Crush Quotes For Her

Cute Crush Quotes For Her

Crush Quotes For Her And Him

Everyone has had a crush that they absolutely can’t stop thinking about. They take over your dreams, your notebook doodles, and your entire playlist. That’s why we decided to compile a list of crush quotes for her that will remind you that you aren’t the only one dealing with this confusing, somewhat happy, somewhat terrible, feeling filled with butterflies and anxiety. We’ve all been there, girl. You can make it through.


Sometimes it feels like you are just waiting forever to be liked by your crush. But, is it because you are too shy to say anything? Maybe you should be the one to make the first move.

2Afraid To Find Out

Waiting to find out if your crush likes you or not has you dying. But, you are too afraid to make the first move and find out! So, now you sit in misery because of your anxieties. You need to make a change.

3My Favorite Notification

It’s great when your crush texts you or messages you and their name just pops up on your screen! Doesn’t it make your heart smile just a little?

4The Boy Doesn’t Know

We have all had that crush who we think about with every song, every book we read, and every poem we write. You can’t help but dwell when someone seems so perfect for your heart.

5The Best Feeling

When you catch him staring at you when you go to glance at him, magic happens. It is like electricity coursing through your body and charging you up!

6I Wished For You

Every day at 11:11 you wish for your crush. And, every day that wish becomes stronger and stronger. But, eventually you will have to make that wish come true by sharing your true feelings with them.

7I Can’t Control My Feelings Anymore

Sometimes your crush is someone that you are near all the time. Someone you see every day. And someone you know will make your life even more spectacular if you were in a relationship. It’s hard to hide those feelings, so don’t- let them know how you feel!

8Addictive Crush

Sometimes people can be more addicting than any drug. You can’t get them off your mind even if you try. And, there is nothing that can dull the craving you have for them.

9You Are Not Mine

Some crushes are unrequited and when that happens it really sucks. Obviously, you must recover from the sting of the rejection. But, please remember that you can make it through anything.

10Dear Cupid

When two people like each other it can be magical. But, when Cupid only brings one arrow, it can be devastating. So, Cupid, next time, come more prepared, please!


There are some crushes that make us feel super shy and we are literally left speechless around them. This is because the butterflies we feel are so overwhelming that we don’t know what to do. But, try to get up the courage to say something!

12Dear Heart

There are some crushes that you just can’t control. Maybe, you know they are bad for you, but you just can’t resist their bad-boy charm. So, try to learn to deal with the cravings.

13Too Young

Once in a while, you have a crush that you hope turns out to be the one. Maybe, it’s because they are smart and funny. Or, maybe it’s because you have known them forever and know they would take care of your heart perfectly.

14Admit It

Everyone is scared that they will annoy their crush. But, if you like someone there is no shame in letting them know. Just try not to text them every day all day- unless, of course, they’re into that.

15Worth The Wait

There are some people that you hope are worth the wait, but end up being a major disappointment. So, how are you supposed to tell if you should keep pursuing someone? Try to use your best judgement.

16Never Not Thinking Of You

Some people you are just always thinking about. No matter what you are doing, they are on your mind. But, if they are on your mind, then maybe that’s just where they are supposed to be.

17I’ll Be Yours Forever

Sometimes you will feel like you are waiting for an ‘ok go’ signal from your crush. That is when loving them for the rest of their life starts. And, that is when you can finally be with the one you love.

18Everything You Do

No matter what your crush is doing, you are falling in love with them more and more. It is like a magnet attraction that keeps getting stronger and stronger the harder you fall.

19Flower Garden

Thoughts of your crush pop up like flowers in the Spring. And with those flowers comes a beautiful garden of love perfect for you to day dream all day in!

20He Can’t Read Your Mind

As much as you would like him to, he can’t read your mind. So, you need to get up the courage to let him know how you really feel. You will be surprised how good you feel after you do, no matter what the reaction.

21Ever Since I Met You

22Where Your Heart Is

23Plot Twist

24She’s Afraid To Say

25I’m The Type Of Girl

26I’m Technically Single

27Drop To My Feet

28When I’m With You

29Keeps Me Going

30One Day

31You Love Them

32The Worst Thing A Guy Can Do

33Get Over A Guy

34You’re A Bad Idea

35She Hopes He’s Watching

36Night has fallen


With this dynamic compilation of crush quotes for her, I hope you realize that you are not alone when it comes to being head-over-heels in love with someone that may or may not know you exist. Like, seriously, girl, we have all been through it.

Crushes are hard and extremely emotional! It’s a diving dipping emotional rollercoaster that will have you winded. Crushes give you a happy feeling one minute when you see the apple of your eye staring at you across the room, but then a dreaded feeling the next when you see them talking to someone else.

Crushes are so emotional because they are often confusing and uncertain. When it comes to secret crushes, you never know what the other person is feeling, so you feel like you are in the dark trying to decipher every single look and movement in their body language.

The only way to beat a crush is to tell the person how you feel. Although it may be very scary to confront your crush with your feelings, it will only help the situation. It will give you a clear idea of where you stand with the person you have had your eye on for so long.

If there is a rejection at the end of the crush, then trust you will be strong enough to get over it in time. But, just think- it could also turn out to be a beautiful love story. Just get up the courage to make the leap, because if you don’t, you may miss out on your own little fairy-tale.


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