Totally Chic Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Latest Hairstyle Trends for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, you have probably experienced “hair envy” at some point in your life and wished that you had a gorgeous mane of thick hair. You probably didn’t know this, but there are tons of girls who have thick hair who actually wish they had thinner hair like you! Thin hair is so much easier to style than thick hair, which opens the door for you to enjoy wearing a bunch of fun hairstyles that your thick-haired girlfriends aren’t able to pull off. Since your hair is light, your hair products will do a better job of helping you create and maintain your intended look than if you had heavy hair. Ready for some more good news? Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t find a hairstyle that makes your hair look thick! Fortunately for you, there are a lot of haircuts for fine hair that can actually create the illusion of having a thicker mane without making you deal with the added maintenance of truly having thick hair. We want to help you find your perfect hairstyle, which is why we have compiled this list of totally chic hairstyles for thin hair. Whether you are looking for a short haircut or you prefer to keep your hair medium length, there is something on this list for every fine haired girl!

Short, Medium and Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

1Short choppy bob with side bangs

Kristin Cavallari thin hair
Kristin Cavallari

This is the perfect beachy and casual short bob for girls with fine hair. Kristin has thin hair, but she makes her hair look thicker and more voluminous by sporting subtle layers throughout her cut. The bottom of her hair is cut slightly unevenly which creates the illusion of thicker hair and also allows her to achieve a fun and flirty look. If you look toward the back of Kristin’s hair, you will notice that there is some subtle lift around the roots. You can recreate this look by spraying a “root-lifting” serum or using mousse before you blow dry. Don’t overdo it on the volumizing products because this look is subtle and looks best if you only have some extra volume in the back.

2Slightly asymmetrical short chop with wavy texture

Karlie Kloss thin hair
Karlie Kloss

It is unsurprising that Karlie has been a major force in popularizing the short textured chop haircut amongst celebrities because she makes it look so effortlessly gorgeous! This fabulously trendy look is both cute and edgy at the same time and is an awesome way for girls with thin hair to freshen up their look. Karlie sports slightly longer hair on one side which helps create visual interest and also adds a flirty vibe to her short hairstyle. This is such a perfect short hairstyle for thin hair and it is especially well suited for girls who prefer a low-maintenance haircut!

3Taylor Swift: Wavy bob with side bangs

Taylor Swift red carpet hairstyle
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift counts Karlie Kloss as one of her closest friends and it seems pretty clear that they share an impeccable taste in short hairstyles! Taylor’s haircut is a great short hairstyle for fine haired girls because it is universally flattering and quite versatile. In this particular look, Taylor has used a styling device to make gorgeous voluminous waves, which creates the illusion of thicker hair. However, this haircut can also be straightened to create a sleeker and flatter look. Having thin hair is an advantage for short hairstyles like this because having thick hair would cause an unflattering heavy curtain of hair. Curtains are meant to cover windows, they are not meant to cover your beautiful face!

4Nicole Richie: Asymmetrical sleek bob with a side part

haircuts for fine thin hair
Nicole Richie

Nicole totally nails this super chic and sleek asymmetrical bob! Having one slightly longer side of hair like Nicole is a great way to add some contemporary spice to a classic short haircut. Nicole is able to achieve this sleek look precisely because she has fine hair, which allows her to frame her face, rather than overpower it. This short hairstyle is universally flattering for fine-haired girls of all face shapes and is versatile for elegant occasions or casual outings!

5Buzzed sides with a long and sleek comb over

Miley Cyrus short haircut
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has caused a lot of “buzz” with her dramatic hairstyle switch from long hair to a short hairstyle with buzzed sides. This looks is gorgeous and edgy and a great way for girls with fine hair to give off some attitude with their hairstyle. The wonderful thing about this haircut is that you can create a lot of different looks by styling your hair differently. In this particular example, Miley has chosen to comb her longer pieces over to one side with shaved side of head shown on the other side, but she has also been seen combing her hair straight back to create a pompadour effect. This short haircut is so versatile and depending on your mood, you can style it flat and sleek or use products to create sky-high volume. This is the perfect short haircut for thin hair if you prefer to create dramatic and attention-grabbing looks!

6Heavily layered pixie cut with bangs

Keira Knightley hairstyle
Keira Knightley

Keira looks positively smashing with this pixie cut! This look is gorgeously edgy and has a lot of texture. This texture is easy to recreate with styling products. Using a texturizing product of your choosing, put enough product on your hair to define many individual sections of your hair. You can use hairspray, a salt spray, or even a bit of hair gel to define these pieces of your hair. The more pieces you can texturize, the better! After you finish applying your hair product, take your hands and mess up your hair in order to create as much texture as possible. This look is not supposed to be neat so try to have some fun with creating your look! This short and messy layered look is a great way for girls with thin hair to add some intrigue to their short pixie cute!

