30 Chic and Cute Cowgirl Outfits

Cowgirl Outfits


Cowgirl Outfits: Country Dresses & Western Clothing

The Cowgirl fashion trend returns this summer and it’s not hard to see why. Tassels, suede and oversized hats are all part of this western fashion trend. You can add a bit of cowgirl style to any outfit and it suits all styles, if your style is preppy or even casual and laid-back. Here’s our list of 30 chic and flattering Cowgirl outfits, Country dresses and western clothing to add to your wardrobe this summer!

1Even The Celebs Are At It…

If seeing Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell from PLL trying out the look isn’t enough to get you hooked, then we don’t kow what is! Their looks are so effortless yet sassy! We wouldn’t mess with them! One of the key pieces to this trend is of course the flannel shirt, tie it round your waist or tie the ends together to get the look!

2If You Aren’t Sure…

… then start with easy versatile pieces! White wash denim jeans can be worn all summer long with floaty tees and of course ladies cowboy boots or knee high boots will do the trick! Add chunky jewelry to look like you’re from the Wild West!

3Keep Up With The Cowgirls

You have a choice of two cute outfits worn by Kylie and Kendall Jenner. For Kendall’s look, find a cute sleeved romper and wear a fringed waistcoat over the top for a western look. For Kylie’s look, some high-waisted ripped jeans with a basic white tee and denim waistcoat will do the trick. For accessories, think chunky jewelry and also cowboy hats, or straw hats!

4Cowgirl City Chic

If you are a girl about town, running errands all the time and like to be dressed up smart, then we have found a cowgirl adapted to your everyday needs. This look is stylish and elegant, but keeps in theme with the cowgirl trend. A collared shirt with a brown suede blazer, sky blue denim jeans and a cowboy hat are the key pieces to this style!

5Cow-girly Country Clothing!

Cowgirl fashion doesn’t necessary involve jeans. Why not try a cute floaty summer skirt for extra style points? White frilly skirts always add a feminine touch to those knee-high cowboy boots! Just add a little slogan tee for a modern edge on your cute outfit!

6Day At The Beach Western Clothing

Just because you are going to the beach, doesn’t mean you can try out a cowgirl look! A kaftan can easily look western with a chunky belt and a cowgirl hat. We are already picturing us walking along the sand in this beautiful look!

7Fringed Country Girl Clothing

Here is a look you could wear to work or to a job interview. It is dressy, yet trendy and so cowgirl! We need this brown suede fringed blazer, it is so structured and fitted! White crochet is so hot this year so you can easily pop down to your nearest Forever21 and get a cute cropped crochet top! Add some ripped shorts and a belt with a huge buckle for an on-point outfit!

8Double Denim

You have all heard that double denim is too much! This is not necessarily true. If you find the exact same denim for top and bottom it makes you look like you should have your own movie! A dark denim shirt with dark denim flared jeans looks cool and fresh!

9A Pop Of White

If you want a modern-day version of a cowgirl look this is it! An oversized white flannel plaid shirt adds color to would could have been a drab outfit. By the way, we so need these ankle boots. This would make a great outfit for your first day back at high school, or going to the mall and hitting the sales with your friends!

10Collared Shirts Are A Key Piece

If you have got any smart, collared shirts, whether they are flannel, denim or even sheer, they will always look phenomenal with dark denim jeans and boots. If you can’t afford cowboy boots (because let’s face it, they are expensive), get yourself some brown boots, they don’t need to be knee height. Keep your make up neutral, and your jewelry simple for this look!

11Dress It Up

For the dress-lovers, don’t despair! We have got a gorgeous suede dress for you to wear to totally fit in with the cowgirl theme! Wear with black ankle boots and black simple accessories to look your best everyday! A black velvet choker and a black handbag adds a simple yet modern touch to your cowgirl outfit!

12Forget Daisy Dukes

Want to get the boys staring? Wear a floral bustier top with a frilly skirt! If you are a girly girl then this is your dream outfit! This outfit looks crazily cute with cowboy boots and a denim waistcoat! The perfect summer look for the cowgirl on vacation!

13Try A Maxidress with Cowgirl Boots

If you’re looking for floral country girl outfits, Why not try a Maxi dress ? Maxi dresses go with any look, find a floral one to wear with knee-high boots and a cowboy hat. Add turquoise accessories to look like a walking Forever21 advert! Boohoo sells these type of maxi dresses with splits up the side for a look that is super casual and sleek!

