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Best Brown Hair Color Ideas

Best Brown Hair Color Ideas


Most Flattering Brunette Hair Colors

People who say blondes have more fun have obviously never worn any of the gorgeous brunette hues on this list! Brown hair is extremely versatile and you can create many incredible new looks by playing with highlights and lowlights. Whether you are looking for a great dark auburn hair color, chestnut color or a beautiful color with honey undertones, you will find a ton of light and dark brown looks to inspire you on this list of the best brown hair color ideas for 2017!

1Light brown hair with caramel blonde highlights

light brown hair color ideas
Nina Agdal

Nina’s sun kissed light brown hair looks absolutely smashing with her beautifully tanned skin and hazel eyes. Her light hair color looks shiny and bright due to a healthy amount of golden highlights dispersed throughout her hair. Although Nina has gorgeous golden highlights throughout all of her hair, the highlights are particularly concentrated within the pieces of hair that frame her face which helps to create her beautiful facial glow.

2Light Chestnut brown hair with subtle highlights and darker brown lowlights

Miranda Kerr Light Chestnut brown hair
Miranda Kerr:r

Brown hair looks particularly stunning when paired with light blue eyes because the combination of brown and blue creates a strikingly gorgeous contrast. Miranda’s light chestnut brown hair is only a few shades darker than her tanned skin, but it is dark enough to enhance and emphasize her tan rather than blending into her tan. Miranda’s hair does not contain obvious highlights or lowlights, but she actually has subtle variations in color that help to create this dynamic look. The slightly lighter chestnut highlights combined with slightly darker brown lowlights make her hair look shiny and full of depth which contributes to an overall look of healthy and luminosity.

3Brown hair with golden blonde highlights

light brown hair color
Minka Kelly

Minka’s wavy light brown hair color looks so gorgeous with the addition of golden highlights. This color could be described as having a super subtle ombre effect since Minka’s hair becomes noticeably lighter in color towards the end. However, unlike traditional ombre which sees a more dramatic transition between colors, Minka’s golden highlights are integrated very seamlessly with her darker hair. A great option for all you girls who wants a sexy look with highlights for brown hair.

4Brown hair with Caramel and blonde highlights

chestnut hair color
Audrina Patridge

Audrina’s light brown hair almost appears blonde at first glance due to the addition of many caramel and blonde highlights . Audrina has lighter blonde highlights around her face which helps brighten up her features, but the rest of her light brown hair contains many caramel highlights, and a few darker brown low lights to add deptha and texture to her look. This look is gorgeous and shows that you don’t need to have bright blonde hair in order to enjoy rocking a beachy look!

5Light Sandy brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights

Ashley Greene Light brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights
Ashley Greene

Ashley achieves this look with the help of many blonde highlights and dark chestnut lowlights. As you can see by looking at Ashley’s roots, her natural color is a mousy brown. The warmth of her highlights and lowlights enhances her gorgeous skin and sultry eye makeup. This sandy brown hair color would look particularly gorgeous on girls who have a slight tan and want a hair color that will enhance golden tones in their skin!

6Light Brown hair with ash blonde lowlights and face framing highlights

Lauren Conrad Light Brown hair with ash blonde lowlights and face framing highlights
Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s light brown hair is a gorgeous and unique shade because instead of pursuing highlights to brighten up her locks, she only put a few brighter highlights by her face and chose to color the rest of her hair in a way that makes it look more ashy and silvery rather than gold. This color perfectly compliments her olive skin tone and brings out the green tones in her eyes. Although this color is somewhat understated, it is incredibly stylish and makes Lauren look very professional and stylishly put together.

7Brown hair with blonde ombre

light brown hair with highlights
Lily Aldridge

Lily completely nails this dramamtic ombre look. She has a few blonde highlights that begin at her roots to help ease the color transition and make it look more natural, but her hair becomes dramatically lighter and brighter towards the ends. Adding blonde highlights to brown hair is a gorgeous and stylish way to brighten up your whole look!

8Light Chestnut hair with subtle blonde hightlights

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

Mandy’s gorgeous light chestnut hair is so flattering with her coloring. The reddish undertones in her hair bring out a rosy glow in her cheeks and make her hazel eyes appear gorgeously green. On top of her beautiful reddish brown hair, Mandy has a few subtle blonde highlights which add depth to her hair.

9Light brown hair with subtle chestnut ombre

brown highlights
Jessica Biel

Jessica’s roots are a netural brown but the rest of her hair transitions into a gorgeous chestnut color with golden tones. She achieved this look by adding golden highlights on top of chestnut lowlights. The different shades in her hair are beautifully emphasized by the bouncy layers in her haircut which make her overall look exude health and vivaciousness.

