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35 Fall Winter Makeup Looks

fall winter makeup looks

Winter and Fall Makeup Looks

It’s finally time for burgundy and gold lips, orange cut crease eye makeup and edgy, unique false lashes – get inspired and choose your favourite look from our list of 35 Fall and Winter Makeup Looks!

1Black Boho

We are starting off this season with an absolutely stunning look, featuring a matte ombre eye makeup with warm brown lips, and our favorite accessory, a black flower crown. The eyes go from black all the way to a soft, deep pumpkin shade, making this look perfect for fall.

2Classic Vampy

Without a doubt, fall is the season of matte burgundy lips, and paired with a classy black winged eyeliner and a pop of champagne eye shadow in the inner corners, it is a fall and winter go-to makeup for dates and special occasions.

3Magenta Shades

If you would like to try something new besides the regular fall and winter makeup shades, experiment with dark magenta in the crease and outer corners to create a unique, dramatic eye makeup.

4Pumpkin Spice

The orange cut crease with the false lashes, the ombre terracotta lips and the beautifully arched brows are a subtle, yet very glamourous fall and winter makeup idea, especially with the adorable buns.

5Golden Goddess

A hint of golden highlighter will beautifully bring out the last days of the bronzy tan you have from your summer holidays – and if you match it with a classic black eye makeup and curled eyelashes, it’s a glamorous and easy makeup look for fall and winter.

6Olive Green

It might seem like a hard to pull off shade, but green is a color that will complement any eye and hair color beautifully, especially if you mix it with deep earth tones, such as brown and taupe.

7Purple meets Orange

This special color combination reminds us of he classic Halloween shades, and instead of using dark, muted colors, this eye makeup look feature a vibrant orange and light purple, mixed with a hint of glitter and feathered brows.

8Faux Freckles

Most people definitely have a love-hate relationship with faux freckles, but there is something so cute about them – and if you have natural freckles, it’s time to embrace them and match them with a red lipstick and black eyeliner!

9The Modern Witch

A black lipstick, shaded purple eyeshadow and beautiful false lashes…we can’t imagine any other makeup look that combines cool tones this well!

10Soft Orange

Instead of all the dark and vibrant sunset orange shades, this makeup look is based almost on a soft peach, both on the eyelids and on the lips, creating a perfect natural, everyday makeup idea.

11Glossy Taupe Makeup Look

If you are looking for something more natural with an added shine on top, you will be obsessed with this brown-based fall and winter makeup look. To recreate it, create a smokey eye look and tie your look together with a brown gloss on top of a sheer taupe lipstick.

12Gradiant Lips Makeup Look

Wine stained lips are officially a thing, especially if you mix it with a stunning, champagne eyeshadow look and some metallic shine on top. To recreate this look, use a darker lip shade and gently feather it outwards on your lips.

13Cherry Wine Makeup

You can easily create your custom fall and winter lip shade by adding a bit of purple of even black powder in the centre of your lips after applying lipstick, and a clear balm on top– just like with this beautiful makeup look.

14Double Metallic Makeup

If you would like to accentuate your makeup look, add a metallic topper to your lips and lids to make the shades pop! Metallics look great with both warm and cool tones, such as silver, gold, copper, green, vibrant blue or purple.

15Matte Neon

Mattes look amazing and very unique with vivid neon shades – and if you mix them with earth tones, you’ll get a universal fall and winter look, appropriate for any occasion.

16Natural With A Twist

For a no-makeup makeup inspired look with a fall twist, apply a soft brown and smoke it out with a darker shade. For your complexion, use a golden highlighter and a warm toned bronzer.

17Modern Twiggy

We know, it looks a bit intimidating, but this makeup look will look beautiful with a minimalist, black or white gown. To make this look more special, apply false lashes and don’t forget to apply white liner on the lower lash line as well.

18Feathered Brows & Orange Lips

To recreate this look, apply a brown or blonde brow gel to your brows and gently brush them upwards to create a “messy” effect. Make it more fall and winter like with an orange, matte lipstick or lip tint.

19Edgy Eyeliner

A bold, matte black eyeliner is a perfect way to make your whole makeup look more dramatic and suit it for special occasions, such as Christmas parties or a Friday night-out with your friends.

20Fall/Winter Corals

While corals might not be the colors of fall and winter, you can easily create a beautiful makeup look for this season by adding a natural overall makeup with a hint of blush and black mascara.

21Retro Lips

There is something so retro and vampy, yet stunning about red lips: the ombre effect creates a fuller illusion in the centre of the lips while shading the edges of the lips. Finish this beautiful makeup look with false lashes and brown eyeshadow.

22Fall/Winter Galaxy

This beautiful makeup features a mix of gold, turquoise, metallic blue and purple eyeshadows together with a nude lip shade, which mixes edgy and romantic elements perfectly.

23Ice Cream Swirl

This geometric makeup is simply stunning – and with the icy white and earthy tones, it is also a great choice for the fall and winter season with an all-beige or monochrome outfit idea.

24Mix of Orange

If you really would like to experiment with oranges shades but not sure where to start, mix a lighter gold and a deep, vivid shimmery orange eyeshadow together, and instead of eyeliner, just apply false lashes.

25Angled Features

Accentuate your features with a no-makeup makeup look and a help of a contour kit and an angled brush. Gently outline your brows and lips with highlighting and shades colors and to make it fall and winter makeup, use browns and nudes on your lips and eyes as a finishing touch.

26Double Wings

For some more dramatic that will “cage” your eyes and let you play with different shapes, try out this double liner technique with a soft, slightly smudged black kohl pencil. Keep the rest of the look simple with a soft brown blush and lip color.

27Orange Grunge

If you still want to keep your look grungy and edgy, apply your orange eyeshadow in small, halo motions and don’t be afraid to be a bit messy with it. Frame your face with brow products and keep the lips simple with a nude balm.

28Caramel Brown

Caramel is a universal shade that looks good on everyone, regardless of your skin and hair tone, so it is a perfect go-to choice for any occasion from school days (with no eyeshadow) or for Christmas parties (with a cut crease or smokey eye look).

29Burgundy & Spider Lashes

A Burgundy or oxblood eyeshadow will instantly make a great first impression – it’s very edgy and different, and can go with any outfit for a fashion forward vibe. To complement the shadow even more, create spider lashes using a black, slightly clumping mascara or a pair of spider falsies.

30Sunset Cut Crease

Although sunset might sound like a more summer & spring inspired look, the matte shades and the deeper tones of this look make it a perfect fall and winter makeup as well. Cut creases can be quite tricky but don’t worry, with some practice, you can easily become an expert in this look.

31Poison Ivy

Mixing green and orange with a hint of gold…to create the most perfect fall and winter makeup look, with both cool and warm tones, with glitter on top. For this, we would either recommend a pretty nude lip or something bold, such as coral orange or taupe.

32Sunflower Shadows

Another stunning makeup look based on orange and yellow is this sunflower inspired eyeshadow – and we love how the earrings accentuate the yellow tones in the shadows!

33Smokey Gold

You can add an extra flair to any smokey cut crease with gold glitter – and to make sure everything stays in place, add a tiny amount of glitter glue to a brush and precisely apply the glitter to your crease.

34Grey Toned Lips

It is certainly a bit unusual and risky, but grey and taupe toned lips will look great with fall and winter shades such as icy pastel blue, dark royal blue, emerald green and burgundy.

35Summer Deja Vu

If you are missing the glamorous summer looks, why not recreate it with a help of a golden highlighter, a bronzer and dramatic false lashes? Keep your lips nude and glossy for the full summer deja vu effect!



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