25 Famous Blonde Actresses

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Hottest Blonde Actresses In Hollywood

 With their names and acting careers firmly cemented among Hollywood’s elite, these blonde haired women are hugely inspirational and amazingly beautiful to boot! Let’s take a look at the beautiful golden locks and enviable styles of 25 of Hollywood’s most stylish blonde leading ladies.

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Amber Heard

Amber Heard

We adore Amber’s natural makeup look with her casually brushed back, blonde hair. It’s a simple look but the shimmery tones in her eyeshadow and dewy look of her skin really highlights just how glossy her lovely locks are. Amber stars in the upcoming Marvel movie, Aquaman, for which she sported a fabulous Ariel-esk red wig. From the trailers it’s safe to say Ms Heard can pull off any colour, however we sure do love this more natural looking shade of blonde.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Our favourite gossip girl turned Hollywood movie sensation Blake Lively has some of the most famous hair in showbiz. Whether she’s rocking old Hollywood glamour on the red carpet, a “messy” up-do in GG re-runs or showing her natural beauty on her frankly hilarious Instagram account, we’ve yet to see Blakes stunning blonde tresses in a style that we didn’t want to steal!

Brie Larson

Brie Larson

Following her Oscar win for best actress in 2016, Brie’s career has sky rocketed. It’ great news for us, we now get to frequently watch her world class acting skills on the big screen and admire her beautiful red carpet style on a regular basis. Brie tends to keep her hair game rather on the casual side, well maintained with understated, natural looking waves and a healthy shine. It’s the perfect balance to a glitzy red carpet outfit.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Everybody has loved watching Charlize’s amazing style evolution throughout the years. We wonder if landing roles in cutting edge movies such as Mad Max and Atomic Blonde may have had an effect on her personal style as Charlize’s look these days is seriously innovative! Her modern looking lob and beach blonde colour is just gorgeous!

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz

She may be just 21 years old but Chloe Grace Moretz has been occupying our screens now for more than a decade! It’s been in the past few years however that as well as her acting chops we have started to take note of Chloe’s unique style. Owing in large part to her voluminous, golden blonde locks, chloe has developed a seriously sophisticated, unique sense of style. Those curls are to die for!

Claire Danes

Claire Danes

It’s no secret that Claire Danes is insanely talented and could out act pretty much anyone alive! However, this is not the only reason that we adore her. Claire’s perfectly subtle makeup looks and classic sense of style combined with that beautiful, soft blonde hair is always one of our absolute favourites at any star studded event.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

Though we may be used to her showcasing scarlet red locks as Avenger, Wanda Maximoff, in real life Elizabeth Olsen is actually a beautiful blonde. She’s perfectly glam on the red carpet but usually seen going make up free letting her natural beauty shine with her stunning blonde hair casually flicked to the side or thrown up in to an effortless up-do.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Known as prominently for her beautifully unique appearance as her acting skills Elle Fanning has certainly become a style icon of late. Her platinum blonde locks serve as the icing on top of a perfectly styled cake and we are seriously now thinking of lightening our own! Thanks Elle!

Emilia Clarke

Emelia Clarke

Mother of Dragons and setter of trends. It seems Emilia Clarke can do no wrong when it comes to styling and colouring her famous locks. We grew accustomed to Daenerys’s blonde wig but always knew Emilia herself as a brunette. This dramatic change however is an absolute triumph and we are seriously in love with that sleekly styled lob.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

We loved her first as a brunette in The Devil Wears Prada, and more recently as a fierce blonde in A Quiet Place. Emily is now set to grace our screens as Mary Poppins later this year but until then, we’re happy with her gracing the pages of our favourite fashion mags as we swoon over her sophisticated sense of style and newly bright blonde locks.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

American Horror Story star, Emma Roberts truly makes us believe in the power of the bob. It works especially well for Emma’s slightly thinner hair and frames her face beautifully.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Once upon a time, Emma would’ve featured top of the list of our favourite Hollywood red heads but these days, Emma’s rocking a significantly lighter hue and we are living for it!

Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow

A world renowned actress and founder of the lifestyle brand, Goop, Gwenyth Paltrow certainly knows how to present herself. Thanks in large part to living a fantastically healthy lifestyle, Gwenyth’s enviable blonde hair always looks naturally bright and in fabulous condition.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff

Over the past fifteen years or so we’ve seen Hillary Duff transistion from Disney Channel darling to super successful television and film star, clothing designer and doting mother. One thing that has never changed however is Hillary’s beautiful blonde hair! Combine super enviable locks with a seemingly faultless personal style and there’s no doubt about it, you’ve got yourself a style icon!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jeniffer Lawrence

After watching Jen as brunette Katnis Everdeen on the big screen for so many years it’s easy to forget that she’s actually a blonde. In-keeping with her famously bright, care-free personality, Jennifer’s hair style is effortless and full of life. Beach waves in a heavy side part create the perfect balance to her bold red lip and high glamour, red carpet looks.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is known not only for her bright and bubbly voice, personality and acting style but also for her sweet, feminine style and beautiful blonde hair!

Lily James

Lily James

She stole our hearts in Disney’s live action Cinderella and blew our socks off as young Donna in this year’s Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again. Lily James is incredibly talented and evidently, incredibly beautiful! Her long blonde tresses are the envy of, well, pretty much everyone and although we love a modern bob or lob, we hope Lily keeps her lengthy locks forever!

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Let’s be honest, whatever hair style, cut or colour Margot Robbie decides to go for, she’s going to completely rock it. She even looked great with blue and pink dipped dyed platinum locks in Suicide Squad! We have to say thought that this on trend cut in a more natural shade of blonde is our favourite of all her looks so far.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Since gaining international fame as an actress, Canadian born beauty Rachel McAdams has rocked pink, red, brown, platinum and now blonde hair. Although we honestly think she has suited each and every one in her vast array of colour choices, we think blonde is our fave!

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese sent the internet in to a frenzy a few months back when she announced in true Elle Woods style that a new Legally Blonde movie is in the works! Despite a couple of brief brunette stints for movie roles, Reese has remained faithful to her blonde roots and we have always loved her for it.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

We’ve always know Scarlett’s Black Widow character as a red head so we were surprised and truly excited when we discovered that Natasha Romanoff is now a blondie! Many were saddened when Scarlett herself decided to go for the chop a few years back but we have always though this cut looks amazing on her! Being blonde really lifts this fun, fresh style and Scarlett’s look is timeless because of it.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Long envied for her fabulous sense of style, Sienna Miller has always been one of our favourite Hollywood blondes. Her effortless, beautifully kept tresses never fail to look like they’ve just been freshly cut and treated and we will make it our life’s mission to find out just how she does it!

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Another red head turned blonde is Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner. Sophie is actually a natural blonde but often decided to remain a red head between filming each season for ease and continuity. Well, we love Sophie as a blonde and from what we hear, she loves it too!

Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Alice Eve never fails to have us utterly in awe of her red carpet looks. Her glossy blonde locks styled perfectly in to beautiful bouncy curls with subtle eye makeup and a bold red lip is utter perfection.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

If we could choose any stars hair in Hollywood, we think we’d have to go for Amanda’s. Her beautiful blonde hair is like something from our dreams and we’ve yet to see her have a mis-step when it comes to styling. Perhaps it’s all that filming on beautiful, remote Greek island’s that gives it that gorgeous golden glow? What’s your secret Amanda?! We need to know!

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30 Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

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Short Hairstyles for Teens

Perhaps your hair is on the shorter side and you’re looking for an updated look, or maybe you’re trying to decide whether you should go for the chop. Either can be daunting, especially if your hair has always been long. Regardless of your need for inspiration on shorter styles, you’ve come to the right place. These 30 amazing short haircuts will have you practically sprinting to the salon!

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Rounded Bob With Bangs

Rounded Bob With Bangs

This adorable hair cut is super cute and looks great for those of us on the more petite side. The soft, rounded edges make sure this cut perfectly frames the face whilst a heavy fringe adds a little more character to a simple look.

Shaggy Bob With Heavy Side Part

Shaggy Bob With Heavy Side Part

This one is perfect for those with slightly wavy hair and a casual approach to hair styling. Ask your stylist for a shaggy bob, it’s a cool and casual look that’s perfect for the warmer weather and really on trend right now. Let your hair dry naturally and flick your hair over to one side in a heavy side parting to complete this effortless look.

Straight Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder Length Bob For Thin Straight Hair

This cut is great if your hair is straight and on the thinner side. A shorter cut will always cause your hair to look fuller and thicker plus a fringe creates the illusion of more hair as it surrounds your face. Keep your fringe delicate and choppy to keep this look light and fresh.

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

This cut is super sleek and sophisticated. The addition of light feathering around the face adds a more delicate touch to the straight cut ends. This cut also works brilliantly if you’re growing out a fringe, just ask your stylist to graduate the curve of your long bangs in to the cut so they blend seamlessly together.

Messy Bob

Messy Bob

Add some volume to your look with a short, messy bob. This is a great get up and go look that won’t require a great deal of styling. Ask your stylist for choppy ends to enhance the playful nature of this haircut.

Choppy Bob With A Heavy Side Parting

Choppy Bob With A Heavy Side Parting

This choppy bob is striking on a platinum blonde but actually looks great whatever your hair colour. Style your choppy cut with a heavy side parting and sweep the fringe across your forehead to create this exact look. Curling the centre of the strands will enhance the straight cut ends.

Long Bob Heavy Side Part

Long Bob Heavy Side Part

A long bob looks great with a heavy side parting and minimal styling. Let your hair dry in it’s natural state and simply flick your hair over to style. It’s a cool, effortless look that works on most hair types.

Curly Bob

Curly Bob

You may have always shied away from shorter hair cuts if your hair is particularly curly but we’re here to tell you that’s a mistake. Short curly bobs look absolutely sensational! You already have all of that natural volume and bounce so this hair cut looks amazing with minimal effort. Simply add in some anti frizz styling products if your hair is prone to frizz to keep your curls sleek and shiny.

Straight Cut Lob

Straight Cut Lob

The Lob is quite frankly, a revelation. For those who’ve always wanted to go shorter but still want some length to play around with and put into pretty styles this is the cut for you. Having the hair all one length is very bohemian-chic and also means you can have shorter hair but still be able to pull your locks in to all your favourite styles without pieces falling out.