14Pocketful Of Sunshine

Are you thinking “What’s with all the dark colors?”? Then this is the outfit you have been searching for! Most everyday summer outfits can look cowgirl with some cowgirl boots and straw hat, trust us! Look at this example, ripped jeans and a yellow top aren’t necessarily the first items you would associate with a cowgirl look, but it works!

15Flares Are Your Go-To Pair Of Jeans

Tuck your favorite tee into some flared jeans and add a chunky belt! It is that simple! Levis have some amazing high waisted flared jeans, flattering and fashionable! Everything you could want from your jeans!

16Wear Lots Of Lace

Lace does work for this kind of look, believe it or not! A lace romper and a black Fedora can be your go-to cowgirl look for this summer! For just chilling in your back yard, trying to get a tan and making the most of the sunshine, this is ideal!

17White Everything!

Ok, so without the jacket, this outfit only looks summery, but it shows you how a fringed jacket can work wonders and totally change the style of an outfit. Every look needs its statement jacket, and here is one for you!

18For Those Chillier Days

We know that lace rompers, floaty sleeveless tops, and bralets aren’t necessarily practical, it is not going to be sunny everyday over the summer (unfortunately)! Wear a coffee-colored long-sleeved tee with Daisy Dukes for a practical yet trendy look! Keep your make up and accessories to an absolute minimum for a simple style.

19Country Dresses and Cowgirl Boots

Got an event coming up? A party? Cowgirls can totally party, and this look proves it! A tight off-the-shoulder dress looks amazing with any type of shoes, but wear cowboy boots to be a true party cowgirl! These kind of boots go with any outfit and here make the outfit even dressier!

20For College

College is hard, you are in a manic rush to put an outfit together, but don’t be tempted to put your sweats on! Just wear a basic flannel shirt and tuck it into some low-waist jeans for a dressier feel to your average shirt and jeans combo!

21Cowgirl Dresses: Beige Is Best

Beige is one of the most important colors for this trend. Beige is such an earthy, natural, no nonsense color that suits everyone! It is an easy color to wear and can be worn all-year round. How about this beige dress? Team it with some cowboy boots and voilà, ready to go!

22At The Stables

Add a denim waistcoat and cowboy boots to any simple outfit for a cowgirl vibe. It is easy to achieve and you probably have most of these items in your wardrobe, so no need to go splashing the cash!

23Crochet Is King

As we mentioned before, crochet is a key textile to this trend. You can wear it with a white bandeau top if you are a bit scared to show some flash for a more modest look! Team it up with some turned up denim jeans and ankle boots, and prepare yourself to look totally mind-blowing!

24Glamorous Cowgirl

If your style is more glam than casual, then why not take some aspects of the previous looks and add your own personal stylish spin? For example, take a white dress, like this gorgeous floaty one, and add some open-toe ankle boots for a glamorous twist!

25Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots are so easy to get, and you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot! You can get them new, but they can be rather on the pricey side, or if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, 6PM has a wide variety of discounted designer cowgirl boots at a reasonable price!

26Family Dinner

If you want to look serious for a family dinner, and prim and proper, then an A-line skirt instead of denim shorts will add elegance to your summery outfit, without it appearing that winter’s near! A floppy hat and fringed accessories will add that western side to your outfit without it looking OTT!


Knitwear is also an important aspect to this style, wear fringed knitwear and you have got a perfect summer festival style! Arrive at that concert and watch everyone admire your flawless fashion sense! No need to thank us!

28Don’t Forget To Layer

It may not be fall yet but layering is a fun way of revamping your wardrobe without heading to the mall. Grab that denim shirt from earlier on and wear a tulle skirt over the top for a girly and fun vibe! Add cowboy boots and you’re good to go!

29Jumpsuits Are Awesome

Wear a full denim jumpsuit and add brown accessories for a chic cowgirl look! We know jumpsuits don’t make your life easy but they are so comfortable and stylish to wear! Plus, it is a whole outfit in one item, no need to empty that wardrobe every morning looking for clothes!

30Gypsy Style Tops

Despite floaty tops belonging more to the gypsy style that is also becoming huge at the moment, these tops also work for a cowboy look, as they look so cool with cowboy boots. Add a beautiful crochet shoulder bag and light blue faded jeans to look like you’ve been working hard on that ranch!



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