25 Updos for Medium Hair

Updos for Medium Hair

Gorgeous Updos for Medium Hair

Although wearing your hair down is always a flattering option, fixing your hair into an updo can be a fun and beautiful way to mix it up and show off your personal style. Updos are particularly well suited for medium hair since you have enough hair to easily create interesting styles, but you do not have so much hair that styling becomes difficult or time-consuming. Luckily for you, there is a flattering updo that is perfect for every face shape and occasion. To help you find your perfect style, we have compiled a list of our favorite 25 updos for medium hair. Whether you are looking for something elegant to wear to a fancy event or if you just want to try out a new casual updo look, we hope you find some inspiration on this list!


1Voluminous updo with split bangs

Eva Mendes hairstyle updo
Eva Mendes

Eva looks gorgeous and sophisticated with this updo. The bump of volume at her crown is perfectly sized so that it is elegant and flattering, but not over the top or dated. Eva styled her hair into a bun, but this these bangs and her hair bump would also look great pulled back into a simple mid height ponytail. This medium hair harstyle is flattering on all face shapes and is the perfect updo for any special occasion.

2Medium height ballerina bun

Rachel McAdams updo
Rachel McAdams

Although most ballerina style buns consist of tight slicked back hair and a neat top bun, Rachel opted to wear a more casual version of this style by keeping her bun lower on her scalp and leaving some volume at her roots. This beautiful look is super easy to recreate. All you need to do is draw your hair back into a mid height ponytail that leaves volume on top. Spray your hair so that the volume lasts and then create your bun. To make your bun, you can use a helpful accessory like a sock bun, or you can just twist your hair around your ponytail fastener until you have the bun you want!

3Bohemian wrap braid

Mary Kate Olsen Bohemian wrap braid
Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate is renowned for her ability to effortlessly blend casual bohemian flavor with elegance and sophistication. Although her beautiful updo looks intricate, it is actually easy to recreate. First, separate the pieces you want to frame your face. Next gather your remaining hair and create a loose braid. Now all you need to do is wrap your braid around your head and fasten it with pins. If your medium length hair is not quite long enough to wrap all the way around your head, you can also try making two equal sized braids and wrapping them around your head so that they overlap and look as if they are one continuous braid. This is a beautiful and unique updo for medium hair that would flatter most face shapes.

4Voluminous updo with side bangs

Elisha Cuthbert updo
Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha has a somewhat round face, which means that styles that have volume on top are particularly flattering on her since they create the illusion of elongation. Elisha achieved this sophisticated updo by teasing the roots of her hair on top of her head and spraying these elevated sections with hairspray. She fastened the rest of her hair into a bun, although if you prefer, you can also just keep your hair in a ponytail. Elisha’s side bangs look great with this updo because they help to soften the dramatic volume of the rest of her hair.

5Bun with headband

cute hairstyles for medium length hair
Julianne Hough

Julianne looks beautiful with this fun twist on a classic bun. She first created a casual mid-high bun with a lot of volume on top of her head. Next she added a thin black headband about two inches from the front of her hairline. The fabulous thing about incorporating a headband is that it is both stylish and practical! If you have unwanted wispy hairs or don’t want your bangs in your face, wearing a headband is an effortlessly cool solution!

6Side chignon with hair accessory

Keri Russell updo
Keri Russell

Keri’s beautiful wavy medium length hair looks chic and elegant in this side chignon updo. Although chignon styles look great when they are centered, the side orientation perfectly showcases her gorgeous white hair accessory. This look is the perfect updo for medium hair if you are hoping to wear an effortlessly romantic hairstyle!

7High bun with subtle front bump

Hilary Duff High bun updo
Hilary Duff

Hilary looks fresh-faced and put together with this fabulous updo! This look is super easy to recreate because all you need to do is create a front bump and then pull your hair back into a high bun. Some people prefer to make a high ponytail first and then use an additional fastening device to make the bun, but if you are confident in your bun making skills you can do it all in one step!

8Updo with a dramatic side part and hair accessory

Emma Stone updo
Emma Stone

Emma looks adorable with this slightly retro updo! This is a fabulous medium length hairstyle because it is super stylish but also very easy to recreate. All you need to do is part your hair on the side and then gather your hair into a bun or a twist, if you prefer. Next add a cute hair bow or a different accessory of your choosing and you are ready to go!

9Loose chignon bun with side bangs

shoulder length hairstyles
keira knightley

This updo is beautifully soft and feminine and is perfect for girls who want a hairstyle that looks both casual and elegant at the same time. Although this updo would look beautiful without bangs, it looks particularly ravishing with some romantic pieces in front like Keira’s.

10Voluminous updo with a subtle side part

easy updos for medium length hair
Kate Upton

Kate looks ravishing with this gorgeously voluminous updo. While she does not quite have a side part, she styled her hair so that the front section seems to be sweeping over to one side. This adds a little bit of visual interest to a classic updo and makes it the perfect updo for girls with medium length hair who want to wear a standard updo style, but also show off a little bit of personality!

11Glamorous updo with heavy bangs

hairdos for medium hair
Nicole Richie

This updo is so beautiful and strikingly unique. While it is not as easy to recreate as some of the hairstyles on this list, it is definitely worth a little bit of extra effort. The easiest way to try to recreate this look would be to separate your hair into two sections. From the bottom of your hair, separate out approximately one third of your hair. With the remaining two thirds of your hair, create a high bun. You can use a sock bun for this part if you don’t feel confident in your ability to create a smooth bun without any help! Next, take the section of hair that is not in the bun, split it in half and twist the halves. Now, wrap these two twists around the bun and fasten them so that they appear to be part of one continuous twist. See? It wasn’t that hard after all!

