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What To Wear To A Country Concert

What to Wear to a Country Concert


Country Concert Outfits

So you’re going to a country concert and you want to know what to wear. It’s not like you’ll be prevented from enjoying the concert if your style misses the mark, but you’ll have so much more fun if you feel confident that you look great. Generally speaking, you should aim for a fun, flirty, feminine, and casual look. Even if you just got a fabulous new pair of patent leather stilettos that you are dying to wear, a country concert is probably not the best place to debut your new glamorous heels. When planning your country outfit, the accessories you choose are just as important as the actual country clothes that you decide to wear. Keep reading to see our suggestions for what to wear to a country concert!

1Tops: Plaid button down

Plaid button downs should be a staple in any country-loving girl’s closet! Plaid button downs exude a casual vibe, but you can choose one that is formfitting and figure flattering if you want to look a bit more feminine! Plaid button have the added benefit of being super comfortable and they are generally inexpensive to purchase if you don’t own one yet.

2Floral print western style button down

Floral print western style button downs are classic tops to wear to a country concert. The floral print is feminine and cute and looks great when juxtaposed with the more masculine seaming and construction of the classic “western” button down. These types of cowgirl clothing shirts are typically made from a very soft and comfortable fabric so they are perfect tops to wear for a country concert where you will probably be dancing a lot!

3Peasant top

Peasant tops are perfect for country concerts because they are casual and light, but still chic and feminine. There are many styles of peasant tops with varying degrees of embroidery and ornamentation, but one of our favorite styles is a simple white peasant top. White peasant tops are classic and flattering and pair well with many other items in this list!

4Plain tank top or t-shirt

Looking for casual concert outfits? Even a simple plain tank top or t-shirt can look amazing when paired with the right accessories and bottoms. If you are thinking about wearing a plain shirt, don’t be afraid to pair your shirt with big hoop earrings or a statement necklace!

5Eyelet tank top fashion outfits

Eyelet tank tops are fabulous tops to wear to a country concert because they are a lightweight and flirty. The details on eyelet tank tops are beautiful but understated which makes an eyelet tank top the perfect top to wear to a country concert!

6Denim Jacket

Adding a jean jacket (with or without sleeves) to your country outfit can help pull your look together and make sure that you won’t get cold if the concert is outside. if you’re looking for cute outfit ideas, Jean jackets look particularly cute when paired with feminine country western dresses and leather boots or high heel sandals. Although denim on denim is usually a bad combination, at a country concert you are totally allowed to wear jeans with a denim jacket on top!

7Bottoms: Denim shorts

Jean shorts should be a staple in the wardrobe of all girls who like to attend country concerts. Jean shorts are casual in nature, but they are also a great way to show off your legs and tan if you have one and pair well with every type of shirt on this list.

8Boyfriend jeans

“Boyfriend” jeans got their name because they are cut in an oversized way, like your boyfriend’s jeans! This style of jean is perfect for girls who want to rock a comfortable and super casual vibe while they enjoy the concert.

9Distressed skinny jeans

Distressed jeans are a great way to show off your personal style (or just make use of a pair of jeans that has started to show the effects of wear and tear!) Distressed jeans have a more casual vibe than regular jeans, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be cut in a tight and flattering way.

10Summer Kimono With Jeans

Kimono is the number one summer trend everyone should add to their summer wardrobe. Paired with denim shorts, big belt, and a loose t-shirt, this looks is super chic to wear to any music concert!

11Eyelet Midi skirt

Eyelet midi skirts are fabulously flirty and understated. This versatile piece can be paired with any of the tops on this list and works well when worn with crop tops, belts, boots, flats and a variety of other pieces. While you can get an eyelet skirt in a any length, an above the knee or a midi eyelet skirt are the most popularly worn length of this skirt.

12Floral skirt

Floral patterned skirts are a great way to add a burst of color to your country concert outfit. Floral skirts pair very nicely with denim jackets and simple t-shirts. Depending on your footwear preference, you can wear a pair of boots, sandals, or flats that works with your outfit.

13Rolled up jeans

Rolled up jeans are a great way to show off your stylish and trendy footwear! Especially if you are wearing ornate sandals that would normally be covered by the hem of your jeans, rolling up your jeans is a fabulously stylish solution!

14Dresses: White eyelet dress

White eyelet dresses are a super popular type of dress to wear to country concerts, but this dress is understated enough that it is easy to personalize with accessories. This dress will look particularly great with a western style belt around the waist!

15Long floral dress

Long floral dresses are amazing for country concerts because they are comfortable and laid back. You can wear this type of dress alone or pair it with a belt. If you think you may get cold, you can bring a jean jacket or a button down shirt to layer over the dress.

16Plaid dress

Plaid is a classic pattern when people think of country music. If you want to take advantage of the plaid trend but want to wear something more feminine than a button down, why not try out a plaid dress!

