35 Stylish 90s Outfits That Made A Huge Comeback!

90s outfits

Cute 90s Outfit Ideas

Though fashion is an industry that is forever evolving and looks to be innovative, many trends can’t help but make a comeback. The 90s are back ladies! The outfits that would make you shudder ten years ago are now part of the hottest trends in 2017. Whether you were more into grunge or had a girly style back in the day, this trend is extremely versatile and will suit any look. Sit down, find a 90s playlist on Spotify, and read on…

1Beach Babe

Think Baywatch but subtle. Cute cropped teas and drawstring shorts make the perfect summer outfit. They are also comfy and super practical! Tousled hair and flip flops will finish off the look.

2Street Style

If you are looking for a street-ready look, this is the one that will tick all the right boxes. The denim mini skirt was probably a childhood favorite and it is still a style must-have now. Tuck a fitted shirt into the skirt and add a chunky black belt. A particular 90s fave was the classic Gucci belt – if you don’t want to splash out, there are plenty of dupes around now!


We loved Clueless, not only as a show but for their preppy outfit ideas to. Checkered pleated skirts in pastel tones are back since Iggy Azalea released her “Fancy” music video. Now, we can’t get enough of them! Team them with high-neck sweaters and show off plenty of leg!

4Girly Tomboy

Layering is a huge part of the 90s trends – the more layers the better! We love this mix of the androgynous look of the masculine cut tee with a more feminine edge of a low-cut cami. Tucked into Mom jeans with white sneakers, you can still rock this look in this decade!

590s Party Outfit Idea

Tartan is so 90S – picture Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days with some tartan pants and white crop top. Here is a more working-girl way of embracing the trend. We love this co-ord set of a tartan blazer and pleated skirt. We think that poker straight locks and flatform sandals could work wonderfully with this outfit.

6Kooky Layering 90s Outfit

This outfit is totally bewitching and has a spooky vibe to it. Fluted sleeves are flattering on any silhouette and slim down your arms. Layer a black pinafore dress over the top for pure 90s vibes. A braided bun will finish off the look and make it instantly dressier. We think this would make the perfect work outfit as it is still classy and cool.

7The Cami Dress

The most Instagrammed trend right now is the cami dress over a simple white tee. It makes your little cami dress stand out more and takes it from night to day. We love this combination to make it that little more grunge – a flannel shirt will always make an outfit that bit more tomboy. Show off your socks and finish with black boots and get ready to impress!

8Hip Hop 90s Party Outfit

As all the 90s trends are coming back, so is the Hip Hop look. Get yourself the loudest bomber jacket out there, something that really turns heads, and add bulky gold jewelry. Timberlands and ripped straight-legged jeans will bring the outfit together and make it 90s but still figure-flattering. The straight legged jeans will hug your hips before floating down into a baggy, comfortable leg. Tie your hair into space buns and feel like a star! Lights, camera, action!

9Casual Street Style

If you don’t dare get full on with the 90s look, there are ways you can incorporate some aspects of the trend into your everyday look. Straight leg jeans with a black belt will scream 90s, whilst avoiding the eccentric trends of the day. Light wash denim will brighten up your look and will perfectly compliment white sneakers. We are thinking some trusty Chucks!

10The Must Have Shoes

If there is a 90s party shoe you should have – it’s the fluffy heel! They are extravagant, slightly ridiculous but also so cool. These would look amazing with a black cami dress for a night time look. Slick your hair back into a high pony and be ready to turn heads on your next night out!

11Fishnet Fun

Layering denim over fishnets has fully made its comeback. It is a particular fave of Kylie Jenner’s and it adds a sexy edge to your outfits, as well as texture. Though we love fishnets with shorts, they also look glam with cropped pants and cute sneakers to make it casually sexy.

12Double Denim

Double denim may have been a no-go 5 years ago, but nothing’s stopping us now! It is a casual way of rocking the co-ord trend and gives off serious indie vibes. With a classic band tee, this will be your go-to everyday outfit. You can rock it at school, on a day out, or just in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for summer too!

13Grunge Vibes

We love the quirkiness and darkness that collide in the grunge trend. Paper bag pants are slouchy, comfortable and chic, but united with a black crop top and choker, have a totally different side to them. These pin striped ones brighten up the outfit all whilst respecting the grunge vibes. Finish off the look like a true 90s kid with Dr. Martens!

1490s Indie

The 80s and 90s were known for loud, vibrant shirts, those that your dad may wear and make you cringe. Well, don’t laugh, he may be your next fashion inspiration! Tuck a loud shirt into distressed jeans with the favorite black chunky belt and an incredibly wide-brimmed hat for a look that all your childhood idols would be jealous of.

15All American Girl

This look is so 90s Britney – the goodie-two-shoes girl next door look. It is simple, yet remains girly and gives you a unique look. We love the natural, low-key makeup here to truly reflect the personality behind this outfit. Tie your hair in a messy ponytail to complete this laid-back look.

16Hilfiger Hot

Hilfiger’s back and better than ever! You may love Gigi’s collaboration with the designer label but Hilfiger was all the rage in the 90s too! The trademark red sweater with jeans and flats look so cute and allow you to carry off the sportswear look without looking like Sporty Spice! Add huge sunglasses for maximum effect!

17Girly Grunge

The pastel trend is back this season and we love this mix of pastel and 90s. Dusty pink works perfectly with the grungey tartan mini skirt to give us a look with a much-needed pop of color this season. Add bright red lippy for an even more dramatic look.