10Chestnut hair with blonde highlights and ombre

Jessica Alba brown hair ombre
Jessica Alba

Jessica looks so beautiful with this dynamic brown hair color! The top half of her hair is a rich chestnut color with a few golden highlights dispersed to help break up the darker color and create an easy transition to her lighter hair towards the bottom. Around Jessica’s ear level, her hair becomes noticeably more golden with just a few chestnut lowlights to help balance out her look. Though the ratio of chestnut to gold dramatically switches halfway through her hair, the overall look is stylish and consistent since both tones are visible throughout the whole look

11Very dark chestnut brown hair

dark brown hair color ideas
Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jenna looks so sultry with her dark chestnut hair! This dark shade rich brown hair color is gorgeous and brings warmth to her face. Jenna’s dark brown hair color is mostly single toned, however she has a few slightly lighter hihglights which help make her hair look super shiny. If you are thinking about giving this shade a try, you should definitely consider pairing this new look with a beautiful bright red lipstick like Jenna!

12Black-brown hair

Megan Fox dark hair
Megan Fox

Megan expertly channels old Hollywood glamour with this rich nearly black-brown hair color. She has a few reddish brown highlights to help add depth to her look, but she keeps these highlights subtle so that the overall effect is focused on the richness of her dark brown color. Although Megan has experimented with a lot of brunette shades, this super dark look perfectly compliments her vampy personal style and makes her stand out in an industry where many leading ladies have much lighter hair. This extra dark brunette look creates a beautiful and striking contrast on girls with pale skin and girls who have light colored eyes!

13Deep chestnut brown hair

hair color ideas for brown hair
Demi Lovato

Demi’s deep chestnut hair looks incredible with her skin tone and facial features. In order to achieve this rich look, Demi added chestnut coloring over very dark hair. You can see darker hair peeking out in between the chestnut color which adds depth and intrigue to her overall look. The red tones in her hair are perfectly complimented by her gorgeous red lip color. This color would be particularly flattering on girls with deep brown eyes because the chestnut color will help bring out flecks of lighter brown which will really make the eyes sparkle!

14Dark neutral brown hair with chestnut ombre

chestnut brown hair
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe’s ombre hair does an incredible job of making her beautiful hazel eyes sparkle and get the attention they deserve!

15Dark Auburn Hair Color

Emma Stone Deep auburn hair
Emma Stone

Emma is well known for her ability to rock every shade of red hair, including dark brownish red colors! This deep auburn hue is perfect for pale girls who want to wear dark hair, but worry that very dark netural brown hair will wash them out or look to harsh against their skin. The red tones in Emma’s color bring warmth to her skin and make her eyes sparkle! This is also a great color to experiment with if you have been wanting to try a reddish look out, but you prefer to try something subtle and understated rather than bright and coppery.

16Dark neutral brown hair with chestnut highlights

Liv Tyler Dark neutral brown hair with chestnut highlights
Liv Tyler

Liv has such beautiful striking features that look absolutely fabulous with dark brown hair. With her extremely pale skin and blue eyes, brown hair is a super flattering way for her to make her features pop. Although she would look pretty without highlights too, Liv incorporated a few chestnut highlights into her hair which look really great. These highlights help bring some warmth to her overall look which ensures that she never looks washed out. Adding highlights to brown hair is also a great way to emphasize the layers that you have in your haircut and make your hair look like it has a lot of movement and depth.

17Dark netural brown hair with golden highlights

Rachel Bilson Dark netural brown hair with golden highlights
Rachel Bilson

Rachel is well known for being a hair style icon for brunettes. She has stayed true to her roots throughout her career and has had some gorgeous moments experimenting with variations of her standard brunette look. She looks absolutely gorgeous here with her dark brown hair and golden highlights. Although some people add highlights to their brown hair so that the effect is dramatic and clearly visible, Rachel’s highlights are beautifully subtle. This is precisely why her hair looks so different when it is directly hit by light compared to when it is in the shade. The highlights are so thin and so meticulously integrated that they do not really change the color of her hair in the dark, but in the light her hair looks at least four shades lighter. This is such a great hair color for girls who like the idea that their hair could look totally different in different lighting situations.

18Dark neutral brown hair with subtle dark blonde ombre

hair dye ideas
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a hair icon for women who strive to achieve elegant, classic, and flattering looks. Angelina has a gorgeous dark brown base color with very subtle dark blonde highlights that progressively become more noticeable toward the bottom of her hair. This is a great way to try the ombre trend if you prefer a more subtle look rather than the more standard dramatic ombre look.

19Dark copper brown hair

Dark copper brown hair
Eva Longoria

Eva looks so pretty with this beautiful copper shade of dark brown. She achieved this look by starting with a dark auburn hair color and adding many lighter copper colored highlights on top. This look is distinctive and brings a lot of warmth to her complexion. The darker base color also does a fantastic job of bringing out her deep eye color.

20Dark golden brown hair with caramel highlights

honey brown hair
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer’s dark golden brown hair is so flattering and brings out her gorgeous tan. This is a universally flattering hair color that would flatter all skin tones which means that you can definitely pull this color off it you want to try it out! Although there are some reddish undertones in this color, Jennifer’s hair is mostly a shimmery golden tone which she achieves by using many caramel colored highlights.

Whether you are currently a blonde looking to become a brunette or if you are already a brunette and looking for a change, these are just some of the gorgeous brown hair colors that you can take inspiration from. As you can see from this list, even adding just a few highlights can completely freshen up your look. We hope you found this list of the best brown hair color ideas for 2017 to be a helpful resource for you as you search for your perfect brunette color!



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