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Sweatpants Outfit ideas

Cute Sweatpants Outfit Ideas

Sweatpants used to be strictly for loungewear and exercise. Over the past year or so sweatpants have made a statement in the fashion world and have played a huge role in streetwear chic. We definitely aren’t complaining, either! There are few things more comfortable than sweatpants and the fact that they can be worn in a way that is appropriate for countless occasions is a major style win if you as us.
Not quite sure how to style sweatpants in a chic way? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite sweatpants outfits to get you inspired.

1Burgundy Sweat Set

2019 is appearing to be the year of sweatpants. Stand out in your sweatpants with burgundy instead of the typical black. The color is gorgeous, but still easy to wear with any neutral color. The white denim jacket adds a lightness to this outfit, perfect for spring.

2Sweatpants Glam

We’re obsessed with this sweatpants outfit! Make sweats glam with a sequin jacket effortlessly tossed over your shoulders. Keep the rest of the outfit neutral and monochromatic to let the blazer pop.

3Lace Bodysuit Made Casual

Lace bodysuits are having a major moment in fashion. We love how they instantly transform anything, even sweatpants, to have a sexy vibe. Styling a lace bodysuit with sweatpants is an unexpected combination, but it works seamlessly.

4Effortlessly Chic Sweats

Give your cozy grey sweatpants an upgrade with a white cropped tee and oversized jacket. The jacket blends well with the aesthetic of the grey sweatpants, keeping with a muted color palette that’s also casual. Add a touch of edge to the look with a leopard bag and black ankle booties. The perfect brunch outfit!

5Sweatpants Elevated

Fashionistas know how to wear sweatpants in an elevated way. Layer a long black coat over your favorite sweatpants for a super easy outfit that’s comfortable and stylish.

690’s Sweatpants Vibes

We’re in love with the 90’s inspiration in fashion right now, especially with this outfit. Rock a pair of highwaisted sweatpants with a simple crop top, add a touch of 90’s inspo with a bum bag worn across your torso and old school sneakers.

7Shades of Grey

Have sweatpants ever looked so sophisticated? Layering shades of grey is a gorgeous way to wear sweatpants to make them feel more dressed up. Add a pop with fresh white sneakers.

8The New Sweat Set

Sweatsuit sets are the epitome of easy. The new sweatsuit has a modern twist with an off the shoulder sweatshirt.

9Edgy Streetwear

All black everything can be comfy AND trendy. Your favorite black sweatpants get a makeover when worn with a simple black shirt, topped with a leather jacket and oversized black scarf.

10Soft Sweatpants

This outfit is perfect if you want to be cozy like some softness in your style. The light color palette is gorgeous, especially with the long cardigan and crop top styled with the sweatpants.

11Trendsetter Sweatpants

Let’s face it, the Kardashians largely influenced the sweatpants trend. Take a note from the sweatpants style queen with an all black look completed with lace up booties to add a dressed up twist.

12Detailed Sweats

We adore the lace up detail on these sweatpants. It shows even a seemingly small detail can completely transform the look of sweatpants.

13Pop of Red

Red is a color to wear when you want to make a statement, or if you’re tired of wearing black all the time. It’s a powerful color, even when worn in the ultimate casual outfit of a sweatsuit.

14Wardrobe Staples Styled

Styling your favorite wardrobe staples in one outfit = travel style elevated. Although, we’d love to wear this outfit to brunch or running errands on the weekend. Slip on loafers and a cropped graphic tee give sweatpants a chic factor without fuss.

15Wear Sweatpants to Work

Yep, you can take your sweatpants to the office! Make your favorite joggers office ready with a classic white button down shirt, long jacket and pumps.

16Winterized Sweatpants

When it’s cold out dressing cozy is an absolute must. This sweatpants outfit is the essence of cozy yet full of style. The complementary shades blend together beautifully and provide a combination that looks more styled than a typical cozy look.

