Top Prom Hairstyles for 2017

Top prom hairstyles for 2015

Find Your Perfect Prom Hairstyle – The Hottest Looks This Year

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of many girls’ entire lives! Even if you’ve already found the perfect dress, makeup, shoes, and accessories to wear, you still need to choose a gorgeous hairstyle to complete your look. There are many different ways you can wear your hair for this event so we have organized a list of some of our favorite prom hairstyles with the following categories: Half Updos, Ponytails and Braids, Updos, and Hair Worn Down. All of these looks are super flattering and easy to recreate!

1Voluminous half updo with soft waves

Dianna’s beautiful long blonde hair looks amazing with this half-updo prom hairstyle! This glamorous and soft look will look amazing in pictures and is surprisingly easy to replicate. Take the top half of your hair and comb it straight back and tease the roots to create volume. Fasten your half ponytail with pins or an elastic band and spray your crown with hairspray to make your volume last. Now, using a heated hairstyling device, create loose waves with your remaining hair so that it cascades romantically across your shoulders!

2Center part half updo with face framing layers and volume

This classic prom hairstyle is glamorous and flatters all face shapes. First create a center part and separate the pieces of hair that you want to frame your face. Next gather half of your hair from the top and comb it straight back while teasing it to create volume. Fasten the half ponytail and spray the top of your head with hairspray. If your hair is naturally wavy you don’t need to do anything else, but if you need a little help achieving a wavy texture, just use a heated styling device to achieve your desired look!

3Side part half updo with face framing layers

Ashley’s half updo is sleek and romantic. Her face framing layers look extra stylish because they are parted on the side. Separate your face framing layers and gather half of your hair into a low half ponytail. If you want, you can slightly tease your hair or just let it lay naturally. This prom hairstyle is beautiful with slightly wavy hair but you can also try straightening your locks!

4Low half ponytail for short hair with subtle braids

This gorgeous look is perfect for girls with shorter hair who want to wear a relaxed and pretty hairstyle for their prom. Part your hair slightly off center and create two small braids in the front of each half of your hair. Gather your braids and the top half of your hair into a low half ponytail and fasten with an elastic band or hair pins. This prom hairstyle is especially beautiful when paired with statement earrings!

5Half updo with side twists

Rachel’s understated, but romantic hairstyle is perfect for prom! Take a small portion of hair from each side of the front of your hair and create small twists. Fasten these twists above and behind your ears to create a half updo. If you like, you can then use a heated styling device to create some waves in the rest of your hair!

6Middle part loose half updo with large curls

Carrie’s hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to wear a glamorous hairstyle to prom! Since a focal point of this look is the large loose curls cascading around Carrie’s shoulders, you should begin by curling your hair. You can use rollers or curling iron with a large barrel. After you have created your curls, part your hair in the center. Loosely gather half of your hair into a low half updo and pin your hair. If you want to make this look extra romantic, you can add a glamorous pin like Carrie’s!

7Voluminous half updo with bangs and straight hair

Although many prom hairstyles have fun with wavy hair, you can create an equally glamorous look with straight strands! Jennifer’s half updo is neat, but it is still super romantic and beautiful! Just gather half of your hair and comb it straight back so that you do not have a hair part. Tease your hair slightly and fasten your half ponytail with an elastic or pins. You can finish off this look by spraying a shine serum on your hair to add a healthy sheen that will look amazing in pictures!

8Curled side part half updo with face framing tendrils

This curled half updo is romantic and perfect for prom! Kendra curled her hair to create neat tendrils and swept half of her hair back into a high half ponytail. Don’t forget to spray your tendrils with hairspray to make sure they hold their shape!

9Voluminous low side ponytail with a twist

This prom hairstyle is the perfect way to show off your gorgeous makeup and fabulous earrings! Ashley teased her roots to create volume and then created a side twist before gathering her hair into a low side ponytail.

10Sleek medium/high ponytail with hair wrap

Olivia’s sleek ponytail is elegant and perfect for prom! First brush your hair thoroughly and straighten it to ensure you can achieve a level of sleekness equal to Olivia’s. Brush your straightened hair back into a medium/high ponytail, but leave a small piece of hair out from the bottom of your ponytail. Twist your separated piece of hair in your fingers, and wrap the twist around your ponytail to finish this look off!

11 Messy braid with fancy hair pin

Blake’s messy braid demonstrates that your prom hairstyle doesn’t need to be “perfect” in order to achieve a gorgeous look. Just gather your hair to one side and create one or more messy braids. Fasten all of your braids together at the bottom and add a gorgeous sparkly hair pin to complete your look!

12Straightened low ponytail with volume and piecy layers

This gorgeous ponytail is a flattering and simple hairstyle for prom! Separate out the pieces that you want to frame your face and then tease your roots. After you have created volume at your crown, just gather your hair into a low ponytail!

