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Best Makeup for Redheads

best makeup for redheads

Makeup for Red Hair

Calling all redheads! We’re talking to you ladies. We adore our red haired beauties and understand it can be difficult determining how to do your makeup in a way that complements and highlights your gorgeous hair. That’s why we wanted to give you some new ideas on the best makeup for redheads. We’re sure you’re used to rocking one or two of the same makeup looks at this point and with the change in seasons it’s the perfect time to get a little beauty inspiration and try something different – don’t you think? We thought so. You’re going to fall in love with some of the looks so start scrolling!

1Dramatic Lashes Makeup Look

Keep your makeup simple and classic with a focus on big lashes. Most of us all love a dramatic lash and when the rest of your makeup is pretty natural, like this look, it further emphasizes the lashes to let them pop.

2Edgy Smoke Eye Makeup

This is perfect for a night out or special occasion when you want a statement eye to compliment your red hair. Black is a dramatic color choice but it’s great for an edgier vibe. Keep your contour and lips on the neutral side so it doesn’t overpower the dark eyes.

3Darkness Perfected Makeup

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lip colors. Yes, even something as dark as this lip! The color is so edgy and fierce next to red hair. If you don’t want to overdo your makeup you can go a little more natural on the eyes, but this definitely works for a bold look.

4Colorful Eyes Look

Red heads are often told they’re restricted to just a few eyeshadow colors but this eye makeup proves otherwise. Orange on the top lid creates a monochromatic type of vibe with red hair while the pop of bright blue shadow on the bottom lash is a beautiful contrast to the orange and red tones.

5Cheekbones, Defined Look

If you’re a redhead with light color eyes, leaving your eye makeup neutral is a gorgeous way to let them be a focal point. A unique way to add a pop of color to your makeup while letting your eyes be natural is with a bright color blush. Pink blush colors look great on redheads and add major definition in the face for a contoured look.

6Fierce Smokey Eyes

Make a statement with this fierce makeup look. Using dark brown and deep red tones for a smokey eye is so pretty with a bright red lip. Of course, you can always do one or the other if you don’t want to go this bold. But if you have blue or green eyes – look at how they pop with this makeup!

7Bronzed Goddess

Bronzey makeup isn’t just for brunettes – redheads can rock the same look! This is ideal for a daytime look or casual weekend occasion, especially in the summertime. It’s a fresh look that gives you that just from the beach glow with bronzer strategically placed around the face.

8Shades of Red Makeup

Monochromatic style isn’t just for your clothes, this beauty proves it with her makeup. Incorporating different shades of red to your eyes and lips further enhances the red in your hair for a super fun and modern makeup vibe.

9Wine Inspired Lips

Dip your toe into the bold lip arena with makeup like this. The face is quite natural with minimal contour, defined brows and just a bit of mascara to allow the wine color lips make a statement of their own. Great for date night makeup.

10Neutral Chic Makeup For Red Hair

For those days when you want to keep it a bit more neutral but still have a little drama. We love the matte nude lip in a darker nude color paired with a dramatic contour. The lip color really pops with her blue eyes and red hair.

11Winged Wine Style Makeup

Ahh a winged liner. Will it ever get old? We don’t think so. Add some drama to your eyes without a lot of shadow with a black winged eyeliner paired with white liner on the bottom part of the eye. The juxtaposition of the colors really highlights the eyes and adds brightness.

12Smokey Eye Perfection

We’re in love with this dark smokey eye. There are definitely going to be times in your life where you’re going to need a smokey eye and the colors used in this particular eye makeup are great for red hair. Sticking with warm brown tones is key to match the warmth in red hair.

13Glimpse of Glitter Makeup For Redheads

If you’re not one for a smokey eye or bold lip, but you still want something that will feel modern. This is a must try for you. Adding gold shimmer eye shadow all over your eyelid is anything but basic with red hair. Gold is a gorgeous color combination with red hair.

