Cute Ear Piercings

Cute Ear Piercings


Cute Ear Piercing Ideas

Did you know there are actually so many ways in which you can pierce your ears? Ear piercing ideas are sweeping social media and everyone is running to get more holes in their ears! So, we decided to compile a list of some of the best ideas we have seen that are small and cute and not too outrageous. Take a look!

1Two Middle Studs

This two middle stud ear piercing idea is so simple. Say ‘goodbye’ the traditional lobe and ‘hello to this super classy alternative that will certainly draw the right attention.

2Hoop Hug

This simple little hoop seems like it’s hugging the middle of your ear. It’s almost reminiscent of a toe-ring! This is a wonderful idea if you want a flattering look without the jazz.

3Mixed Earring Look

This mixed earring look contains a small hoop, a flower stud, and a diamond stud to create a look that seems planned and put together. It’s girly and one of our very favorites!

4Diamond Stair Look

This diamond stair look will definitely be on the top of everyone’s list! It’s blinged out without being overwhelming. The different size diamond studs fit perfectly on the different parts of your ear.

5Full Mixed Earring Collection

This ear piercing design has a little bit of well…everything! If you want something with hoops, studs, and a bar, then this is the ideal design for you!

6Small Upper Hoops

This is a very dainty ear piercing idea. It contains two small upper hoops and a few mixed studs with simple designs. This is a perfect everyday look because it goes with everything!

7Hearts And Stars

If you want a unique look that’s still delicate then this is the one for you. It contains an eye, a heart, and some stars, which allow your personality to shine through!

8Gold And Pearls

This girly pearl designed piercing idea is ideal for that feminine lady! The look of the pearls and the gold add instant class to any outfit and will make you feel like royalty.

9Diamonds And Pearls

This diamond pearl mix comes complete with a dainty chain that loops under the lobe of the ear. Though, it hangs lower than most designs on this list, it doesn’t seem big or draw too much attention.

10Three Diamond Design

If you are an ear piercing purist, then you may want to stick with some simple diamond studs. This three diamond design is classy, but unique, so it’s a definite safe choice.

11Cat Stud

Are you an absolute kitty lover? Then you’ll definitely want to take a close look at this ear piercing idea! The diamond studs lead down to the centerpiece cat stud positioned on the lobe. How cute!

12Gold Hoops

Small gold hoops are a cute and dainty look. It’s a beautiful summer look when your skin is looking tan and paired with some delicate rings, you’ll look like a summer princess!

13Four Stud Design

Not everyone wants a lot of attention when it comes to their piercings. So, that’s why this design is on the list! This four small studded design blends in with any attire.

14Cross Mixed Collection

Are you a big believer in faith? Then, maybe you want a cross to be the centerpiece of your piercing design. Place the cross on the lobe and fill the rest of your ear with mixed studs and hoops to get this design right.

15Lightening Bolt

This ear piercing idea is perfect when you want something a little different and unique, but not totally overwhelming and in-your-face. Try a signature stud like a lightening bolt and then add a few more jewelry pieces.

16Flowers And Studs

If you like to put a little feminine flair into everything you wear, then this ear piercing idea is perfect for you. Feel free to mix gold and silver with diamonds to get this beautiful look.

17Moon And Star

Forget the traditional lobe piercing and rock an adorable moon and star stud on the inside top of your ear. You’ll definitely feel like you’re one with mother nature.

18A Little Bit Of Everything

This delicate ear piercing idea has a little bit of everything. It contains a flower stud, a small hoop, some diamond studs, and a ball stud. You would think this would be a messy design, but it all comes together so beautifully!

19Dangled Lobe Pair

This dangled lobe pair design comes complete with a star and moon. It draws the perfect amount of attention to your ears, without taking over your whole appearance.

20Simple Ringed Hoops

This simple and small ringed hoops act as cuffs on the top of the ear. They are a classic take on the traditional small hoops you wear on your lobes. And, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

21Heart And Studs

22Diamond Embellished Hoop

23Mixed Jewels

24Simple Studs And Hoop

25Inner Diamond Ladder

26Mixed-Sized Diamonds

27Wave Ringed-Hoop

28Simple Playful Studs

29Hoops With Studs And Cross

30Big And Small Balls

31Inside Mixed-Sized Diamonds

32Big And Small Gold Hoops

33Gold Flair Dangles And Hoops

34Arrow Rod Centerpiece Design

35Gold Hoop And Diamond Stud Mix


This list of super cute ear piercings ideas definitely shows you just how much you can do with one little part of your body! There are so many beautiful and unique ways to mix and match earrings- so good luck choosing your favorite and actually making a decision!

There are some ideas on this list that contain just one specific stud such as a diamond or a ball stud. These studs are mixed sizes and create a classy look that can go with any outfit and can be worn at any event!

Then there are some ear piercing ideas on here that mix gold and silver. Or studs and hoops and rods. Though it seems like this could look messy and overwhelming, they all do a great job of complimenting each other and creating a beautifully delicate look.

We hope you found an ear piercing idea that you are excited to try! If not, hopefully it inspired you to create your own.


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