A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

A Letter To My Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry


Love Letters for Him from The Heart

Sometimes, it’s so hard to put into words how you really feel about someone. But, it’s important that we always make our loved ones feel special and appreciated. So, that’s why we took the time to find some of the best love letters out there that will totally make your boyfriend cry- in a good way! Check them out.

1When I Think About It

This is the cutest letter for that long distance couple that understands that the time and miles are totally worth it. It is a hopeful letter that reminds your boy that you will both be together soon.

2Then There Was You – Love Letter For Boyfriend

This heartfelt love letter about the hope and desire that you feel before a relationship truly begins is so touching. The letter tells about how the relationship develops over time and it’s something everyone can relate to.

3A Very Special Relationship

It’s so nice to be so madly in love with one another that you don’t need to ever discuss it. However, it is nice to recognize that special relationship every once in a while.

4Just A Moment Ago

It’s important to make your loved one know that they are greatly appreciated by you. If your heart fills up when you think of your boo, let them know.

5You Are My Reason To Smile

There are some lovers that make your whole life feel a little sunnier. They make all the bad days good with just a ‘hello’ and they make you smile at the sound of their name.

6You Taught Me To Feel

This love letter is intense and so different from all the others. It talks about the power of love and how that emotion is the strongest of all. If someone truly made you feel, then share this with them.

7It Isn’t Easy

Long distance relationships are hard. You want desperately to be able to see your person and spend time with them every day, but it’s just not possible. Let them know how much you care with this letter.

8Everlasting Love

Love is never planned. It is always something that catches you off-guard, but it is the best mistake one can make. Falling in love is unpredictable but worth every second.

9I Love Everything About You

When you truly love someone, you love every single thing about them. Their flaws and imperfections are gold in your eyes and you wouldn’t trade them for the world.

10I Promise To

This promise-style love letter can be tailored and customized to your liking in order to fit your relationship dynamic. It’s a cute and beautiful way to tell your boo your vows to them.

11Dear You

Your first thought in the morning should be your true love. Wake up feeling happy with just the thought of their face or their voice. Hopefully, you have a ‘good morning’ text waiting for you.

12Dear Boyfriend

This silly love letter is one of our favorites because it’s so personal and adds some humor while also being heartfelt. If your boyfriend loves a little humor and knows you can be a pain, then try writing a letter like this!

13Dear Future Boyfriend

You may not have someone in your life now, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be like that forever. Try writing a love letter to your future boyfriend, so you know how to be the perfect girlfriend when he comes around!

14I Hope You Know

It’s important to make your loved one feel worthy and like they have made an impact not just on you, but on everyone they have met. Let them know how truly special they are with this letter.

15I Want You

This is the perfect letter to let your man know that you want them and only them. Talk about all the different things you would like to experience with them and they’ll surely feel lucky.

16I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

It’s hard to find the words to tell someone how you feel when you are in love. It’s an overpowering emotion that takes over our minds and our bodies. This letter does a good job of shedding those emotions and explaining them beautifully.

17Dear Future Husband

Men need to be spoiled too. Men and women who are deeply in love should treat each other like royalty and encourage each other every single day!

18You Are My Life

When someone is your life, you want to be with them all the time. You want to experience all the little things in life with them and also the big things. They are your everything.

19I Can’t Risk Losing You

There are some lovers we fall in love with deeper and deeper each second. Those are the special ones that we need to hold close and never let go of.

20I Am So Grateful

This short little love letter is perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to read pages and pages of mushy-gushy stuff. It’s simple, powerful, and will definitely still make him feel loved.

21Reasons Why I Love You Letters for him

22I Love Being With You

23I Want Night Time Together

24You’re The Only One

25Thanks For Being There

26We Were Always Meant To Be

27It Means More Than You Can Possibly Imagine

28You’re Adorable

29I’m Not Pretty

30I Wish I Could Explain


These beautiful love letters for boyfriend will certainly make him cry buckets…in a good way, of course! Every letter on this list is unique in the way that it pulls at the heart strings.

There are some love letters for him that talk about your person being the only one for you. And, it doesn’t get much more special than that. Having ‘a person’ to go to for everything is definitely a safe and comforting feeling.

Then there are some letters on here that are a little funny and point out your flaws. We all have flaws, but when you find someone that will embrace them, that’s when you know you hit the jackpot.

There are also letters on here that talk about someone being the reason you smile. If you have someone in your life that gives it meaning, don’t let them go.

Hopefully, you found a love letter to share with your boyfriend that will make them feel happy and well-appreciated.


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