35 Bridal Shower Outfits


35 Bridal Shower Outfits

Wedding season is upon us and with that comes invitations to multiple wedding-related events. Everything from bachelorette parties to bridal showers and, of course, wedding ceremonies. It’s a fun time of year to spend time with loved ones and celebrate love. While it is an exciting time, coming up with an appropriate outfit to wear to each of these events can be a task in itself. Bridal showers often come with a lot of question in the style department. You may not know where to even start to choose an outfit for a bridal shower. To help ease the stress we’ve rounded up 35 bridal shower outfits we love, that are sure to guide you to choose the perfect outfit.

1Lace Midi Dress

We can’t get enough of this stunning look. If the bridal shower calls for a bit more of a formal outfit this is a great option. Lace gives the outfits an ultra-feminine vibe. The midi length is fashion forward and sophisticated.

2Boss Babe Blazer

Bridal showers, being all about the bride, tend to have a natural feminine vibe to them. For the boss babe who wants to step out in style a blazer dress is the way to go. The plaid pattern adds a level of softness to the blazer style making it totally appropriate for a bridal shower.

3Chic Black Pants

Whether it’s still cold out or you just prefer wearing pants, we love a classic black trouser outfit. High waisted pants are flattering and timeless – making them a win all around. Style them with an elegant sheer and/or lace blouse in white to add depth to the outfit.

4Feminine Maxi Dress

The great thing about maxi dresses is their versatility. A maxi dress with a defined waist and slit makes the silhouette figure flattering so you don’t get lost in a lot of fabric, as many maxi dresses tend to do. Dress it up and add a bit of contrast with black strappy heels and clutch.

5Bright Springtime Vibe

This outfit screams springtime vibes, doesn’t it? Once the warmer weather comes around we’re all ready to brighten up our outfits. Try a bright dress or two-piece outfit for a bridal shower look that’s sure to stand out. Keep accessories minimal to prevent over styling.

6Classic Suit

If your personal style is classic to the core, this outfit is for you. Keep it simple with a grey or black tailored suit. Pair the suit with strappy heels and a lace top to add a bridal shower twist to the look.

7Something Blue

Even if you’re not the bride you can add ‘something blue’ to the festivities with an outfit like this. The dress itself is a classic shift dress but the pop of cobalt blue elevates the outfit and makes it feel like business and more bridal shower.

8The New Pant Suit

Pant suits have gotten a makeover recently and we’re here for it. If you’re a fashionista this is an outfit to recreate. The high waisted, cropped pants elongate the leg line and give the otherwise classic outfit a whole new feel. Proof pant suits don’t have to be traditional!

9Stylish A-Line Dress

This dress is the epitome of bridal shower chic, don’t you think? The deep v-neckline, cinched waist and a-line skirt is perfection. Gorgeous whether you’re the bride or a guest of the shower! Because the dress is such a statement on its own, few accessories are needed here.

10Dressed Casual

Dresses aren’t always a formal option, but they’re definitely always a great style option. Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much easier than putting on a dress. If the bridal shower you’re attending is on the casual side but you still want the ease of a dress – denim dresses are the answer.

11Jewel Toned

The perfect combination of dressy and casual, for a shower that’s somewhere in the middle. Pairing opposing styles together is a great way to style a balanced look. In this outfit the emerald green color for the dress gives it a more dressed up feel and the suede block heels add a casual touch.

12Spring Floral Maxi

There’s never been a maxi dress so perfect for a springtime bridal shower, in our opinion. The silhouette of this particular maxi dress is simple and flattering, with a defined waistline, but it’s the stunning floral print that makes this a stand out start.

13Printed Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are a great alternative to mini skirts because they give you a bit more of a conservative look, but allow you to still have some fun with your style. Try a bold printed midi skirt with fun details for a fashionable bridal shower look. Keep accessories neutral to compliment the skirt and let it be the focal point of the outfit.

14Sheer Maxi Flow

This maxi dress gives you the best of both worlds, the length of a maxi dress with a touch of mini dress vibes because of the sheerness. The sheer fabric gives the dress a soft flow that’s gorgeous for a bridal shower outfit.

15Pop of Pink

Want to stand out from the crowd? Well, wearing a hot pink dress will do the trick! The length of this pink dress is flattering without being too short or tight. We love the pop of white in the necklace for an unexpected color block, too.

