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side swept bangs

Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles 2017

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect side swept bangs hairstyle, you have definitely come to the right place! It’s not a surprise that this is one of the most popular hairstyles for women. Adding side swept bangs to your look is an incredibly flattering way to freshen up your haircut and highlight your beautiful eyes and bone structure! One of the great things about side bangs is that they look good whether they are long or short which means that you can experiment with new gorgeous looks as your hair grows in between haircuts. Whether you are looking for dramatic side bangs or something subtler, this list has a perfect side swept bangs hairstyle for everyone!


1Heavy angled side swept bangs

how to style side swept bangs
Cameron Diaz

Cameron looks absolutely radiant with her lustrous angled side bangs. With her eye peeking out from under her bangs, Cameron looks flirty and her bangs draw all the attention to her beautiful blue eyes. These side bangs are angled and taper towards the ends, an effect which is accomplished by having longer pieces go toward her ears and keeping the front pieces shorter so that they frame her eyes. This gorgeous side bangs hairstyle is perfect for girls with any face shape!

2Long eye covering side bangs hairstyle

side swept bangs
Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy’s long soft side bangs are similar to Cameron’s, but they are subtler and cover less of her forehead. Her bangs are perfectly integrated into her beautifully tousled medium-length hair. These long side bangs are gorgeous and versatile so you can tuck them behind your ears if you want to create a shorter look! This is the perfect side bangs hairstyle for any girl who wants to try side bangs but also wants to keep them long enough so that she can push them out of her eyes!

3Medium length side swept bangs

side bangs hairstyles
Minka Kelly

Although Minka’s side bangs cover her eyes, they are probably best described as medium length bangs since they are not long enough to tuck behind her ear or frame the lower part of her face. Minka’s bangs appear slightly angled and hit right on the top of her cheekbone which helps draw attention to her beautiful bone structure. These bangs look great with long to medium hair like Minka’s because they help to add dynamic visual interest to an otherwise simple haircut. These are also super cute bangs for those days when you want to put your hair in a ponytail or bun!

4Long straight side swept bangs

Lauren Conrad bangs hairstyles
Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s bangs are very long and sleek and she styled her hair so that her bangs have a distinctive and dramatic part. Styling your hair into a half ponytail like Lauren is a great way to draw attention to your long side bangs. Lauren’s long and face framing side bangs create a slimming effect, which makes this style a particularly flattering choice for girls who have round or wide face shapes!

5Wavy medium length side swept bangs

Selena Gomez side bangs hairstyles
Selena Gomez

Although many girls with side bangs choose to straighten these pieces, Selena shows us just how gorgeous side bangs look with a bit of texture! You can achieve this look by using a curling device or by letting your hair air-dry. Letting your hair dry naturally may be an especially good option if you have noticed that your hair has become dry after over-using your heated styling devices. You will probably be surprised by how gorgeous your hair looks with its natural texture! Wavy bangs look particularly pretty and exude a casual glamour when you style the rest of your hair into a low and messy bun!

6Heavy rounded side swept bangs

Vanessa Hudgens bangs hairstyles
Vanessa Hudgens

These side swept bangs are the perfect addition to Vanessa’s adorable angled bob. These bangs have a distinctive round shape which perfectly compliments the way that Vanessa’s bob rounds in toward her face. This particular shape of side bangs is especially flattering on shorter haircuts because they help to soften the look of short hair which can sometimes appear blunt.

7Graduated length side bangs

Ashley Tisdale bangs
Ashley Tisdale

Ashley looks perfectly casual and flirty with these graduated side bangs! These side swept bangs are universally flattering because they will draw attention to your gorgeous eyes and also create a face slimming effect! Ashley’s side bangs have 3 distinctive lengths. First a few pieces skim her eyelashes, then more pieces hit the top of her cheekbone, and the rest of her bangs cascade along her jaw line. The key to making this style of side bangs look effortlessly pretty is to make sure that the bangs are well integrated and not bluntly chopped at each of the three stages in length. In order to completely recreate Ashley’s look, try keeping a few longer pieces on the opposite side of your graduated bangs to help balance your look!

8Short side swept bangs

Ashley Olsen bangs hairstyle
Ashley Olsen

Ashley’s short side swept bangs graze the top of her eyebrows which makes this the perfect style for girls who want bangs short enough to push out of their eyes. Even though you might assume it would look unnatural to combine wavy hair and straight bangs, if you have shorter bangs you can totally pull off mixing textures! However, it may not be as flattering if you have super straight, long side bangs and choose to combine these bangs with very curly hair!

9Heavy short side swept bangs

Emma Stone bangs hairstyle
Emma Stone

Emma is so adorable naturally, but these eyebrow skimming side swept bangs make her look even cuter! These are a fabulous example of fuller side bangs that cover the majority of the forehead. If you love the look of full-coverage bangs but worry about having bangs that go straight into your eyes, this side swept look is the perfect alternative for you!

10Wispy side swept bangs

Reese Witherspoon hairstyle with bangs
Reese Witherspoon

Reese is known for her flawless taste in hairstyles and she totally lives up to her reputation with these beautiful wispy side bangs. Although some girls love the look of heavy side bangs, you may prefer for your bangs to be light and subtle. These bangs are super cute and draw attention to Reese’s big pretty eyes. Reese chose to part her hair only slightly off-center which is a great strategy to use if you do not like the look of side bangs that have a dramatic hair part!