14Lining Blues Makeup

Add an unexpected pop of color to your eye makeup! The great thing about a makeup look like this is the rest of the look is pretty neutral and easy to create. After you do your makeup, just add a pop of color with a blue shadow smudged onto the bottom lash line. Complete the look with black mascara to create definition on your eyes.

15Beautiful Statement Makeup

Don’t get confused, this isn’t just a makeup look for redheaded brides! Look at the grey shadow colors used in the smokey eye. Using grey is a great alternative to other dark colors that are often used in smokey eye makeup looks, it’s a bit more subtle with fair skin and red hair.

16Pop of Pink Makeup For Redheads

We’re banishing that old “rule” that says redheads can’t wear pink. Seriously, look at this lip color on this redheaded beauty and tell us she can’t wear pink. It’s stunning! Try a hot pink lipstick and bold lash for a super easy springtime makeup look.

17Shimmering Light Eye Makeup Look

Perfection for everyday makeup, even heading to the office. Light shimmer shadows added to the lid and inner eye corner really open up the eye and create a pretty highlight for red hair. Just add a touch of blush to the cheeks and coral gloss to finish.

18Dramatic Style Makeup

We love how dramatic this makeup is on this beautiful redhead. Applying an extreme winged liner is always a statement, add a bold red lip to the mix and you’ve got a winning combination. We suggest keeping minimal contour and face makeup like she did with this combination.

19Elevated Neutrals

Using neutral color eye makeup doesn’t have to be boring. Look at how gorgeous this is! Add a smudge of a bronzey shadow color to the bottom lash, a subtle winged liner, a little extra blush/bronzer to the contour and a glossy lip for elevated natural makeup.

20Subtle Smoky Eyes

When you have fair skin it can be intimidating to apply a full smokey eye without feeling like a raccoon. This is a great alternative that achieves a similar aesthetic. Use lighter eye shadow shades and focus on creating a bold eyeliner application. Don’t forget to fill in your brows for more definition.

21Natural Makeup For Red Hair

22Winged White Eyeshadow

23Kissed in Red Orange Lips

24Colorful Yet Natural Look

25Smokey White Look

26No Makeup Glow

27Natural Spring Makeup Pink Lips

28Glitzy Coral Makeup Idea

29Complimenting Features

30Purple Eye Makeup Trend

31Mauve Glamour Red Hair Makeup

32Fresh in Yellow Eyeshadow

33Bold Red Makeup Look

34Natural Flair Makeup

35Winged Edge Glitter Makeup

36Highlighted in Yellow

37Touched In White Eyeshadow

38Warm Colors Makeup

39Pastel Makeup Idea

40Pink and White Makeup Look

41Light Makeup Eyeshadow

42Sparkle Eye Makeup


These makeup looks for redheads are so pretty. As much as experts try to say redheads are limited in some ways with makeup, we disagree. Hopefully, the way some of these redheaded beauties wear their makeup have given you a fresh perspective on how to do your own as we start the spring and summer seasons. It’s so easy to get stuck in a makeup rut and keep wearing your makeup the same way day after day – regardless of your hair color.

If you’re ever feeling stuck and not sure how to change up your makeup so that it looks good with your hair, turning to celebrities and bloggers is a great option. They work with experts and are often experts themselves so they’ve tried it all – doing a lot of the hard work for you!

Personally, we love some of the bold lip colors for red heads this year. Red hair ladies can pull of red, pink, coral and nude lips like pros. Probably because you are. The nice thing about a bold lip is you can keep the rest of your makeup look fairly simple and easy so the lipstick and your beautiful red locks are the focus. Of course, that’s not to say redheads don’t look just as good in a smokey eye, too. As we said, there are a ton of options for how you can do your makeup.

The key factor to take into consideration as a redhead is that you’re choosing the right colors and tones to compliment not just your hair color but also your skin color. When the colors you use aren’t right it doesn’t matter how great the application is, it can be tricky to make it look complimentary.

Now, go try a couple of these makeup looks yourself!


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