30 Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Amazing and New Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that ombre hair has been one of the hottest hair color trends in recent years! Ombre has remained a lasting trend because there are so many different ways to wear it and it is surprisingly low maintenance when compared to the dramatic visual statement it usually makes. So what exactly is ombre? Many people subscribe to different definitions, but ombre can be generally described as a hair coloring trend that focuses on combining different hair color shades with an intentionally obvious change in color from root to end. While certain styles are incredibly dramatic, even subtle looks contain an obvious transition between shades along the length of the hairstyle. Ombre is a fantastic style for girls who don’t want to worry about touching up their roots frequently since the point of the coloring trend is to have an obvious shift in hair color. The awesome part is that as your hair grows out, you will be able to enjoy a stylish new look without needing to go to the salon! To help you consider your options, we have compiled this list of our favorite subtle and dramatic ombre hair color ideas as worn by both celebrities and girls like you. We hope you enjoy these ideas and find something inspiring to try out for yourself!

1Medium length brown hair with blonde ombre

ombre hair color
Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is well known for her incredibly stylish ombre hair. With her super dark roots, Lily’s bright blonde strands create a stunning contrast that looks both edgy and sophisticated. This particular ombre look is relatively subtle unlike some ombre looks which strive to emphasize a drastic line between contrasting hair colors. In order to ease the transition between her dark brown hair and her blonde hair, Lily added a few subtle highlights in the front of her hair.

2Long dark brown hair with chestnut ombre extensions

khloe kardashian hair color
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is rocking some seriously gorgeous ombre hair extensions! While ombre is most commonly seen in the form of blonde hair integrated into brown hair, Khloe took a unique twist on the trend and made her accent color a rich chestnut which enhances her eye color.

3Chestnut hair with dark blonde ombre

ombre highlights
Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s ombre look is definitely on the natural looking side of this trend, but her chestnut hair transitions stylishly into her darker blonde ends. This is a great color combination for girls who want to try out the ombre trend, but who aren’t comfortable with making a dramatic statement!

4Medium length hair with dark chestnut roots and blonde ombre

how to ombre hair
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s dramatic ombre hair color flatters her coloring and perfectly compliments her edgy personal style. She has a few inches of very dark chestnut brown roots which transition into a bright honey blonde. This color combo looks super gorgeous with big soft waves like Drew is wearing!

5Long dark brown hair with bangs and blonde ombre

ombre hair colors
Lea Michele

Lea Michele’s beautiful long hair looks amazing with bangs and blonde ombre. Her soft bangs add a sweet touch which balances out the edginess of her hair color.

6Short dark brown hair with blunt bangs and dramatic blonde ombre

This fabulous ombre look is a great way to add even more flavor to an already stylish and edgy blunt bang haircut. Although many ombre styles subtly integrate transitional shades to blend the two contrasting colors, this example shows how amazing ombre can look when you intentionally juxtapose two contrasting shades abruptly.

7Short dark brown chop with wispy blonde ombre

ombre short hair
Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee’s edgy chop is a great example of an ombre look that is beautifully subtle and edgy at the same time. She has very dark brown hair until the bottom tips where many pieces of her hair become blonde. Only the top layer of Katharien’s tips are blonde which helps create a piecey and edgy look.

8Shoulder length medium brown hair with subtle blonde ombre

Alexa Chung has always nailed the short tousled hairstyle so it is no surprise that she manages to pull off a fantastic ombre look as well. At first glance, Alex’as hair does not necessarily appear to be partaking in the ombre trend, but if you take the time to compare her roots with her ends, it is clear that she is rockign two very different shades. Alexa is a great hair icon for girls who want to look gorgeous while maintaining a very low-maintenance vibe!

9Banged bob with red and blonde ombre

Ombre hair with bangs
Emma Stone

Emma Stone looks so adorable and stylish with this haircut and subtle ombre look. Ombre looks amazing on haircuts with bangs because the difference between the ends of the bangs and the ends of the longer hair creates a stylish and interesting contrast!

10Long black hair with brown ombre extensions

long ombre hair
Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson’s super long ombre extensiosn create a distinctly bohemian vibe that works amazingly well with her personal style. Even though the bottoms of her ombre extensions are a medium brown, her roots are so dark that the ends look almost blonde! Super long ombre extensions look amazing and work beautifully well with braids like Ashley’s.

11Long ash brown hair with blonde ombre

This gorgeous look is a sophisticated and glamorous way to wear the ombre trend. The ash brown roots are understated and blend gorgeously with the soft honey shade. Although you can straighten your hair with this color combo, you have to admit it looks unbelievably gorgeous with soft touseled waves!

12Long ash blonde with platinum blonde ombre extensions

Although brown hair is a more common base to work with when adding ombre, this is a great example of how beautiful light blonde hair looks with ombre as well! The ash blonde base helps to soften the bright platinum shade.

13Long hair with very dark roots and honey blonde ombre

honey blonde ombre
Whitney Port

Whitney Port’s dramatic dark roots look great with her cascading honey colored long hair. This look is fabulous because while it looks amazing with only a couple inches of dark roots, it will look just as incredible as it grows out!

