of brown eyeshadow and a touch of gold in the inner corners.

27Orange Brown

If you are a redhead, enhance your natural beauty by matching your eye makeup with your hair (and freckles) color. Add volume with a bit of mascara and eyeliner and a touch of natural pink lipstick.

28Smokey Look

A beautiful and warm smokey look with a combination of dark brown and golden eyeshadows.

29Warm and Shimmery



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