Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine's Day Quotes


Happy And Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means it’s the perfect time to read up on some Valentine’s Day quotes! Whether you are single or in the happiest relationship of your life, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, friendship, and of course, chocolate! This Valentines quote list is guaranteed to have something that fits your Valentine’s Day mood.

1True Love

This quote is for the lovers that understand that actions speak louder than words. Love is an action word, after all! And, this quote will make you never forget it. So, if you’re in a relationship, do something special on Valentine’s Day to let your bae know just how much you really care.

2Where You Are Loved

Love shouldn’t be all work. Love should also be rewarding. If you are giving out all your love, you should be getting an equal amount back in return. So, don’t stay in that draining relationship. Instead, gravitate towards people that want to love you back. Because, girl, you deserve it!

3First Kiss

It’s sweet to remember the first kiss with your boo. Some first kisses are awkward and can give you a good chuckle, but some are really sweet and can make you go weak at the knees. Either way, the first kiss with someone special is always, well…special!


Some couples don’t care where they are, as long as they are with each other. And, if that describes you are your lover than you are very lucky and this quote is definitely for you!

5Grow Old With Me

Growing up and along with someone is a very special journey. Not only are you learning about yourselves alongside the other person, but you are also helping them with their own personal growth. And, that’s the best gift you could give your partner. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

6Wherever You Are

They say that home is where the heart is and this quote magnifies that saying intensely. Your lover should feel comfortable and familiar, in an overwhelming nostalgic sense. If your lover is where you feel most at home, this is for you.

7Search For You

There is no denying that people sometimes have wandering eyes in a relationship. And, it’s a very special thing if you and your bae only have eyes for each other. So, if you do, cherish it! Know that this type of love in a modern hook-up culture is rare.

8Yoda One

This quote is perfect for the Star Wars nerds who can’t get enough of each other. It’s a perfect quote to place on a card or a tee to give to your honey on Valentine’s Day!

9Great Pear

Puns are funny…to some couples. And, if you actually do make a great pair, then this might be the quote you’ll want to write on a card to bae this Valentine’s Day.

10Our Love Story

Love stories are all beautiful. And, they’re all different. But, yours might just be a little extra special. Maybe because it’s yours or maybe because it really is an amazing story to be told!

11Always You

There comes a time in our life when we may realize that the person we are with is the one we were always meant to be with. And, we discover that everyone before this person was actually just a lesson to be learned to prepare us for this true love. If you have found this person, feel blessed; it was always them.


This Valentine’s quote is perfect for that country couple who knows you can’t drink moonshine unless it comes from a mason jar! Not only is this quote super cute, but it’s also a celebration of simple country love with no city frills!

13Best Thing Ever

Saying, ‘I love you’ should never be out of habit. The saying of ‘I love you’ should be sacred and be filled with deep meaning every time. If you aren’t feeling it, don’t say it; it’s as simple as that.

14My Favorite Valentine’s Quote

This Valentine’s quote is for the couples that know and understand that love is not always all sunshines and rainbows. Sometimes your lover is going to piss you off and, hey, that’s ok! Nobody is perfect, but if it’s true love- you’ll make it through!

15More Than I Ever

Love shouldn’t be easy to put into words. And, if you can, is it really love? So, if you can’t explain or comprehend how much someone means to you, then consider it a blessing. This person is special and hopefully, they feel the same about you!


Distance is nothing when you are so totally head over heels in love! But, when it’s Valentine’s Day it can definitely be a downer. So, put in the effort to make your boo feel special with a Skype date or a special delivery to their house; everyone loves surprises!

17Single Life

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, hey, it’s not all bad! Just think of all the chocolate you can pick up the next day. Hello, discounts! And, since you are buying it yourself, you can pick out your absolute favorites!

18Be Your Own Valentine

If you are single, then every day should be Valentine’s Day. There is no reason not to treat yourself like a princess on your dime. Besides, who else can love you better than you?

19Diamonds Over Candy

Diets can be tricky during the holidays. Especially, Valentine’s Day when it seems like everybody is getting gifted with big heart boxes full of chocolates. So, why not tell your lover to opt for diamonds instead? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all!


Love is hard to describe and this quote helps paint a picture of the feelings we get when we see the one we love. Yeah, skipping a heart beat might not sound pleasant, but the ability to make someone feel that way is definitely a strong skill.

21Your Hug

For some lovers, it doesn’t matter where they are as long as they’re together. And, a lover’s hug can be found anywhere. So, if your favorite place is in your boo’s arms then wrap up and embrace it. This is something you both can take anywhere.

22I Choose You

It’s truly a gift to be chosen by someone special. They may have a million different options, but you are the only one that matters. Some souls know each other in different lives and they choose each other over and over again. If you feel like your connection with your partner is this strong, then this is the quote for you.


Love does not judge or criticize. It is kind and nurturing. And, that’s why if someone loves you they will not try to change you. They should be in love with every single part of you; from your crazy quirks and emotional outbursts to your bright smile and bold laugh. If someone is in love with you, they want to fully embrace every part of you.

24Valentine Hater

Ok, so, yeah, some people just hate Valentine’s Day. And, that’s ok! Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s because of a bad experience with an ex or maybe it’s because you just think the whole idea of celebrating love just once a year is stupid. Or, maybe, you just hate chocolate…just kidding, no one hates chocolate! Whatever it is that makes your Valentine’s Day suck, know that it is only 24 hours and you will make it through!

25Make My Heart Happy

If someone truly makes your heart happy, hold onto them; they are a gift. There are few people in this world that will be able to affect us on such an extraordinary level. And, by meeting someone who makes your heart happy, you will never wish for more!

26Always On My Mind

Everyone has had a crush that is always on their mind! Yeah, you may start to feel a little crazy and obsessive sometimes, but, it’s perfectly normal to have someone in your head. I mean, hey, if they are always there, maybe they are meant to be there. Don’t fight it.

27My Ion You

This is for the total science nerd couple. This quote is perfect for a card for your smarty-pants boo if he enjoys a good science pun or if you happened to meet in a science environment. Hello, high school lab partner, are you single?

28Accidental Love

True love can never be planned. It happens instantly and after it happens, you will never be the same. Don’t try to plan out your life with anyone that doesn’t seem like ‘the one’ because something greater is out there waiting for you. Be patient, and love will happen when you least expect it.

29Roll Over

Valentine’s Day for long distance couples can definitely be a bummer. But, it doesn’t have to be! Just remember that distance doesn’t matter when you are truly in love. Hold on to the fact that you will both be together soon!

30Silent Hearts

There are some souls that talk without us even moving our mouths. They understand each other without trying. And, silence is just as comforting as a good conversation. This special type of love is a once in a lifetime experience, so, don’t let go.

31All you need is love

But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt..

32I fell in love

With you the day the rain falls on the first day of summer…


Will always love you!

34I want to be…

The reason you look don on your phone and smile..

35Anyone can catch your eye

But only one can catch your heart.

36Olive you

There’s no better way to say it!

37You light up my life

What a cute message to send to your bae on Valentine’s day.

38I cereal-sly love you

Surprise your special someone with this cute and funny cereal valentines.

39I’m addicted

To the way I feel when I’m thinking of you..

40I love you

More than words…



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