14Long dark blonde ombre extensions

ombre hair extensions
Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s blonde ombre extensions look beautiful and perfectly embody her glowing beach girl vibe. This ombre look is subtle, but perfect for girls who want to enjoy the ombre trend without making too dramatic of a statement!

15Short strawberry blonde bob with platinum ombre

Laura Bingle’s haircut is so flattering and draws all the attention to her gorgeous facial features. Although this cut would look amazing with a single allover color, Laura looks super stylish with her blonde ombre. Her strawberry blonde roots complement her skin tone and the platinum tips emphasize her glowing tan!

16Medium length dark ash blonde with light ash blonde ombre

dark ash blonde with light ash blonde ombre
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is rocking a beautiful ash blonde ombre look. This color combination is understated and so sophisticated. Although this color can be challenging to achieve, it is universally flattering on most skin tones so it is worth the effort!

17Short hair with reverse ombre

Typically ombre styles follow the pattern of keeping the darker shade on top and the lighter color on the bottom. If you want to take a unique twist on the ombre trend, you should try doing a reverse ombre like this where your lighter color trasnsitions into your darker shade!

18Long red and blonde ombre extensions

This red ombre look will definitely turn a lot of heads so if you aren’t afraid of some admiring looks this may be a great color combination and style for you! Red hair dye tends to fade quicker than most colors so if you try this look out be aware that it may turn pink on the top as time goes on.

19Long red and pink ombre extensions

If you love the color red, this may be the perfect ombre look for you. This red ombre look is dramatic and bold, but absolutely striking if you have the courage (and desire!) to stand out from the crowd!

20Long brown with pink ombre

This beautiful ombre color combination is funky, but also super pretty. If you decide to wear a bold unique on the bottom of your ombre look, you should try wearing your hair in a bun to show off your bold style!

21Long hair with platinum blonde and pastel pink ombre

Pairing pink and platinum blonde is a surefire way to make a dramatic and pretty statement wherever you go! Pastels are super gorgeous when paired with light blonde hair!

22Long black hair with blue ombre extensions

Black and blue is a stunning combination, but it is an unusual pairing of colors for hair so you may get some interesting looks if you choose to rock this blue ombre style. If you are interested in wearing a bright color only for a temporary amount of time, it is probably a good idea to consider adding extensions to your natural hair with the color you want. It can be near impossible to return your hair to its natural color after dying it a color like blue since you typically must bleach your hair in order to allow such a bright color to hold.

23Long silver hair with icy blue ombre extensions

Silver hair is super on trend right now so any ombre incorporating silver is sure to get you a lot of admiring glances. Even though silver is typically thought of as an “old lady” color, it is actually a surprisingly flattering shade on young people and it looks super stylish. Although this ombre style clearly looks great with long extensions, you can look at the area near the model’s shoulders to see how fabulous this ombre look would be if worn as a short haircut!

24Shoulder length reverse ombre with lilac and darker purple

lilac ombre hair
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has never been one to embrace a subtle look, so it is no surprise that she jumped on the ombre trend with a super unique look! Kelly’s lilac hue is soft and flattering and she adds even more visual interest with a pop of richer purple at the bottom of her hair.

25Medium length wavy hair with brown roots and bright purple ombre

purple ombre hair
Katy Perry

Katy Perry pulls off purple hair incredibly well thanks to her gorgeous green eyes and flawless skin. Katy’s retro curls add an elegant twist to this funky ombre style!

26Short choppy brown hair with pastel green ombre

green ombre hair
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been experimenting a lot with her personal style recently, and this funky green ombre look is definitely one of her more successful efforts. The green ombre is edgy, but Kylie keeps it on the very ends of her hair which makes it look effortlessly stylish rather than overwhelming.

27Short bob with blonde and pink reverse ombre

bob with blonde and pink reverse ombre
Katy Perry

Typically, ombre looks that incorporate bright colors tend to have the funky color on the bottom, but Katy Perry decided to switch it up! Katy looks beautiful with her reverse ombre pink and blonde look and she shows that having pink hair doesn’t mean you can’t also look sophisticated and elegant!

28Long dark purple and silver ombre

This color combination is super unique and is a great way to take advantage of the current trend of wearing silver hair. Though this ombre look is stunning on long hair, this would be a great color combination to try out on a short haircut as well!

29Silvery blonde ombre

This gorgeous ombre style is understated, but so unique and stylish. Yes, we’ve mentioned it a bunch of times already, but we are simply loving the incorporation of silver into ombre styles!

30Brown hair with rainbow ombre

If you’ve ever worried that other girls at the party might be wearing a similiar hairstyle as you and steal your thunder, this look is the ultimate way to alway be the girl whose hair everyone is talking about! This rainbow ombre look is simply awesome and we definitely recommend wearing loose waves if you choose to try this look out!

There are so many amazing ombre styles you can choose from! Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something shocking, there is definitely an awesome ombre look for you. Ombre is all about having fun with your hair color so don’t be afraid to try out a new look!


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