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Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

The smokey eye is a timeless way to apply makeup. It will never go out of style and never look out of place. There are so many great ways to apply a smokey eye, from the bold and dramatic, to the soft and natural. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that a smokey eye will make your eyes look bigger and enhance their natural beauty. If you are looking for some variations on the classic look and use more than just 3 shades in your eye shadow palette, take a look at these fabulous smokey eye makeup ideas.

1Classic Natural Brown Smokey Eye

Whenever we think of the smokey eye, this is what we think off. A light shade of taupe beautifully blended to the centre of the lid and into a dark and sultry brown, and finished with a heavy liner and deep black lashes. Gorgeous!

2Subtle Burnt Orange

For something a little softer and more suitable for daytime, try this gorgeous burnt orange smokey eye. The colour is rich and warm, perfect for cool toned eyes, and that highlighter in the corner of the ye and flicked black eyeliner are gorgeous.

3Hot Pink Smokey Eye

Hot pink is a big colour trend in the world of beauty in 2019 and how fantastic does it look in this smokey eye. The purple on the inner of the lower eyelid really makes the blue of the eye pop and is so much more interesting than the standard black.

4Smudged Grey Eye with Dark Lip

Super crisp cut creases are everywhere these days, so it is nice to see a beautifully smudged grey smokey eye. When teamed with killer lashes and a dark lip it has a really glamorous Gothic feel.

5Subtle Grey Smokey Eye

From bold and heavy grey, to soft and subtle. This smokey eye has a real delicateness to it with a smudge of battleship grey at the outer edge of the eye blended into a soft white swept over the lid.

6Dramatic Matte Black Eye with Glitter

We love a touch of drama and this smokey eye definitely has drama. The matte black is swept all over the lid and blended to the brow bone and smudged on the lower lid. Silver glitter at the inner eye provides a great contrast – stunning!

7Metallic Mustard Eye

The rich mustard shade of this metallic eye shadow is so gorgeous and it really has been allowed to pop thanks to simple black lashes and subtle blending with a soft brown. Dreamy!

8Metallic Royal Blue

This smokey eye shows such wonderful experimentation with colour that really works. The metallic blue across the eye is so lovely and is perfectly complemented with a pinkish-brown. A nude lip with such a strong eye is always a good choice.

9Dusky Rose Smokey Eye

A hazel eye really pops against pink tones, like those is this lovely dusky rose smokey eye. The metallic tones catch the light through those feathery lashes. A wonderful make-up that will take your from day-to-night with ease.

10Sunset Smokey Eye

This smokey eye is a real showstopper, don’t you think? Sunset colours of orange, magenta, and deep purple have been blended together to create a gorgeous smokey eye.

11Gold and Bronze Smokey Eye

The gold and bronze of this smokey really picks out the same tones in the model’s hazel eyes. The touch of black at the outer edge of the eye creates depth and helps the metallic shades to stand out.

12Icy Blue Smokey Eye

The icy blue and grey tones of this soft smokey eye are really stunning. The subtle sheen of the eye shadow makes for a versatile eye make-up that is suitable for both day and night.

13Orange and Forest Green

The forest green on the lower eyelid clashes with the orange of the upper lid, but somehow it really works. The green gives just an extra touch of colour, that goes so well with a neutral colour palette.

14Pretty Rose Gold

The softness of this rose gold eye is lovely and delicate, making it the perfect smokey eye if you like to have a lighter touch with your make-up.

15Coral Smokey Eye with Glitter Cut Crease

A glitter cut crease is one of the hottest make-up trends for 2019 and it is easy to incorporate into your smokey eye, you just need a very steady have and a complementing shade of glitter.

16Icy Grey and Mauve Smoke Eye

17Sultry Smokey Eye with Bronze Glitter

18Charcoal Black Eye with Heavy Liner

19Chic Emerald Green and Purple

20Subtle and Blended Out Smokey Eye

21Pink and Purple Smokey Eye

22Fiery and Warm Smokey Eye

23Green Tones and Glitter

24Dramatic Black Eye Make-Up with Red Lip

25Metallic Rose Gold and Gold

26Metallic Brown Smokey Eye with Glitter Cut Crease

27Red and Berry Smokey Eye Makeup

28Lovely Lavender with Flicked Liner

29Silver and Black Smokey Eye

30Deep Purple Smokey Eye with Glitter

31Natural Brown Eye Makeup

32Delicate and Glowy Makeup


I’m not going to lie – mastering the perfect smokey eye is not going to be easy. It took me many years and dozens of times looking like a panda or like I had two black eyes before I started to get it right. To get the perfect smokey eye, play around with it and have fun experimenting with colours. When I was learning, I saw a great little tip on YouTube – using a piece of card to get that super crisp line on the outer eye up to the brow bone. Cool right?

If you want to accentuate your eyes with your smokey eye makeup, you can do so by choosing the right colour of eye shadow. 

  • Blue Eyes – As a cool tone, blues eyes look wonderful with warm colours such as gold, mustard, lilac, orange, warm browns, and all shades of pink.
  • Green Eyes – Lots of colours look great with green eyes, but shades of purple look especially good, all the way from lavender to deep plum
  • Brown Eyes – As it is a more neutral shade, brown eyes will look good with almost any colour. The likes of icy blue, bronze, and salmon pink will be really striking.
  • Hazel Eyes – Warm and cool tones look great with hazel eyes, especially green, gold, and purple.
  • Grey Eyes – Icy tones really accentuate grey eyes. Think silvers and blues, from light to dark.


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