Curly Straight Cut Bob

Curly Straight Cut Bob

This is a great look for those with curly hair. Ask your stylist for blunt cut ends and style the very tips of your hair straight to accentuate the blunt cut at the bottom for a more edgy look.

Classic Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Cut

Again this is one style that may seem scary if you’ve never tried it but the result is a gorgeous, fresh look that’s perfect for summer and also looks gorgeous with headbands and silk scarves.

Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Wavy hair looks great cut in to a bob. You get that ultra pretty, easy going look without all the effort of styling long hair.

Blunt A Line Cut

Blunt A Line Cut

This ultra modern style can be daunting at first but it’s definitely worth it! This style looks particularly amazing when you can add volume at the back through volumizing powder or spray or some very mild backcombing. Finish with some sleek, heat styled curls at the front to keep it glossy.

Short Blonde Bob With Front Flick

Short Blonde Bob With Front Flick

This short bob looks amazing with the hair dried naturally and a quick flick of the front section over to one side. It’s very subtle styling that sets this particular bob apart.

Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cut

This is a great option if you want to try a pixie cut but still want some volume and length to work with. Have the sides a little shorter and keep the top on the longer side. You can definitely play around more with this style.

Undercut Pixie Cut With A Fringe

Undercut Pixie Cut With A Fringe

If you really want those shorter sides, try an undercut with your pixie and ask for a long fringe so you still have some length to style and play with.

Long Pink Pixie Cut

Pink Pixie Cut

Go for a long pixie cut that tucks behind the ear with a side swept fringe for an ultra chic cut. If you’re feeling even more experimental, try it in a pastel shade of pink!

Choppy Bob And Bangs

Choppy Bob And Bangs

Go for an all over choppy look with choppy ends and a choppy fringe. Although this look isn’t exactly a sleek cut by normal standards, the healthy shine and styled edge it will give your hair gives a sophisticated, styled finish.

Straight Lob

Straight Lob

The Lob also looks great with straight hair and gives a sleek and polished look to your locks. If your hair is naturally straight this look is perfect as it will require minimal styling and remains chic and elegant.

Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut

Don’t rule out a pixie cut even if your hair is super curly. By taking the sides a little shorter but keeping the length of the curls on top you get a fantastically cool cut that those with straight hair just can’t achieve. It’s a really beautiful, effortless looking style that takes minimal effort yet due to the gorgeous curls looks incredibly impressive!

Straight Cut Bob

Straight Cut Bob

Keep your look edgy with a short, straight cut bob. This look adds fabulous amounts of volume to your locks and looks just adorable styled in a half up, half down do. If your hair is on the thinner side this cut is ideal for you, you’ll have volume like never before and the fact that you’ll have the same length all the way around the cut actually opens up a surprising amount of style options for you.

Messy Lob

Messy Lob

Mess up your lob with your finger tips and some texture spray to achieve this simple, super fun hairstyle. Flick it over in to a side parting and scrunch the centre of your strands to add serious volume.

Lob With A Side Swept Fringe

Lob With A Side Swept Fringe

This look is really beautiful and all you’ll need is a super sleek, side swept fringe to add some serious style to your haircut. Ask your stylist to add this in on your next appointment!

Layered Bob With Bangs

Layered Bob With Bangs

This is one of the prettiest ways to rock a bob. Ask your stylist for layers to soften the bob and add in a fringe to really soften the overall cut.

Lob With A Light Fringe

Lob With A Light Fringe

Lobs look great pretty much however you style them but we sure do adore this particular cut with a lightly feathered fringe. It gives this style a nice soft finish and works perfectly to frame your face and enhance your features.

Textured Bob With Heavy Side Fringe

Textured Bob With Heavy Side Fringe

Add some texture to your hair with this beautifully layered bob. The heavy fringe is masterfully swept to the side to add drama whilst incorporating seamlessly in to the style.

French Bob With Bangs

French Bob With Bangs

There’s nothing quite as stylish as a french bob and this particular cut with heavy bangs is just beautiful. Perfect for those who love the a cute, preppy style.

Short Cut With A Curtain Fringe

Short Cut With A Curtain Fringe

If you think your regular fringe may look too harsh with your new shorter cut, grow it out in to a curtain style that parts in the middle. You still get the look of bangs but with a slightly softer finish and less need for constant styling and re-positioning.

Side Swept Textured Bob

Side Swept Textured Bob

Ask your stylist for a short textured bob and don’t be afraid to get creative with your styling. Add some texturising spray and sweep your hair over to one side to achieve this gorgeous hair cut.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymetrical Bob

Don’t be afraid to play with the lines of your hair cut. Try an asymmetrical cut this time around for a more playful take on a classic style. You may not be used to something so bold but once you leave the salon with something a little more fresh and different to what you’re used to, you’ll feel like a brand new you!

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Best Brown Hair Color Ideas

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Most Flattering Brunette Hair Colors

People who say blondes have more fun have obviously never worn any of the gorgeous brunette hues on this list! Brown hair is extremely versatile and you can create many incredible new looks by playing with highlights and lowlights. Whether you are looking for a great dark auburn hair color, chestnut color or a beautiful color with honey undertones, you will find a ton of light and dark brown looks to inspire you on this list of the best brown hair color ideas for 2017!

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Light brown hair with caramel blonde highlights

light hair colors
Nina Agdal

Nina’s sun kissed light brown hair looks absolutely smashing with her beautifully tanned skin and hazel eyes. Her light hair color looks shiny and bright due to a healthy amount of golden highlights dispersed throughout her hair. Although Nina has gorgeous golden highlights throughout all of her hair, the highlights are particularly concentrated within the pieces of hair that frame her face which helps to create her beautiful facial glow.

Light Chestnut brown hair with subtle highlights and darker brown lowlights

Miranda Kerr Light Chestnut brown hair
Miranda Kerr:r

Brown hair looks particularly stunning when paired with light blue eyes because the combination of brown and blue creates a strikingly gorgeous contrast. Miranda’s light chestnut brown hair is only a few shades darker than her tanned skin, but it is dark enough to enhance and emphasize her tan rather than blending into her tan. Miranda’s hair does not contain obvious highlights or lowlights, but she actually has subtle variations in color that help to create this dynamic look. The slightly lighter chestnut highlights combined with slightly darker brown lowlights make her hair look shiny and full of depth which contributes to an overall look of healthy and luminosity.

Brown hair with golden blonde highlights

light brown hair color
Minka Kelly

Minka’s wavy light brown hair color looks so gorgeous with the addition of golden highlights. This color could be described as having a super subtle ombre effect since Minka’s hair becomes noticeably lighter in color towards the end. However, unlike traditional ombre which sees a more dramatic transition between colors, Minka’s golden highlights are integrated very seamlessly with her darker hair. A great option for all you girls who wants a sexy look with highlights for brown hair.

Brown hair with Caramel and blonde highlights

light brown hair with caramel highlights
Audrina Patridge

Audrina’s light brown hair almost appears blonde at first glance due to the addition of many caramel and blonde highlights . Audrina has lighter blonde highlights around her face which helps brighten up her features, but the rest of her light brown hair contains many caramel highlights, and a few darker brown low lights to add deptha and texture to her look. This look is gorgeous and shows that you don’t need to have bright blonde hair in order to enjoy rocking a beachy look!

Light Sandy brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights

sandy brown hair
Ashley Greene

Ashley achieves this look with the help of many blonde highlights and dark chestnut lowlights. As you can see by looking at Ashley’s roots, her natural color is a mousy brown. The warmth of her highlights and lowlights enhances her gorgeous skin and sultry eye makeup. This sandy brown hair color would look particularly gorgeous on girls who have a slight tan and want a hair color that will enhance golden tones in their skin!

Light Brown hair with ash blonde lowlights and face framing highlights

medium brown hair color
Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s light brown hair is a gorgeous and unique shade because instead of pursuing highlights to brighten up her locks, she only put a few brighter highlights by her face and chose to color the rest of her hair in a way that makes it look more ashy and silvery rather than gold. This color perfectly compliments her olive skin tone and brings out the green tones in her eyes. Although this color is somewhat understated, it is incredibly stylish and makes Lauren look very professional and stylishly put together.

Brown hair with blonde ombre

light brown hair with highlights
Lily Aldridge

Lily completely nails this dramamtic ombre look. She has a few blonde highlights that begin at her roots to help ease the color transition and make it look more natural, but her hair becomes dramatically lighter and brighter towards the ends. Adding blonde highlights to brown hair is a gorgeous and stylish way to brighten up your whole look!

Light Chestnut hair with subtle blonde hightlights

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

Mandy’s gorgeous light chestnut hair is so flattering with her coloring. The reddish undertones in her hair bring out a rosy glow in her cheeks and make her hazel eyes appear gorgeously green. On top of her beautiful reddish brown hair, Mandy has a few subtle blonde highlights which add depth to her hair.

Light brown hair with subtle chestnut ombre

brown highlights
Jessica Biel

Jessica’s roots are a netural brown but the rest of her hair transitions into a gorgeous chestnut color with golden tones. She achieved this look by adding golden highlights on top of chestnut lowlights. The different shades in her hair are beautifully emphasized by the bouncy layers in her haircut which make her overall look exude health and vivaciousness.

Chestnut hair with blonde highlights and ombre

Jessica Alba brown hair ombre
Jessica Alba

Jessica looks so beautiful with this dynamic brown hair color! The top half of her hair is a rich chestnut color with a few golden highlights dispersed to help break up the darker color and create an easy transition to her lighter hair towards the bottom. Around Jessica’s ear level, her hair becomes noticeably more golden with just a few chestnut lowlights to help balance out her look. Though the ratio of chestnut to gold dramatically switches halfway through her hair, the overall look is stylish and consistent since both tones are visible throughout the whole look

Very dark chestnut brown hair

dark brown hair color ideas
Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jenna looks so sultry with her dark chestnut hair! This dark shade rich brown hair color is gorgeous and brings warmth to her face. Jenna’s dark brown hair color is mostly single toned, however she has a few slightly lighter hihglights which help make her hair look super shiny. If you are thinking about giving this shade a try, you should definitely consider pairing this new look with a beautiful bright red lipstick like Jenna!

