30 Chic Blazer Outfits

chic blazer outfits

30 Ways to Wear Blazer Outfits

There is a myth that blazers can only be suitable for officewear, but it’s time to explore the casual, fun, haute couture and boho chic sides of blazers with these gorgeous, 30 blazer outfits! Whether you are a fan of relaxed, laid back outfits or you love to experiment and wear the latest trends, you will definitely find your favorite blazer outfit in this mix!

1Mix and Match Blazer Outfit

We are starting our list with a quite surprising, super chic outfit! Instead of sticking to a regular office casual outfit, we chose this beautiful co-ord set with dark blue pants and a dark blue, structured blazer mixed with sporty elements: a white T-shirt, a pair of classic Adidas and a black leather backpack.

2Pastel & Leather Blazer

We are not sure which element of this outfit we love more: the mix of pastel pink and leather or the combination of a formal, oversized blazer and the leather pants. Either way, this outfit is perfection from head to toe with the messy, wavy hair, the subtle gold accessories, the black nails and the envelope clutch.

3Black & White Blazer

Taking a turn from the regular blazer styles, this outfit features a black and white color palette with a beautiful, kimono silhouette blazer. The white looks beautiful with the black, tied bow on the waistline. We recommend rocking this outfit with a lace or velvet bralette.

4Vintage Vibes Blazer

Ah, who wouldn’t love to rock this beautiful black and white set with the oversized blazer and the small shorts? Style it with a white T-shirt or top and a pair of statement earrings and you are good to go.

5All White Blazer Outfit

This Balmain blazer is a dream by itself as well but styled in an all-white outfit with white crop top and high waisted, slim fit pants…we are 100% sold on this! The details of this outfit are also amazing, starting from the gold buttons to Taylor’s sleek bob hairstyle.

6Pop of Red Blazer

This outfit features a very relaxed, casual vibe with the trainers and the white top under the blazer, while the red studded bag gives it an interesting, daring twist.

7Sleeveless Sailor Blazer Look

If you are not a fan of the regular blazer style and find it too fancy or office casual, try out the sleeveless blazers and blazer coats. This outfit pairs it with a classic, casual outfit with leopard print heels, a striped t-shirt, and black leather pants.

8Black Bell Sleeves Blazer

Victoria Beckham, the queen of black knows exactly how to style an all-black blazer outfit and keep it super chic. With the belted blazer and the black, textured pants, this outfit gives the bell sleeves an elegant vibe instead of the regular bohemian chic style.

9Burgundy & Beige Blazer

Burgundy and beige look amazing together, especially mixed with gold and white. Besides the smart casual white shirt, the studded heels and clutch make this outfit unique and a bit daring – and with this color palette, it is perfect for any occasion.

10Blazer with Unique Details

This outfit proves how small details can make a huge change in an outfit, even if it’s a simple, black and taupe look. The black lipstick, the faux fur clutch, and the structured shoulder pads create a whole new, edgy vibe to this outfit that we just love.

11Striped Co-ord Blazer

This is the perfect outfit for a stunning, fun holiday dinner! The stripes look great with a tan, and with a white or pastel crop top or blouse. Another thing we love about this look is the relaxed fit, both of the blazer and the shorts.

12Crushed  Velvet Blazer

Zendaya is the modern street style queen: with her brave choices, she always knows how to create new, fresh outfits, and this blazer outfit with the black crushed velvet blazer and the lace bodysuit underneath it is the perfect example.

13Mint & Polka Dots

The mint blazer is such as fresh choice, especially for summer and spring! With the white nail polish, the vibrant statement necklace and the black and white polka dot shirt it is an amazing choice for a brunch with your friends or a lunch date.

14Navy Denim Blazer

Spice up your regular denim on denim outfit by matching it with a blazer! Because they have all the same blue undertone, the outfit is not too loud or extravagant, but it’s definitely an outstanding styling now.

15Minnie Mouse Blazer Outfit

All we see in this outfit is the adorable Minnie Mouse inspiration with the black, white and red polka dot style. Everything is on point from the sleek bun and red lipstick to the gold and black accessories. If you would like to make it, even more, Minnie Mouse inspired, create a little bow bun.

