Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

35 Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Brides to be have a lot of stress in the time leading up to their wedding. If you’re currently in the wedding planning phase, we definitely don’t have to remind you of that. Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding day is a big part of that planning process. There are so many different styles of wedding dresses. Long sleeve wedding dresses have gained a lot of popularity, with good reason. If you’re a bride feeling drawn to a long sleeve wedding dress you’re in the right place because we’re sharing some of our favorite designs to help you find your dress.

1Off-the-Shoulder Lace

This long sleeve dress is a beautiful way to wear long sleeves, while still showing a touch of skin with the off the shoulder neckline. Not only does the neckline add a touch of sexiness to the dress, but it’s also a way to open up the neckline for figure flattery. Plus, the neckline balances the larger skirt.

2Backless Statement

If you’re a bride to be who’s drawn to dresses that are simplistic in design this is a stunning option. We love that the overall shape of the dress is classic and simple with a figure hugging fit. The open back opens up the dress to show off your shape a bit, tastefully.

3The Bohemian Bride

Bohemian brides this is all for you! This dress is stunning and perfectly represents a bohemian aesthetic. It’s got the free-flowing elements throughout the dress, all in the gorgeous lace fabric. We love the design within the lace and bell sleeves here.

4Unconventional Boho Sleeves

This is a great example of how a long sleeve wedding dress isn’t just for the conventional, traditional bride. Another dress that perfectly encompasses a bohemian vibe. Even though this dress covers the body, complete with a high neck, the touches of sheer material breaks up the material without showing a lot of skin.

5Timeless Elegance

The epitome of timeless elegance! This dress is absolutely stunning, isn’t it? You don’t need to have a wedding dress with embellishments, lace, and a lot of details to choose a dress that’s a stand out. With a dress like this it’s all about ensuring that you have the proper fit – tailoring will be key!

6Embellished Meets Statement Skirt

We are in awe of this dress. The combination of the embellished sleeves and top with larger satin skirt are everything. It gives you the best of both worlds, being covered while still showing just a HINT of skin with the sheer element of the top.

7Glamorous Embellishing

Glamour girls, sing your praise for this beauty! The overall shape of the dress is a classic mermaid fit. However, it got a unique twist with the embellished overlay on the material, sheer sleeves and sweetheart neckline. Modern meets glamour!

8Free Flowing Bride

Wedding dresses don’t have to be form fitting to look chic. For the free flowing bride a dress like this is for you. The material flows with your shape for a comfortable wedding dress. We love the deep v-neckline and cinched waist detail to add a some contrast to the flowing material.

9Glitz and Glam Bride

We were speechless when we came across this long sleeve wedding dress. The material is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and we’re in love with it. While the material is quite glamorous and over the top, the long sleeves add a touch of traditionalism to the dress.

10Long Sleeve Glam

The sheer overlay on this wedding dress adds a whole new element to the entire piece. Perfection for the bride who wants to be glamorous, in a bit of a subtle manner. We are in love with the juxtaposition of long sleeves with a deep v-neckline to create a beautiful balance.

11Modern Hemline

Want to show off your wedding shoes? A high-low hemline gives you the option to rock killer shoes everyone can admire on your wedding day. Not only is the hemline a unique element, it gives great balance to the long sleeve top if you don’t want to be TOTALLY covered on your big day.

12Sheer High Neck

High necklines like this are often associated with conservative brides, but that doesn’t mean any bride can choose this type of neckline. We love the way this particular high neckline dress is combined with the sheer material and cinched waist. It’s figure flattering and romantic!

13Lace Placement

All lace wedding dress not really your thing? While lace is a popular wedding dress choice, not every bride wants a dress made entirely of lace. We are in love with the way this particular long sleeve dress adds lace strategically throughout the dress to give you the texture minimally.

14Modern Lace Mermaid

Long sleeve wedding dresses can be chic and sexy. If you didn’t think so, we’re sure this dress is changing your mind. The form fitting mermaid silhouette is a great choice for a bride who wants to embrace her shape. Long sleeves with lace and sheer combined is a winning combination.

15Simple Lace

Sometimes less is more and this dress is proof of that. It’s a simple dress silhouette that’s taken up a notch with the lace overlay and slight open neckline. Perfection for a bride who wants something with an effortless feel on her special day.

16Lace Elegance

Classic wedding dress gets a unique twist with these sheer lace sleeves. It’s an interesting, unexpected take on long sleeves for a wedding dress. Even though the sleeves have a bit of sheerness you still get coverage from them for a timeless look.

17Long Sleeve Princess

If you want to look and feel like the ultimate princess on your wedding day, a dress like this may be what you’re looking for. The large a-line skirt adds drama to the dress, and is perfectly paired with the form fitting top complete with lace long sleeves.

18Asymmetrical Long Sleeves

We instantly fell in love with the structure of the skirt on this dress. The asymmetric design is unique enough to stand out, but maintains a beautiful timeless appeal. We’re all about the addition of the lace long sleeve top and deep v-neck to compliment the special skirt detail.

19Wedding Textures Combined

Add personality to your wedding dress with combined textures. Your dress should showcase your personality. Lace paired with silky satin is the epitome of wedding vibes. As classic as this dress is it’s still unique because the opposing textures.

20Boat Neck Belted

Try different necklines when selecting a long sleeve wedding dress. Different necklines can completely change the way the dress looks. Boat necklines are a unique option that always pairs well with long sleeves. It opens up to bring focus to your face without a low neck.

21Conservative Stylized

22Statement Making Train

23Open Back Beauty

24Bridal Details

25Timelessly A-Lined

26Elaborate Sleeves

27Lace Sleeves, Updated

28Timeless with a Twist

29Classic Long Sleeves

30Modern Lace Bride

31Trendsetting Bride

32Figure Hugging in Lace

33Two-Piece Wedding Style

34Structured in Sleeves

35Statement Details


Long sleeve wedding dresses have definitely been making their mark on the bridal world. Gone are the days of long sleeve dresses reserved for the traditional bride. Regardless of the type of bride, or wedding, you’re having there’s a long sleeve wedding dress that will suit your preferences beautifully. Whether you’ve always known you wanted to wear a long sleeve wedding dress or not, we suggest all brides to be try on at least a couple long sleeve options during their dress journey – you never know what you’ll end up falling in love with!

You probably didn’t realize just how many different style long sleeve wedding dresses are out there, did you? We didn’t initially either! For the bohemian bride we adore the two piece lace long sleeve dress. The two piece fit combined with long sleeves makes the dress timeless while honoring a bohemian aesthetic. For the bride who’s drawn to dresses with a modern, more glamorous feel we’re absolutely obsessed with the embellished top/sleeves in some of these dresses. The embellishment detail adds that gorgeous touch of glam, while keeping your arms covered to keep the timeless look that’s essential for brides.

As you begin (or continue) your search to find the wedding dress of your dreams we encourage you to focus on a dress that truly speaks to who you are as an individual. It’s your wedding, after all! The great thing about the bridal industry today is there are, quite literally, thousands and thousands of wedding dress options available to us. Don’t get frustrated if you feel like you haven’t found ‘the one’ quite yet, don’t rush the process. Keep an open mind and try a variety of different styles, fits and designs.

Hopefully this list of long sleeve dresses gives you some inspiration on your wedding dress search!


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