13Super high sleek ponytail with a ponytail hair wrap

This bold ponytail is perfect if you want to make a unique statement with your hair for your prom! Begin by straightening your hair and brushing it so it is smooth and sleek. Now, comb your hair upwards from the bottom to create a high ponytail. Before fastening your ponytail, separate a chunk of hair that you will use to wrap your ponytail. After fastening your ponytail, just wrap the separated piece around the ponytail base!

14Low ponytail with fishtail braid

This beautiful look is sophisticated and unique! Gather your hair into a low ponytail and then add a fishtail braid! If you don’t know how to make a fish tail braid you can use any other type of braid you know how to make.

15Low side braid

This classic prom hairstyle is beautiful and so easy to recreate. Leave a few pieces around your face and then gather your hair to one side. Now just make a braid!

16Sleek medium ponytail with a braid

Jennifer looks so sophisticated and beautiful with this ponytail! Begin by creating a braid using some of your hair in the front. Now, just sweep your braid and the rest of your hair back into a sleek medium height ponytail!

17Updo with a front braid

Dianna Agron completely nails this braided updo look! This is the perfect prom hairstyle for girls who want to look sophisticated while still having a bit of bohemian style!

18Updo with a side part and braided back

This beautiful braided prom updo is so elegant and will look amazing in your prom pictures! Begin by parting your hair to the side. To create the braids in the back, you may need to enlist of a friend because it will be difficult to create many small neat braids on your own. After the braids have been made, just pin them around the back of your head!

19Updo with headband

This simple updo is classic and elegant. Just comb your hair straight back into a low or medium height bun. The focus of this look is the headband, so have fun choosing something that makes a simple statement like Charlize’s black band or something jeweled that makes a more dramatic statement!

20Low voluminous chignon

Chignon buns are the perfect type of bun for prom because they are classic and romantic. To recreate Hayden’s look, just comb your hair into a low ponytail. Now, bunch up your hair to create a voluminous low chignon!

21Sleek topknot

Topknots are super on trend right now because they are so easy to create and are universally flattering. To create a sleek topknot like Jessica’s, comb your hair tightly up toward the top of your head. To make it easier on yourself, create a high ponytail first and then wrap the remaining hair around the bun to make a smooth topknot.

22High Bun

Ashley’s high bun is a classic and beautiful updo hairstyle for prom. The easiest way to recreate this look is to begin by making a high ponytail. Once you have your high ponytail fastened, you just need to wrap your hair around the ponytail until you have the bun you want!

23Super sleek low chignon

Mila’s low chignon is super sleek and exudes old Hollywood glamour. Just slick your hair back into a low ponytail and wrap your remaining hair around the ponytail to create a low chignon like Mila’s.

24Elaborate updo

Nicole’s elaborate updo is so striking and flattering! While this look is somewhat difficult to recreate on your own, your favorite hair stylist will have no trouble helping you wear this style if you provide a picture for reference!

25Low bun with face framing layers

This gorgeous prom hairstyle is undestated and simple, but still incredibly beautiful and perfect for prom. To create this look, first separate out the pieces of hair that you want to frame your face. Now all you need to do is gently comb the rest of your hair back into a low bun!

26Voluminous low chignon bun

This dramatic chignon is glamorous, but surprisingly easy to recreate! All you need to do is tease your hair and then gather it into a low ponytail. Using the ends of your low ponytail, just wrap your hair around the fastener until you create the bun you desire!

27Loose voluminous waves

This gorgeous look is simple, but makes quite an impact! Create big loose waves using hair rollers or a large barrel hair curler and add a volumizing hairspray to keep your hair big and beautiful all night!

28Big retro curls

Jennifer’s big curls are a little retro, but they are so gorgeous! Add some mousse to your hair before blowdrying to ensure you get sky high volume. Next use hair rollers or a medium barrel curling iron to create curls like Jennifer’s and spray with a volumizing hair spray!

29Super straight sleek hair

Although it can be fun to wear a dramatic or intricate hairstyle for your prom, it is equally as beautiful to keep it simple. Ashley’s straight shiny hair makes her eyes sparkle and draws attention to her gorgeous makeup!

30Voluminous straight slick back

Rosie’s hair is super stylish and glamorous and draws attention to her striking facial features. Add a volumizing mousse to your hair before drying it and then straighten your hair to make it sleek. Once you have sleek dry hair, comb your hair straight back. The mousse will ensure that your style is sleek, but maintains a small bump of volume to prevent your hair from looking thin and flat!

As you can see from this list, there is no shortage of stunningly gorgeous ways to wear your hair for prom! The great thing about the styles on this list is that you can recreate them easily by yourself. Of course, if you prefer to enjoy a day of pampering before prom, you can bring any of these pictures to your hair stylist!


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