How to Make a Guy Jealous

How to Make a Guy Jealous


17 Celever Ways to Make Him Jealous

Whether you are frustrated because your crush doesn’t seem to notice you, or you desperately want your ex-boyfriend back, you may be looking for some ways to make a guy in your life jealous. Obviously it would be better if he magically realized how amazing you are without making you go through the extra step of concocting a scheme to make him jealous. However, all is fair in love and war so sometimes you need to be a little sneaky to get his attention! While we can’t recommend anything cruel or unusual, we do have a few tricks up our sleeve which can help you get him to notice you. Girls have different reasons for wanting to make a guy jealous, so we are organizing this list into three categories: when you want to make your crush jealous, when you want your boyfriend to notice you more, and when you want to make your ex jealous. Some of these strategies can work in more than one category, so feel free to mix and match depending on your personal situation. Don’t forget that when you try to make a guy jealous, you also open the door for the possibility that he will try to retaliate and make you jealous, the possibility that a complicated dynamic will develop between you and the friends you share with him, and even the possibility that he may not even notice all of your efforts. However, if you are willing to accept that the outcome of your efforts may not be perfectly aligned with your intentions, keep reading for some great ideas about how to make him jealous!

Make your crush/boyfriend jealous:

1Flirting with other guys

Why this will get his attention: Even if he likes to flirt with other girls, every guy wants to feel like he is the top choice so he will notice if you choose to flirt with different guys. Guys are competitive, especially when it comes to girls. When he sees you flirting with other guys he will begin to think of you as a catch who he needs to compete for, rather than a girl who is waiting around for him. Guys do not find desperation attractive, so try to make it seem like you are considering all of your options. However, be careful not to go too overboard because you don’t want to send him a signal that you’re not interested in him at all!

2Talk about a guy who asked you out on a date

Why this will get his attention: This is a great option if you are trying to get the attention of a guy who you sense thinks of you platonically. For example, if you have a crush on your best guy friend, he may have difficulty seeing you as a girl with romantic potential since you are such good friends. Telling him about guys who ask you out makes him think about the fact that you are not only a great friend, but also a girl who other guys want romantically!

3Don’t respond to his messages immediately

Why this will get his attention: Even if his texts make you giddy, you need to play it cool so that he doesn’t take you for granted. You want to give the impression that you are busy and are not in fact, sitting around all day hoping that he will text you. When you wait to respond to his messages, he will wonder what you are up to and it will cross his mind that other guys are texting you too. However, don’t wait too long between messages! He may think that you don’t care or are rude if you always take hours to respond!

4Be somewhat vague and mysterious during communications

Why this will get his attention: Even if you want to write text messages with multiple paragraphs to show off how witty and likeable you are, over sharing can be a major turn-off to a guy. He wants a girl who has her own life and doesn’t try too hard to be liked, so it is important that you try to maintain some element of mystery. If you are somewhat vague in your communications, he will be eager to find out more about you which means that he will stay interested in talking to you!

5Posting pictures of yourself having a great time with other people (and guys!)

Why this will get his attention: One of the most common gripes that girls have with their boyfriends is that they feel as if their guy takes them for granted. If you have been dating for a long time, it’s true, he may have become accustomed to how awesome you are and not realize how lucky he is to have you! It doesn’t hurt to remind him that you have an exciting social life and that many other people enjoy getting to spend time with you. Try not to take any sketchy pictures that imply you are flirting inappropriately with your guy friends. There is a difference between showing your boyfriend that other people appreciate you versus making him paranoid that you are cheating on him.

6Have a close guy friend

Why this will get his attention: Even if you and your guy friend have been close since you were toddlers and think of each other like siblings, your boyfriend will always wonder if you guys have ever had feelings for each other or even secretly like each other. If you want to make your boyfriend notice you and get a little territorial, try bringing your guy friend up in conversations and hanging out with him one on one more often.

7Talking about how funny you think another guy is

Why this will get his attention: Every guy knows that a sense of humor is particularly attractive to women. For some reason, it is much more common for an unattractive funny guy to score a gorgeous woman than it is for an unattractive, but hilarious girl to score a ridiculously hot guy. Considering this, your boyfriend sees a guy who makes you laugh as a potential threat and he will want to think of ways to get all of your attention back to how funny you think he is.