Black-brown hair

Megan Fox dark hair
Megan Fox

Megan expertly channels old Hollywood glamour with this rich nearly black-brown hair color. She has a few reddish brown highlights to help add depth to her look, but she keeps these highlights subtle so that the overall effect is focused on the richness of her dark brown color. Although Megan has experimented with a lot of brunette shades, this super dark look perfectly compliments her vampy personal style and makes her stand out in an industry where many leading ladies have much lighter hair. This extra dark brunette look creates a beautiful and striking contrast on girls with pale skin and girls who have light colored eyes!

Deep chestnut brown hair

hair color ideas for brown hair
Demi Lovato

Demi’s deep chestnut hair looks incredible with her skin tone and facial features. In order to achieve this rich look, Demi added chestnut coloring over very dark hair. You can see darker hair peeking out in between the chestnut color which adds depth and intrigue to her overall look. The red tones in her hair are perfectly complimented by her gorgeous red lip color. This color would be particularly flattering on girls with deep brown eyes because the chestnut color will help bring out flecks of lighter brown which will really make the eyes sparkle!

Dark neutral brown hair with chestnut ombre

Khloe Kardashian chestnut ombre
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe’s ombre hair does an incredible job of making her beautiful hazel eyes sparkle and get the attention they deserve!

Dark Auburn Hair Color

brown hair color
Emma Stone

Emma is well known for her ability to rock every shade of red hair, including dark brownish red colors! This deep auburn hue is perfect for pale girls who want to wear dark hair, but worry that very dark netural brown hair will wash them out or look to harsh against their skin. The red tones in Emma’s color bring warmth to her skin and make her eyes sparkle! This is also a great color to experiment with if you have been wanting to try a reddish look out, but you prefer to try something subtle and understated rather than bright and coppery.

Dark neutral brown hair with chestnut highlights

warm brown hair color
Liv Tyler

Liv has such beautiful striking features that look absolutely fabulous with dark brown hair. With her extremely pale skin and blue eyes, brown hair is a super flattering way for her to make her features pop. Although she would look pretty without highlights too, Liv incorporated a few chestnut highlights into her hair which look really great. These highlights help bring some warmth to her overall look which ensures that she never looks washed out. Adding highlights to brown hair is also a great way to emphasize the layers that you have in your haircut and make your hair look like it has a lot of movement and depth.

Dark netural brown hair with golden highlights

Rachel Bilson Dark netural brown hair with golden highlights
Rachel Bilson

Rachel is well known for being a hair style icon for brunettes. She has stayed true to her roots throughout her career and has had some gorgeous moments experimenting with variations of her standard brunette look. She looks absolutely gorgeous here with her dark brown hair and golden highlights. Although some people add highlights to their brown hair so that the effect is dramatic and clearly visible, Rachel’s highlights are beautifully subtle. This is precisely why her hair looks so different when it is directly hit by light compared to when it is in the shade. The highlights are so thin and so meticulously integrated that they do not really change the color of her hair in the dark, but in the light her hair looks at least four shades lighter. This is such a great hair color for girls who like the idea that their hair could look totally different in different lighting situations.

Dark neutral brown hair with subtle dark blonde ombre

hair dye ideas
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a hair icon for women who strive to achieve elegant, classic, and flattering looks. Angelina has a gorgeous dark brown base color with very subtle dark blonde highlights that progressively become more noticeable toward the bottom of her hair. This is a great way to try the ombre trend if you prefer a more subtle look rather than the more standard dramatic ombre look.

Dark copper brown hair

Dark copper brown hair
Eva Longoria

Eva looks so pretty with this beautiful copper shade of dark brown. She achieved this look by starting with a dark auburn hair color and adding many lighter copper colored highlights on top. This look is distinctive and brings a lot of warmth to her complexion. The darker base color also does a fantastic job of bringing out her deep eye color.

Dark golden brown hair with caramel highlights

honey brown hair
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer’s dark golden brown hair is so flattering and brings out her gorgeous tan. This is a universally flattering hair color that would flatter all skin tones which means that you can definitely pull this color off it you want to try it out! Although there are some reddish undertones in this color, Jennifer’s hair is mostly a shimmery golden tone which she achieves by using many caramel colored highlights.

Whether you are currently a blonde looking to become a brunette or if you are already a brunette and looking for a change, these are just some of the gorgeous brown hair colors that you can take inspiration from. As you can see from this list, even adding just a few highlights can completely freshen up your look. We hope you found this list of the best brown hair color ideas for 2017 to be a helpful resource for you as you search for your perfect brunette color!

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Top 5 Perm Hairstyles

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Perm Types: Top 5 Different Types of Perms

When most people think of perms, they think of the classic, distinctively crimped hairstyle from the 80s, which would look extremely unstylish and dated if judged by today’s beauty standards. While the idea of wearing this particular type of hairstyle should make you cringe, keep in mind that there are actually a variety of perm hairstyles that are modern, super flattering and most importantly: do not resemble a poodle’s mane more than human hair! Perms are a great way to add some texture and volume to hair that seems to remain stubbornly lifeless no matter what products or styling devices you use.

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Things To Consider

perm hairHaving said that, perms are only well suited for girls who have not put their hair through many chemical treatments already. The chemicals used during the perm process are very strong and can literally break your hair off at the root if your hair is not strong to begin with. While there are few things worse than wearing a dated perm, we think burning off all your hair probably makes the cut! With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to consult with a hair professional about your hair’s history and quality before you book a perm appointment or try to give yourself a perm at home. Your stylist will let you know which perm hairstyle suits your facial structure, hair type and history, and they will guide you about what to expect from your perm over time. Regardless of the perm hairstyle that you choose to pursue, know that you will definitely need to put in some effort to ensure that you moisturize your hair sufficiently after your perm treatment. In the meantime, take a look at these gorgeous, modern perm hairstyles!

Body Wave Perm Types

perm hairstyles
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a classic source of inspiration for girls interested in having a body wave perm done because her hair always looks amazing and effortlessly glamorous! The body wave perm adds volume, lift and a subtle waved texture to hair. It is fantastic for women who have thin, limp hair who want to add some much needed volume, or for women with fine straight hair who can’t achieve a wave that holds using standard DIY hairstyling devices like a curling iron. This type of wavy perm creates an effortlessly glamorous and stylish look by using larger rods than many other perm styles use. The larger diameter of the rod creates a wave that is loose and natural looking. Although the body wave perm is the perfect solution for women who want a subtly glamorous look, the less positive side of pursuing looser waves is that the body wave perm will not last as long as many other perm hairstyles. If you realize that your hair may be too damaged to pursue a body wave perm treatment, there are many ways you can replicate the beautiful results of this perm style. You can use large hot rollers or a curling iron with a wide barrel in order to achieve the same results as a body wave perm and spray your hair with hairspray in order to maximize the durability of your style. Although it would be easier to wake up everyday with perfectly tousled hair courtesy of a body wave perm, you can definitely achieve the same look if you put in a little extra effort everyday!

Spiral Perm Types

perm hair
Annalynne Mccord

AnnaLynne McCord is famous for her luscious tight curls and has inspired many girls to consider getting a spiral perm in order to replicate her gorgeous curly hair! The spiral perm is great for girls who want a tighter curl throughout their hair. This curly perm hairstyle is typically achieved using specific perm rods designed to create a distinctive spiral look. Because the spiral perm creates curls that are more uniform in size than many other perm hairstyles, the spiral perm rods tend to have equally spaced divots in which the hair is placed in order to create a consistent curl throughout the length of the hair. Like all perm hairstyles, the spiral perm does relax over time, but since the curls are so tight, your hair will remain curly even when the spirals begin to loosen. The spiral perm is fantastic for girls who have naturally curly hair, but want a chemical treatment to ensure that their curls remain tight and shiny without any frizz!

Loose Curl Perm Type

Loose perm curls
Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson’s hair is stylish and flattering with loose glossy curls that look great for any occasion! The loose perm can create a look similar to that of the body wave perm, however the loose curl perm is well suited for girls who have thicker hair than the fine haired girls who are best suited for the body wave perm. The loose curl perm, as its name would suggest, creates a gorgeously natural looking loose curl. This perm is achieved by using wide perm rods to create a luscious curl with a lot of movement. This perm style works especially well on medium to thick haired girls who already have at least a small natural wave in their hair. On the other hand, if you have tightly curled hair naturally, the loose curl perm is also a great solution if you are looking to relax your hair to create smooth, sleek loose curls. As with all of the perm hairstyles on this list, proper maintenance is important after you get your perm treatment. Permed hair requires a lot of moisture and gentle handling in order to counter act the harsh chemicals used to create the perm.

Multi-Textured Perm Type

Gisele Bundchen hair perm
Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has one of the most famous heads of hair in the world because her mane always looks incredibly voluminous, perfectly tousled, and undeniably glamorous. In order to replicate Gisele’s incredible hair, you may want to consider getting a multi-textured perm. The secret to Gisele’s gorgeous locks is that she has a few different sizes of curls. The different sizes of the curls in her hair create a look that is dynamic and lusciously glamorous. If you want to wake up everyday with hair that resembles Gisele’s, a multi-textured perm is your best bet since the multi-textured perm is achieved by using differently sized rods in order to create curls with different sizes. Unlike the spiral perm which creates a more uniform look, this perm hairstyle intentionally creates curls that do not have a consistent look. A benefit of the multi-textured perm is that you can easily transform the way your hair looks by experimenting with different hair parts and pony tail heights. So if you’re looking for perms for long hair, the multi-textured perm looks amazing on all face shapes and hair lengths, but it creates a particularly ravishing look on girls who have long, thick hair.

Spot Perm Type

perms for long hair
Olivia Palermo

The spot perm is a special type of perm that only targets a specific area of the hair. For example, depending on your face shape, a slight wave near your cheekbones may be flattering on otherwise straight hair. Olivia’s hair is curled only at the bottom, which is common for spot perms, and this bit of texture adds a little bit of life and movement to her otherwise straight hair. In addition to creating a flattering curl, spot perms have the benefit of being less damaging than full-head perms. Since you are only perming a small section of hair, the spot perm is the best solution for girls who may have hair that is not strong enough to undergo a full perm.

