How to Wear a Bralette: 30 Bralette Outfit Ideas


How to Wear a Bralette: 30 Bralette Outfit Ideas

Bralettes are definitely tricky clothing items to style: while they are fun and flirty, it takes a lot of confidence to pull them off, but with these styling tips and bralette outfit ideas, you will find the one that matches your personal style the most.

1Sheer Black and White

One of the most popular styling ways of a bralette is to rock it underneath a sheer mesh or tulle top, and besides the two different materials, this outfit also combines the contrast between black and white. If you’d like to go with something more subtle, choose a pastel pink or white bralette underneath a white, embroidered top.

2Lace + Dungaree

If you want a cool and sultry festival or brunch look, mix the bralette trend with a pair of fun dungarees! There are no limits when it comes to the dungaree trend: from light, short acid wash dungarees to dark leather ones or dungaree dresses, you can choose absolutely anything!

3Yellow and Black

One of the most popular combinations this season will be deep mustard and black, not only because of the contrast between the two shades but also because it compliments a nice summer tan perfectly. If you like simple yet sexy, this bralette look is for you!

4Boho Chic Bralette

If a tan suede, button-up skirt and a bell sleeve top weren’t bohemian chic enough, add a velvet or triangle bralette underneath it and you are good to go!

5Reflective Mermaid

If you can find one of these cool, reflective mesh T-shirts or long sleeve tops, we recommend getting one before they are all sold out! Because the mesh is such a scene-stealer by itself, you don’t have to get a crazy bralette underneath it to make the outfit unique.

6Sheer & Sultry

If you want to spice up the most simple and sporty tank top, take a look at this outfit with the super sultry lace bralette with the patent leather detailing. Although it’s definitely a more risky outfit, it can be a perfect festival outfit.

7Suede and Lace

We can’t get enough this taupe suede top and sexy, black lace bralette combination! Because of the suede kimono top, it has a sophisticated, elegant feel to it, while the lace bralette takes a sultry twist on the whole outfit. We recommend mixing this look with ripped, black jeans or leather pants.

8Sweet Florals

If you want to make the outfit more girly and cute rather than vampy or sultry, try to match your bralette with a white or peach chiffon top with floral print. You can even rock your boldest bondage or lace bralette with a cute, floral print top.

9Cute Daisy

Another way to mix floral into your bralette outfit is to choose a bralette with floral embroidery! This adorable white and yellow daisy bralette takes the regular floral and lace outfits to a whole new level.

10Burgundy Co-Ord

For the summertime, bralettes work beautifully with cute co-ord sets, such as this white lace bralette with the burgundy blazer and shorts. Although the blazer has a masculine vibe, the bralette and the tiny shorts make the outfit a great and fun summer look.

11All White

Who says an all-white outfit can work well with a white bralette? Whether you decide to rock a lace, strappy bondage or velvet bralette, you can easily create a gorgeous all-white outfit with an asymmetric skirt or short and a sheer white kimono.

12All About The Details

Even the most simple bralette can look gorgeous and fashion forward with the right accessories! Get inspired by this look and match your bralette with cute braids, temporary floral or metallic tattoos and a super creative makeup look.

13Blue and Denim

A denim shirt can work as the perfect cover-up for a dark blue, green or burgundy bralette. We love this outfit because of the mix of different blues: while the denim has a light, almost acid wash shade, the bralette has a deep blue color. With a look like this, both silver and gold accessories look stunning.

14Batique Fun

Bralettes don’t necessarily have to be crazy sexy and revealing…if you want to have a more fun and happy hippy overall vibe, try out a beautiful, batique print bralette under a sheer, white or black top. Be experimental when it comes to colors and choose a bralette with orange, blue, pink or green patterns.

15Plaid Shirt

Although the plaid shirt looks a bit grungy, you can easily vamp it up with a pretty grey, black or red lace bralette underneath it! Another way to make it even more fun is to add thin silver or gold chain necklaces underneath the shirt and rock the outfit with a pair of high heels!

