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30 Date Outfits, Makeup and Hair Tips

date outfits and makeup

What To Wear On A Date & First Date Outfits, Hair And Makeup Ideas

After organising the details of the date, now it’s time to focus on your outfit, hair and makeup – we know, it can be stressful to put together the perfect look, but with our 30 tips, you can easily mix and match until you find your go-to date outfit!

1Blue Florals First Date Outfit

For a romantic walk in the park or for a morning coffee date, any longer shirt dress can be the perfect choice. We especially loved this one because it has a small, bell sleeve detailing with a comfortable and soft chiffon material and will baby blue floral patterns. Keep the rest of look in theme with pastel nails, a cute crossy-body bag and a pair of ballerina or oxford shoes.

2High Waisted Date Night Outfit

Slim fit, high waisted cigarette pants with a little bow detailing are elegant and fun at the same time, and depending on the occasion, you can easily dress it up or down. For more casual dates, Rock it with a leather jacket or oversized, embroidered denim jacket, but for a fancy dinner date, pair it with a low cut blouse and heels.

3Pretty In Pink

Let’s be honest: you can never go wrong with a minimalist, pastel pink wrap dress! Make sure the one you choose is made from a comfortable, high-quality material so that you won’t feel uncomfortable during your date.

4Lace Embroidery

You can make even the most simple and casual pants look fancy and exciting with the right top! At the moment, we are in love with everything striped, lace and embroidered, especially if these three elements mix together in one beautiful shirt – it has just the right amount of romantic vibe in a casual look.

5Patterned Tights Date Night Outfits

Polka dots, hearts or even floral prints on a pair of simple black tights are gorgeous little extra elements to spice up your look! Rock it with your everyday outfits, such as a black skirt, a sweater or denim shirt, and a leather jacket. This is a great date night outfit look!

6Fun Colorblock Outfit

For all the girls who love playing with different colors, fashion statements, and fabrics, this is your outfit! The little birds and the colorful accessories are so much fun, while the all-white base of the outfit looks very elegant.

7Simple & Fun First Date Outfit

An oversized white T-shirt tucked into a heavily embroidered, colorful pencil skirt and denim jacket and statement gold jewelry (such as bracelets, bangles or earrings) can work for any date from midday brunch to night cocktails or long walks.

8Casual Date Outfit With Floral Kimono

If you are not sure whether to go feminine or stay cool and casual, why not combine both with the help of a sheer, long kimono with a pair of ripped jeans and a white or black top? You can always accessorize it or add a bold makeup look (such as electric pink lips or a bronzed goddess look) or a pretty updo to make the outfit look fancier.

9Feminine and Masculine Casual Date Outfit

There is something about oversized sweater and lace/leather skirt outfits that are just so pretty and elegant without being too over the top! This outfit features a very basic, cozy gray sweater tucked into a sheer lace overlay white skirt, and the two together fit perfectly.

10Leather Pants

A high-quality pair of high waisted leather pants will instantly make your legs appear longer and slimmer, and to tone down your look a bit, you can always add a denim jacket, a fluffy sweater or a high neck blouse to your outfit.

11Glowing Goddess

If you want to keep the focus on your complexion, add an extra glow to your skin by using a cream highlighter on your cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Instead of a regular, pink blush, try out something that has a beige or caramel undertone to amplify the glow. For your eyes, we recommend using a smokey purple shadow to give definition to your eye color.

12Soft & Classic

If you want to a simple, statement makeup that adds just a bit extra to your regular look, this makeup look is a great idea. Keep your lids simple with a matte ivory shadow and gently smudge the eyeliner on the sides of your lids for a more defined look. Take down the liner to the outer corner of the lower lash line as well, and add a rose pink lipstick to your lips as a finishing touch.

13Wild Rose

There is something very soft yet edgy about this look that we just adore! Keep your whole makeup look pink with a rose blush, a porcelain pink liquid eyeshadow all over your lids (without any shading in your crease or eyeliner), and accentuate your eyes with a cool, matte pink tone.