As you can see from this list, perms have come a long way since they first became popular! There are so many different types of perms for short hair and for long hair, and while the poofy tight curls from the 1980s are fun to look at or replicate for a retro themed party, we think that the perm has definitely improved for the better in recent years. Each of the perm hairstyles on this list are universally flattering, and will make your hair look absolutely amazing with no daily styling effort on your part. As a reminder, be sure to talk to a hair professional before taking the plunge and undergoing a perm treatment. While perms can look absolutely incredible, they can also cause hair loss and substantial damage if performed on hair that is not strong enough to handle the chemicals used during the process. Regardless of the perm hairstyle you choose to try out, make sure that you also talk to your hair professional about after-treatment care and any changes to expect in your hair after the treatment wears off. Perms change the chemical structure of your hair, which means that it may not look or feel the same as it used to when the effects of your perm eventually wear off. While there are a lot of things to keep in mind before deciding to perm your hair, we hope that you find this list to be an informative resource that will help you select a hair perm style that you are excited to try out!

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Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

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Top Hairstyles for Girls with Big Foreheads

When it comes to paychecks and closet-space, bigger is always better. However, when it comes to your forehead you may prefer to create the illusion of a smaller surface space! Having a generously sized forehead allows you to take advantage of some amazing layered and bangs hairstyles that may unflatteringly overwhelm the faces of some of your friends with more compact facial structures. If you are looking for some fabulous and flattering hairstyle options for big foreheads, we have got you covered! We have compiled a list of gorgeous women who absolutely rock hairstyles that flatter their large foreheads. Studies show that having a large forehead is often associated with superior intelligence, so when you add one of these haircuts to your gorgeous face, you will be a triple threat with beauty, brains and style!

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Asymmetrical edgy bob with a dramatic side part

Rihanna is a style icon for ladies with larger foreheads because she always works an incredible hairstyle that not only flatters her face structure, but also expresses her fun and edgy style. Asymmetrical side-parted haircuts like Rihanna’s are smart choices for women with larger foreheads for two main reasons. First, the side part immediately cuts the forehead in half and draws attention to your gorgeous eyes. Second, the longer section in front immediately brings the eye downward and away from your forehead. This means that you don’t need to be self-conscious about your forehead since everyone will be too busy admiring your stylish cut and gorgeous eyes to notice anything else!

rihanna hairstyles

Long loose waves with full coverage bangs

Olivia Wilde hairstyle

Although Olivia sometimes prefers to slick her hair back and proudly show off her large forehead, she also has incredible taste in bangs hairstyles when she decides to cover the top half of her face. Olivia’s bangs are full-coverage, but they are not heavy which makes this a great look for girls who want to avoid making a dramatic or blunt statement with their bangs. Full-coverage bangs that come straight down are a super strategic way to give the illusion of a smaller forehead because the beginning of your hairline appears ambiguous. In addition to using bangs to disguise the height of her forehead, Olivia also styled her longer hair so that it frames her cheekbones which softly disguises the width of her forehead. This gorgeous look is flattering on generously foreheaded girls with any face shape!

Sleek shoulder length hair with blunt bangs

Christina Ricci hairstyle
Christina Ricci

Christina has striking bone structure with a heart shaped face that begins with a wide forehead and tapers to a narrow pointy chin. Her blunt straight bangs perfectly compliment her dramatic facial features and her spacious forehead. Full coverage bangs like Christina’s create the illusion of a smaller forehead because they cover the beginning of the hairline and put all of the attention on your stunning eyes!

Medium length hair with long side bangs

julia louis dreyfus hairstyle
Julia Louis Dreyfus

Although Julia’s forehead is average in height, photos in which she wears her hair back reveal that she actually has a very wide forehead. Julia’s look is a perfect example of a hairstyle that disguises a larger forehead without the use of dramatic bangs or layers. By having just one side section of shorter layered hair, Julia creates the illusion that her forehead is much less wide than it actually is. Although she looks radiant no matter what hairstyle she chooses to rock, Julia made a particularly elegant and flattering choice with this style!

Voluminous teased braid

Rachel McAdams hairstyle
Rachel McAdams

Rachel is one of our favorite ladies with a generously sized forehead. This hairstyle is the perfect example of a look that flatters large foreheads without actually covering any portion of the forehead. Although the obvious way to disguise a large forehead is using strategic bangs or layers, another way to create the illusion of a smaller forehead is playing with proportions. In proportion to her glamorously tall hair, Rachel’s forehead looks to be average, even below average, in size. Although bangs are a classic solution to large foreheads, don’t forget that you are not limited to wearing bangs if you want to change the appearance of your forehead. This look is so gorgeous and exudes elegance which makes it the perfect updo for girls to wear to special events!

Voluminous medium length blowout

angelina jolie hairstyle
Angelina Jolie

Angelina is universally considered one of the world’s most beautiful women, and she has been globally admired for her astonishing good looks during her entire decades-long career. If you were worried that having a larger forehead somehow detracts from you beauty, you need not worry seeing as you are in great company with the gorgeous Angelina! Although it may seem counter-intuitive, Angelina Jolie creates the illusion of a smaller and more proportionate forehead by actually adding width to her look. The volume of Angelina’s hairstyle makes her forehead look smaller because the voluminous sides soften her forehead’s width. If Angelina wore her hair sleek against her head, her large forehead would look more severe and obvious. This gorgeous simple hairstyle would look great on any girl, but it is particularly flattering for girls with large foreheads!

Low updo with middle part and fame framing layers

Zoe Saldana hairstyle
Zoe Saldana

Zoe is indisputably one of the most gorgeous and stylish women in the entertainment industry. She flatters her larger forehead with a middle parted low updo. Low, somewhat loose updos that maintain a hair part are generally more flattering for large foreheads than tight pulled back updos. Larger foreheads can look somewhat severe and distract from the rest of your gorgeous features if you don’t add some sort of softening effect like Zoe’s gentle face framing layers. Middle and side hair parts are also great ways to visually break up an expansive forehead which helps create the illusion of a proportionate forehead. This beautiful look is versatile which makes it perfect for both elegant and casual occasions!

Long wavy hair with face framing layers

jennifer love hewitt hairstyle
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer’s hairstyle is the perfect look for long haired girls who also have long foreheads! Jennifer’s middle part creates the perfect setup for her gorgeous face framing layers which gently curl out toward her shoulders. These perfectly even layers create a sense of balance to Jennifer’s overall look. The key to achieving a flattering hairstyle for large foreheads is not necessarily hiding the forehead, but using strategies that promote balance and create the appearance of a proportionate face. This hairstyle is simple to achieve if you have long hair and it looks mesmerizingly beautiful!

Short wavy hair with heavy bangs

Tyra Banks hairstyle
Tyra Banks

Tyra’s shoulder length hair is fresh and bouncy and does a great job of softening her striking features. Although Tyra’s hair is predominantly wavy, she has straight bangs which helps to disguise her large forehead. This look is low-maintenance because it will look great even if you let your hair air-dry. This is a universally flattering hairstyle for girls who have any face shape.

Side-Part long hair

Liv Tyler hairstyle
Liv Tyler

Liv’s gorgeous long hair cascades down her shoulders elegantly and stylishly. She parted her hair dramatically to one side so that the pieces in front cover a small part of her forehead. This style is easy and gorgeous and shows how easy it is to use a smart hair part to subtly disguise a larger forehead.

Low ponytail with a side part

Kate Bosworth hairstyle
Kate Bosworth

Kate is well known for her strikingly unique two-colored eyes and she has always done a great job of choosing hairstyles that draw attention to her best feature. While she is one of the world’s most recognized beauties, she also rocks a slightly larger than average forehead. Girls with larger foreheads may worry about pulling their hair back into a ponytail because they think that it will draw attention to their forehead size. However, keeping just a small portion of hair over the forehead is a very easy and gorgeous way to wear a ponytail without making your forehead seem out of proportion with the rest of your face. Using strategic bangs or a side hair part can

Messy low side braid

Diane Kruger hairstyle
Diane Kruger

Diane completely nails the perfect combination of casual and elegant with this hairstyle. Diane has a rather wide forehead which is why keeping a few pieces of hair over the side of her forehead is particularly flattering for her. This hairstyle is super easy to replicate, which makes it the perfect look for girls who want to experiment with a braided look without spending too much time perfecting it. All you need to do is create a subtle side part and then gather all of your hair to one side. Create a loose braid and keep a few pieces loose so that they can frame your face. Yes, that’s all you need to do to achieve this gorgeous look!

Heavy side swept bangs with long hair

large foreheads hairstyles

Ellen’s bangs are perfectly styled so that attention is drawn away from her hairline and instead directed toward her beautiful hazel eyes. This style of bangs is very flattering for girls with long foreheads because the beginning of the hairline is disguised, which means that no one (except for you!) will actually know how big your forehead is. These bangs look beautiful with Ellen’s long hair, but they also would look great incorporated into a short and sassy haircut as well!

Long hair with face framing layers

Nicole Kidman hairstyle
Nicole Kidman

Nicole’s hair looks incredible, but this hairstyle is not just gorgeous: it also expertly disguises her large forehead! Long hair can be a tricky hairstyle to pull off when you have a large forehead because you run the risk of elongating your face even more with extra hair length. However, incorporating face framing layers is a great way to break up long hair and create a visual distraction so that attention is not drawn to your forehead. This hairstyle would look incredible on girls with any face shape.

Middle part updo

allison williams hairstyle
Allison Williams

This hairstyle is minimalist and elegant, and cleverly styled so that most people looking at Allison would not realize that she actually has a large forehead! This style subtly disguises her large forehead because it creates the illusion of a hairline that is lower than her hairline actually is. This is a great updo for girls who want to make their foreheads appear smaller, but do not actually want to cover their forehead with bangs. In order to achieve this look, part your hair in the middle and pull it back into a ponytail, or bun. Keep the hair loose enough that you can customize how low you want your hairline to appear. Adding a pair of statement earrings is also a gorgeous and clever way to ensure that eyes do not linger on your forehead!

