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35 Birthday Outfit Ideas

Whatever you are doing for your birthday or a loved one’s birthday, make sure you are bang on trend with a super stylish outfit! It is always difficult to plan out cool outfits, especially when you are not sure if it is a glamorous occasion or a just a special dinner. You don’t need to worry, we have got you covered with our top 35 stylish birthday outfits!


If you are unsure about what to wear, and you are worried about looking too dressed up why not wear a casual outfit with a dressier jacket and shoes. Heels and a blazer can really make an outfit, and giving you the ultimate street style. This will look great for a meal out with family and friends. Burgundy is such a fashionable color at the moment, and having a blazer in this statement color will make you look your best!


The wonderful thing about monochrome outfits is that they are the perfect combination of smart yet simple. Wear pleather trousers for a sophisticated long, with a long fitted blazer. Keep your make up and accessories to a strict minimum for a classic look!

3Skater Dress

Skater dresses make a great party outfit, and you can wear them with any kind of shoes – whether you’re more of a flats kind of girl or you love your heels, this baby can go with anything. We are thinking with this to combine it with a dark red lippy for a pretty party look.

4White Blouse

White blouses can instantly look dressier if you have smart shorts! We love these gold sparkly tailored shorts, that will look stunning on a birthday night out with your girl pals! Add simple gold jewelry and nude heels that will totally compliment your tan!

5Dare To Bare

Wear a low-cut strappy vest with high waisted shorts to show the right amount of skin! Don’t be afraid to bare from time to time! Wear your smartest black coat over the top to keep your warm during those chilly nights. We think this look will just perfect for a night out at the club or at a big birthday bash! Add black court heels for a simple and elegant style!

6Swing Dresses

If you want something comfy yet stylish to wear for a birthday, swing dresses are what you need! They are flattering, as well as versatile, as you can wear them everyday. What brings this piece from casual to party is the way you acessorize it, if you wear lots of jewelry or a glamorous make up look, then this dress will look ready to party!

7White Dress

We know that white dresses are just asking for trouble. If you are as clumsy as we are, then you are probably worried about spilling something down it! We feel you, but isn’t this dress beautiful? White is a flattering color and so is the shape of this dress as it pinches you in right at the waist! Always be careful wearing white dresses as you will probably need white or skin-colored undies! The pesky lights at those clubs could reveal everything!

8Glittery Mini Dress

You are probably skeptical, but a glittery mini dress doesn’t necessarily make you look like you’re attending a Christmas party. As long is the dress is structured and bodycon, you will look like a Hollywood siren! Keep your accessories to a minimum and do a smokey eye to be the real queen of the party.

9Lace Bodycon

We love the elegance of these high neck lace dresses. Lace will forever be on trend and they instantly leave you looking sophisticated. It is one of those styles that will always be elegant. Wear with white kitten heels to your next birthday party.

10Bardot Dresses

Bardot off-the-shouder dresses make the best summer party dresses! They are sophisticated and give off a retro vibe. If you are lucky enough to have a big birthday party with a smart dress code, then why not try this look out?

11Beach House Party

If you are having your birthday at the beach or in a sunny location, be sure to wear lots of bright colors! We love this multicolored skirt, as it makes us feel so summery and glamorous! Throw on a cute black crop top and some dainty black ankle boots, oh and you have to definitely wear a fuschia lipstick!

12Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are versatile pieces that can be worn with everything, not just jeans! Wear it with a skater skirt of a similar color and matching clutch for a birthday meal out with your family. The cute skater skirt gives puts a girly spin on what is a quite a casual shirt.

13Maxi Skirts

We all have that favorite crop top or blouse that we could wear to everything, haven’t we? The thing is wearing that same outfit to every party can be pretty boring, and you will tend to look the same in all the photos! Change it up a bit by wearing that favorite top with a maxi skirt instead. We recommend adding a thin leather belt to add structure to your outfit.

14Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan collars on shirts or dresses are not only cute, but will never look scruffy or too casual! We love this simple yet elegant look with classic pearl earrings. This look is so classy and the dress does all the talking!

15Dressy Rompers

The great thing about rompers is that you can get casual or smart ones. Dusty pink in these fitted styles are absolutely gorgeous, and on trend at the moment! These are flattering on any body shape and dusty pink will look lush on any skin tone. If you are the birthday girl, wear something like this to stand out from the crowd!

