Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Cute and Romantic Ideas to Do for Your Loved One

You are dating your boyfriend for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is simple: you love him! Even though you show your boyfriend that you love him everyday, there’s no reason you can’t do something extra special for him every once in a while! Surprising your boyfriend with a romantic gesture is a great way to strengthen your relationship and make sure that knows that you do not take him for granted. You have probably wanted to do something special for your guy before, but maybe you have needed some inspiration. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite sweet things to do for your boyfriend. We have included cute things to do for him on a special occasion and we have also included romantic ideas that are perfect for any normal day of the week. Although we organized this list into these two categories, you don’t need to stick to these guidelines and you should try these out whenever it feels right! Whether big or small, every single one of these gestures is filled with love and will remind him that he is one lucky guy to have found such a fabulous girlfriend.

Romantic Ideas for a Special Occasion and Cute Ideas For Any Day of the Week


1Plan a Surprise Roadtrip (with a special playlist!)

Planning a roadtrip is a super romantic thing to do for your guy because odds are, there is somewhere he has been dying to go, but just hasn’t had the time or energy to plan it himself. If you can make a playlist that has his favorite songs, go for it! He will really appreciate the attention to detail that you took in order to make sure that this trip is special and tailored to him. If you want to make this idea extra surprising and romantic, you could simply give him a calendar with the dates marked off for the trip. He will probably be disappointed at first that he “only” got a calendar, but his face will be priceless when he realizes the real gift! Make sure that you do your research ahead of time and take care of all of the details like choosing a route to drive, where to stay, and most importantly: that he is definitely available during the dates that you choose to go! This may be a gift for him, but you will also get the gift of creating amazing memories with your special guy!

2Make Him a Romantic “Coupon” Book

Relationships are about compromise and that means that sometimes your guy does not always get his way! However, on special occasions like his birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can give him the gift of getting what he wants, when he wants it. This is a super creative gift that you can give your guy because you can personalize it to reflect all of the things you know that he loves but does not always get. For example, you could give him a coupon that gives him control of the tv remote for an entire week. Another idea would be a coupon that let’s him choose the menu for a meal that you cook for him! One of the great things about this gift is that he can use his coupons whenever he wants so he is not limited to feeling like a king on just one day! You will get extra points with him if you leave a blank coupon at the end of the book to surprise him with his very own choice! This is also the perfect way to show your guy that you care without needing to buy him something. He will appreciate that you went through all of the effort to make such a creative and personalized gift, and who knows, maybe he’ll like the idea so much that he will make one for you too someday!

3Buy Him Tickets to a Sports or Music Event

There is definitely a concert or game that your guy would love to go to, but maybe he hasn’t bought tickets yet because they are too expensive or he simply hasn’t gotten around to it. In order to keep it a surprise, you may need to enlist the help of his friends so that you don’t need to ask him directly what he would like. This is a super cute thing to make for your boyfriend and your guy will be especially touched because you went through the extra effort to keep it a secret. If you can afford it, you should consider buying yourself a ticket as well! He will appreciate your company and just think of how cute he will look enjoying the game or show!

4Recreate Your First Date – Romantic things to do for your boyfriend

Although it feels like a distant memory because you two know each other so well now, there was a first date where your relationship began and your lives changed forever. There were probably some awkward moments that you may not want to literally recreate, but taking your boyfriend to the place where you two had your first date is an extremely romantic gesture!

5Cook His Favorite Meal with a Trail of Love Notes

The only thing better than cooking your boyfriend his favorite meal? Leading him to this table of deliciousness with romantic notes! Invite your boyfriend over to your house and leave the door unlocked. When he arrives, he will immediately notice your first note lying on the ground. He will understand what is going on pretty quickly and even if it seems corny, he will be so touched by the sweet things you wrote and all of the effort you made to ensure this meal is special for him. Since we don’t know your boyfriend, we can’t tell you what to write on these notes. Luckily, you are an expert on what makes your guy amazing so write from the heart and don’t overthink it!