Wavy bob with side swept bangs

christina hendricks hairstyle
Christina hendricks

Christina is widely admired for possessing certain features that are larger than average, but she is not known for her generously sized forehead! This is because she has always worn gorgeously flattering hairstyles that ensure that attention is directed away from her hairline and toward her best features instead. This is a fabulous short hairstyle for girls with large foreheads because side bangs look amazing with bob haircuts. If you love short hair and are looking for a beautiful way to disguise your larger forehead, you should definitely try this look out for yourself!

Although you may not enjoy having a large forehead, don’t forget that there are tons of gorgeous celebrities and models who do not let having a big forehead stop them from being confident and the envy of everyone else in the room! We hope you enjoyed this list of the best hairstyles for big foreheads and don’t forget to have fun while you find the most flattering hairstyle for your face!

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25 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017

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Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Auburn hair is extremely popular because it is gorgeous and versatile. Since there are a wide variety of colors that can be described as “auburn” it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what quality pushes a hair color into auburn territory. Generally speaking, auburn hair typically falls somewhere on the brown, red, and blonde spectrum and often subtly integrates all three! Auburn hair is especially trendy during the fall, but it also looks great during the rest of the year. Keep reading to take a peek at our favorite 25 auburn hair color ideas for 2017!

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Dark auburn roots with lighter auburn ombre

Emily Blunt auburn ombre hair color
Emily Blunt

Emily looks amazing with this stylish auburn ombre hair color! Her roots are a rich dark auburn and her hair subtly become lighter at the tips. The beautiful auburn color of Emily’s hair perfectly complements and enhances both her complexion and her striking blue eyes. This is a great auburn hair color idea if you want to play with ombre, but without having it make a bold statement or overwhelm your look.

Light Auburn with subtle blonde highlights

auburn color
Amy Adams

Amy Adams is well known for experimenting with many hues on the red and auburn spectrum and this color is definitely one of her best looks so far! This particular look is on the lighter side of auburn and could also be described as a strawberry bronde (brown + blonde). To achieve this look, Amy started with a light auburn base and added subtle blonde highlights and a few light brown lowlights to make her color look more dynamic. This color is especially flattering on girls with a pale complexion like Amy’s.

Rich red hair with brown lowlights and blonde highlights

red hair with brown lowlights and blonde highlights
Christina Hendricks

Christina is famous for her bright red hair and often opts to wear orangey hues, but this look qualifies as auburn since she tones her hair down with brown lowlights. This rich reddish auburn hue looks amazing with her alabaster complexion because it creates a striking contrast. As Christina demonstrates, reddish hair also looks stunning with blue eyes because the juxtaposition between warm colored hair and cool colored eyes is striking!

Medium red hair with brown lowlights and blonde highlights

red brown hair color
Emma Stone

Emma has such a pretty face that she looks amazing with any hair color, but this reddish auburn hue is definitely one of her best looks. This is a great color to try out if you are interested in experimenting with reddish hair, but don’t want to have something too bright. Well-done Emma!

Warm Auburn Pixie

Kate Mara hair auburn pixie
Kate Mara

Kate Mara rocked every hair cut and color in the book and now she is sporting a new warm auburn side swep pixie cut, which suits her perfectly. The Auburn shade brings out her beautiful, features and complexion.

Very dark auburn hair

maroon hair color
Emma Stone

Yes, we just gave Emma a shout out for another auburn look, but this one is spectacular as well and definitely worth mentioning. This auburn hue is very dark, but it clearly has tones of red that create a distinctive look. This color looks great when paired with smoky eye makeup like Emma is wearing!

Deep red auburn hair

red hair shades
Drew Barrymore

If you prefer an auburn look that looks like it could be your natural color, this may not be the right look for you since there are probably very few people who are actually born with a color like this. However, if you are interested in trying out a bold auburn look with a distinct and unique hue, this deep red auburn look is definitely a gorgeous and striking option!

Light auburn with beachy highlights

strawberry auburn hair
Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is widely admired for her gorgeous mane of hair and spectacular color choices! This look is a little bit lighter than she usually goes for, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. This light auburn style is achieved by adding shimmery gold highlights and a few darker lowlights to a light auburn base. The highlights and lowlights add extra dimension to the look and look awesome when styled into beachy waves! If you already have a darker auburn color, this look may be something fun to try out for summer!

Dark brown hair with auburn highlights

auburn hair colors
Eva Longoria

Eva looks amazing with any hair color, but this look is one of our favorites! She has dark brown hair naturally and created this gorgeous look by adding a healthy dose of auburn highlights.

Medium auburn hair with blonde highlights

red with blonde highlights
Eva Mendes

Sometimes obvious highlights can make hair look tacky or dated, but sometimes visible highlights actually enhance a person’s hair color! In Eva Mendes’ case, the latter is true. Her beautiful auburn hair looks amazing with blonde highlights because they add hints of shimmer and create the illusion of thicker hair with added texture.

Medium reddish auburn hair

different shades of red hair
Mandy Moore

Mandy is one of those women who we love, but also kind of hate because she can pull off literally any hair color! She looks especially great as a blonde when she has a tan, but she also looks amazing with darker hair when she is paler. This particular auburn hue is definitely on the red side, but it is neutral enough that it is somewhat understated. This is a great auburn color to try out if you want a color that is not overly red.

Dark brown hair with auburn ombre

auburn ombre color
Shenae Grimes

Shenae’s roots are such a dark brown that they almost look black, which makes for a striking contrast to the tips of her hair which are a lighter auburn color. If you have super dark brown hair and are interested in experimenting with auburn hair, this ombre look may be perfect for you! Remember, ombre looks different on everyone and you get to choose how far up you want the lighter color to go, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what is most flattering for you!

Dark brown hair with many auburn highlights

red hair blonde highlights
Shenae Grimes

Shenae has had so many great auburn hair choices throughout her career so we couldn’t resist adding another one of our favorite looks of hers! This look is achieved by adding a ton of auburn highlights on top of her very dark brown hair. This auburn style is beachy and fun and looks especially amazing with long tousled hair like Shenae’s! Although Shenae demonstrates how great this hair color looks with long hair, don’t be afraid to try it out even if your hair is shorter!

Strawberry blond auburn

red hair with highlights
Nicole Kidman

Nicole’s hair color is a gorgeous combination of strawberry blond and auburn. This is not an easy hair color to recreate, so if you want to try it out make sure you find a hair colorist who is very talented!

Warm auburn with blond highlights

Emma Watson hair
Emma Watson

This beautiful shade of auburn is understated, but strikingly gorgeous. Emma created this flattering look by beginning with a warm auburn base and adding blond highlights throughout the ends of her hair.

Ashy auburn hair with blonde highlights

light red and blonde hair
Natalie Portman

This auburn look that Natalie is wearing is very unique because it is ashy instead of being saturated and warm in the way that most auburn hair color styles are. This particular shade of ombre looks more flattering on girls who are tan or have some color in their cheeks because it might look a little dull on very pale girls.

Dark brown hair with auburn highlights in the front

auburn brown hair color
Ashley Tisdale

Ashley’s dark brown hair looks great with the addition of a few auburn highlights in the front part of her hair. This is a great look if you have dark hair and want to experiment with auburn, but do not want to be auburn all over!

Rose gold auburn

Jessica Chastain hair
Jessica Chastain

Jessica is famous for her striking reddish auburn hair and for good reason: she looks incredibly gorgeous! This auburn hue is a warm rosy gold and does a great job of complementing her complexion! To add a little bit of extra shimmer, Jessica also has a few golden highlights dispersed throughout her hair.

Dark red auburn hair with highlights and lowlights

auburn hair dye
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has always had amazing hair because she pulls off the grungy-glam look effortlessly. This deep red auburn hue is a little bit edgy and her highlights and lowlights help create the illusion of grungy texture by adding extra dimension. This color also perfectly complements Kristen’s complexion and enhances her facial features!

Deep red auburn

auburn color hair
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato experiments with her hair all of the time and sometimes the results are not particularly flattering. However, in this particular case, Demi made a great move by choosing to color her hair with this deep and bold red hue. Though this color does not look like a shade that a human could produce naturally, sometimes it can be fun to experiment with colors that are a little bit out there!

Dark red auburn hair with brown lowlights

copper colored hair
Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee looks amazing with this dark red auburn hair color. Although her gorgeous green eyes would look striking no matter with any hair color, they really pop with this shade! This is an amazing auburn shade to try out if you want something a little bit edgy and mysterious!

Medium brown hair with caramel and auburn highlights

red hair highlights
Miranda Kerr

Miranda has such striking blue eyes and they look especially amazing when contrasted with a warm auburn hair color. This auburn look is fairly understated and has a neutral base, but the caramel and auburn highlights make this hair color anything but ordinary!

Auburn hair with gold highlights

reddish brown hair color
Cindy Crawford

Cindy has always chosen such amazingly rich hair colors, and this look is no exception! Cindy achieved this bright and warm look by adding golden highlights on top of an auburn base. The good news is that this color is universally flattering so it will definitely look great on you!

Auburn roots with blond ombre

auburn ombre hair color
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa has had a lot of fun over the years experimenting with a variety of bold hair colors, and this look is one of her most memorable in our opinion! Vanessa’s roots are a warm dark auburn color and then transition into a bright golden blond at the tips. Though Vanessa achieves this look with some help from hair extensions, you can also adapt this look to flatter shorter hair.

Warm strawberry blonde auburn

Bella Thorne hair
Bella Thorne

Bella has worn some amazing red hair colors over the years, but this is definitely one of our favorites. This look is super flattering and brightens up Bella’s face and complements her features flawlessly. If you want to try an auburn color that is light and understated, this is the perfect color to try out!

Medium Auburn hair with red and blonde highlights

red hair with blonde highlights
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is hilarious and outspoken, so it’s no surprise that she likes to experiment with bold hair colors. Although she now dyed her hair into platinum blonde, we love this reddish look on her. This look is a lovely medium hue of auburn supplemented with red and blonde highlights. The red highlights add richness and visual interest while the blonde highlights help to create brightness and shimmer because they catch the light. This is a great look for girls who want to make a statement with their hair!