8Let him see that you are texting your ex

Why this will get his attention: Even if your boyfriend claims he doesn’t care about your romantic past, every guy worries about how they compare to your last guy. If he sees you communicating with your ex, he will definitely get jealous and be inspired to make sure you don’t feel the need to turn to your ex for entertainment.

9Act like you don’t care if you see him flirting with other girls

Why this will get his attention: Your boyfriend should not be flirting with other girls if he is lucky enough to be dating you! You are right to be angry if you see this, but if you yell at him, he may justify his inappropriate actions because you are “mean” to him. Yeah, its messed up, but sometimes guys are immature and you need to be a little tricky and subtle to show him the error of his ways. If you act like you don’t care, he will wonder why you are being so chill. He will probably wonder if you don’t care because you are doing the same thing. He definitely doesn’t want you flirting with other guys so he will probably start making an extra effort to make sure you are the only guy you are thinking about.

10Talk about celebrity guys

Why this will get his attention: If you feel like your boyfriend is not giving you the attention you deserve, a great way to make him jealous is talking about celebrity guys who you find attractive. He will be reminded that you are capable of finding other people attractive besides him, so he will be motivated to be the best boyfriend ever.

11Reminisce about great memories with your guy friends

Why this will get his attention: Your boyfriend wants to be the main guy that makes you happy. If he has been distant or inattentive, it doesn’t hurt to remind him how happy you are hanging out with guys besides him.

12Look good for everybody else

Why this will get his attention: You are a goddess, but your boyfriend may be used to how hot you are if you have been dating for a while. You don’t want him to take you for granted. If he sees you making more of an effort to look good for occasions when you’re not with him than occasions in which you two are together, he will be jealous and wonder how he can start inspiring you to put in that extra effort for him.
Make your ex jealous

13Hook up with a guy he hates

Why this will get his attention: Even though you two are broken up, your ex boyfriend still notices what you do and cares, even if he refuses to admit it to anyone. If you two ended on a bad note and have no intention or desire to reconcile, hooking up with someone he hates will send your ex-boyfriend a message that you really don’t care what he thinks at all. It will make him jealous that you are spending quality time with someone that you know he hates.

14Hook up with his friend

Why this will get his attention: Similar to the effect of hooking up with someone he hates, hooking up with his friend is a guaranteed way to make your ex jealous. This is only recommended for an ex who you have no desire to get back together with because he will not be happy about this one!

15Look amazing

Why this will get his attention: This is a great way to make him jealous, whether you want to lure him back, or just show him what he’s missing. Make an effort to look even more incredible than you did when you two were dating. Whether that means going to the gym, changing your hair color, or buying some new clothes, there are a variety of ways you can give yourself a hot makeover. The bonus about this strategy is that you will not only make him jealous, but you will also feel amazing and confident yourself!

16Use social media to show how well you are doing without him

Why this will get his attention: Even if you are heartbroken about breaking up with your ex-boyfriend, the best way to make him jealous is to make him think you are even better off without him. Take pictures at parties with your friends, post updates about the cool things you are doing, and do whatever you can to show him, and the world, how great you are doing. He will definitely notice how happy you are and get jealous, and the best part is that by doing all of these activities and keeping yourself busy, you actually will notice yourself feeling happier and whole again!

17Be happy and casual when you talk to him

Why this will get his attention: You may hate his guts or desperately want him back, but the best way to make him jealous is to give the impression that you are emotionally neutral about breaking up with him. If he texts you or if you run into him at a party, don’t freak out or ignore him, be friendly and cordial as you would be toward any normal acquaintance. He will notice how well you are doing and his ego will be disappointed that you are not more affected by his departure from your life!

There are many reasons you may want to make a guy in your life jealous. It is important to keep in mind what your intentions are in making him jealous because the wrong approach can completely backfire. We hope you found this list of ways to make a guy jealous helpful. Though we totally understand that making a guy jealous may be what you feel you need to do, don’t forget that you are awesome no matter what ends up happening!



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