17Lace-Up Ruffled Romper

A Lace-Up Ruffled Romper or pleated dress is the perfect combination of feminine and casual western style. You can add a belt to the waist if you want to create a cinching effect!

18Sleeveless polka dot dress

Although polka dots are considered somewhat retro, polka dots are also a great pattern to wear to a country concert. If you want to add some country flair, you should try pairing a polka dot dress with a pair of cowboy boots!

19Long casual strapless dress

A long casual strapless dress is a fabulous option for a country concert outfit! Although your shoes won’t get much attention with this dress, you can wear a belt, statement jewelry and/or a Western style hat to add some extra country flair!

20Shoes: Tall western cowboy boots

Tall western boots, or cowboy boots, are a fabulous addition to your country concert outfit! Tall western style boots look great with both skirts and over jeans. There are so many super cute country dresses to wear with cowboy boots! Whether you prefer a pair of boots that are understated with subtle embroidery or a pair that is loud, there is a perfect pair of cowboy boots for everyone!

21Short western boots

Short western boots looks great with jeans, but they look particularly cute and flattering when paired with a flared skirt!

22Lace-up suede wedge booties

Wearing heels to a concert is usually not the most comfortable option, but if you still want to get a few inches of lift, wedge booties are a great option. These shoes look equally great when worn with skirts, dresses, and jeans!

23Leather ankle boots

If you don’t like the style of western boots, you can always wear a more neutral style pair of boots. Ankle boots look especially great when you tuck your jeans into them!

24Beaded sandals

Particularly if you are going to a summer country concert, you may want to wear sandals to keep your feet cool. Beaded sandals are super fun and look great with all of the other items on this list. Also, wearing sandals is the perfect opportunity to show off a cool nail polish color!

25Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals look great with both dresses and jeans. There are a ton of different variations of the gladiator trend. Whether you want only a few bands of material or you want to have shoes that resemble a cage, there is definitely a perfect gladiator sandal out there for you. If you are wearing a dress, you may want to try out the gladiator sandals that extend all the way up the calf!

26Accessories: Western belt

A western style belt is the perfect way to add some country flair to your concert outfit. There are so many different types of western belts that you can’t go wrong with whichever style you choose. Depending on your outfit, the most important decisions to make are whether you want a thin or thick belt, and whether you want a prominent buckle or something more subtle.

27Fringe purse

Fringe is coming back into style, so what better way to take advantage of this trend than to wear a fringe purse to your country concert? If you have to carry a few of your belongings with you, you may as well do it in style!

28Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets are an easy way to add some style to your country concert outfit. You can choose to wear just a few or stack a ton of bracelets along your wrist and forearm.

29Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are super feminine and festive! Depending on your face structure and outfit, you may prefer to wear hoops that are on the smaller side or you may wish to have some fun with oversized hoops! Either way, try to stay aware of your earrings when dancing to the music because you wouldn’t want to accidentally get your earrings caught on something!

30Western hat

Country girl outfits are usually not complete without a western hat! Even if you don’t think hats look good on you, there is no better time to wear a hat than at a country concert! Western hats are super fun and will totally help you get in the country mindset!

31Aviator sunglasses

Many country concerts take place outside, so you should protect your eyes with style! Aviator sunglasses look good on most people and perfectly complement the laid back vibe of country style!

32Makeup and Hair

When it comes to deciding on your makeup and hair look for a country concert, there are basically two approaches you can take: natural or glamorous. On the one hand, choosing a natural beauty look can be great because many country inspired clothing styles are defined by their relaxed fit and fabrics. If you choose to go the natural route, try skipping the eyeliner and just add one or two coats of mascara. Add a nice flush of bronzer to your cheeks and a swipe of a lip gloss that is close to your natural lip color. In terms of hair, if you want to wear your hair down, just let it air dry instead of straightening or curling it. This is also a great opportunity to wear a stylishly casual updo, a ponytail, or flirty pigtails!

On the other hand, you can also try to channel iconic country singer Dolly Parton and take a glamorous approach to your hair and makeup. Don’t be afraid to rock some fake eyelashes and a bright red lipstick if you want to make a statement! When it comes to your hair, remember, bigger is always better if you want to channel Dolly Parton so do not be shy with the hairspray. If you want to go all out, you can even get a spray tan before the concert to make sure you have a gorgeous and glamorous glow!

33Country outfits for your next Country Concert – Conclusion

Going to a country concert is so much fun and you’re definitely going to want to take pictures with your friends to preserve the amazing memories you create! We want you to look as great as possible when you go to your concert which is why we chose to provide you with this detailed list of concert outfit ideas to help you style yourself for the concert. Hopefully you found a few cute country outfits and things that inspire you and make you look forward to going to your next country concert even more!



  1. thanks for the tips…I’m going the the buckeye country superfest in Columbus Ohio June 19 and I don’t know what to wear….?


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