How gorgeous are all of these auburn hair colors? As you can see from this list, some of these shades of auburn are more on the red side, brown side, or blond side, but they are all equally gorgeous. Finding the perfect auburn hair color for you is easiest when you consult with a professional hair colorist, so don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Auburn hair is so gorgeous and flatters most skin tones so it is no surprise that it is such a popular request at hair salons. We hope you enjoyed this list and found some ideas that will inspire you!

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25 Trendy and Chic Wavy Hairstyles

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Stunning Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair is always in season! Whether you have natural waves or you need to enlist the help of a styling device to create texture, wavy hairstyles are always flattering because they highlight and soften your features. One of the best things about wavy hair is that it looks amazing no matter what length your hair is so don’t be afraid to wear waves if your hair is short. If you are looking for some inspiration for a beautiful way to wear wavy hair, you have definitely come to the right place! Keep reading to see our favorite short, medium, and long picks for the 25 Best Wavy Hairstyles!

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Short Wavy Hairstyles:
Short layered bob with loose waves and a side part

Eva Mendes

Eva is a classic beauty, so this retro wavy hairstyle is a perfect choice to complement her features! Although the style is very glamorous, it is very easy to recreate if you have a curling iron with a large barrel or large hot rollers. The key to making this beautiful wavy hairstyle last is using hairspray, and a lot of it!

Short bob with beachy waves and a middle part

Charlize Theron

This short wavy hairstyle looks amazingly youthful and fresh, but it also looks incredibly elegant. If your hair is not naturally wavy, you can use a curling iron, or wand, with a small barrel to create bouncy waves like Charlize is wearing. Although this wavy hairstyle would look great without side bangs too, we especially love how Charlize’s cute side bangs sweep across her eyes in a flirty way!

Layered lob with subtle waves

Brooklyn Decker

The lob, or the long bob, is a great choice for women who like the convenience and look of a chic short haircut, but also want to hold onto a little bit of extra length. Brooklyn’s wavy beachy lob is super stylish, flattering, and very easy to replicate! If your hair has natural waves just let it air dry; if your hair is naturally straight, just use a curling iron or curling wand to create some loose waves. To keep your waves looking great and defined all day, just spray a texturizer or salt spray on your hair!

Very short wavy asymmetrical bob with a side part

Kerry Washington

Asymmetrical bobs are super stylish and look especially great when worn with wavy hair! The wavy texture helps to add a flirty softness to asymmetrical haircuts, which can otherwise look harsher. To recreate the waves that Kerry is wearing, try using a curling iron or wand with a very small barrel.

Very short wavy bob with a bobby pin

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee’s wavy bob is super cute and has a distinctly retro vibe. The adorable waves are shiny and make her eyes look like they are sparkling. The bobby pin is a super cute way to help you keep hair out of your eyes while adding a bit of style. If you prefer something more eye-catching than a simple bobby pin, you can also wear a pretty hair clip with sparkles or gemstones!

Slightly waved short bob with bangs

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is definitely to thank for the recent popularity of short hairstyles! Her subtle waves look beachy and natural and are the epitome of casual glamour! To recreate her waves, use a texturizing promenade and twirl pieces of hair around your fingers. To ensure that these waves hold, try spraying hairspray on your hair after you’ve finished creating your style.

Choppy bob

Alexa Chung

If you are looking for a hair icon who nails the casual chic look, Alexa Chung is your girl! She has been rocking short hair and natural waves for years and for good reason: she looks amazing! This choppy wavy bob is the perfect short wavy hairstyle for girls who want to have a low maintenance look that doesn’t skimp on style!

Wavy lob with heavy bangs

Taylor Swift

Wavy hair looks so amazing with heavy bangs! We love Taylor’s wavy lob and bang combination because it looks effortless, but also very put together. Just let your hair air dry and spray a salt spray into your locks in order to recreate this casual wavy hairstyle!

Medium Wavy Hairstyles:
Shoulder length hair with waved ends and a middle part

Olivia Palermo

Olivia’s shoulder length hair is sleek and straight except in the bottom few inches where she has some gorgeous soft waves. Making just the bottom part of your hair wavy is a great way to enjoy the benefits of having both straight and wavy hair at the same time!

Beachy waves and a middle part

Jessica Biel

Jessica usually wears her hair straight and sleek, but we think she should wear wavy hair more often because it looks amazing on her! This hairstyle is casual looking, but it can be easily dressed up by adding a pair of gorgeous hoop earrings like Jessica is wearing. These beachy waves also do a great job of bringing attention and definition to her beautiful blonde highlights!

Shoulder length cut with loose waves

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s loose waves are super feminine and draw attention to her lovely facial features. To recreate this look, start by parting your hair in the center. Next separate your hair into about eight sections, and then use a large barreled curling iron or wand to create your waves! If you love Jessica’s super shiny hair, try spraying a shine spray on top of your hair to complete your look!

Voluminous beachy waves with zig zag part

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough

Wavy hair looks extra flirty when you have a bit of volume at the crown! While you can tease your hair or use a root-lifting spray, an easy way to create the illusion of volume is to use a zig zag hair part like Julianne’s! Parting your hair this way makes your roots look more lifted and adds visual interest as well. If you don’t feel like using a heated styling device to make your hair look wavy, try twirling sections of your hair around your finger and spraying a salt spray on top!

Full-bodied waves with face framing bangs

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is the queen of casual wavy hairstyles, so it is no surprise that she has earned a spot on this list! Jennifer’s full-bodied waves can be achieved by blow drying your hair and using a large-barreled curling iron to create big, gentle waves. For the hair that frames your face, curl your hair so that the ends wrap in around your jaw line.

Loose waves with heavy side bangs

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley

This look is understated, but it is undeniably glamorous! Keira’s loose waves fall romantically around her shoulders and make her hair look incredibly thick and healthy. We love her heavy side bangs because they fall across her eyes in a mysterious and flirty way!

Half updo with a middle part and beachy waves

Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson

Half updos are super popular right now because they are easy to style and very flattering. Ashley’s wavy half updo style looks effortless, but it is undeniably stylish and complementary to her facial features. Although there are lots of ways to style your half updo, a great option is to do what Ashley did and part your hair in the middle and pull it back to create a relaxed half ponytail.

Messy half updo with beachy waves

Alyson Michalka
Alyson Michalka

Alyson’s hair has a certain messy, rolled-out-of-bed look, but it still looks super stylish! This half updo has a lot of volume on top and looks very vampy when paired with the beachy, wavy texture of Alyson’s hair. If you like this look, you’re in luck because it’s very easy to recreate! Just use a salt spray and a curling wand to create piecy waves. Then, gather some hair from the top of your hair and tease the roots before fastening it into a half ponytail. To ensure your style lasts all night, finish up by adding a healthy dose of hairspray!

Half updo with loose waves and face framing layers

Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

Sienna is well-known for her laid back hairstyles, and this beautiful wavy half-updo is one of her best looks. In order to style your hair like Sienna’s, start out by parting your hair in the middle. Separate about an inch of hair from the front. This hair will serve to frame your face. Next, gather a handful of hair from the top of your head and tease your roots slightly. Take this handful of hair and fasten it with an elastic band or a few bobby pins. To finalize, spray a bit of hairspray on your hair in order to ensure that your style remains in tact all day!

Wavy half updo with front braids

Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly

Minka is one of the most beautiful women in the world and is lucky enough to have impeccable taste in hairstyles! This casual wavy hairstyle has a bohemian vibe thanks to her lovely braids in the front. To style your hair like this, you should start by letting your hair air dry and spraying a texturizing spray on top in order to create and define waves. Next create two simple braids in the front of your hair. After you have created your braids, gather some hair from the top of your head and pull this hair and your braids into a low ponytail. If you want even more texure, you can spray your texturizing spray again to top off your finished look.

Long Wavy Hairstyles:
Long wavy hair with loose waves and a side part

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

Wavy hair looks amazing with long hair! Mila’s long wavy hairstyle is understated, but very beautiful and elegant. We especially love how Mila’s waves help to draw attention to her lovely light brown highlights!

Long wavy hair with no hair part

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the poster girl for beachy wavy hair! With her long cascading blonde waves, Kate definitely has a mermaid vibe going on. We especially love the way she has swept her hair back and created a lot of volume on top of her crown.

Super long wavy hair with face framing layers

Marissa Miller
Marissa Miller

Whether you have super long hair naturally or have long extensions, we think every long-haired girl should have fun experimenting with a bombshell wavy hairstyle like Marissa’s. The key to recreating this look is creating waves that have different sizes. The different sized waves prevent your hair from looking out-dated and over-the-top.

Long wavy hair with full bangs

Lea Michele
Lea Michele

Leah’s gentle waves look amazing with her full bangs. The contrast between short, straight bangs, and long wavy hair is nothing short of beautiful!

Voluminous waves with side swept bangs

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

Kristin is a great example of how wavy hairstyles can make hair extensions look more natural. While straight hair can look great with hair extensions, wavy hair helps blend the fake and real hair so that no one will be able to tell the difference!

Half updo with loose wavy hair and face framing bangs

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra

Carmen’s glamorous half-updo is very voluminous and flattering. Though this wavy hairstyle might be a bit over-the-top for running errands, it is definitely the perfect wavy look for a fancy event!

Long wavy hair with bump

Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron

Dianna’s beautiful long wavy hairstyle is glamorous and perfect for any event. The bump on top adds a flattering bit of volume and adds visual interest to an otherwise understated look.

As you can see from this list, wavy hair looks amazing whether you have short, medium, or long hair! Whether you prefer defined waves created with a heated styling device, or you prefer waves that result from air-drying, there are so many options to achieve your perfect wavy hairstyle!

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30 Date Outfits, Makeup and Hair Tips

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What To Wear On A Date & First Date Outfits, Hair And Makeup Ideas

After organising the details of the date, now it’s time to focus on your outfit, hair and makeup – we know, it can be stressful to put together the perfect look, but with our 30 tips, you can easily mix and match until you find your go-to date outfit!

