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The Prettiest Summer Makeup Looks and Trends

summer makeup looks

The Prettiest Summer Makeup Looks and Trends

Because summer is such a fun, playful season, you can really experiment with different, new makeup trends during this time – and why would you stick with a regular makeup look when there are endless options for you to try? In our list, we gathered 30 summer makeup looks and trends that you will surely fall in love with.

1Electric Blue Liner

Even by itself, the matte blue liner would be complete perfection, but matched with the peach and gold shimmery eyeshadows, it’s even more beautiful and fun. With the different colors, we can also see a bit of a cut crease shadow look.

2Pastel Shake

Although peach, lavender, mint and yellow might sound too overwhelming all at once, this makeup look will convince you about the opposite! The peach and the light purple shadows create a beautiful cut crease makeup look while the black liner makes the makeup pop even more.

3Nude Peach

This look mixes a natural, no-makeup makeup look with beautiful, structured brows – so it is perfect for the summertime if you’d like to give just a tiny bit of definition to your face. If you’d like to emphasize the warm tones, you can also add an orange or pink gloss to your lips.

4Defined Lashes

Another great makeup look for the summertime (if you are not a fan of wearing lots and lots of makeup) is lash extensions with a gorgeous, glowing complexion! To get this look, apply a slightly bronzy, orange toned shadow all over your lids and focus on your lashes either with a lengthening mascara or false lashes.

5Reflective Unicorn

Who could say no to this makeup look with the reflective, silver eyeshadow? Because it’s such a unique and interesting shade, you don’t need any extra liner or smokey eye makeup! For the rest of your makeup, we recommend keeping things super simple with a rose blush and a matte, mauve or gray toned liquid lipstick.

6Stained Lips

Instead of very precise, even lipstick application, experiment with the “stained lip” look! To make your lips look optically bigger and pull off this edgy trend, you’ll only need two different lipsticks and a lip brush. With the help of the brush, gently tap the darker color on the inner side of your lips and blend it together with the lighter shade on the rest of your lips.

7Bright Sunset

What better time can you imagine to experiment with a sunset inspired makeup than summer? For this makeup, choose a mix of super pigmented, matte and glittery shadows of orange, yellow, copper and brown.

8Faux  Freckles

Always envied your friends with freckles? You can easily create faux freckles with the help of a medium brown brow pencil and a precise brush! While creating the little freckles, make sure not to go overboard and try to make them look as natural as possible.

9Sheer Berry Lips

You can easily emphasize a bold, vibrant lip color by keeping the rest of your makeup very simple – just like with this makeup look, where the model has absolutely no eye makeup. The reason we love this summer trend is that besides keeping the focus on the lips, it also shows the natural beauty of the face.

10Youthful Pink

A coral or orange toned pink can look absolutely fantastic and minimalistic! Instead of using glittery Barbie pinks, choose a warm, matte pink and gently apply it over your lids. Choose a matching lip stain or gloss and you are good to go.

11Summer Smokey Eye

A traditional smokey eye looks gorgeous with a tan and an all-white outfit! To make it more summer inspired, use a soft brown shadow in the crease and make sure to apply highlighter on your cheekbones with a soft pink blush.

12Feathered Brows

After the crazy “feather eyebrow” trend, it’s time to introduce its wearable, chic version. To get this look, start with a glowing complexion (mix in a drop of liquid highlighter into your foundation) and a coral pink lipstick. Once you’ve achieved a glowing, natural base, gently “tease” your brows with a clear gel for that feathered look.

13Sunkissed Glow

Another huge summer beauty trend this season will be the sunkissed complexion, which you can easily recreate by a peachy pink blush, a light bronzer and a golden or silver highlighter. Instead of being light with the blush, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of that sun-kissed vibe.

14Classic Red

For a holiday dinner or a beach party, rock your classic, matte red lipstick – but say goodbye to eyeliner or a smokey eye and keep your eyes simple with a black or brown mascara. This way, you can make the red shade of the lipstick pop without any distraction.