14Red Lips

Red lipstick can actually be a great first date choice if you mix it with a subtle eyeshadow with warm tones (brown, gold and caramel) and a warm, bronzed up complexion. Choose the perfect red shade according to your skin tone and undertone: If you have blue undertones, go with a cool undertone lipstick, but if your skin has a natural warmth to it, combine it with brown and deep red colors.

15Natural Porcelain Doll

The slightly clumped up lashes, the peach eye shadow, and blush make this look amazing for any date with a cute all-white or floral outfit! After applying foundation and concealer, define your brows with the help of a brow pencil and apply a hint of the blush you used on the apples of your cheeks to your lids.

16Bambi Eyes

Keep the focus on your gorgeous eyes with a pair of natural looking falsies! If you invest in a high-quality pair of falsies, you can use them multiple times and they will stick to your lashes perfectly without any fallout. You don’t even have to apply eye shadow or a thick liner – let all eyes be on your lashes!

17All Taupe Look

For green or dark brown eyes, a mix of taupe and burnt orange shadows will look amazing, and if you have a warm toned outfit, experiment with an all-taupe look! Use a slight orange or taupe powder blush, a golden highlighter, a matte taupe lipstick and a soft cut crease eye shadow look with brown mascara.

18Fresh Eyes

A white eyeliner in the inner corners and a lower lash line will help your makeup look fresh and vibrant, even if you have been missing out on long, relaxing sleeping sessions for a while. The trick is to use a soft white liner pencil, but if you don’t have a white liner, simply use wet white eye shadow or smudge out an ivory on the inner corners.

19Blushed Cheeks

If you want something extremely simple and almost no-makeup makeup, only apply a hint of blush to your cheeks after concealing any discoloration or small flaws. A blush will give a natural, healthy glow and color to your cheeks without looking too unnatural. If you are not a fan of lip products but would still like your lips to have that naturally bold and pretty color, use a sugar-based scrub and hydrate them with a clear balm.

20Bronzed Cat Eyes

On the other hand, you can go with a bronze liquid eyeshadow all over your lids and have a sultry, simple cat eye with a matte black liquid or gel eyeliner. With the warm, bronzy shadow, a similar bronzer and blush will look absolutely stunning.

21Bombshell Waves

We had to start our hair section with the ultimate date hair, the beautiful bombshell waves! You can easily reach this hairstyle with a texturizing spray and by using a large curling bar or flat iron (although we recommend practicing a few times to get the perfect twist with the flat iron).

22Pigtail Braids

After seeing everyone in Hollywood rocking this hairstyle, we can’t help but love it as well! Pigtails are cute and feminine, and they are great for more casual outfits as well as for a romantic top & skirt combo.

23Messy Bun

Messy buns can actually be quite fancy if done the right way. Make sure to leave out little sections of your hair at the front at back (you can also make them wavy to have a more romantic vibe), which will frame your face beautifully.

24Sleek & Straight

Straight hair is another great go-to hairstyle. Use a flat iron and a nourishing heat protector to get a flawless, straight finish and to keep everything in place, apply a tiny amount of glossy, dry hair oil on top.

25Waterfall Braid

It’s such a pretty, romantic hairstyle that keeps the focus on your face. Start off by doing a traditional middle part and half-up half-down hairstyle, but instead of just tying your hair up, braid the two front sections at the back.

26Voluminous, Teased Hair

Something a bit lighter than curls or waves, yet still stunning and voluminous is this teased up, naturally wavy hairstyle. Keep up the volume of your hair with a teasing comb and by adding a small amount of hair mousse to the roots of your hair.

27High Ponytail

A traditional high ponytail with your all of your hair pulled back will give more definition to your face and shape of your head, and it looks absolutely gorgeous with high neck or lace detail tops. Just like with the messy bun, you can always take out small sections of your hair in the front.

28Classic Vintage

This pin-up inspired, loose curly look works the best with shorter hairstyles, as bobs and long bobs will keep the volume of the hairstyle all day.

29Cute Side Parts

Instead of the regular middle parts, why not experiment with a side part and with messy, loose waves to create an effortlessly cool hairstyle?

30Fun Accessorizes

If you are not happy with your ponytail, play a bit with your hair ties! Tie your hair together with one of your own locks, or use a metallic or beaded hair tie. If you want something extra, rock your ponytail with a mini floral or denim wrap.



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