16Birthday Date

If you are lucky enough to have a special someone who is taking you out for the day, we think this look would look cute for a nice day out at the park or at the zoo. It is dressy but not too much for wondering about town! Can we just add that we love the back of that shirt?

17Electric Blue

Add a bit of color to your special day with this gorgeous electric blue dress! It is a shade that is flattering for everyone. It will look amazing with blonde tossled hair and sparkly shoes. Electric blue will make everyone stop and stare at you!

18Shorts and Wedges

If you are a little too scared to wear heels, because let’s face it, waddling to the buffet is hardly hot is it? Then get yourself some platform wedges! Team them with shorts to give your little pins a boost! Wedges slim down your legs and are soooo comfy to wear!

19Office Chic

This look works in the office or at a smart-casual dinner date. If you are going to a super chic restaurant in town for your birthday, then dress up for the occasion! Without going overboard, you can look classy and cute!

20Splash Out

Expensive shoes can make any outfit instantly party-ready. Why not splash out on some pricey ankle boots? Come on, it is your birthday! These boots make such a difference to what would be a rather casual outfit, they look effortless and are practical for a birthday day out!

21Nude Outfit Ideas

Nude colors are maybe a Kardashian favorite but they can be yours too! This outfit is so flawless and for skirt-shy girls, you can still look incredible! Be sure to match your accessories to your nude statement jacket or blouse. We are in love with this bag!

22Wide-Leg Trousers

A retro piece that is making its comeback! You have probably seen lots of stars rocking wide-leg trousers at film premieres or at award shows – and they are right too! They make your legs look longer and you can wear any of your favorite crop tops with them! They make a change from dresses and skirts and make your party look truly unique!

23Baggy Dress

Baggy dresses can be worn any time but with the right accessories can make quite the birthday look! If you are going on a birthday shopping trip with your friends, make sure to look gorge with an effortless look. Add a discreet bit of color with this awesome burgundy bag.

24Flower Girl

We are thinking this dress with light pink heels for an outdoor party! You will look and feel a million Dollars on your big day! We want this dress for our next birthday party!

25Rock Chick

If your style is more rock or grunge then why not add that to your birthday look? We want these snake skin heels in our wardrobe! The classic LBD is perfect for any occasion and especially for your birthday! Wear unusual shoes to add a twist to a classic style.

26Orange Is The New Black

Orange and black are a brilliant combo that we can’t get enough of! It adds a bit of summer freshness to your birthday outfit. Layer a few basic necklaces with a low cut top to not flash too much flesh!

27Glitter And Pleather

We love this outfit as the two different materials look so great together! This sequin top is made of several colors giving it an awesome mirror effect. This will look great on olive skin or darker skin tones!

28Peplum Tops

A peplum top and a tight skirt make the ultimate party outfit! You will look on point on your birthday with this party-ready look! The peplum shape of the top compliments any body shape and gives you a super small waist!


Who said studs were 003 Avril Lavigne? Stud bracelets and studded clutches add an edge to your birthday look. They look so perfect with white high waisted shorts and a beautiful pink blouse.

30Splash Of Neon and Wedges

This outfit will blow your mind! Neon colors look great for your birthday and make a change from your typical LBD or blazer look. Everyone will be admiring you on your special day! We love these hot pink wedges!

31Pencil Skirt

If you want to be at the top of your game, wear a fake leather pencil skirt, it will cling onto every curve and show you off! Wear this with a nude top and accessories for a flattering look that could never fail! For a birthday night out or a big party, you need this outfit to be the belle of the ball!

32Lovely Lilac

We love a bit of lilac to brighten our day! This outfit will look stunning in photos of your big day! If your skin is tanned or dark then lilac will look lush, especially with platinum blonde, lilac or grey hair. The only accessory you should add is a lilac or pink clutch to match.

33Midi Dresses

Mid-length dresses are so sexy and glamorous. Top tip for a super elegant outfit – keep your colors to a minimum, your outfit should be made of 3 colors maximum! Here, this outfit made of marine blue and beige is just the classiest outfit ever!

34Patterned Trousers

Patterned trousers are a great birthday piece – if you are a bit concerned about looking overdressed, patterned trousers are the way to go! Keep your top simple and elegant, we love the layering of this sweater and collared shirt!

35Birthday Blue

You can never have too much floral and this outfit proves this! We are really liking the touch of pink in every piece, this is the ideal look for the girliest birthday girl. Avoid too much jewelry to look like you’re going to prom!

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