6Send Him a Handwritten Love Letter

Although you probably send your boyfriend a lot of sweet text messages or use social media to express your love, a handwritten note is something special that he will be able to hold onto and treasure forever. At first, you may notice that it is actually harder to express yourself when you are writing your thoughts by hand because you are so used to using technology to do it! This will require you to work a little bit harder, but you will probably find that the message you create is incredibly deep and thoughtful. Although you can definitely hand this letter to him in person, it may be even more fun to send it through the postal service because he will be super surprised (and it wouldn’t be unexpected for this note to make him tear up a little, so he will probably appreciate the privacy!) If you’re an artist another idea is cute things to draw for your boyfriend and send him as a letter.

7Wash His Car

For a lot of guys, his car is his second true love beside you. Even if you don’t share his obsession with his car, you can show him that you care about him by making sure his prize is well taken care of. This is a particularly sweet gesture when you know your boyfriend has had a busy week and you want to help him out.

8Give a Back Massage

You know how you love when your boyfriend gives you those amazing back and shoulder rubs? Guess what, he loves massages too! Every guy appreciates a great back massage, especially when he is tired, stressed out, or suffering back pain. He may not ask you for one directly because he doesn’t want to trouble you, but you should know he would never turn one down if you offered. This is a great way to help your boyfriend relax and show him that you care. Don’t worry about how good you are at giving massages, your sweet gesture will feel as good as any professional massage would!

9Leave a Note for Him to See When He Wakes Up

This is an especially cute thing to do for him if he is not a morning person. Waking up after a blissful slumber is not always a fun thing to do, so surprising your boyfriend with a sweet note to see first thing in the morning is an awesome way to help him start the day off right. Never underestimate how important the small gestures are in reminding your boyfriend how much you love him!

10Frame Your Favorite Picture Together

Even though your boyfriend has probably seen this picture already on Facebook or on your phone, being able to physically hold this adorable picture of you two is extra special. He can put it somewhere special in his room and bring it with him if he travels!

11Pick-up His Favorite Junk Food and Watch a Movie

Although your boyfriend definitely appreciates the romance of when you cook for him, sometimes its a lot more fun to pig out on an assortment of junk food and watch a movie together! This is a cute activity to plan for your guy because it is lighthearted and fun while still being sweet.

12Text Him a Reason Why You Love Him Every Hour

This is an awesome and cute way to show your guy how much you love him. Don’t explain what you’re doing, just send him a new message every hour with a quick description of why you love him. He will probably catch on pretty quickly and will be looking forward to receiving whatever message you send to him each hour. This is a super sweet gesture to do any day of the week, but your boyfriend will be extra appreciative of it if he happens to be having a hard day!

13Ask Him What He Wants To Do…And Do It

If your guy wants to book a flight to a remote island in the next ten minutes, it is probably not happening. However, if he has something in mind which makes sense logistically and financially, do it! For example, if he wants to go for a dip in the ocean, don’t worry about your hair or whether its cold out, just go for it! This is a cute way to show your guy that you want him to feel like he can do spontaneous things with you. Sure, its fun to enjoy the comfortable routine that relationships often fall into, but don’t forget how much fun it can be to experience something together that you didn’t plan!

14Cute things to make for your boyfriend: Plan a Picnic

Although picnics may seem old-fashioned, there is something really romantic about sharing a meal while sitting on the ground with your significant other. Try to find a nice quiet location to have your picnic so that you two can enjoy nature sounds and focus on being with each other. If you both don’t like being outdoors or want to try a fresh and quirky take on this activity, you can even create a picnic indoors! All you need to do is put a couple pillows on the floor. If you’re feeling extra romantic, you can add a string of white lights, candles, and rose petals to your setup!

15Organize a “Guy’s Night” for Him and His Friends

One of a guys biggest concerns when it comes to dating is whether his girlfriend gets along with his friends Even if you don’t particularly like his friends, you know that your guy loves to hang out with them and it makes him happy to see when you make an effort to encourage and respect his friendships. Your boyfriend loves spending time with you because you are an awesome girlfriend, but he will think you’re even more awesome knowing that you took the time to organize this night. There are a ton of possibilities, but one easy idea would be hosting a party at your house and ordering them a pizza to watch a sports game!

As you can see from this list, there are a ton of cute things to do for your boyfriend when you want to show him a little extra love. Whether it is a special occasion, your guy has had a bad day or you just want to do something romantic, your boyfriend will adore you even more for going out of your way to make these sweet gestures.



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