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Blue Florals First Date Outfit

For a romantic walk in the park or for a morning coffee date, any longer shirt dress can be the perfect choice. We especially loved this one because it has a small, bell sleeve detailing with a comfortable and soft chiffon material and will baby blue floral patterns. Keep the rest of look in theme with pastel nails, a cute crossy-body bag and a pair of ballerina or oxford shoes.

High Waisted Date Night Outfit

Slim fit, high waisted cigarette pants with a little bow detailing are elegant and fun at the same time, and depending on the occasion, you can easily dress it up or down. For more casual dates, Rock it with a leather jacket or oversized, embroidered denim jacket, but for a fancy dinner date, pair it with a low cut blouse and heels.

Pretty In Pink

Let’s be honest: you can never go wrong with a minimalist, pastel pink wrap dress! Make sure the one you choose is made from a comfortable, high-quality material so that you won’t feel uncomfortable during your date.

Lace Embroidery

You can make even the most simple and casual pants look fancy and exciting with the right top! At the moment, we are in love with everything striped, lace and embroidered, especially if these three elements mix together in one beautiful shirt – it has just the right amount of romantic vibe in a casual look.

Patterned Tights Date Night Outfits

Polka dots, hearts or even floral prints on a pair of simple black tights are gorgeous little extra elements to spice up your look! Rock it with your everyday outfits, such as a black skirt, a sweater or denim shirt, and a leather jacket. This is a great date night outfit look!

Fun Colorblock Outfit

For all the girls who love playing with different colors, fashion statements, and fabrics, this is your outfit! The little birds and the colorful accessories are so much fun, while the all-white base of the outfit looks very elegant.

Simple & Fun First Date Outfit

An oversized white T-shirt tucked into a heavily embroidered, colorful pencil skirt and denim jacket and statement gold jewelry (such as bracelets, bangles or earrings) can work for any date from midday brunch to night cocktails or long walks.

Casual Date Outfit With Floral Kimono

If you are not sure whether to go feminine or stay cool and casual, why not combine both with the help of a sheer, long kimono with a pair of ripped jeans and a white or black top? You can always accessorize it or add a bold makeup look (such as electric pink lips or a bronzed goddess look) or a pretty updo to make the outfit look fancier.

Feminine and Masculine Casual Date Outfit

There is something about oversized sweater and lace/leather skirt outfits that are just so pretty and elegant without being too over the top! This outfit features a very basic, cozy gray sweater tucked into a sheer lace overlay white skirt, and the two together fit perfectly.

Leather Pants

A high-quality pair of high waisted leather pants will instantly make your legs appear longer and slimmer, and to tone down your look a bit, you can always add a denim jacket, a fluffy sweater or a high neck blouse to your outfit.

Glowing Goddess

If you want to keep the focus on your complexion, add an extra glow to your skin by using a cream highlighter on your cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Instead of a regular, pink blush, try out something that has a beige or caramel undertone to amplify the glow. For your eyes, we recommend using a smokey purple shadow to give definition to your eye color.

Soft & Classic

If you want to a simple, statement makeup that adds just a bit extra to your regular look, this makeup look is a great idea. Keep your lids simple with a matte ivory shadow and gently smudge the eyeliner on the sides of your lids for a more defined look. Take down the liner to the outer corner of the lower lash line as well, and add a rose pink lipstick to your lips as a finishing touch.

Wild Rose


There is something very soft yet edgy about this look that we just adore! Keep your whole makeup look pink with a rose blush, a porcelain pink liquid eyeshadow all over your lids (without any shading in your crease or eyeliner), and accentuate your eyes with a cool, matte pink tone.

Red Lips

Red lipstick can actually be a great first date choice if you mix it with a subtle eyeshadow with warm tones (brown, gold and caramel) and a warm, bronzed up complexion. Choose the perfect red shade according to your skin tone and undertone: If you have blue undertones, go with a cool undertone lipstick, but if your skin has a natural warmth to it, combine it with brown and deep red colors.

Natural Porcelain Doll

The slightly clumped up lashes, the peach eye shadow, and blush make this look amazing for any date with a cute all-white or floral outfit! After applying foundation and concealer, define your brows with the help of a brow pencil and apply a hint of the blush you used on the apples of your cheeks to your lids.

Bambi Eyes

Keep the focus on your gorgeous eyes with a pair of natural looking falsies! If you invest in a high-quality pair of falsies, you can use them multiple times and they will stick to your lashes perfectly without any fallout. You don’t even have to apply eye shadow or a thick liner – let all eyes be on your lashes!

All Taupe Look

For green or dark brown eyes, a mix of taupe and burnt orange shadows will look amazing, and if you have a warm toned outfit, experiment with an all-taupe look! Use a slight orange or taupe powder blush, a golden highlighter, a matte taupe lipstick and a soft cut crease eye shadow look with brown mascara.

Fresh Eyes

A white eyeliner in the inner corners and a lower lash line will help your makeup look fresh and vibrant, even if you have been missing out on long, relaxing sleeping sessions for a while. The trick is to use a soft white liner pencil, but if you don’t have a white liner, simply use wet white eye shadow or smudge out an ivory on the inner corners.

Blushed Cheeks

If you want something extremely simple and almost no-makeup makeup, only apply a hint of blush to your cheeks after concealing any discoloration or small flaws. A blush will give a natural, healthy glow and color to your cheeks without looking too unnatural. If you are not a fan of lip products but would still like your lips to have that naturally bold and pretty color, use a sugar-based scrub and hydrate them with a clear balm.

Bronzed Cat Eyes

On the other hand, you can go with a bronze liquid eyeshadow all over your lids and have a sultry, simple cat eye with a matte black liquid or gel eyeliner. With the warm, bronzy shadow, a similar bronzer and blush will look absolutely stunning.

Bombshell Waves

We had to start our hair section with the ultimate date hair, the beautiful bombshell waves! You can easily reach this hairstyle with a texturizing spray and by using a large curling bar or flat iron (although we recommend practicing a few times to get the perfect twist with the flat iron).

Pigtail Braids

After seeing everyone in Hollywood rocking this hairstyle, we can’t help but love it as well! Pigtails are cute and feminine, and they are great for more casual outfits as well as for a romantic top & skirt combo.

Messy Bun

Messy buns can actually be quite fancy if done the right way. Make sure to leave out little sections of your hair at the front at back (you can also make them wavy to have a more romantic vibe), which will frame your face beautifully.

Sleek & Straight

Straight hair is another great go-to hairstyle. Use a flat iron and a nourishing heat protector to get a flawless, straight finish and to keep everything in place, apply a tiny amount of glossy, dry hair oil on top.

Waterfall Braid

It’s such a pretty, romantic hairstyle that keeps the focus on your face. Start off by doing a traditional middle part and half-up half-down hairstyle, but instead of just tying your hair up, braid the two front sections at the back.

Voluminous, Teased Hair

Something a bit lighter than curls or waves, yet still stunning and voluminous is this teased up, naturally wavy hairstyle. Keep up the volume of your hair with a teasing comb and by adding a small amount of hair mousse to the roots of your hair.

High Ponytail

A traditional high ponytail with your all of your hair pulled back will give more definition to your face and shape of your head, and it looks absolutely gorgeous with high neck or lace detail tops. Just like with the messy bun, you can always take out small sections of your hair in the front.

Classic Vintage

This pin-up inspired, loose curly look works the best with shorter hairstyles, as bobs and long bobs will keep the volume of the hairstyle all day.

Cute Side Parts

Instead of the regular middle parts, why not experiment with a side part and with messy, loose waves to create an effortlessly cool hairstyle?

Fun Accessorizes

If you are not happy with your ponytail, play a bit with your hair ties! Tie your hair together with one of your own locks, or use a metallic or beaded hair tie. If you want something extra, rock your ponytail with a mini floral or denim wrap.

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20 Hairstyles for Oval Faces

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20 Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Whether you’re brunette, blonde, black-haired or everything in between, there always has been those moments, when you have to scratch your head because you are puzzled by all the availabilities and possibilities in the realm of hairstyles that you can go with; for that transformable oval face of yours— the choices are made so vast you are too easy getting lost in the sea of fabulous styles that you can go for, preparing to welcome the next season. That’s why we prepared for you this time the most fabulous, refreshing hair styles you can consider putting on for this season, narrowing down all the gorgeousness into just 20, so you don’t have to scratch your head as much as you could have.

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The easy lob

1 This is the look that grants you the relaxed feel versatile for both workplace and off-duty time. Unlike the serious bob, it feels more approachable and easy-going. For just the right amount of casualness blend in the wave and the length, this is your effortless choice when you demand that undetectable sense of laid-back in your style.

Give it some sassiness

2 This is the deliberate messiness that actually refines your appeal. This is the perfect hair for a party-night. The spirit is in the air – the iconic messiness overhauls the whole style and adding up the peppiness in your daily appeal. When think about something bold and unintentional, this sophisticatedly messy look would be your best shot.

Punky Tom-boy

3 If you’re feeling it, then this is good for you. Because the neutral, powerful tom-boy look is certainly for the ones that are the most confident and comfortable with their somewhat dramatic transformation in terms of the first impressions you deliver to others. But if you absolutely feel comfortable with the length and the feel, this would reform you as a person in an unexpectedly surprising way.

Be sensual

4 Nothing works better than the hair that blends in and tells for itself. That’s one of the reasons why the lengthy waves are never pushed out of the stage of fashion. Both for the easiness in its preparation and the feel of sentiment it naturally has. This is the hair that doesn’t need much change in length while keeping your daily look upscale.

Keep it short and sweet

5 Can the short length be feminine and elegant? Yes it could, with the help from the right shape of the bang and the relevant makeup. Achieving such elegance requires some extra effort carefully put into the makeup of your eyebrows and lips, as softer and lighter style will neutralise the hardness in the short length.

The happy bob

6 Somewhat careless, somewhat care-free. This is your new go-to hairstyle this fall that shouts out the cuteness and sensibility. Similar to its “messy looking” counterpart yet different, it doesn’t have that “sticking out” edgy feel which is loud and proud, instead, it’s softer, touchy and delightful, go for this style especially if you have a joyful personality.

Stretchy curls

7 This is not just square and round face-con, depends on the occasions; you can definitely put up the layered lengthy look that fits to your mood and prolonging your chin, which makes your face even slimmer. The sentimental curled tips on the end of the hair keep your feminine look upscale.

