Funny Love Quotes For Him And Her

Funny Love quotes for him and her

Funny Relationship Quotes

Relationships should not be all serious all the time. I mean, come on, how may times have you and your boo argued over dumb things only to end up laughing over it five minutes later? Relationships can certainly be funny at times. And by embracing that, your relationship will only grow stronger. So, here are some funny love quotes for him and her that will have you saying, ‘wow, that’s way too accurate’.

1You Got Two Hands

Everyone is a handful sometimes. But, it’s a good reminder of the reason you have two hands. So, suck it up and deal with your boo with all that you’ve got because they are worth it.

2I Miss You Like

Sometimes you just really miss bae. And, that’s ok. It’s nice to have someone to miss and it’s nice to be missed by someone who really truly cares about you.

3I want To Send You Something

Long distance is hard and sometimes intimacy can be a major stressor when you haven’t seen each other in a long time. So, learn how to get creative to bring the romance back into your LDR.

4Who They Really Are

We have all seen our significant others react crazy during stressful situations. Just make sure you can handle it before you marry them. You don’t want to go through life with someone who can’t handle things smoothly.

5The Other Is You

In every relationship, there is a partner who thinks they are always right. And, hey, sometimes they are! But, sometimes, they are just a pain in the butt who needs to be told sometimes that they are wrong.

6I Might Eat Something

Cheating in a relationship can sometimes ruin everything. But, eating your boo’s food that they were saving for later could also be a relationship-wrecker. Train your sweet-tooth to resist that last slice of pie.

7I Plan On Bugging You

When you really love someone, sometimes all you want to do is bug them all day with cute texts and bear hugs. And, that’s totally acceptable. If they agreed to be with you, they should be prepared.

8You Tripped Me

Sometimes love catches you off-guard. But, those are the best relationships; the ones you don’t see coming. Sometimes we don’t fall in love, sometimes we trip and fall; it’s much less graceful, but none the less special.

9Relationship Status

Relationships are not always defined. Sometimes, it’s an organic formation that is just happening and you can’t do anything to stop it. This may cause some confusion, but you’ll figure it out eventually.

10Go Crazy

LDRs can be a killer. They can make people think and do the craziest of things. Try to remember to keep a balanced head when talking to your love. The distance is not their fault. And, they are hating it just as much as you.

11Dear Love Of My Life

Sometimes we annoy the people we love the most. But, it’s not our fault that we just want to be around them every second of every day! They should be grateful we love them that much.

12Mood Swings

Sometimes, us girls, can’t help ourselves when it comes to our moods. But, it’s so damn attractive when a guy can keep up with our constant emotions. If you can handle that, you can handle anything!

13Are You Still Mad?

Sexual attraction is the quickest way to solve an argument with your boo. So, throw on a low-cut shirt and a mini skirt and walk around the house until he gives in.

14Done Arguing

There is always one person in the relationship who has to have the last word. And, man, that can be infuriating. Learning to ignore this last-minute mumbler will solve so many arguments.

15My Milkshake Brings

Some of us just have the worse luck when it comes to relationships. It seems we are destined for the worst of the bunch. But, when you become aware, you will be able to pick them out much better.


Girls are always hungry. They always are down for a little snacky-snack. So, if you are trying to secure the love of your life, reel her in with a nice cheese and cracker plate or a bag of Fritos.

17Who Wears The Pants?

It’s great when couples are head-over-heels attracted to each other. Intimacy in a relationship is just as important as emotional intimacy. So, do your best to keep the fire going!

18Your Opinion

Sometimes in a relationship, you just want to vent to your partner. You don’t want them giving their opinion, you just want them to nod and listen and say, ‘you’re right’.


Deciding where to eat will always be the biggest relationship set-back. Either you have no opinion or too many opinions. But, once you start getting hangry, there is no pleasing you until there is a fry in your mouth.

20Healthy Relationship

Everyone hates the couples that are all over Facebook with each other. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative; it just shouldn’t be there for everyone to see. It is YOUR relationship, not the world’s.

21We’re Even

22For You

23Trying To Be Cranky

24My Butt Is Bigger

25Super Mad

26Wanna Workout?

27Falling For You

28Even When I’m Hungry

29Deal With It

30Olive You Berry

31Shouting What From Other Rooms

32However Long

33Nothing Is Impossible

34You Are the Peanut Butter

35Life-Saving Body Heat

36Boring Things


38You bake me crazy

39I just want you

40You make my heart beet

41I promise to always be by your side

42I know it’s corny..

43I want to be the reason quote

44Missing you pig time!

45I promise to love you

46You’re Shrimply

47Love you from my head To-Ma-Toes


These funny love quotes for him and her remind us that relationships are not serious all the time. Actually, most of the time they are quite funny. Hopefully, yours is full of love and laughter, just like these quotes.

Some of these funny relationship quotes comment on the silly arguments we have with our lovers. These arguments could be over ridiculously small things such as where to eat or who gets to pick the movie you are watching for date night. And, even though these are small things, they can certainly lead to heated arguments. Especially if you and your boo spend a lot of time together.

On the other hand, some of these quotes have to do with how crazy in love two people can be about each other when they are in a strong relationship. It’s so important to enjoy the company of your significant other on a daily basis and in every way. And, even if your overwhelming feelings of love make you want to bug and annoy your bae all day every day, they should feel absolutely blessed that they have someone who cares so deeply about them. And, bonus points to you two if you want to get down and dirty with each other all the time. Physical intimacy is super important in a committed relationship- just as important as emotional intimacy.

Hopefully, these funny relationship quotes reminded you why you love your boo thang so dang much!


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