18Sportswear Chic

Gwen Stefani, Sporty Spice, Britney.. every 90s icon wore sportswear at some point in the 90s. The famous striped sweatpants from Adidas were one of the most popular pants at the time. Team your sports gear with a slouchy slogan tee and actually look like you’re making an effort! Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Fila are definitely brands to look out for when trying to rock the 90s look.

19Spice Girl Inspiration Party Outfit

Think Scary Spice 2.0 – this look definitely reminds us of the Spice Girls! A loud leopard print coat will be your companion all-year round. It will instantly vamp up your daytime outfit. Add a choker for a sexy edge and slick your hair up into a glamorous high ponytail. If this doesn’t turn heads, we don’t know what will!

20Fresh Princess of Bel Air

When we saw this sweater we thought of one of our all-time favorite shows – the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Give the cringey look a modern-day twist with skinny jeans and moccasins. It will give you just the right balance of smart and casual. We love the addition of the gold chain to fully embrace the 90s look! Well, if you are going to do it, you might as well do it properly!

21Outer Underwear

For the girls who don’t shy away from daring trends, this is the one for you! Kendall shows us how to rock visible underwear! Whether it’s Givenchy or Calvin Klein, sportswear-like underwear is made to be shown this season! Layer a mesh top over your bralet and team with distressed jeans for a modern edge.


2017 has been all about frills so far – frilled shirts, frilled sweaters, and of course, frilled jeans. They are slimming on the calf and also spice up your denim wardrobe. You can wear them with fishnet socks and brogues, or with nice thick creepers for a darker look!

23Gingham Goals Casual Outfit

It is pretty hard to wear Gingham without looking like a 70s kitchen floor or a farmer but done subtly, Gingham can really add an extra something to your look. Though on paper this combination would be too much, we love the match of stripes and Gingham – clashing patterns totally work in the 90s trend! Team with white plimsoles or sneakers for a down-to-earth look.

24Boho Beauty

Even in the 90s, we were looking back at photos from Woodstock and grabbing inspiration. This look is timeless and is super comfy too! We love how this skirt just effortlessly hangs off you and it ultra-flattering on the waist. Team it with a crop top to bare a little skin this summer, and a black trilby hat to stick to the 90s theme!

25Sk8r Girl

Though Avril Lavigne wasn’t on the scene in the 90s, her famous Sk8r Boi-era look was around a few years before. All the rock bands wore hoodies and stripey shirts for a dark and mysterious look. Blogger Lily Melrose has tried this look and pulled it off beautifully, and so can you!

26Teeny Tops

The 90s is pretty much synonymous with ridiculously tiny tops, pretty much bralets. If you don’t dare to bare, then layering is another alternative that will still allow you to rock the 90s look. Add Daisy Dukes and sandals and you’re good to go!

27Androgynous Look

This look is for the tomboy – slouchy tartan pants and a customized bomber work perfectly together to look 90s without being too girly. The look is edgy, effortlessly stylish and still, allows you to be you. Add a cute satchel bag for a Vintage feel!

28Rachel Green

Rachel Green from Friends was ultimate style goals for us in the 90s, and we are still fangirling over her looks today! A high neck sweater and a tartan skirt were one of her most iconic looks, and we can’t help but replicate it. Add knee-high socks to emphasize your legs and elongate them!

29Fab And Fluffy

Another one of the 90s trends was fluffy, well, pretty much everything! From Britney’s fluffy hair ties to the fluffy pencils in Clueless, everything just had to be fluffy! A great way of embracing this trend without wanting to desperately look like a 90s schoolgirl is with gorgeous and fluffy bags. This rucksack is pink, fluffy and cute! It will add texture to your outfit and looks lush with blue denim! What’s not to love?

30Flannel Fan

This is when the flannel obsession starts. Reignite that love for flannel with an oversized work shirt over any outfit, you have a hint of the androgynous look all whilst keeping a feminine and modern-day vibe. We love teaming flannel and ripped jeans – it just looks so edgy!

31Halter Neck Love

Halter neck tops were our favorite kind of tops back in the day! They just work with everything – from Mom jeans during the day to a pleated mini skirt and heeled boots in the evening. This is a great look for those long, summer nights – it is light but still stylish. We would so put this in our suitcases for a summer getaway!

32Holographic Honey

We are thrilled the holographic look is back! You have to have at least ONE item that is holographic. We adore this holographic parka – it is perfect for those summer festivals! With space buns, you will look like you are ready to party!

33Patch It Up

Patches are back! There are so many brands doing iron-on patches at the moment, and we love the idea of customizing our denim. It may not necessarily be Nickelodeon, but Skinny Dips have so many sassy patches for you to customize your outfits with. You will totally have a one-of-a-kind outfit!

34Bring It On

These colors remind us of our favorite chick flick back in the 90s, Bring It On. Ok so a cheerleader may not be seen wearing an oversized sweater, but it is the ideal way of giving off cheerleader vibes without being dressed in uniform. The pleated mini skirt, yet again, is here to finish off this beautiful 90s look.

35Velvet Crush

Our final 90s trend favorite is Velvet – especially baby pink! It adds texture to your outfit, instantly glams it up, and really stands out against a monochrome outfit. Add a dash of dark lipstick and a slither of eyeliner for an extra bit of darkness in this girly outfit!



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