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30 Strength Tattoos

Strength Tattoos


30 Inspiring Strength Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way of expressing moments or remembering certain moments in your life, and you know as well as we do, annoying though it is, that life has its downs as well as its ups. Frustrating or devastating those bad times can be, you must as well use them to pick yourself up and live the fabulous life you deserve, and we think a tattoo to reflect that is a truly special idea of making a tribute. Here are our 30 touching and beautiful ideas for strength tattoos…

1A Quote

A deep quote is a perfect way of reminding yourself how far you have come. The quote reminds us that life’s ups and downs aren’t insignificant, and things happen for a reason. It will definitely get us back on our feet after a hard day.

2Hear Me Roar

Lions symbolize pride, which is an important part of moving on. Be proud of what you have achieved in your life so far, and be at the top of your game, strive for that dream life you have always wanted. This would make an amazing shoulder piece!

3Be Happy

Easy to say, harder to do, but look for the little things that made you smile throughout the day. This tattoo is discreet but its meaning is huge. The font is beautiful too!

4I Refuse To Sink

Anchors in themselves represent strength, but the message is clear with this philosophical quote. Don’t allow yourself to sink and fight those waves until you reach the metaphorical shore. This tattoo could also look cute on your thigh, though we have to admit, it looks good anywhere!

5Splash Of Color

You wouldn’t think the quote came from everyone’s favorite childhood movie, The Sound of Music! “I Have Confidence” is one of the ultimate get up and go songs, and talks about doubt and confidence. Well, you will definitely be feeling confident with this gorgeous piece!

6The Architect

Only you are in control of your future, whether that is your destruction or your success, only you can make those moves. This quote is so empowering and lets people know how sassy and independent you are, and also you can’t go wrong with a cute back tattoo!

7Let It Go

No… not the Disney song… we have all bawled our eyes out after letting go of a balloon when we were kids. Letting those heartbreaking moments go and moving ahead with your life is important, you shouldn’t get lost in time. We love everything about this tattoo, the font, the angle, the balloon – it is so carefully thought out!


Don’t ever let anyone get you down, and with this cute tattoo, you are bound to stand proud. The beauty of getting a strength-themed tattoo on your arm is when you are down, you can look at your arm and see how awesome you truly are!

9Neck Tattoo

If your job or future job doesn’t allow tattoos, why not get it somewhere discreet? On the back of your neck or the nape, is not only a cute place to get it but doesn’t get you into any trouble. The font is lush too! However, be sure to check out different parlors as some artists refuse to do neck tattoos!

10Not Afraid

There is no shame in being a loner, think about it, it means you are independent and use your initiative. This tattoo is for all the girl bosses out there that strive for perfection and aren’t afraid to show it. Show how brave and brilliant you are with this tattoo!

11Thankful & Grateful

This tattoo will help you be grateful for everything you have in your life, whether it is the support of a loved one or your accomplishments. It is a touching tattoo that will look great anywhere, but we are thinking that it would make a great ankle tattoo!


Semi-colon tattoos are meant to symbolize someone’s battle with mental health issues and suicide. Why a semi-colon? To show you are the author of your own life, you can easily add new chapters and have an amazing story. You can also put the tattoo behind your ear or on your finger.

13Like An Arrow

Arrows represent a struggle and moving on from it. If a strength-themed tattoo is going to be your first, arrows are the perfect choice because they are a lot less painful and cheaper as they do not need so much work. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t gorgeous! This tattoo may be small but its meaning is definitely huge!

14Stay Strong

We recommend this tattoo for those who are regulars at the tattoo parlor as the collarbone is a painful place to get one done. It is gorgeous, and feather tattoos represent freedom, so it is perfect if you have just come out of a traumatic time.

15Be OK

Simple, basic yet effective. This tattoo will make you smile, even when you aren’t going through a tough patch. It needs very little work too so it definitely won’t be painful!