16Structured Boho Chic Blazer

There is nothing not to love about this adorable, bohemian outfit! The colorful blazer looks stunning with the simple, black skirt and white shirt, so it is perfect for a chilly summer day. Mix it with leather accessories and a pair of heels for a high-end street style look.

17Beige Co-ord Blazer

This co-ord has a vintage, unique vibe with the different colors, textures, and shapes, and it is the perfect choice if you would like to experiment outside of your fashion comfort zone.

18Haute Couture Blazer

This Chanel blazer captures the essence of the huge fashion house: timeless elegance and femininity with an interesting twist. The gold and pearl embellishments and buttons, the huge puffy sleeves and the classic combination of black, white and navy beautifully complete this look.

19Relaxed Vibes Blazer

A cotton blazer is always a great choice, especially if you are looking for something exciting but still comfy. This outfit couldn’t be more casual and fashionable – the scarf, the low-cut, the accessories and the classic Calvin Klein gray bralette look amazing together.

20Oversized Chic Blazer

Who says blazers can’t function as coats as well? If you choose an oversized, longer design with the same silhouette and structure, you can easily turn any blazer into a coat, which is perfect for winter or autumn. This blazer outfit is styled with a simple pair of jeans, a white shirt, and patent leather loafers.

21Black and Grey Blazer

Probably one of the most minimalist and chic outfits from our list is this beautiful one, featuring dark gray and black shades only. The blazer is structured but it’s kept feminine with the gold buttons, the high heels, and the beautiful Yves Saint Laurent clutch.

22Vintage Turtleneck Blazer

The cropped pants and the beige turtleneck is beautiful together, especially with the green-white patterns. This outfit is great if you are looking for a sophisticated, vintage inspired outfit that you can rock to any occasion.

23Embellished Wonderland

This outfit just screams haute couture with the beautiful, white dress and the exquisite detailing on the blazer. Featuring gorgeous colors such as white, cream and jewel toned pinks, emeralds and royal blues, this blazer is a masterpiece. For an everyday look, rock it with a pair of boyfriend jeans a white or cream top.

24Cozy & Comfy Blazer Look

This look is so adorable! Although it features masculine elements, such as the oversized, printed blazer and the hat, it can be easily turned into a chic street style look with the right accessories and clothing items, such as a pencil skirt, red nail polish or lipstick and a pair of killer heels.

25Velvet meets Gold

Besides lace and mesh, velvet also looks absolutely beautiful with gold and other metallic and chrome shades such as silver, rose gold and bronze. This outfit features a dark navy blue, velvet blazer mixed with a golden chain bag and a metallic, pleated midi skirt. If this is too much for you all at once, we recommend breaking this outfit to pieces and rocking the velvet blazer with light blue boyfriend or high waisted jeans.

26Oversized Floral Blazer

For a chilly summer or spring day, simply grab and oversized blazer and rock it with your shorts and top like a coat! This outfit mixes a vintage, high waisted pair of shorts with fishnets, a black turtleneck and statement jewelry, making this look 90’s inspired and super cool.

27Modern Lace

This has got to be one of our favorites from the list! The white lace with the modern, structured navy blazer is just perfection, and although it looks super fancy and couture, we would love to rock a bold outfit like this, basically to any occasion.

28Blazer Dress

Why not make your outfit as feminine as possible and rock your blazer as a dress? Get inspired by Emily’s gorgeous, all-white blazer dress outfit and be daring! Style this look with natural, wavy locks and a cool no-makeup makeup look.

29Chaotic Prints Blazer

Olivia Palermo is known for her crazy and stylish fashion choices, and even with the mix of these crazy, loud patterns, it all seems to just work perfectly for her from the two different striped prints all the way to the floral, cream blazer.

30Baroque Gold Blazer

This outfit captures the beautiful Baroque vibe with the mix of gold and navy, and if these two shades weren’t enough, just take a look at the super cool emerald green shoes!



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