12Sleek mid-high bun

updos for medium length hair
kendall jenner

Kendall’s updo is sleek and makes it the perfect updo for medium hair if you are looking for something neat and understated! Just slick your hair back so that it looks like you do not have a hair part, and then fasten your hair into a bun about 3/4 of the way up your scalp. This look is probably most flattering on heart shaped faces, but it looks gorgeous on a variety of face shapes as well!

13Side twisted chignon

lauren conrads chignon updo
Lauren Conrads

Lauren looks so radiant with this side chignon! While she normally likes to wear long face framing layers, Lauren chose to pin these layers so that they beautifully twist into the rest of her chignon. Although you can wear any type of bun to personalize this style, Lauren’s look is created with a twisted bun. This updo for medium hair will look amazing on any girl because it is universally flattering!

14Low bun with subtle side twists

Zoe’s updo is gorgeous and a little bit sporty looking as well! She created this look by first parting her hair so that she had a dramatic side part. Next she took a small piece from the front of each side and made a twist. In order to help the twists keep their shape, she probably pinned them to the side of her head and sprayed them with hairspray. After fastening her twists in place, Zoe wrapped her remaining hair into a low bun. This look is the perfect updo for medium hair if you are looking for something that is neat, but also super stylish!

15Wide topknot

Cara Delevingne updo
Cara Delevingne

Topknots are super trendy right now and there are tons of ways to wear them. Cara’s topknot is tightly pulled back, but she left some wispy face framing pieces out of her bun in order to soften the look. Many topknots are styled so that the bun itself is somewhat narrow and tall, but Cara chose to rock a topknot that is flatter and wider. Topknots are universally flattering because the style elongates the face and creates the illusion of a narrower chin.

16Edgy topknot

hairstyles for medium length hair
Gwen Stefani

Gwen is well known for her quirky fashion sense so it is no surprise that she put her own personal touch on the topknot to create a slightly funky look. In order to recreate this look, gather your hair into a super high ponytail. Next, wrap your hair around the ponytail fastener, while keeping the ends visible. This is a great updo for medium hair because it is fun and flattering!

17Updo with wrap braid

Kaley Cuoco updo
Kaley Cuoco

This updo is so adorable and a great way to wear your hair up if you are looking for a style that is fun and less common than a typical bun. Kaley’s face framing layers are super flattering and help draw attention to her pretty eyes. This braided look would flatter any face shape so you should definitely give this updo a try!

18Casual high bun

Katie Holmes updo
Katie Holmes

Katie’s high bun is effortlessly stylish and flattering. She kept the top part of her hair a little bit more voluminous than the rest of her hair which creates a slimming effect because it elongates her face. This look is incredibly easy to replicate, all you need to do is pull your hair into a high bun and loosen some of your hair on top so that it has more height than your hair on the side. This look is supposed to be casual so you don’t need to worry about making your bun perfect or smoothing down any flyaway hairs!

19Low wrapped bun

Drew Barrymore updo
Drew Barrymore

Drew looks so gorgeous with her low wrapped bun. In order to recreate this unique bun, separate about a quarter of your hair from the bottom. Take the remaining hair and make a vertical bun. Using the hair you left out of the bun, wrap the section around the beginning of your bun and fasten the hair securely. This is an awesome updo for medium length hair because it looks sophisticated and edgy, but it is also super easy to style!

20Sleek chignon with middle part

Kim Kardashian updo
Kim Kardashian

Kim channels old Hollywood glamour with this sleek chignon. Her middle part is dramatic and creates a gorgeous retro vibe. You should definitely try this look out if you are looking for a classically elegant updo that emphasizes your gorgeous face!

21Side chignon with a dramatic side part

Ashley Greene updo
Ashley Greene

Luckily, Ashley’s beautiful updo is very easy to style yourself! Just part your hair towards one side and gather all of your hair into a bun that sits at the nape of your neck. This easy updo is a great way to showcase beautiful statement earrings!

22Sleek low bun

Tori’s updo is a great updo for medium length hair because it looks incredibly stylish but it is also easy to recreate. All you need to do is part your hair toward one side and comb your hair back into a low ponytail so that the hair on your scalp is smooth. To create your bun, there are a few options, but the most practical would be using a sock bun or another type of bun creating accessory to make a large round bun.

23Side chignon with sparkly headband

Charlize Theron updo
Charlize Theron

Charlize’s updo is stunningly simple and beautiful. Her slightly wavy hair looks so sweet gathered into her low casual side bun. In order to add some visual interest to this classic hairstyle, Charlize added a striking shimmering headband. Although most buns look good on their own, don’t forget that you can have fun by playing with accessories to personalize your updo!

24Side chignon with volume bump

Tina Fey updo
Tina Fey

Tina’s updo is elegant and flattering for her face. The bump of volume helps to elongate her face and her bangs perfectly draw attention to her sparkling eyes. Chignon bun styles are a great hairstyle to show off your amazing earrings because the low bun helps draw all the attention to your ear level!

25Low ballerina bun

Kate Bosworth updo
Kate Bosworth

This is the perfect updo for medium length hair because it is elegant, versatile and incredibly easy to style. All you need to do is comb your hair straight back and twist it into a low and tight bun. This easy updo is perfect for both casual and fancy events!

As you can see from this list, there are many gorgeous and unique ways to wear your medium hair in an updo! We hope you found a look you can’t wait to try out on our list of 25 updos for medium hair!



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