Quotes are a simple but effective way of getting your message across, or for your tattoo to have a clear meaning. As you can see, this make a gorgeous arm tattoo, that will help you remember how far you have come in your life.

17A Simple Anchor

Anchors, as we mentioned before, represent strength, clinging to the bottom of the ocean, they are the perfect symbol for a tattoo. You can make it as big or as small as you like it, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of detail – patterned anchors make beautiful tattoos too!


Sometimes the most simple of tattoos are the most beautiful, and this courage tattoo say it all. Perfect for someone who has struggled with mental health problems, or a tough period in your life, you cannot deny the fact that this tattoo is a great way to reflect on your progress.

19Be Strong Girl

We love tattoos written in like typewriter-like font, it gives a retro edge to your tattoo, without taking away its meaning. A perfect quote for a fabulous tattoo, this would also make a great collarbone or wrist tattoo.

20Fly Away

This is quite similar to the stay strong tattoo we mentioned earlier, but this one comes with more detail. The infinity symbol is one of the most used in today’s tattoos, obviously meaning forever. If you look carefully at the feather, you can see the top of it transforming into small birds, that represent freedom. This tattoo may seem simple yet is made up of so many different signs and meanings.

21Family Forever

Your family is your rock, and they love you unconditionally. If you want to make a tribute to a loved one, this tattoo is a touching and classy way of doing it. Yet again, here you have birds and feathers, emblems of strength.

22Be The Change

Sometimes it takes courage but you have to be the master of your own destiny. This quote is inspiring and will definitely give you the courage you need in those dark times ahead. As you can see here, it makes a wonderful thigh tattoo, and the cursive font gives it a delicate touch.


Owl tattoos have several meanings, but it makes a great strength tattoo because it is a symbol of freedom and vision. This is important for strength because the hardest thing is moving on, letting things go and forgetting them. There are all sorts of designs you can get and they are getting increasingly popular in tattoo parlors.


Arrows also have another meaning, they also represent your achievements in life. Get a set of arrows, each one symbolizing the big moments in your life. We love this tattoo because it is so personal, and you will never forget the most important days of your life.

25Think Like A Mountain

This tattoo is, in fact, a title of a book by Aldo Leopold, and why have it as a tattoo? Well, it means here that you should appreciate the world around you. Plus for Leopold, everything was connected, so for your strength tattoo, you can interpret that in your own way – such as everything happens for a reason.

26Now I’m A Warrior

Lovatics – this is the tattoo for you. Demi Lovato herself suffered from life-changing experiences such as mental health problems as well as addiction. “Warrior” is a song she wrote about her ordeal, and the lyrics have never rung so true – “Now I’m a warrior/Now I have thicker skin/I’m a warrior/I’m stronger than I’ve ever been”.

27Hero Of This Story

This tattoo is extremely popular on social media, and we think it’s pretty cool! This tattoo says “I’m the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved”. We think this is such an empowering tattoo for girls on the go that know what they want from life and aren’t afraid to grab it! Don’t be a damsel in distress and find your own way out of the castle.

28Courage Dear Heart

This tattoo will help you get back on your feet again. This quote is from one of the books from “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Lucy hears Aslan’s voice say this, and the sound of someone familiar gives her the strength to carry on. Everyone loves Narnia since it takes you back to your childhood so this tattoo is a must!

29La Vida Sigue

La Vida Sigue means life goes on in Spanish, and it really does. It seems hard at first, but things do eventually get easier. Getting a tattoo in a foreign language is a great idea if your family is from another country, or if you just love languages. Followed by an arrow, this tattoo makes us keep on believing and dreaming of an even better future!

30Better Not Better

We think this quote would make the best tattoo ever. We all make mistakes but we have to gain something from them. Mistakes can be corrected, and by improving yourself, you are doing so. Work hard to prove everyone wrong and “don’t look back in anger” as Oasis once sang!

31Be Strong

Short and sweet! This statement tattoo looks beautiful on the wrist!

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