Spine Tattoos For Females

Spine Tattoos For Females

Spine Tattoo Ideas

Spine tattoos are all the rage right now. They can be small and delicate. And, they can also be big and bold. Some run all down the spine, while others pick the top or the bottom of the spine to sit. Whatever your taste and style is, you’ll be sure to find something on this list that suits your fancy. Good luck choosing just one!

1Space-Themed Tattoo

This space-themed spine tattoo is absolute gorgeous. It combines different colors to make it really pop. The planets have never looked more beautiful!

2Elephant Spine Tattoo

This calming and zen spine tattoo comes complete with an elephant. And, who doesn’t love a cute little elephant? It is a gentle and big creature that does well to represent wisdom, protection, and luck.

3Creative Arrow Tattoo

This creative detailed arrow is the perfect tattoo for a girl who always knows which direction she is going. It is for the goal-oriented lady who always has a plan.

4Long-Stemmed Rose Spine Tattoo

This long-stemmed rose spine tattoo is so romantic and girly. If you love romance and feminine accessories, then definitely consider this beautiful tattoo for your spine.

5Flock Of Birds Spine Tattoo

Bird tattoos are one of our favorites because there are so many options. And, one of the options is to put a flock of birds on your spine. Birds stand for freedom and nature, so if that’s all you, try this tattoo!

6Bones Spine Tattoo

This bone spine tattoo is a little creepy, but also carries deep meaning. Having a strong backbone and sticking up for what you believe in is very attractive and will get you where you want to go in life.

7Alice In Wonderland Spine Tattoo

This beautiful “Alice in Wonderland” tattoo is for the girl who loves reading. If you are not an Alice fan, you can surely tailor this tattoo to fit your interests.

8Corset Bow Low Back Tattoo

This corset bow tattoo is super girly and feminine. It is for the girl who loves getting dressed up and fancy. And, this tattoo would be the perfect accessory to any outfit!

9Breathe Spine Tattoo Quote

It’s important to remember to breathe. Especially, if you are going through a tough time. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you. Breathe and you’ll be able to make it through anything that gets thrown your way.

10Colorful Tree Spine Tattoo

This watercolor style tree is a beautiful addition to anyone’s tattoo collection. If you are a little artsy and a total nature buff, then this is the one for you!

11Half-Back Design Tattoo

This henna-inspired design is absolutely beautiful. It’s delicate intricacy really makes it look like a zen masterpiece. If you want to catch everyone’s eyes at the beach, definitely choose this design.

12Dragon Spine Tattoo

This beautiful dragon tattoo looks fierce, powerful, and is for anyone girl who knows how strong she is. This will sit as a constant reminder on your spine that you can handle anything!

13Dragonfly Spine Tattoo

This beautiful dragonfly tattoo is simple, yet impactful. Dragonflies symbolize change and self-realization. So, if you are on an epic journey to become you, show it off with a dragonfly tattoo.

14Strength In Faith Tattoo

If faith is a huge part of your life and it’s where you get your strength from, then definitely consider this cross spine tattoo for your next design.

15Watercolor Feather Spine Tattoo

Feathers are always a lovely choice for a tattoo. And, this feather is one of our favorites. It’s all dolled up with foreign character symbols and some splashes of color!

16Fish And Dreamcatcher Spine Tattoo

To be swimming toward your dreams is a blessing. So, let everyone know that you are constantly working toward what you want in life with this unique spine tattoo design.

17Flower String Spine Tattoo

This flower string that runs down the spine is an excellent choice for your next tattoo design. It’s definitely girly in a nature-lover’s sort of way.

18Grounded Quote Tattoo

To know where you are and your place in this crazy world is important to staying grounded. Remind yourself of who you are with this beautiful quote tattoo.

19Half-Back Flower Design

This half-back flower design is super eye-catching! It’s beautifully intricate design looks like a work of art that you won’t want to stop examining.

20Plant Leaf Spine Tattoo

This beautiful plant leaf resembles the bones of your spine. It is an ideal design for someone who feels at one with nature and who doesn’t mind a little color in their tattoo.

21Lion Tattoo

22Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo

23Swam Spine Tattoo

24Moon Phases Half Spine Tattoo

25Music Notes Spine Tattoo

26Nature Scenes Tattoo

27Colorful Masterpiece Tattoo

28Fern Spine Tattoo

29Cherry Blossoms Tattoo Down Spine

30Dream Without Fear Spine Tattoo Quotes

31Books And Wine Tattoo Down Spine

32Roman Numerals Spine Tattoo

33Inked Rose Spine Tattoo

34Straight Line Tattoo

35Top Spine Arrow Tattoo

36The Universe Spine Tattoo

37Long Starry Spine Tattoo

38Japanese Character Symbols Spine Tattoo

39Tree Of Life

40Quote and Flower Spine Tattoo

41Analome Quote Spine Tattoo

These uniquely beautiful spine tattoo designs are all great choices for your next trip to get inked! They are all so different, so there is definitely something for everyone’s taste.

There are some wonderful and inspiring spine tattoo quotes that are great for girls who want a straight-up reminder of where their heart lies or the power within themselves. If you didn’t see a quote that resonated with you on this list, feel free to choose your own and tailor the design!

Then there are some spine tattoos for females on this list that contain animals and themes of nature. These are perfect for the tattoo-lovers who feel most themselves when they are surrounded by trees and birds.

There are also spine tattoo ideas on here that contain different languages and symbols. And, the great thing about these designs is that they are customizable! You can choose what you want to convey with these tattoos.

A few of the tattoos listed include color, which not everyone is partial to. But, they look insanely beautiful when incorporated! Check out the colorful space tattoo and the tree tattoo!

We hope that you found a spine tattoo that struck your fancy and you are already making an appointment for the salon. We know picking a tattoo is a hard decision, but we hope we just made it a little easier for you.


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