The laid-back lengthy

8 Less statement, easy-going yet still refined, this keep-‘em-on-the-back lengthy style could be your next choice of the day when it comes to the moments when you want to stay natural and true to your own heart, while staying sensual and sexy. A little ironing goes a long way.

“Bunny flowery”

9 Happy with your current length and planning to keep it going through this winter? You’ve got an excellent option right here just for you. It’s all in the statement bun. This DIY-friendly style could easily convert your daily lazy, loosened long hair into a ballerina princess. So simple, so clean, so elegant, you’ll be surprised.

Sober and slick

10 One of the best work-con hairstyles for oval faces is always going to be the slick and neat ponytail. The secret is in the detail in this matter. The low-tightened ponytail allows you to emphasize more of your facial complexion and accessories such as earrings. If you consider it a possibility for you this fall, then focus on the colour that you want yourself to go for. A nice dye would refine it even further.

Go free-style

11 One of the best ways to uplift your lengthy hair, which you don’t want to change in terms of its length, is to make them more tactile. Like this classic free-styled wavy length, you get just the right proportion of hobo that comes with the right bang and the richly layered natural-felt waves.

50’s vibe rewind

12 The secret for making the mid-length more luxury lies in the curling technic that stress out the front part of your hair while leaving the rest almost undetectably formed into the wholesome of classiness.

The staying Bang

13 Never had a serious bang in the front before? Then this might be the best time for you to try out this sensitive and somewhat quiet style. Bangs are always here to stay, especially when you have the oval face which is ideal for such style.

The pouring stream

14 This is the style that emphasizes more to its statement bang design. Are you up to looking both cool and elegant? This would be your perfect go-to style to grab 2 effects in just ONE.

The age-accelerator

15 Not just in the time-travel movies, the curl-backed bob makes you much more mature and sensual than you actually are, while making you powerful in a classic feminine way.

Full-length wonder

16 Who says the to-the-chest length is too much?! When they’re taken good care of and able to stay sleek and sticking to your sides, they make loud statement effortlessly. Keep it lengthy, but keep them well.

Barbie doll bang

17 Every one of us has our most innocent and playful side. Why not trying out this adorable Barbie doll hair style and lightening up your winter? The front bang makes you look younger while the sides shape your face just right.

The statement bob

19 So short and so slick it becomes timeless. This is your must-have style if you’re up to showing off your ear-bling and the most sophisticated side in your personality. Utterly refined, staying real, what more do we have to say about this statement bob?

The wavy queen

21 One is introvert, the other is extrovert. One takes, the other give. The wave design of this to-the-chest hairstyle gives the sensible layers to your hair while keeping the impression of an out-going personality in the eyes of the others, less distant, and more approachable than the in-ward curls.

Ombre focus

22 There’s an unbeatable advantage when you want to keep the length of your hair – you have more freedom when it comes to changing the colour of your hair. Trying out different highlights to see which one best suits your mood and flattering your personality, and put up some intriguing transitional changes to the top of your hair this fall.

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Top 25 Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

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Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

A heart shaped face is considered one of the most ideal face shapes you can have! If you have been told that you have a “heart shaped face” it is probably because you have a relatively wide forehead compared to a narrower chin, and, you more likely than not also have a cute widows peak and killer cheekbones!

The best hairstyles for your heart shaped face will draw attention to your awesome cheekbones and tapered chin, but will frame your forehead in a way that makes it appear softer and less drastically different from the rest of your face. Take a look below at our top 25 picks for hairstyles for heart shaped faces!

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Choppy forehead bangs

heart shaped face hairstyles

Reese has a gorgeous heart shaped face and knows that bangs suit her face shape perfectly! The choppy forehead bangs disguise how wide her forehead is and draw flirty attention to her eyes. Choppy bangs are a great alternative for girls who want bangs, but do not want blunt bangs that go straight across the forehead.

Wavy bob

wavy bob

Lucy’s wavy bob is super flattering on her heart-faced shape because it creates the illusion of a smaller forehead and draws attention to her beautifully sculpted jaw line.

Shoulder length hair with side bangs

Shoulder length hair with side bangs for heart shaped faces

This shoulder length hairstyle with side bangs is a perfectly gorgeous cut to flatter heart shaped faces. The side-bangs are flirty and minimize Ashley’s wide forehead while also drawing attention to her cheekbones.

Low chignon with side part

Camilla Belle hairstyle

How gorgeous does Camilla look with this elegant updo? This low chignon with a side part is the perfect updo for girls with heart shaped faces because the side part creates the illusion of a smaller forehead and also draws the eyes downward toward her lovely defined chin!

High bun

huigh bun hairstyle for heart shaped face

Although bangs are always a flattering choice for heart shaped faces, Sarah proves that heart shaped girls can totally pull off a flattering bangs-free forehead style as well! This updo works to balance Sarah’s facial proportions because her hair narrows into a bun, which mirrors the way her face narrows into her pointy chin.

Pixie cut with full front bangs

Pixie hair for heart shaped faces

Extra short hairstyles can be tricky to pull off if you want to maintain a feminine look, but heart shaped faces are perfectly suited for pixie cuts. Especially with bangs to soften the forehead, pixie cuts flatter heart shaped faces because all the attention is drawn to your awesome cheekbones and pretty jaw line.

Half-updo with forehead bangs

Half updo with forehead bangs for heart shaped faces

This is a flattering updo for girls with any face shape, but it looks particularly amazing on girls with heart shaped faces because it highlights the narrowness of the chin and makes cheekbones stand out!

Asymmetrical bob with a side part

Asymmetrical bob with a side part for heart shape face

This asymmetrical bob flatters Rachel’s heart shaped face because it draws attention to her narrow chin and minimizes the appearance of her wide forehead. If you do not quite want side bangs, a side part is a great solution if you are trying to make your forehead appear less wide.

Layered Lob with side bangs

Layered bob for heart shaped faces

This glamorous Lob looks incredible on Rosie! The feminine cut and side bangs look stylish and emphasize the best parts about having a heart shaped face: awesome cheekbones and a narrow chin!

Voluminous updo with long split bangs

Voluminous updo for heart shaped faces with long split bangs

This elegant updo is understated but extremely gorgeous! The long split bangs are flirty and they work to soften her forehead while also making her awesome bone structure stand out!

Long forehead bangs and shoulder length cut

Kerry Washington hairstyle

Shoulder length hair looks amazing on girls with heart shaped faces! Kerry’s eye-skimming bangs are fun and flirty, but they also are super flattering because they draw attention to her beautiful peepers!

Lob with a middle part

lob hairstyle for heart shaped face

Lobs (long bobs) are so trendy right now because they are the perfect length to frame your face, but they avoid looking dowdy in the way that some bobs can. A middle part like Gabrielle’s is a great choice if you have a heart shaped face because your hairline creates a perfect straight line down to your gorgeous and fortunate chin shape!

Wavy shoulder length hair with short side bangs

Kirsten Dunst hairstyle

This is a super fun and chic look for girls who have a heart shaped face! Kirsten’s softly waved hair frames her gorgeous cheekbones and her short side bangs draw attention away from her forehead and toward her sparkling eyes!

Sleek layered bob

Sleek layered bob

This sleek layered bob is an awesome choice if you have a heart shaped face because it slims your face and also looks very stylish!

Layered shoulder-length hair with deep side middle-part

cute hairstyles for heart shaped faces

This messy hairstyle is very flattering on Hilary’s heart-shaped face since this natural looking messy style emphasizes her beautiful jawline and features.

Straight shoulder length hair with blunt bangs

bangs hairstyle for heart shape faces

These blunt bangs disguise Keira’s large forehead and emphasize what cute cheekbones she has!

Long wavy hair with a middle part

beachy long hair for face shape heart

Gigi is the epitome of a beach babe so it’s no surprise that she nails the beachy hair look! This long wavy style is perfect for her heart shaped face because her middle part cuts her forehead’s width in half and draws the eye to her lovely chin!

Sleek layered medium length hair with a side part

Eva Longoria hairstyle

If you have a heart-shaped face and want a hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic no matter what the occasion, Eva should be your inspiration!

Slightly wavy hair with middle part

Jessica Biel hairstyle

This is a classic and gorgeous style that will flatter most face shapes, but especially those lucky ladies with heart-shaped faces!

Asymmetrical lob with slight side part

lon haircut for heart shaped faces

Lobs are generally flattering for most face shapes, but they look especially awesome if you have a heart-shaped face! Demi looks amazing with this haircut because the angle of her hair draws attention to her eyes and bone structure!

Medium length hair with side bangs

heart shape face haircuts

Emma’s haircut is neat, stylish, and also flatters her heart shaped face because it highlights her cheekbones while disguising her larger forehead.

Casual updo with side bangs

Jessica stroup updo for heart shaped face

This easy updo looks glamorous because of Jessica’s flattering side bangs. Her bangs make her stunning eyes the focal point, and also emphasize how awesome her bone structure is!

Low side ponytail with dramatic curly side bangs

ponytail for heart shape face

This is an awesome ponytail style for girls with heart shaped faces because it disguises a wide forehead while putting all the focus on the cheekbones and beautiful jaw line.

Sleek low side ponytail

Low side ponytail with dramatic side bangs heart shape

If you’re more into simple and straight hairstyles, the low sleek ponytail looks great on girls with heart shaped faces.This style is perfect on the model’s face and emphasizes her beautiful features.

Simple updo with a middle part

Drew Barrymore hairstyle

Drew’s minimalist updo flatters her face because the middle part draws the eyes down to her fabulous jaw line. The wispy strands around her face also help to create a gorgeously casual bohemian look!

Side chignon with hair accessories

Charlize Theron hairstyle

This elegant side chignon looks gorgeous on heart shaped faces. This look is simple, but flattering, and looks awesome if you add a sparkly hair band like Charlize!

As you can see from this list, heart-shaped faces look awesome with a variety of hairstyles! We encourage you to play around with your hair part because trying out a new angle can make a surprisingly huge difference depending on your haircut. Thanks for reading and we hope this list helps your find the perfect hairstyle for your heart shaped face!

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