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Top 5 Perm Hairstyles

Top 5 Perm Hairstyles


Perm Types: Top 5 Different Types of Perms

When most people think of perms, they think of the classic, distinctively crimped hairstyle from the 80s, which would look extremely unstylish and dated if judged by today’s beauty standards. While the idea of wearing this particular type of hairstyle should make you cringe, keep in mind that there are actually a variety of perm hairstyles that are modern, super flattering and most importantly: do not resemble a poodle’s mane more than human hair! Perms are a great way to add some texture and volume to hair that seems to remain stubbornly lifeless no matter what products or styling devices you use.

1Things To Consider

Having said that, perms are only well suited for girls who have not put their hair through many chemical treatments already. The chemicals used during the perm process are very strong and can literally break your hair off at the root if your hair is not strong to begin with. While there are few things worse than wearing a dated perm, we think burning off all your hair probably makes the cut! With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to consult with a hair professional about your hair’s history and quality before you book a perm appointment or try to give yourself a perm at home. Your stylist will let you know which perm hairstyle suits your facial structure, hair type and history, and they will guide you about what to expect from your perm over time. Regardless of the perm hairstyle that you choose to pursue, know that you will definitely need to put in some effort to ensure that you moisturize your hair sufficiently after your perm treatment. In the meantime, take a look at these gorgeous, modern perm hairstyles!

2Body Wave Perm Types

perm hairstyles
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a classic source of inspiration for girls interested in having a body wave perm done because her hair always looks amazing and effortlessly glamorous! The body wave perm adds volume, lift and a subtle waved texture to hair. It is fantastic for women who have thin, limp hair who want to add some much needed volume, or for women with fine straight hair who can’t achieve a wave that holds using standard DIY hairstyling devices like a curling iron. This type of wavy perm creates an effortlessly glamorous and stylish look by using larger rods than many other perm styles use. The larger diameter of the rod creates a wave that is loose and natural looking. Although the body wave perm is the perfect solution for women who want a subtly glamorous look, the less positive side of pursuing looser waves is that the body wave perm will not last as long as many other perm hairstyles. If you realize that your hair may be too damaged to pursue a body wave perm treatment, there are many ways you can replicate the beautiful results of this perm style. You can use large hot rollers or a curling iron with a wide barrel in order to achieve the same results as a body wave perm and spray your hair with hairspray in order to maximize the durability of your style. Although it would be easier to wake up everyday with perfectly tousled hair courtesy of a body wave perm, you can definitely achieve the same look if you put in a little extra effort everyday!

3Spiral Perm Types

perm hair
Annalynne Mccord

AnnaLynne McCord is famous for her luscious tight curls and has inspired many girls to consider getting a spiral perm in order to replicate her gorgeous curly hair! The spiral perm is great for girls who want a tighter curl throughout their hair. This curly perm hairstyle is typically achieved using specific perm rods designed to create a distinctive spiral look. Because the spiral perm creates curls that are more uniform in size than many other perm hairstyles, the spiral perm rods tend to have equally spaced divots in which the hair is placed in order to create a consistent curl throughout the length of the hair. Like all perm hairstyles, the spiral perm does relax over time, but since the curls are so tight, your hair will remain curly even when the spirals begin to loosen. The spiral perm is fantastic for girls who have naturally curly hair, but want a chemical treatment to ensure that their curls remain tight and shiny without any frizz!

4Loose Curl Perm Type

Loose perm curls
Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson’s hair is stylish and flattering with loose glossy curls that look great for any occasion! The loose perm can create a look similar to that of the body wave perm, however the loose curl perm is well suited for girls who have thicker hair than the fine haired girls who are best suited for the body wave perm. The loose curl perm, as its name would suggest, creates a gorgeously natural looking loose curl. This perm is achieved by using wide perm rods to create a luscious curl with a lot of movement. This perm style works especially well on medium to thick haired girls who already have at least a small natural wave in their hair. On the other hand, if you have tightly curled hair naturally, the loose curl perm is also a great solution if you are looking to relax your hair to create smooth, sleek loose curls. As with all of the perm hairstyles on this list, proper maintenance is important after you get your perm treatment. Permed hair requires a lot of moisture and gentle handling in order to counter act the harsh chemicals used to create the perm.

5Multi-Textured Perm Type

Gisele Bundchen hair perm
Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has one of the most famous heads of hair in the world because her mane always looks incredibly voluminous, perfectly tousled, and undeniably glamorous. In order to replicate Gisele’s incredible hair, you may want to consider getting a multi-textured perm. The secret to Gisele’s gorgeous locks is that she has a few different sizes of curls. The different sizes of the curls in her hair create a look that is dynamic and lusciously glamorous. If you want to wake up everyday with hair that resembles Gisele’s, a multi-textured perm is your best bet since the multi-textured perm is achieved by using differently sized rods in order to create curls with different sizes. Unlike the spiral perm which creates a more uniform look, this perm hairstyle intentionally creates curls that do not have a consistent look. A benefit of the multi-textured perm is that you can easily transform the way your hair looks by experimenting with different hair parts and pony tail heights. So if you’re looking for perms for long hair, the multi-textured perm looks amazing on all face shapes and hair lengths, but it creates a particularly ravishing look on girls who have long, thick hair.

6Spot Perm Type

perms for long hair
Olivia Palermo

The spot perm is a special type of perm that only targets a specific area of the hair. For example, depending on your face shape, a slight wave near your cheekbones may be flattering on otherwise straight hair. Olivia’s hair is curled only at the bottom, which is common for spot perms, and this bit of texture adds a little bit of life and movement to her otherwise straight hair. In addition to creating a flattering curl, spot perms have the benefit of being less damaging than full-head perms. Since you are only perming a small section of hair, the spot perm is the best solution for girls who may have hair that is not strong enough to undergo a full perm.

As you can see from this list, perms have come a long way since they first became popular! There are so many different types of perms for short hair and for long hair, and while the poofy tight curls from the 1980s are fun to look at or replicate for a retro themed party, we think that the perm has definitely improved for the better in recent years. Each of the perm hairstyles on this list are universally flattering, and will make your hair look absolutely amazing with no daily styling effort on your part. As a reminder, be sure to talk to a hair professional before taking the plunge and undergoing a perm treatment. While perms can look absolutely incredible, they can also cause hair loss and substantial damage if performed on hair that is not strong enough to handle the chemicals used during the process. Regardless of the perm hairstyle you choose to try out, make sure that you also talk to your hair professional about after-treatment care and any changes to expect in your hair after the treatment wears off. Perms change the chemical structure of your hair, which means that it may not look or feel the same as it used to when the effects of your perm eventually wear off. While there are a lot of things to keep in mind before deciding to perm your hair, we hope that you find this list to be an informative resource that will help you select a hair perm style that you are excited to try out!



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