Cute Spring Outfits To Wear This Season



Cute Spring Outfits Inspiration

Even though winter style can be fun with scarves and boots, spring is possibly the best season to plan your wardrobe for since the weather is lovely and you don’t need to hide your cute outfits under bulky coats! There are so many adorable looks you can create that are perfect for spring and to help you get some inspiration for your outfits to wear in spring, we have created a list of our favorite 5 spring looks. Keep reading to see our picks for the top 5 cute spring outfits as worn by some of our favorite style icons!

1Cute Spring Outfit #1

Outfit Inspiration: Model Gigi Hadid’s Crop Top + Ripped Jeans

Why we love this spring outfit: Pairing a simple crop top t-shirt and ripped jeans is the perfect casual and cute outfit for spring. This look is flattering and stylish without looking like you are trying to hard. If you don’t already have a pair of ripped jeans and the idea of paying for ripped clothing seems strange to you, you can customize a pair of ripped jeans yourself! Take a pair of old jeans and use scissors or a knife to slice holes where you please. If you want to have a more authentic distressed look, use a piece of sandpaper and rub it against various parts of your jeans! We love how Gigi’s ripped jeans have a cuff at the bottom, so you should definitely consider replicating this detail if you want to show off your footwear. Depending on the weather, you can opt to wear cute booties like Gigi, or if it is a hot spring day, you can try pairing this outfit with a cute pair of embellished sandals. The key to this look is simplicity; so try not to go over the top with accessories or makeup. We love how Gigi’s hair is loose and beachy instead of being heavily styled.

2Cute Spring Outfit #2

Outfit Inspiration: Reality Television Personality Lauren Conrad’s Blazer + Skater Skirt

Why we love this spring outfit: Lauren Conrad has impeccable fashion sense, so it is no surprise she made it onto our list for cute spring outfits. Her blazer and skater skirt combo is the perfect mix of flirty and mature. Plus, the silhouettes of blazers and skater skirts are extremely flattering on all body types! We love the powder blue color of Lauren’s blazer, but we think this outfit would also look awesome with a brightly colored blazer as well! In terms of footwear, this outfit would look amazing with a pair of D’Orsay flats or pointy-toed pumps! Although wearing your hair down would look fine with this outfit, we think the super flirty ponytail that Lauren is wearing totally pulls this cute spring outfit together!

3Cute Spring Outfit #3

Outfit Inspiration: Model Kendall Jenner’s Strapless Jumpsuit

Why we love this spring outfit: Some people think jumpsuits only suit one particular body type, but jumpsuits are actually surprisingly flattering on many body shapes! The key is finding the correct jumpsuit silhouette to suit your figure. For example, if you are pear shaped, a jumpsuit with a bootcut or flared leg will help to balance out your legs. Or, if you are self-conscious about having a flat chest, you could choose a jumpsuit that has a roomier, more bohemian cut on the bodice in order to disguise the actual size of your chest. Jumpsuits pair extremely well with blazers, so don’t be afraid to throw one on top of your jumpsuit if it is a blustery spring day! Regardless of the cut of your jumpsuit, we love how pointy-toed shoes look with jumpsuits!

4Cute Spring Outfit #4

Outfit Inspiration: Taylor Swift’s Vintage Floral Dress

Why we love this spring outfit: Taylor Swift is the absolute queen of vintage style clothing! She is always rocking something adorable that makes her look straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine of the 1950’s, in the best way possible of course! We love her vintage floral dress because it is understated, but also super flirty and feminine! We definitely recommend pairing a dress like this with a bold red lipstick, and if you can manage to walk in heels, a pair of pumps like Taylor’s will really make you look like a bombshell for spring! If you don’t like wearing high heels, a cute pair of wedges will also do the trick with this outfit!

5Cute Spring Outfit #5

Outfit Inspiration: Supermodel Miranda Kerr’s Semi-Sheer Polka Dot Blouse + Slim Ankle Pants

Why we love this spring outfit: Miranda Kerr is absolutely stunning, and she has an equally gorgeous sense of style as well! We almost want to hate her for being so perfect, but she’s just too cute not to love! Miranda’s sheer polka dot blouse is a little bit retro, but the cut is very modern and chic. Wearing a semi-sheer blouse is the perfect way to rock a flirty look, without wearing something that is only appropriate for clubbing nights. Especially when coupled with a pair of trousers with an elegant cut, a semi-sheer blouse looks super chic and perfect for spring days! If you are not comfortable wearing a shirt that is sheer in the front, you can also layer a light camisole underneath the blouse in order to add an extra bit of coverage. A semi-sheer blouse like this would look great with a variety of pant styles, but we love the slim ankle cut of Miranda’s pants because they are classy, but also casual. This style of pants looks nice with many different types of shoes, but flats or heels with a pointed tip look especially flattering because they elongate the leg! Although Miranda keeps this outfit simple without many accessories, we think this cute outfit would pair fabulously with a few gold bangle bracelets and a pair of gold hoop earrings!

6Here are more outfit ideas for Spring time

7Sexy White Tee with Lace and Ripped Denim

8Light Stripes Sweater and Matching Shorts

9Camel Blazer and White Top

Hope you enjoyed our cute outfits list for Spring!



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