16Mint Vibes

A strappy, mint or pastel blue bralette will look amazing with any other pastel or coral top – and this beautiful bralette with the pink, baggy T-shirt definitely reminds us of fun summer nights! We can also see a pop of mint in the sandals, which ties the whole outfit together beautifully.

17Yellow Maxi

Would like to show off your tan? If you are not a fan of the black and mustard color combination, we have something more fun with you: white and neon yellow! Another thing we adore about this outfit is the lace detailing on the bralette and the flowy silhouette of the yellow maxi skirt. To make these shades pop even more, keep your makeup simple.

18Velvet Embroidery

A fall or winter version of the typical embroidered, sheer top and lace bralette is this beautiful mesh top with a  velvet bralette. Because its darker shades and sturdy, warmer materials, this bralette look can be perfect for a winter birthday or Christmas party. When choosing the bralette, make sure it coordinates with at least one of the colors from the top.


If it’s your first time experimenting with this new, sultry trend, start off by just showing a part of the bralette: you can easily achieve this fun outfit with an asymmetric top or chunky knit sweater. This look features a beautiful, white jumper and a ripped denim skirt with just the top of the black sheer bralette peeking through.

20Tucked In

If you don’t want to show too much skin, go with an all-black, lengthened bralette and tuck it into your skirt or pants. This look combines a boho crochet bralette with a more sexy leather skirt and makes it even more unique with a large, black and silver statement belt.

21Fun Colorblock

With just the edge peeking through, this bralette outfit shows a youthful way to combine red and yellow together without looking too over the top. If you don’t want to cover the top part and would like to show off the interesting color combination more, switch from denim dungarees to a simple skirt or high waisted jeans.

22Grungy Tulle

Although grungy is probably not the first thought that comes to mind when hearing “tulle”, this black tulle and lace bralette outfit proves that tulle doesn’t necessarily have to be a girly, pink material. The lace bralette underneath the tulle top gives the whole outfit, even more, texture, and it looks perfect with a simple pair of jeans.

23All Denim

Besides a simple denim shirt, an all denim look can be super cool as well, especially if you match it with a fun, printed or lace bralette! This outfit features the same color denim jacket and distressed jeans, while the black bralette gives it a feminine vibe.

24Sophisticated Chains

If you want to take your bralette outfit to the next level while making it more luxurious and elegant, add a gold bondage necklace or chain to your look. Gold or silver chains can work really well together with the most simple T-shirts or tank tops that have low cuts.

25Pop of Neon

You can easily make a sheer, low-cut tank top a lot more fashion-forward and interesting by rocking a neon bralette underneath it. Not a fan of pink? No problem, a mint, yellow, orange or neon green bralette will look just as good and vibrant underneath a white top.

26Winter Vibes

Bralettes are not only for the summer – and nothing proves this better than this beautiful outfit with the chunky knit sweater and the white lace halter neck bralette showing at the back.

2790’s Kid

Another mustard and black color combination outfit, with a completely different twist. Instead of a sexy satin top, this look features a deep yellow, mustard jacket with an adorable sunflower detailing.

28Comfy & Monochrome

This look is so comfortable and simple, it is perfect for a cozy night in with your boyfriend! The pastel pink bralette matches beautifully with the beige, chunky knit cardigan and the gray pants. If you want to rock it on the streets as well, add another layer (such as an oversized white T-shirt with the bralette peeking through).

29Crochet Peach

Crochet bralettes can be perfect for a summer pool party, especially if you choose light colors, such as cream, white, peach and pastel pink.

30Overlay Bralette

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a celebrity inspiration – and for this look, we chose Kendall Jenner, who is known for her gorgeous, fashion forward style. Instead of hiding the bralette, she actually wears it on top of a plain white T-shirt, and we already know this is going to be a controversial trend this season. What are your thoughts?



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