16Lace Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are universally flattering, not to mention versatile. Opting for a lace pencil skirt is a great alternative to the traditional business woman options we so often see, especially for a bridal shower. Lace is a go-to fabric for feminine aesthetic. Keep it simple with a white t-shirt and neutral pumps for a classy look.

17Edgy Meets Feminine

Edgy fashionistas, this one is for you. Seriously though…how incredible is this outfit? The dress’s silhouette is classic and rather conservative with a high neckline and a-line skirt. We love the edgy upgrade the dress got with leather.

18Mixing Styles

Mixing pieces that are seemingly opposite in style personality is a style trick to create an outfit that’s unique to you. This outfit is a great example of how you can mix a super girly piece with an edgy piece for a gorgeous outfit.

19Go Bold

If you’re a woman who loves to have fun with color and print this is the outfit of your dreams, and you can most definitely wear it to a bridal shower. While the leopard print jacket and a pink outfit are bold statement they work for a bridal shower because of their timeless shape. Don’t be afraid to show up to a shower in your true style persona.

20Classic in Color

This long sleeve dress is on the conservative side but the lilac colors gives is an instant upgrade, in addition to the mini lilac handbag. Showing us simplicity is gorgeous!

21Trendy Pants

Pants can be cozy AND chic, this look is proof of that. While the pants are loose in shape the defined waistline adds some balance and figure flattery. Because pants like this are rather trendy and a statement, keep the rest of the look subtle with black textures.

22Skirt and Sweats

This outfit is giving us a bit of an athleisure vibe with the top almost having a sweatshirt type of look. We are living for the combination here. Who knew a top this simple could look so gorgeous? It perfectly matches the floral pleated midi skirt for a bridal shower look that will stun!

23Dress with Over the Knee Boots

Whether it’s still a little cold out at the time of the bridal shower, or you’re just a boot kind of woman this outfit is everything. The mini floral dress adds a spring/summer vibe, when paired with over the knee suede boots it adds a stylish twist.

24Dressed Up Flats

Wearing flats doesn’t have to mean you’re dressed casually. Toe loafers are a great option if heels aren’t an option for you. We love the pop of leopard print these flats add to the outfit for even more style.

25Pleated Skirt

A minimalist style dream! Pleated skirts always feel fresh and stylish. The blush color of this skirt gives us the feminine vibe we adore for a bridal shower. Compliment the dress with a simple top and pumps, you can skip accessories or add a necklace.

26Jumpsuit Style

Jumpsuits are often forgotten as a style option for special occasions. They look just as great as a dress and are easier than separates because they’re one piece. The defined waist adds structure to this jumpsuit and makes the legs look super model long.

27Blue Monochrome

Monochromatic outfits are a huge trend this year, you can adapt the trend with ANY color scheme. The blue shades in this outfit elevate the classic pieces. Perfect for a spring bridal shower event!

28Denim Dressed Up

Heading to a casual bridal shower? Dressing up skinny jeans is a go-to route to go for a casual event. Layer a bright color blazer, statement necklace and unexpected clutch to give jeans new life.

29Classic A-Line Skirt

Most women have a simple a-line skirt in their wardrobe, they are a wardrobe staple. Take the skirt to a bridal shower that’s on the casual side with a striped tee, flats and cardigan. Simple, easy and comfortable.

30Denim and Frill

If you’re attending a bridal shower that seems to be a bit casual, but you’re not quite sure HOW casual this is an outfit to recreate. It merges the casual aesthetic of a denim jacket with a bit of a dressy touch with a pleated skirt and heels.

31Minimalist Dress with Edge

It doesn’t get much easier than this outfit. A simple turtleneck dress with a belt at the waist is fashionable, appropriate and flattering. Add an edgy touch with pointed toe booties.

32Soft Pink

Velvet is a fun and trendy fabric to wear, particularly when it’s in a cute dress like this. Balance the velvet’s shine with leather accessories.

33Classy Lace and Blazer

Keep it classy and conservative with a lace shift dress and beige blazer. The colors complement one another so well. Combining different textures makes the look feel fresh!

34Draped Chicly

This dress is major bridal shower goals, if you ask us. While it’s super flowy it doesn’t overwhelm the shape at all, in fact it does the opposite. A stylish clutch and lace up nude heels are ideal finishing touches.

35Contrasting Pieces

Color blocking is a fun way to elevate an outfit. The white blazer and tank are fairly classic but when paired with bright yellow pants they get a whole different look.

36Floral Print Dress

Another example of a sexy and chic floral dress, that’s perfect for summer bridal parties.


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