Top 25 Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

hairstyles for heart shaped faces

Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

A heart shaped face is considered one of the most ideal face shapes you can have! If you have been told that you have a “heart shaped face” it is probably because you have a relatively wide forehead compared to a narrower chin, and, you more likely than not also have a cute widows peak and killer cheekbones!

The best hairstyles for your heart shaped face will draw attention to your awesome cheekbones and tapered chin, but will frame your forehead in a way that makes it appear softer and less drastically different from the rest of your face. Take a look below at our top 25 picks for hairstyles for heart shaped faces!

1Choppy forehead bangs

Reese has a gorgeous heart shaped face and knows that bangs suit her face shape perfectly! The choppy forehead bangs disguise how wide her forehead is and draw flirty attention to her eyes. Choppy bangs are a great alternative for girls who want bangs, but do not want blunt bangs that go straight across the forehead.

2Wavy bob

Lucy’s wavy bob is super flattering on her heart-faced shape because it creates the illusion of a smaller forehead and draws attention to her beautifully sculpted jaw line.

3Shoulder length hair with side bangs

This shoulder length hairstyle with side bangs is a perfectly gorgeous cut to flatter heart shaped faces. The side-bangs are flirty and minimize Ashley’s wide forehead while also drawing attention to her cheekbones.

4Low chignon with side part

How gorgeous does Camilla look with this elegant updo? This low chignon with a side part is the perfect updo for girls with heart shaped faces because the side part creates the illusion of a smaller forehead and also draws the eyes downward toward her lovely defined chin!

5High bun

Although bangs are always a flattering choice for heart shaped faces, Sarah proves that heart shaped girls can totally pull off a flattering bangs-free forehead style as well! This updo works to balance Sarah’s facial proportions because her hair narrows into a bun, which mirrors the way her face narrows into her pointy chin.

6Pixie cut with full front bangs

Extra short hairstyles can be tricky to pull off if you want to maintain a feminine look, but heart shaped faces are perfectly suited for pixie cuts. Especially with bangs to soften the forehead, pixie cuts flatter heart shaped faces because all the attention is drawn to your awesome cheekbones and pretty jaw line.

7Half-updo with forehead bangs

This is a flattering updo for girls with any face shape, but it looks particularly amazing on girls with heart shaped faces because it highlights the narrowness of the chin and makes cheekbones stand out!

8Asymmetrical bob with a side part

This asymmetrical bob flatters Rachel’s heart shaped face because it draws attention to her narrow chin and minimizes the appearance of her wide forehead. If you do not quite want side bangs, a side part is a great solution if you are trying to make your forehead appear less wide.

9Layered Lob with side bangs

This glamorous Lob looks incredible on Rosie! The feminine cut and side bangs look stylish and emphasize the best parts about having a heart shaped face: awesome cheekbones and a narrow chin!

10Voluminous updo with long split bangs

This elegant updo is understated but extremely gorgeous! The long split bangs are flirty and they work to soften her forehead while also making her awesome bone structure stand out!

11Long forehead bangs and shoulder length cut

Shoulder length hair looks amazing on girls with heart shaped faces! Kerry’s eye-skimming bangs are fun and flirty, but they also are super flattering because they draw attention to her beautiful peepers!

12Lob with a middle part

Lobs (long bobs) are so trendy right now because they are the perfect length to frame your face, but they avoid looking dowdy in the way that some bobs can. A middle part like Gabrielle’s is a great choice if you have a heart shaped face because your hairline creates a perfect straight line down to your gorgeous and fortunate chin shape!

13Wavy shoulder length hair with short side bangs

This is a super fun and chic look for girls who have a heart shaped face! Kirsten’s softly waved hair frames her gorgeous cheekbones and her short side bangs draw attention away from her forehead and toward her sparkling eyes!

14Sleek layered bob

This sleek layered bob is an awesome choice if you have a heart shaped face because it slims your face and also looks very stylish!

15Layered shoulder-length hair with deep side middle-part

This messy hairstyle is very flattering on Hilary’s heart-shaped face since this natural looking messy style emphasizes her beautiful jawline and features.

16Straight shoulder length hair with blunt bangs

These blunt bangs disguise Keira’s large forehead and emphasize what cute cheekbones she has!

17Long wavy hair with a middle part

Gigi is the epitome of a beach babe so it’s no surprise that she nails the beachy hair look! This long wavy style is perfect for her heart shaped face because her middle part cuts her forehead’s width in half and draws the eye to her lovely chin!

18Sleek layered medium length hair with a side part

If you have a heart-shaped face and want a hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic no matter what the occasion, Eva should be your inspiration!

19Slightly wavy hair with middle part

This is a classic and gorgeous style that will flatter most face shapes, but especially those lucky ladies with heart-shaped faces!

20Asymmetrical lob with slight side part

Lobs are generally flattering for most face shapes, but they look especially awesome if you have a heart-shaped face! Demi looks amazing with this haircut because the angle of her hair draws attention to her eyes and bone structure!

21Medium length hair with side bangs

Emma’s haircut is neat, stylish, and also flatters her heart shaped face because it highlights her cheekbones while disguising her larger forehead.

22Casual updo with side bangs

This easy updo looks glamorous because of Jessica’s flattering side bangs. Her bangs make her stunning eyes the focal point, and also emphasize how awesome her bone structure is!

23Low side ponytail with dramatic curly side bangs

This is an awesome ponytail style for girls with heart shaped faces because it disguises a wide forehead while putting all the focus on the cheekbones and beautiful jaw line.

24Sleek low side ponytail

If you’re more into simple and straight hairstyles, the low sleek ponytail looks great on girls with heart shaped faces.This style is perfect on the model’s face and emphasizes her beautiful features.

25Simple updo with a middle part

Drew’s minimalist updo flatters her face because the middle part draws the eyes down to her fabulous jaw line. The wispy strands around her face also help to create a gorgeously casual bohemian look!

26Side chignon with hair accessories

This elegant side chignon looks gorgeous on heart shaped faces. This look is simple, but flattering, and looks awesome if you add a sparkly hair band like Charlize!

As you can see from this list, heart-shaped faces look awesome with a variety of hairstyles! We encourage you to play around with your hair part because trying out a new angle can make a surprisingly huge difference depending on your haircut. Thanks for reading and we hope this list helps your find the perfect hairstyle for your heart shaped face!


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