Types of Thongs: 23 Different Types of Thong Underwear

types of thongs underwear

Types of Thongs

From casual and sporty to sexy with lace and embroidery: different types of thongs can be very versatile and practical pieces and besides being sultry and fun to wear, they can also save the day if you are looking for something to match your see-through, figure hugging dress.

1Difference Between Types

There are various types of thongs, each flattering different body types and representing different styles, whether it’s vintage, modern, sultry or more practical. Sporty, seamless cotton thongs are great for work outs and long, casual everyday if you are looking for something practical since they are comfortable but not see-through at all. Strappy thongs are perfect if you would like to accentuate and show off your figure, and while the straps on your waist and hips will form your figure and hug your curves, you can play with different cuts and fabrics. If you are looking for something under a very see-through dress, go with a string thong, which has the thinnest back detailing.

2VS PINK Thongs

Starting off with a classic, the Victoria Secret Pink thongs, which are absolute must-haves in every girls’ closet. These classic thongs are more on the sporty and comfortable side rather than an embroidered lace thong, but because of their iconic brand and the black side detailing, they are sexy at the same time. They are perfect for under white, high-waisted jeans as they are not see through, but there are various color options from hot pink to cheetah print if you are looking for something different.

3Strappy Cut Out

High waisted, cut out thongs are very sexy and practical if you’d like to emphasize your natural shape. While the top straps show off your small waistline, the bottom straps will hug your hips. The burgundy lace material goes together not only with the black straps but with the sultry cut out as well.

4Mesh Embroidery

Black mixed with electric colors not only looks amazing with outfits,  but with underwear as well, and with the mesh fabric and the small purple, orange and green floral pattern and flowers, this mesh thong is simply stunning. For a strappy mesh thong like this, a similarly mesh bralette goes the best, but if you’d like to tone down the mesh, choose a simple black floral bra.

5Pink Princess

Delicate lace with the classic, girly pink color, and a small bow – we can’t imagine anything more fun and feminine, especially with the lace overlay over the hips. This shape is also a great choice if you would like to make your hips look optically bigger, as the lace adds another layer on top of the thong. While it might be uncomfortable to wear a thong like this under tighter clothes, it’s definitely a comfortable choice under a maxi dress.

6Peach & Lavender

Another feminine color combination is soft peach and lavender shade, which especially looks good with a tan during the summer. This beautiful thong features a lavender lace lavender lace middle part, while the rest of it is made from delicate, peach-colored tulle and is decorated with a tiny satin bow. Unlike most thongs, this has a lace detailing at the back instead of a thin string.

7Cute Floral

This cute thong from Anthropologie mixes vintage, cute elements with such a sultry thong design: the thong itself is made from cotton, with beautiful, sheer white lace detailing on top and with a peach-orange-green floral pattern. The most special thing about this thong has got to be the delicate detailing: instead of a regular bow, it features a small rose as well on top.

8Mesh Thong

With the black lining and turquoise bra detailing, this all mesh thong is very sexy, yet still elegant. The black lining follows the shape of your body effortlessly, and because of the breathable mesh, it’s not only a sultry and sexy, but also a comfortable choice.

9Lace Bonded Thong

This La Perla is a true masterpiece: from the bonded satin design to the white lace insert at the front and the strappy side detailing, this thong will hug your figure tightly, but because of the warm pink color tone mixed with the white lace, it is also a very romantic piece.

10Calvin Klein Thongs

Another absolute classic besides Victoria’s Secret thongs and panties are Calvin Klein ones – that you can easily wear under pants, tight skirts, and gym wear, and it will guarantee a comfortable wear time throughout the day. Match it with the traditional Calvin Klein sports’ bra for the perfect combo.

11Dotted Mesh Thongs

This Stella McCartney thong  speaks for itself: the twisted detailing on the front with the all over polka dotted mesh fabric is a sultry, beautiful combination! Because the polka dotted mesh is a very popular fabric at the moment, you can easily mix and match with other different bras from completely mesh bralettes to padded polka dotted bras.

12Boudoir Chic

The mesh frills, the satin bows on the side and the classic pink and blackcolors perfectly represent the vibe of vintage, romantic Boudoir pieces. Although mixing all these details might sound a bit too much, it goes beautifully altogether.

13Satin & Mesh

You can feel like a true Greek Goddess in this beautiful thong with the metallic embroidered floral print, its rose gold tones and the see-through mesh that will emphasize the shape of your body perfectly. Just like the thong, the bra is breath-taking as well in the set with the padded, wired cup and the lace elements.

14Extreme Strappy Thong

If you are looking for something truly outstanding that has a very sexy, bondage element to it, we’ve found the perfect style for you. The straps will accentuate your waistline, hips and whole figure, and because of the dark purple-blue shade, it has a universally flattering color. Because it has such a unique, extreme design, you can easily pair it with very minimalistic bras as well, such as a completely lace, strappy bra.

15Delicate Lace

Besides the soft lace overlay that will effortlessly hug your hips, this high-cut thong has a gorgeous, strappy back detailing that can work perfectly with see-through or figure hugging dresses.

16Burgundy Mesh

Floral appliqué bralettes and thongs have been extremely popular over the past few weeks, both in lingerie and in swimwear, and just likes bras, appliqué thongs look gorgeous. Instead of the regular black, nude and white ones, we prefer colorful ones, such as this beautiful burgundy set.

17Pop of Neon

Neon and mesh together make a very interesting, perfect combination, especially with this little black bow! Just like most of the thongs in our list, it has a traditional cut without any detailing or overlay, so it will be a comfortable choice.

18Smokey Purple Thong

Floral lace is another huge underwear trend, but instead of creating the whole thong from this beautiful material, it just appears on the side with scalloped edges. The rest of the thong is made from luxurious satin and has a thin lining to ensure comfortable wear time.

19Figure Hugging Thong

A simple front with a cute bow and a gorgeous back with mesh and lace…this burgundy thong is simply stunning. With the mesh detailing in the back, you can show a peek-a-boo of skin while still staying classy. Because it has a lace overlay at the back, we recommend wearing it under midi skirts and dresses instead of tight jeans and skirts.

20All-White Thong

This is probably the perfect wedding underwear set we’ve ever seen, including this stunning white thong with the white lace, the rhinestone and the small, strappy side detailing. Because it’s made from a stretchy material and delicate lace, it’s comfortable as well as beautiful and sexy, whether you are wearing it for your Big Day or for a simple date.

21Floral Vibes

Another beautiful Victoria’s Secret PINK Thong that we absolutely adore is this floral one with the iconic “PINK” logo on top with the black spandex material. Although there is a matching bra for it, you can also choose a black, pink or beige bra to make your underwear set a bit more sophisticated – or you can have fun with it and choose a pop of neon pink bra as well!

22Classic Beauty

Mauve, beige and powder pink blends all together with satin and lace. Besides the lace and the traditional bow on top, there are also a few adorable cut outs at the front of the thong, while the back features a regular, satin string.

23See-through Lace

This lace thong is completely see-through, and with this luxurious material, it is a beautiful twist to the regular mesh thongs. Although the lace itself has a very soft, off-white shade, the black lining and strapy side makes it sultry besides romantic. The front of the thong also features a beautiful, scalloped edge design, which makes this thong even more special.

24Emerald Green

The black fabric couldn’t look any prettier with the emerald green tulle side detailing – and because it is a thong, it emphasized the stunning green tulle and the hips even more.



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