Yoga Brands: 10 Best Yoga Clothing Brands For Yoga Lovers

best yoga brands

Yoga Brands: 10 Best Yoga Clothing Brands

Just like any other sport, yoga requires comfortable, breathable and special workout essentials as well. With all the old classics (such as Nike and Adidas) and all the new, upcoming activewear yoga brands, you might get a little lost in the maze of gym wear, but with these 10 best yoga clothing brands, you are definitely set for a great yoga experience!

1Lulu Lemon

We couldn’t start our list with anyone else but the absolute queen of activewear, Lulu Lemon. Besides all the gorgeous running leggings and workout tops, Lulu Lemon also offers a wide range of yoga clothing items, ranging from leggings to bralettes and tops. What makes Lulu Lemon so special and one of the biggest activewear brands out there, chosen by millions of women each year? Their items are made especially for different workout types. From the materials (such as added Lycra and breathable mesh) to the smallest design details (hidden pockets, no-dig waistband and laser-cut detailing), Lulu Lemon makes sure to create something unique with every workout outfit. Our favorites from the range would have to be the laser cut leggings with the special Full-On Luxtreme fabric and the Free To Be Serene Bra, which features a pretty cross-body back.

2MIKA Yoga Wear

Another fun and youthful yoga brand is MIKA, created by Laura, a founder who has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Besides relying on her past experiences and knowledge when creating different designs, Laura also has an amazing, small team who help her out with sourcing and creating the garments, and the results are absolutely breathtaking. Bold colors, unique combination, fun shapes and patterns and high-quality materials: these are the first words that come to our mind when describing MIKA Yoga Wear pieces, and besides their stunning clothing items, MIKA also has lots of different values that we adore, such as rejecting photoshoping their campaign images and their models’ bodies. If we had to choose only one thing from their collection, it would have to be the Lucina Mesh leggings, which features a beautiful, high-quality mesh panel.

3Lily Lotus

Living colorfully, mindfully and beautifully – this is the motto of Lily Lotus, the youthful and hip activewear brand, which has prospered into the collection of everyday glam and sporty chic. Lily Lotus is an eco-friendly brand that promotes healthy lifestyle, environmental consciousness and the importance of being fit and active. With the color choices, patterns and high-quality materials (that will keep you comfy during the hardest yoga workouts as well), their pieces clearly represent their positive mindset and careful attention to detail. To make sure you are ready for each season, they bring out four different, stunning collections every year, featuring different shades, designs, and patterns. To ensure their products are high-quality and eco-friendly, Lily Lotus creates every garment in the USA, using low impact dyes and ethically sourced materials. Our favorite from their collection is the Roll-Capri Spiral Wash Lunar with its beautiful color combination of pink and purple.


Designed in Los Angeles, Montiel captures the vibe of effortless simplicity. The brand believes in quality over quantity and only works with the best materials to ensure you can fully enjoy your yoga and meditation sessions. Their designs focus on clean lines and shapes with a wide range of color options from simple black and white to bright orchid, tangerine, and candy pink. Another amazing thing about their lines is that pieces can be mixed and matched easily – rock a Capri with a sports bra or choose full-length leggings with a teardrop bra. Instead of loud patterns, Montiel focuses on the different shapes with pieces such as their Trixy Bra or Mia Bra.

5Live The Process

Live The Process is a beautiful luxury sportswear brand based in the USA. Just like DharmaBums, they also create each of their clothing items individually and ethically in local areas, guaranteeing a high-quality. Besides their clothing lines, they are also really invested in the philosophy of sport and its physical, emotiation and intellectual effect on the body and mind. Every design is carefully thought through and represents a different kind of style and personality – their line ranges from simple, seamless beige leggings to color block, contour bras with vivid shades. Besides wearing it to yoga classes, their tops can also function as everyday clothing items, which makes us love Live The Process even more! Similarly to their designs, the fabrics and different materials are also picked carefully, ensuring a comfortable and practical wear time. This brand is the perfect choice for you if you’d like to splurge a bit on your activewear wardrobe and choose a timeless piece that will stick with you for years.

6Daughters of Culture

Diversity and functionality meet personality in Daughters of Culture. As a free spirited, fun and youthful clothing brand, Daughters of Culture offers a large variety of bras and leggings, as well as accessories and everyday dresses if you’d like to take their style to the streets as well. Their pieces are made from recycled and ethical materials while employing local workers to consciously help the environment around them. And after looking at the results and various designs, we are completely in love with this brand! The patterns, the exciting color palettes, and combinations, the exciting designs of the bras and the story behind the whole brand is just inspiring. “The collection of trend-driven pieces reflects the everyday woman’s lifestyle, meant to be worn effortlessly.” Besides yoga classes, you can also rock their collection to the gym, to a dance or CrossFit class! Our favorite from their collection is definitely the Royal Flower Gypset Legging, made from a soft, poly spandex and non-transparent material.

7Outdoor Voices

Created for the active person who loves having fun and who is never afraid of new challenges, the brand Outdoor Voices have a versatile collection of activewear, including both men, women and kids line. Outdoor Voices can be best described as a simplistic, straightforward brand with a clear vision of supporting activeness and experimenting with sports. Their lines are very clean and minimalistic, made from stunning high-quality materials that will last you years and years. Besides their signature all-beige and all-black sets, there are some color block tops and leggings in their collection as well if you’d like to have a bit of fun with your gym clothes ( and let’s be honest – why wouldn’t you?)

8Eagle Rock Werkshop

Art meets activewear – these Eagle Rock Werkshop pieces will definitely motivate you to grab your stuff and head to the yoga studio or have a quick meditating session at home. Started from a Kickstarter project in 2014, Eagle Rock has since then prospered into a gorgeous activewear brand. Their designs feature the most unique concept, artworks, and bold colors, and besides their leggings, so it is perfect if you are bored with the simple, striped or plain black leggings! After taking a look at their collection, we are in love with all of their designs, especially the polygon roses leggings, the deer leggings and the butterflies sports bra. These can go perfectly together if you’d like to create a very interesting and one of a kind set, but you can also match a pair of these stunning leggings with something more simple.

9Kira Grace

The yoga brand Kira Grace has the mission to inspire women while celebrating their strength, beauty and grace through life’s journeys. Their primary value is quality – the quality of clothes, the different fabrics and materials are extremely important in every life situation, especially while working out, so Kira Grace want to guarantee you feel comfortable and can give your best while working out. Besides the attention to quality and detail, they also offer different styles to ensure you find the design that matches your mood and personal style the most.With their different yoga collections (The Warrior Yoga Collection, The Goddess Yoga Collection, The Grace Yoga Collection, The Flirt Yoga Collection and the Romance Yoga Collection), they help you discover and look for the styles that you’ll feel the most comfortable in. Our favorite from their lines is the Daisy Flirt Halter Bra, which looks amazing under a low back-cut top!


Created by an aspiring yoga teacher in 2013, DharmaBums combines professional, high-performance materials and beautiful designs with ethical resources. The yoga brand was created for people who travel through life living their purpose, doing what they love in peace, happiness and harmony, and with their activewear designs, DharmaBums ensure you can enjoy your yoga and meditation. There is a huge range of leggings and yoga tops from very simple and minimalistic ones to cute patterns, such as butterflies and mandala prints. Besides the classic  “yoga line”, there are also various other collections available, such as their mesh-line, featuring mesh panelled full length leggings. What we especially love about this brand, besides their beautiful styles and professional approach to yoga clothing is their ethical views: all of the garments are sourced and created ethically from Australia, and with their seasonal sales, you can get a pair of leggings or top up to half price!



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