11Double side swept bangs

Jennifer Lopez bangs hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is one of the most glamorous superstars in the world, so it is not a surprise that she chose such a gorgeous and elegant style of side swept bangs! Jennifer is wearing side bangs on both sides of her face to balance her look, but she parted her hair so that one side is noticeably heavier. Although some side bangs look amazing because they are sleek and lay flat against the forehead, Jennifer’s bangs are lifted at the roots and look so glamorous! You can achieve this look by spraying a root-lifting product into your hairline and then blow-drying. If you want a little bit of extra lift, you can use a round brush while you blow-dry!

12Mid-forehead angled side swept bangs

Carey Mulligan hairstyle bangs
Carey Mulligan

Side bangs look amazing on super short haircuts! Carey’s side swept bangs are parted dramatically so that they cascade across nearly her entire forehead. Although these bangs are long in the sense that they cross most of her forehead’s width, they appear short because they only actually cover half of her forehead’s length. These side bangs are super sleek and perfectly compliment Carey’s neat crop. This style of side swept bangs will look gorgeous on all pixie style short haircuts, but will also flatter other lengths as well!

13Medium length choppy side swept bangs

Anne Hathaway short hairstyle
Anne Hathaway

Anne shows us how amazingly well choppy side swept bangs compliment short haircuts. In contrast to Carey’s sleek bangs, Anne’s bangs are choppy and intended to look slightly messy. This look is effortlessly glamorous and casual at the same time!

14Short mid-forehead choppy side swept bangs

short side bangs
Valorie Curry

Mid-forehead side bangs can be a tricky look to pull off, but Valorie is a great example of how awesome super short side bangs can look! These choppy short side bangs are perfectly integrated into the rest of Valorie’s short haircut and totally complete her edgy yet neat look. If you want to try out an unconventional side swept bangs style, you should definitely consider experimenting with mid-forehead bangs!

15Long curly side swept bangs

Beyonce curly bangs hairstyle

It is definitely easier to make your side swept bangs do exactly what you want with pin straight hair, but Beyonce’s gorgeous curly hairstyle may inspire you to put down the hair straightener and enjoy some fun volume! Beyonce’s curls look flirty and glamorous because they cascade down her eyes and across her cheekbones. Even if you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can recreate this look with a curling iron!

16Long subtle side swept bangs

Mila Kunis hairstyle bangs
Mila Kunis

These long and sleek side swept bangs are the perfect style for you if you are hoping to achieve a glamorous but understated look. Mila’s subtle side bangs are gorgeously styled so that they flip slightly outwards at the end which creates a flirty and beautiful effect. This style of side swept bangs is universally flattering on any face shape so you should definitely give this look a try if you are looking for something beautifully subtle!

17Heavy short side swept bangs

Oliva Wilde hairstyle bangs
Oliva Wilde

Olivia’s bangs fall about an inch above her eyes and exude a gorgeous retro vibe. If you want to make your bangs look even more retro, you can use a round brush when you blow dry to make your side bangs rounded and lifted off your forehead. These bangs are also super gorgeous when you style the rest of your hair in an updo like Olivia has. If you love the look of heavy side bangs, but don’t want to constantly push hair out of your eyes, this is the perfect side bangs style for you!

18Very long side swept bangs

Oliva Munn bangs hairstyle
Oliva Munn

Olivia’s side swept bangs are super long and well integrated into her short chin length hair cut. This is a versatile side bangs style because you can push them higher on your forehead like Olivia does, or you can style them straight across your forehead to create a dramatic and flirty angle across your eye!

19Long flipped side swept bangs

Kirsten Dunst hairstyle bangs
Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is rocking a gorgeous side bangs hairstyle with some serious flipped ends! These flipped ends add a lot of personality to your haircut, which looks especially flattering and dynamic if the rest of your hair is sleek like Kirsten’s hair. These flipped ends are super easy to recreate with any heated styling device, but using a straightener is especially easy. All you need to do is clamp your straightener down on the bottom of your bangs wherever you would like the flip to begin and make sure your hair is positioned so that it will flip outwards. Hold down for a few seconds and then release! It is a good idea to finish up this look with some hairspray on your bangs so that they maintain this flirty look! You can also reverse the angle if you would like your side bangs to dramatically flip towards you chin!

20Short wispy side swept bangs

Rachel Bilson swept bangs
Rachel Bilson

Rachel’s side swept bangs are short and sweet! They are wispy which is a great style for girls who want to add some fun side bangs without adding a lot of additional weight to their forehead. This is a great short bangs hairstyle for any girl, but looks especially cute when paired with long hair like Rachel’s!

Side swept bangs are so flattering and can spice up any haircut! If you are looking to try a new hairstyle, but don’t want to lose any length off of your hair ends, you should definitely consider adding some side bangs! Even if you only add a few short pieces to your current hairstyle, you will be surprised at how it can totally transform your face and overall look. Side bangs also look amazing with ponytails and other updos so they can add a lot of versatility to your hair. Thanks for reading our list of the best side swept bangs hairstyles and we hope you were able to find a “banging” style that inspires you!



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