Happy Quotes That Make You Smile

Happy Quotes That Make You Smile

Smile Quotes: 40 Quotes That Make You Smile

Sometimes even the happiest people need a good pick me up. Maybe you had a bad day, or maybe you want to surprise your best friend with a thoughtful quote. Put a smile on anyone’s face with this list of quotes to make someone you care about smile. No matter who in your life you want to cheer up, there is a quote here for everyone. Choose one of these quotes and make the day a little brighter for a friend, your sister, or even yourself!

1A Smile is a Sword

A smile can be a powerful thing. If you see beauty as powerful, a smile can be the perfect weapon to tackle any day!

2Be the Sunshine

Maybe someone you know has had a rough day. This quote gives some good advice: if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!

3Simply Be Yourself

Nothing feels quite as good as being with people who appreciate your true self.

4So Much to Smile About

Marilyn Monroe said it best. There really is so much to smile about if you take a second to appreciate the little things!

5The Most Beautiful Things

This quote is sure to put things into perspective. Smile as you remember the things that matter most in life.

6Thing to Carry With You

This quote is sure to cheer anyone up. Remind someone of the most important things to carry with them.

7Let Your Smile Change the World

This quote is a good reminder that a smile can be powerful. You can have an impact on the world!

8Das Not Good

This quote is good because it is funny. A funny quote is the best way to get anyone smiling!

9Smile Because it Happened

Everyone loves a good Dr. Seuss quote. This one is a great reminder that even if we are sad that something ended, we can still smile looking back on our memories!


Here’s another funny quote to make anyone smile. It’s true, life is short, so smile while you can!

11A Simple Smile

A quote from Mother Teresa will motivate anyone in your life. She makes a good point: a smile can do more good than we will ever know.

12Happy Looks Good On You

There’s nothing like a good compliment to put a smile on someone’s face. Happy looks great on everyone, so let’s all smile a little more!

13Happy Mind

Our minds are powerful. This quote is a great reminder that a happy mind can help you manifest a happy life!

14Happy Soul

We can all benefit from a little me-time. Taking some time to make your soul happy is sure to bring a smile back to your face!

15Being Happy

If all else fails, smile because it is fashionable! There is nothing like a good smile to brighten any outfit!

16A Smile is Intimidating

This quote is great because you can see it as funny or motivational. Either way, a smile is a great way to fight off your enemies!

17Just Smile

If you don’t know what lies ahead, all you can do is trust. Smile and know that the rest will fall into place.

18Smile with your Heart

This quote is great for giving a friend a nice heartwarming pick me up. Living life with a smile brings love into every situation.

19Magic Quote

This is a lovely quote for someone special. Love can make anyone believe in magic!

20Things That Make You Smile

This quote is great for anyone feeling discouraged. If something makes you happy, you should never give up on it.

21No Regrets

22Peace Begins

23The Prettiest Thing

24Be the Reason

25Be Your Own Reason

26Find It

27Revenge Smile

28Seeing You Smile

29Smile and Remember

30The Boldest Statement

31Smile Brighter

32Right Under Your Nose

33The Best Make-up

34A Smile and a Purpose

35The Same Language

36Be So Happy

37Stay Strong

38Smile and Tell Yourself

39Wearing That Smile

40Keep it Simple

41The smallest moments

42Always find time


Some of these quotes are a good dose of motivation, while others are funny or heartwarming. There are also quotes for lifting anyone out of a bad mood. No matter which message you choose, any of these quotes will make your day a little bit brighter.

If you are feeling blue, a good motivational quote could be just what you need to put a smile on your face. If you have a friend that needs cheering up, these uplifting quotes will be just what the doctor ordered.

A little dose of humor can be good for the soul. If you enjoy a good giggle, one of the funnier quotes could be just what you need to brighten your day.

These quotes are great for any situation. You can even use them if you feel like sending a little dose of happiness to a friend just because! You don’t need a reason. It is always a good time to make someone smile.

A smile can help you get through the tough days, and make the good days even better. Why not choose one of these quotes and get all your favorite people smiling today?

Start your day off with a smile, or send a sweet message just because. These quotes would even make a great message to send in the evening. Nothing feels quite as good as going to bed with a smile on your face. You could even start a chain; sending smile quotes between friends to give a little joy to everyone. No matter who in your life might benefit from a little jolt of happiness, try one of these quotes out and watch the happiness spread!


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