35 Polyvore Outfits

Polyvore Outfit Ideas for spring

Casual and Cute Outfits Polyvore For Spring

It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut. We’ve all gotten into the routine of wearing the same things in our closet, the same way over and over again. This is why it’s great to gain a little style inspiration every once in a while. Even if you don’t have all of the exact pieces in an outfit, looking at different outfits can help you see the items in your closets a bit differently and in turn, wear them different. We love Polyvore outfit collages for this exact reason, check out some of our favorites right now for ideas.

1Transitioning Black into Spring

This is perfect for those chillier spring days. While it’s still not really hot outside, incorporating black in combination with lighter color neutrals is an ideal transition palette. Mix and match different textures together like these suede boots, denim jeans, flowy top, etc. to complete the transitioning outfit.

2Chic in Beige

Beige and similar color tones are a big trend for spring, wearing them in a monochromatic look is another trend. We adore the softness this look has with the light feel of the color scheme. One key when styling a monochromatic outfit is to incorporate varying textures and fabrics.

3Minimalist Styled

Minimalist dressing can leave many women hesitant to give it a try, this outfit is gorgeous inspiration to try the trend. Each piece compliments one another with subtle details making it stand out. The strappy top, crop top fit, striped skirt are simple details that make a big impact.

4Edgy in Stripes

Love edgy style? You will love recreating this outfit. Denim skirts are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe for spring and summer – it’s the ideal jeans alternative! Give the denim skirt an edgy twist with a black striped blouse, black choker and chunky sandals.

5Styling Textures

This outfit is incorporating some of the seasons biggest trends, without it being too much. Denim shorts are (obviously) a must for every woman this time of year, leading into summer. Give your shorts a whole different look by styling them with a plaid blazer and pointed toe flats. It’s unexpected but dresses up the shorts beautifully.

6Spring Color Palette

By now you’re probably tired of wearing all the dark neutrals to the office. This outfit is so cute for springtime at work. It’s made up of workwear basics, just in lighter colors. The key for springtime workwear is switching the darker hues for lighter options.

7Sporty Casual Vibes

We know you don’t want to get dressed up EVERY day this season. Style a casual outfit with a sporty twist to look great even on your casual time. All you need is a great pair of distressed denim jeans, a t-shirt with a little style to it, and simple white sneakers. We’re going to go ahead and assume you already have everything you need hanging in your closet as you read this.

8Add a Pop of Color

Adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit can make a huge impact on the entire look. We know neutrals are just so easy to wear, especially for your workwear. Give your neutrals an instant shift by layering one piece that’s a pop of color, like this coral blazer.

9Dressing Up Denim Shorts

Ok, we’re in love with this outfit. If this isn’t one of the most chic denim shorts outfits you’ve ever seen we’d love to know what is! The great thing about denim shorts is their versatility, much like denim jeans you can dress them up or down quite beautifully. This outfit is a prime example of taking your denim shorts out for a night out.

10Textured Monochrome

Depending on where you live, you still may not be quite ready to put your fur jackets away. For those chilly spring days this is a great way to stay warm but still feel like you’re in the spring season. Combining pieces from both winter and spring together in one outfit gives you the ultimate seasonal transition outfit.

11Spring Flared

Isn’t this outfit so cute?! Flared trousers aren’t just for the office anymore. Style them with a simple white t-shirt and denim jacket for a casual vibe. This outfit is great for brunch or a casual dinner during the spring months.

12Playful Flowers

Please hold while we obsess over this romper! If spring was a romper, this would be it. It’s stylish, frilly and filled with a light color palette – everything we associate with the spring season. When rocking a statement making romper like this keep your accessories subtle to let it be the focal point.

13Statement Making Pants

Make a statement with a chic pair of printed pants like these. One thing to keep in mind when choosing printed pants is to choose a print that offers a color palette that’s fairly neutral in that it can be worn easily with different colors. This print is a great choice because it’s primarily white with touches of black and grey. A great choice for spring!

14Gingham for Spring

Gingham is one of those prints that’s trendy every spring and summer. We’ll never get enough of it! Something about it feels new and fresh every year, too. Try a gingham pant this spring for something different. It’s a versatile print that’s actually quite easy to style.

15Shine Bright with Edge

Silky blouses are highly underused in fashion, they’re chic and versatile. We love the color of this blouse for a modern twist. Because the blouse is stunning on its own you don’t need a lot to style a complete outfit. Black pants, shoes and accessories perfectly compliment the color and add some edge to the look.

16Crop it for Spring

Crop tops continue to hold their reign as a HUGE trend this year. Even if you have a casual tank crop top you can style it to make it feel dressier for the spring. Pair the top with a high waisted, form hugging skirt and open toed sandals. The top and skirt are a great pair so you don’t need a lot of accessories for a completed outfit.

17Grey Spring Days

Ankle booties have been a go-to for most women for the past couple of years, this winter it was all about a snake skin bootie and the good news is you can easily transition them into the spring with an outfit like this. Compliment the snake skin with a spring flare by styling them with light was denim and a grey sweater.

18Feminine Touches

Lacey bodysuits are definitely having a moment right now. They are perfection if you want to add a sexy touch to any look, even something casual. Pair it with denim and a structured jacket so you’re not showing TOO much.

19Chic Simplicity

Ladies, let’s face it…sometimes we over style our outfits and we really don’t have to. When you combine great pieces together in one look less really is more. Distressed skinny jeans are one of the best go-tos for casual outfits. Elevate their chic level with a silk blouse and classic accessories.

20Trendy Neutrals

This outfit combines quite a few major trends for the season but because the color palette is pretty neutral it doesn’t feel like too much. Don’t be afraid to combine a couple of different trends together in one outfit. Ideal for a night out!

21Casual Meets Stylish

22Styling Sneakers

23Overall Nostalgia

24Springtime Staples

25Pastels Styled

26Easy Dressing

27Plaid for Spring

28Clueless Inspired

29Polka Dots Fashion

30Lady in Red

31Springing in Street Style

32Striped for Spring

33Soft Monochromatic

34Floral for Work

35Springtime Blues


Now that we’re well into a new season there’s no better time to gain some style inspiration. Change of seasons means you’re probably going to start wearing some different items in your wardrobe because hello – warmer weather! As exciting as warmer weather can be you’ve also probably gotten used to your winter wardrobe staples. It takes a little bit to fully get into the groove of the seasonal shift wardrobe-wise. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to go through your closet to do any necessary purging. Marie Kondo, your wardrobe to make the transition into spring even more enjoyable. In all seriousness, the change of seasons is perfect for this so you can start the season with a freshly purged closet – preferably freshly organized too!

Spring can be a tricky time of year to dress because the weather fluctuates quite a bit (depending upon where exactly you live, of course). There are days that are still quite chilly sprinkled in with warmer days – making styling outfits even trickier. This is exactly why we gathered up a variety of different outfits for you to gain inspiration from. We wanted to make sure you were covered no matter what the spring weather was like.

The start of a new season means you will begin to transition into new wardrobe staples for the season, but it also means we’re going to be welcoming a whole new slew of trends. Of course, we start seeing some of the trends prior to the season actually beginning. Now is when the latest trends are in full force in stores. This season we have some pretty fun trends to have fun within our style. Everything from crop tops to small sunnies and beyond are filtered into some of these outfits for you to try.


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