How To Tie A Scarf: 25 Chic Ways to Tie A Scarf

How To Tie A Scarf: Chic Ways to tie A Scarf

How To Tie A Scarf: 25 Chic Ways to tie A Scarf

A scarf can easily become your best friend and favorite accessory, regardless of the weather or a season. Because of their versatile colors, fabrics and styling options, you can wear them to anywhere, with any other clothing items  – and who says you can only rock them as a scarf as not as other accessories, such as ankle bracelets, collars or bandeau tops? To help you find your favorite ways to tie and style your scarf, we gathered 25 chic ways to tie a scarf!

1The Boho Knot

If you are just starting to experiment with scarves, this one is a simple yet stunning way to add it to your outfit. Choose a long, simple one with an exciting color or print (such as yellow, burgundy, red and turquoise or a romantic floral) and instead of tying it around your neck, let it drape and put two small knots on the middle of each side. This will give your outfit a chic overall vibe.

2The French Twist

Just like its name suggests, the French twist is a sophisticated, elegant way to tie your silk or satin scarf. For this method, fold your scarf in half before putting it around your shoulders. Take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the loop, then take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop. As a finishing touch, add a little knot or bow to it, and make sure to choose a shorter style for this technique.

3Multiple Prints & Patterns

A great way to make your scarf outstanding and more fun (without any complicated ties and loops) is to choose one that plays with colorblock or has multiple patterns…or if you don’t have a scarf like this, mix & match two together! This street style looks perfectly shows off this trend. If you have one that has two different sides, loop it around your neck and play with the different sides of the scarf, making sure each pattern is visible.

4The Tight Wrap

This style looks completely different with a short, satin scarf and a long, wool scarf – the good thing is, you can do it with any fabric and length! The method is super simple: take the scarf, loop it twice or three times (depending on its length) around and tie a knot on the end. With a satin scarf, it will look similar to the French twist style, but with a longer one, you can create a cozy, casual look.

5The Kimono Scarf

We know, technically it’s not a tie…but it’s still a super chic look! If you always wanted a kimono (a fringed black one, or a floral satin one), just grab your favorite scarf and use it as a cute kimono. Make sure the material of the scarf is light, so it’s not easy to style and play with, but it’s also functional during spring and summer.

6Knotted Shawl

Another way of styling your scarf as a kimono is to create a knotted shawl – whether you decide to knot it in the front (for a more elegant vibe) or in the back (for a casual overall look), you can be sure to spice up your outfit with it!

7Braided Scarf

If you know how to braid, this scarf style will be super easy for you! Besides being quick, it is also a unique style with a feminine edge to it. We recommend choosing a soft, yet textured scarf for this, as it can be quite tricky to braid a satin or silk scarf.

8The Maxi Scarf

We know…although it looks stunning on Instagram pictures, it can be a mess to handle a huge, chunky knit scarf. First, make sure to rock it with a cute hat or a sturdy leather jacket, and instead of trying to simply throw it on, loop it one or two times and fold the ends for an effortless, chic look.

9The Cozy Wrap

For another effortless, casual look, wrap yourself up in a super comfortable, wool scarf and use it as a cardigan or poncho – this style will look amazing and fashion forward with a beige coat and thigh high boots!

10The Pull Through Style

Besides being a classic, it is also very trendy and easy. Although this picture shows a faux fur scarf, you can recreate this style with basically any scarf. First, put your folded scarf behind your neck and after bringing both ends to the front, pull the loose ends through the loop.

11Belted & Drapy

If you don’t want any fancy tie or knot, simply grab your favorite, oversized scarf (whether it’s a satin, cotton or wool one) and belt it together with your outfit. Besides giving a chic edge to your outfit, it will also show off your figure.

12Casual Toss

There is nothing not to love about this style. Although it’s probably the easiest one from the list, it can add a plus layer and color to any outfit, making it more interesting and fun.

13Faux Infinity

Don’t worry if you don’t own an infinity scarf…you can easily make your own from any different scarf you have. The method is simple: Knot the ends together so your scarf creates a circle, and to make it even more believable, slightly twist it and swing it over your head.

14Pretzel Knot

For this style, fold your scarf in half and wrap it around your neck with the loop on one side. Once that’s done, thread the loose end through the loop and continue this threading method until all the ends are folded.

15Scarf Belt

A cute silk scarf can perfectly function as a belt as well to make your waist slimmer and to make your outfit more interesting! Choose a longer one that you can wrap around your waist twice and tie a pretty knot from it.

16Long & Knotted

This method is an easy way to style a maxi scarf. First, wrap the scarf behind your neck and make sure that both ends are the same length. Instead of knotting it at your neck, simply knot it at the ends, creating an effortless, cool look.

17Twisted Knot

Just like with any twisted hairstyle, this scarf tie method is super easy and simple – twist your scarf firmly and to keep everything in place, make a knot around your neck. You can twist it more than once to ensure that the twisted parts are not too loose.

18Cute Bow

A little bow is always an adorable touch to any outfit, and with a satin or silk scarf, you can easily add this feminine detail to any look. We especially love this mix of black and vibrant purple!

19The Bandana Scarf

Instead of a regular bandana, this adorable piece is made from silk, creating a unique, feminine vibe for this outfit. If you are not a fan of scarves but would still like to rock this accessory, this is a great way to style it!

20Waterfall Tie

The waterfall scarf is a great mix between effortless and fancy, especially if you choose a big, wool scarf. To create this waterfall scarf, wrap your scarf around twice, take the left corner and tuck it on the right side. Once this is done, tuck the other end underneath for a beautiful “waterfall” effect.

21Feminine Pins

You can always spice up your look (and yes, even your scarf) with a crystal or vibrant pin. To make sure it pops, place the pin in the middle of the scarf and wear it with a simple, minimalist outfit. We love this mix of crystal snowflake scarf with the bright yellow, fringed scarf.

22The Oversized Bow

The small bow is just not enough for you? Don’t worry, we completely get it. To recreate this playful, absolutely adorable oversized bow look, choose a long, soft cotton scarf or any sturdy scarf, but make sure it has texture (so the bow will stay in place). Make one side longer, make an upward loop hiding the end (this way, you can easily make the bow by “hiding” and securing the middle), and wrap the shorter part around it. Once you see the shape of the bow, secure it in place with a pin.

23Ankle Bracelet

Besides creating a headband, bandana, necklace or bracelet from your scarf, you can also easily use it as an ankle bracelet! This looks absolutely stunning with the different shades of blue and the unique, asymmetrical cut of the jeans – not to mention that this little accessory would perfectly spice up an all-white outfit or a pair of killer heels.

24Choker Scarf

To keep up with the popular choker trend, make a choker from your scarf! This “reversed” choker features a cute, simple black scarf with a bow at the back.

25Bandeau Scarf Top

Ah, we absolutely love this trend! Grab a super long bandana or silk scarf and make a bandeau top from it by twisting the sides and knotting in the middle. Wear a strapless bra under it to make sure everything stays in place.



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