15Earth Tones

Although this beautiful summer makeup look mostly features mauves, oranges, and browns, the shimmery silver lines give it a pop of color, and we absolutely love this little detail!

16Neon Lips

If you’d like to experiment with a neon orange, pink or even yellow lipstick, make sure to give your eyes a bit of attention as well. While “nude” eyes work great together berry and darker lipsticks, neon can be a bit tricky and looks better with a subtle, brown smokey eye or black liner.

17Liquid Gold

With a liquid gold eyeshadow (or even a gold glitter eyeliner) you can create a gorgeous, metallic summer eye makeup in a few seconds! After applying a base shade, apply the gold all over your eyelids and finish your eye makeup with a few coats of black mascara or a pair of false lashes. Gold eyeshadow looks stunning with a bronzy highlighter or a shimmery blush, especially for the summer.

18Sultry Lashes

The trick with this makeup look is to only use false lashes on the outer corners of your eyes! This look is perfect for the summer: although it defines your eyes beautifully, it won’t be too heavy or over the top. Conceal the lash band with a sleek, black eyeliner and you are ready for your date or night out.

19Barbie Look

The classic Barbie look will never go out of style, and because of the cool toned pink lipstick, it is perfect for a summer pool party! The essentials for this look are a blue undertones, pink lipstick, a pair of falsies and a black liner.

20Ice Queen

If you want something completely different and a splash of cool tones, you will fall in love with this icy blue makeup look! To recreate it, make sure you have a wide range of pastel blue, silver, royal and dark blue shadows to play around with.

21Floral Liner

Perfect for festivals, vacations…and basically, for any occasion if you are daring enough! The mix of white, orange and yellow little flowers makes this makeup look one of our personal favorites from the list. Don’t worry if you can’t be extremely precise for the first try: this look requires patience and practice.

22Metallic & Matte

This summer makeup look combines two of the biggest current trends: the metallic, colorful liner with the matte, gray toned lips, not to mention the blinding highlight and the beautiful, arched brows!

23Summer Wonderland

Want to get really creative? This multi-cut crease eye makeup plays with different shades, shapes and little details – and if the combination of orange, blue, mauve, pink and yellow wasn’t enough, the artist also added little sequins to the inner corners for that reflective glow.

24Gothic Summer

If you thought summer was all about colors and cute patterns, take a look at this edgy, black and white look! While the black is beautifully smudged and mixed with a copper on the outer corners, the white liner is placed both at the inner and outer part of the eyes for a surprising pop of color.

25It’s All About The Glow

The highlighted makeup is still staying with us for this summer, and with a nice orange lipstick and black mascara, it is a sophisticated, minimalist and very flattering makeup look. To get that truly highlighted look, use a liquid highlighter under your regular powder highlighter.

26White Liner

While a hint of white in the inner corners can make your eyes look optically bigger, an absolutely white liner will take your summer makeup to a whole new level! It’s fresh, bold and youthful, so it is the perfect choice if you want something simple yet exciting.

27Champagne Pop

With a rose gold glitter shadow, you can create a beautiful, shimmery cat eye look in seconds! Apply the glitter all over your lid and make sure to create a cat eye with the help of an angled, thin brush. If you have any fallout from the glitter, clean it up with concealer.

28Orange & Yellow

If you want something more subtle than the sunset but with the very same color palette, take a look at this gorgeous orange and yellow pastel makeup! Balance out the contrast between orange and yellow with the help of a black and white liner.

29Mini Rainbow

You don’t have to go full-on rainbow – for a start, why not experiment with it only in your inner corner? We love how this look balances between earthy, gray tones in the rest of the eye makeup while keeping the inner corner exciting!

30Lavender Splash

Instead of a regular black liner on your lid, take a twist on the winged liner trend with a pastel lavender shadow or liquid liner and create a smudged, beautiful angled liner on the lower lash line!



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