17Layer with a Statement Jacket

Outfits don’t have to include a lot of elements to look great! Keep it simple with an all black foundation with sweats but transform it with a statement jacket like this camel trench and trendy sneakers.

18Bossed Up Sweatpants

This outfit is giving us major girl boss vibes. Who knew sweatpants were so versatile? Complete the outfit with a bomber jacket and statement-making pumps to embrace your inner boss babe.

19Add a Vintage Twist

Didn’t we tell you the ’90s were back? Throw on an oversized flannel shirt with high waisted sweatpants for a vintage effect. The sports bra worn as a top balances the oversized shape of the flannel to flatter your shape.

20Matchy-Matchy Sweatpants

We are all about the matching sets right now. It doesn’t get easier to style sweatpants than with a matching top. Even when the sweats are in one color it looks modern in this beige tone.

21Layer Neutrals

Neutral colors are always a classic. When you wear light color neutrals like beige and grey together you get a modern aesthetic like this outfit. The cropped sweatshirt breaks up all the fabric in the outfit so you don’t get lost in the heavy material.

22Side Stripe Sweatpants

Sweatpants get a whole new look with a simple stripe down the side of them. Keep it simple with a crop top in the color of the stripe to complement the pants. Not to mention it elongates the leg line. Perfect for spring!

23Camo Joggers

Joggers don’t feel quite as basic when they’re in camo print. It’s a versatile print that’s easy to wear! We love them worn with a graphic tee, sneakers and beanie for an early spring look.

24Oversized Sweats

It’s all about oversized silhouettes right now, particularly when it comes to sweatpants. Balance out the super oversized silhouette of the sweatpants and jacket with pointed toe booties and a super crop top.

25Trendy Sweatpants Outfit

Seriously, how great is this outfit? White sweatpants have never looked better. Denim jackets are a staple, but get a whole new look worn off the shoulder like this.

26Snap Sweatpants Throwback

Side snap sweatpants give us major nostalgia, in a good way. The high waisted style of the pants pairs perfectly with a simple crop top. We love the denim jacket and funky sneakers worn here to complete the outfit.

27Fashion Forward Loungewear

This outfit is giving us major outfit goals. The jacket is runway ready but when worn with sweatpants, it feels much more approachable to wear in everyday life.

28Tomboy Chic Sweats

If you’re attracted to tomboy style this is the perfect outfit for you. Red sweatpants get new life for the tomboy fashionista when worn with moto boots and camo crop top.

29Office Ready Sweatpants

A suit…made of sweatpants? Yes! We love this outfit for a creative office environment. Because the sweatpants match the blazer it gives you the look of a suit, in a whole new way.

30Casual Bodysuit Style

Bodysuits are a must have for every woman this year. Wear your favorite low cut bodysuit in an unexpected way with oversized sweatpants worn a bit lower. Casual, edgy and easy!

31Logo Set

Matching sets get a streetwear twist when they include logos. Whether you like one of the throwback brands that have been revived (think Champion and FILA) or you opt for something different, logo sets are on trend this year.

32Sweatpants for Spring

As temperatures warm up with spring this outfit is the perfect way to transition sweatpants from winter. Swap your sneakers or boots for high heeled sandals and a lighter jacket to make your sweatpants a wardrobe staple for spring.

33Easy Streetwear Style

The perfect outfit when you want to rock the streetwear style without a lot of thought. Simple black sweatpants look great worn with a form fitting grey tank and black sock booties. And really, does it get much easier? We don’t think so!

34Modern Sweatsuit

Sweatsuits have gotten a modern upgrade with different fits, colors and details. Suits like this are ideal for easy dressing because you don’t have to worry about matching anything, it’s already been matched for you. Opt for a modern sweatsuit with sweatpants that are form fitting, and a unique color.

35Date Night Sweatpants

Stand out with this date night outfit. The bright blue sweatpants add a pop of color and look great dressed up! Wear a simple white blouse and open toed heels to dress up your sweats. We love the bold clutch and earrings to add a little more style factor to the look.


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