7Shoulder length sleek bob with front layers

Taylor Momsen hair
Taylor Momsen

This shoulder length style is a classic short hairstyle for thin hair and is universally flattering on all face shapes. Taylor has a few layers near her face which help create the illusion of thicker hair and also draw attention to her pretty features. Taylor parts her hair on the side which is a great tactic for girls with fine hair who want to make their hair look like it has a little bit more body than it normally does. This hairstyle looks amazing with its sleek texture, but you can also experiment by adding a few waves!

8Loose waves and face framing layers

hair styles for thin hair
Julianne Hough

Julianne looks glamorous but effortlessly put together with this gorgeous loose and wavy medium length haircut. She has a few face framing layers which help bring the focus to her stunning eyes. Although Julianne has fine hair, her lustrous waves create the illusion of having thicker hair. This hairstyle is so pretty and versatile for both fancy and casual activities. If a middle part is not flattering on your face, feel free to customize your hair part when you recreate this look!

9Medium/Long loose beachy waves

Hilary Duff hairstyle
Hilary Duff

This is the perfect beachy medium length hairstyle for thin hair. Hilary’s hair tapers slightly towards the ends which creates a very casual and pretty look. In order to replicate this slightly wavy hairstyle, twist sections of your hair with your fingers and spray them with a salt spray. You can also use a styling device to create these waves but don’t forget to use a high quality heat-protecting product to prevent your hair from getting heat damage!

10Medium/Long sleek hair with layers

Sandra Bullock hair
Sandra Bullock

Sandra has fine hair, but she created the illusion of body by adding layers into her hairstyle. Sandra’s subtle side bangs are gorgeously soft and feminine and perfectly compliment this sleek laid-back look. This haircut would also look amazing with straight, forehead covering bangs if you want to try out a bangs style that is more dramatic than Sandra’s. This is a universally flattering haircut for thin haired girls, but it is particularly flattering for girls who have a strong defined face since the layers help soften harsh angles.

11Medium length hair with side bangs

Emma Roberts hair
Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts inherited her aunt Julia Roberts’ gorgeous facial features, but she also inherited her great taste in hairstyles! Emma has a few subtle layers which help create movement and volume in her fine hair. Although you don’t need to have bangs with this style, Emma’s bangs may inspire you to try some out since they are so gorgeous and flattering. Side bangs are a great alternative for girls who don’t want to have heavy straight down bangs, but still want to experience the flattering benefits of having bangs. This medium length hairstyle is incredibly versatile and perfectly suits any special event or casual activity!

12Medium length haircut with wispy eyebrow covering bangs

medium hairstyles for thin hair
Carrie Underwood

Some women are hesitant to try out forehead covering bangs because they worry that the bangs will feel too heavy. However, the good news is that thin hair is actually a great way to experience this look without dealing with any bulky discomfort! As you can see, Carrie’s “full” forehead bangs are actually quite wispy and light which allows her to enjoy the eye-skimming trend without her hair looking blunt or feeling heavy. Besides Carrie’s obvious bangs, her haircut also includes a few subtle layers in the front portion of her hair. These layers help Carrie achieve a look that appears fuller and bouncier than the look she would have if she didn’t have layers. Layers are such a great tool for girls with fine or thin hair because they add visual interest, enhance facial features, and also create the illusion of hair thickness without adding any additional

13Medium length layered hairstyle with short side bangs

medium length hairstyles for thin hair
Mandy Moore

Mandy looks like an absolute angel with this medium length layered hairstyle! Mandy’s hair hits a couple inches below her collarbone which is widely considered to be a universally flattering hair length. She has integrated a few layers beginning under her chin that curl in towards her face which adds a beautiful and dynamic movement to her hairstyle. In addition to these layers, Mandy also has some short side bangs which highlight her pretty eyes. If you want to make your hair as shiny and smooth as Mandy’s try using a hair straightener and finish with a shine spray! This is such a feminine and pretty medium hairstyle for thin hair and is perfect for any occasion or lifestyle!

14Medium/long sleek haircut with long layers and a middle part

haircuts for fine thin hair
Mila Kunis

Mila has a round face shape which makes this straight and sleek style the perfect way to add some bluntness to balance out her overall look. Mila’s long layers begin about 3 and a half inches above her longest hair which gives her hair some movement and makes her fine hair look thicker. Middle parts look particularly flattering on Mila, but if you do not like having a middle part you can experiment to find the right hair part for you. For girls who want to look elegant but effortlessly gorgeous, this is the perfect medium hairstyle for thin hair.

15Medium/long curly hairstyle

Kate Hudson thin hair
Kate Hudson

Kate’s gorgeous beachy ringlets are lustrously shiny and bring light to her pretty face. Although Kate has fine hair, these curls make her hair look voluminous and bouncy. This is a fabulous hairstyle for girls with thin hair who want to channel a beachy and romantic vibe with their hair!

As you can see from this list, there are countless gorgeous ways to style your fine hair without it actually looking thin! Any girl with thin hair can achieve a voluminous and stylish hairstyle by taking advantage of some of the tips in this article. We hope you have found something to inspire you and don’t forget to have fun with your fine hair!


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