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Top 15 Long Layered Haircuts We Love!

Top 15 Long Layered Haircuts


The Hottest Long Layered Haircuts and Hairstyles

Although many girls like to keep their hair long, there is more to keeping your long hair stylish, healthy and flattering than simply maximizing its length! Whether your hair is thick, thin, curly or straight, long hair can run the risk of looking heavy or flat if there is no variation in length.  In addition to getting your haircut trimmed regularly in order to remove split-ends, incorporating layers can be a great way to add dimension, volume and versatility to your long hairstyle.  For example, layers are a fabulous way for girls with thick long hair to remove extra hair weight which can prevent styling products from having their intended effect.  For thin hair, layers can create the illusion of thickness and volume.  Incorporating layers is also a great way to draw attention to your gorgeous facial features or even change the appearance of your face shape!  There is an awesome layered haircut for every girl with long hair and consulting a stylist or video tutorials online can help you find the best long layered style for your hair type and facial features.  Although not every girl is fortunate enough to be able to grow her hair long naturally, any girl can achieve a gorgeous long mane with hair extensions! Whether you have grown your Rapunzel length tresses naturally or rock long extensions, we hope you enjoy this list of the top 15 long layered haircuts!

1Long straight hair with a long layered haircut

Allison Williams long hair
Allison Williams

Allison looks so gorgeous with her long layered haircut.  With gentle layers beginning a few inches above her longest hair, Allison’s hair looks impossibly shiny. The good news is that layers make this look possible for your hair too! Layers catch and reflect light which makes hair look incredibly luscious and vibrant.  Allison has beautiful thick hair and the addition of these subtle long layers helps her hair maintain its thick look, but without the heavy curtain effect that would happen if she didn’t add some variety in length.

2Long straight hair with medium and long front layers

jennifer aniston haircut
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is famed for her expertly layered hairstyles and this is certainly one of her masterpieces.  Jennifer has an angular face structure and her long bangs are a flattering choice to soften her look.  With her bangs effortlessly integrated with a few long layers in the front of her hair, Jennifer achieves a feminine, but sleek look.  This is a great haircut for girls who want to maintain a straight hair look while also having some soft pieces to frame their face.

3Very Long straight hair with shoulder length front layers

Kendall Jenner hairstyle
Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s straight hair is super long and has subtle layers around her shoulder in order to add some body to her hair.  Kendall has somewhat thin hair and these layers help her long hair look more full and vibrant which prevents it from looking stringy.  Particularly for girls with super long hair, even a few layers can make a huge difference in making hair look elegant and healthy.

4Long hair with sideswept bangs and face framing layers

Jennifer Love Hewitt long layered haircut
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer shows how gorgeous bangs look with layered long hair styles.  These sideswept bangs paired with shorter layers around her jawline create a flirty and voluminous look.   Jennifer’s face framing layers have subtle golden highlights which help illuminate her face and make her look ravishing.

5Long beachy hair with mid-length layers and subtle bangs

long layer haircut
Meg Ryan

Although layers are most obvious on straight hair, Meg’s beachy waves are a great demonstration of the volumizing effect that layers have on curlier hair.  Most of Meg’s layers hit above her shoulders which creates a gorgeous voluminous section of hair around her face that draws attention to her radiant features.  Long curly hair benefits from the addition of layered sections because you can effectively use curl-enhancing products that would not work if your style is weighed down by unecessary length.

6Long hair with many mid and long layers

Lucy Hale long layered haircut
Lucy Hale

Lucy’s heavily layered straight hair looks beautifully wavy thanks to the many layers that she added to her hair.  Incorporating many mid and long layers to your long hair style is a great way to add dynamic visual interest to your hair which might look boring if it was all the same length.  Lucy’s layers in the front are also a lighter color than the rest of her hair which helps illuminate her gorgeous face.

7Long Hair with face-framing layers and graduated layers

Kim Kardashian long layered haircut
Kim Kardashian

Kim achieves this gorgeous look with the help of expertly layered hair extensions.  Kim’s shorter layers draw attention to her stunning facial features and her graduated layers allow her straight hair to look bouncy and effortless.

8Long Hair with long layers and straight bangs

Molly Sims hairstyle
Molly Sims

Molly’s long hair looks sleek with the addition of long layers that were cut so they round slightly in toward her body.  Molly’s forehead covering bangs draw attention to her eyes, and her sleek layers help soften her haircut and prevent her look from appearing blunt.  This is a great look for girls who have longer faces.

9Long hair with graduated front layers

amanda seyfrieds hairstyle
Amanda Seyfried

Although Amanda has straight hair, she accomplishes a gorgeous gentle wavy look with front layers that become gradually longer.  These graduated layers in the front section of her haircut help catch light which makes her hair extra shiny and also illuminates her pretty face.  Layers in the front of your hair are a great option for girls who may not want to have hair that looks obviously layered, but who still want to enjoy the benefits of adding layers to their hair.

10Long Hair with many curled layers and subtle sideswept bangs

Sarah Paxton Long Layered Haircut
Sarah Paxton

Sarah’s long beachy hair look is achieved by styling her many layers to curl away from her face.  Sarah’s layers begin just after her subtle bangs, around her cheekbone and continue down the length of her hair.  Because she has so many layers, Sarah is able to use a curling iron to give these layers a bouncy look.  Sarah has naturally fine hair and would not have been able to achieve this gorgeous volume without having a layered haircut.  Extra length would have weighed her hair down and prevented her styling products from holding.

11Very long straight hair with very long layers

Shailene Woodley long haircut
Shailene Woodley

Shailene’s hair is incredibly long and she incorporated some subtle long layers in order to prevent her hair from looking like a heavy curtain.  With this slight variety of length, Shailene is able to create volume and movement.

12Long wavy hair with straight bangs and heavy mid level layers

Lea Michele long layered haircut
Lea Michele

Although straight bangs can create a blunt look, Lea incorporated many mid-level layers which helps soften her look.  These layers give body to her hair and make it look so soft!  Lea most likely used a texturizing spray to make her layers have this piecey casual look.

13Long curly hair with chin and mid-length layers

Beyonce curly hair

Beyonce is famed for her gorgeous head of thick curls, and she did not disappoint with this layered haircut!  Her mid-length layers are blonder than the rest of her hair which helps draw attention to the volume these layers create around her face.  Girls with curly hair should set their hair with a curl-defining hairspray in order to make sure this gorgeous look lasts as long as possible!

14Long hair with subtle face framing layered haircut

layered hairstyles for long hair
Miley Cyrus

Miley has been very vocal about her use of hair extensions, which may come as a surprise to some people since her long hair looks natural.  The key to helping extensions look as natural as possible is integrating layers.  With shorter layers beginning around her jaw line and some mid-length layers, Miley accomplishes a flattering face-slimming effect that looks effortless and beautiful.

15Long wavy hair with grunge-styled layers

megan fox long layered haircut
Megan Fox

Megan is the queen of the rocker-chic look when it comes to her hair.  She has many mid length and long layers which she styled to look piecey and a little grungy.  Girls can accomplish this striking look by twisting individual layers and spraying them with a texturizing product.

As these gorgeous celebrities have shown us, there are awesome long layered haircuts for every hair type and face shape.  When you add layers to your long haircut, you can enjoy many styling options and looks that you would not be able to achieve if your hair was all the same length.  We hope you enjoyed this list of the top 15 long layered haircuts and we encourage you to have fun with your long hair!



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