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Best Waterproof Foundations You Must Try

Best Waterproof Foundations

15 Best Foundation Waterproofing

Sweat. Tears. Water. You never know where your day is going to take you, but you do know you need the right foundation to get you through. It doesn’t matter what kind of schedule you have, or whether it’s the gym or the nerves that are causing you to perspire, you have to know without a doubt that you have a foundation that will stand up to the moisture and keep your makeup in place. We have heard your cries, and composed a list of 15 of the best waterproof foundations. Mother nature can do her worst, you are still going to look fabulous.

1Make Up For Ever Professional Paris

When it comes down to sweat, you are serious about the foundation you use. You never know when that condensation is going to sneak up on you, but you do know you need to stay one step ahead. With the Make Up For Ever liquid foundation, you can brave your day like the princess warrior you are. You make up is going to stay perfectly in place through it all.

2Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous

It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are facing. Try outs, finals, recitations or performances, every girl knows that through it all, she has got to stay fabulous. What better way to do that than with Cover Girl Outlast? This creamy liquid slides on evenly, providing you with the perfectly matched coverage you need for hours at a time. Crazy afternoon planned? Don’t sweat it. You have the Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous in your backpack, and you know you will stay fabulous.

3MAC Pro Nourishing Longwear Waterproof Foundation

We know you love MAC as much as we do, and we have to say, they have really outdone themselves with this one. What girl doesn’t want that flawless coverage that will last for hours on end? With this foundation, you can rest assured you are getting the coverage you want while your makeup stays in place. Any with the moisturizing technology few foundations offer, you can breathe easy knowing winter air isn’t going to touch you this year.

4Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick

No matter what your day is like, it’s good to know you have a backup plan, and that’s where the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick comes into play. Slip into the bathroom when you are on lunch or between class and give your face that bit of refreshing you need, then head out to face the rest of your day filled with seamless confidence. Every girl wants to know she’s flawless, and this little stick is just another reminder that you are.

5Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Waterproof Foundation

Girls with oily skin know what a battle it is to find a foundation that will stay put all day and provide the coverage and stability they need. It seems most foundations have worn off before you are even on lunch, and you are left feeling self-conscious and wishing for more. Urban Decay understands you, and with their non-greasy liquid formula stylishly stored in a signature bottle, you can rest assured your foundation is going to stay in place right where you need it to all day… and all night… long.

6MAC Face and Body Waterproof Liquid Foundation

It can be a tough call knowing which foundation you can use on your face and your body. But let’s face it, there’s times you simply want to wear that strapless dress, and those blemishes have got to go. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to lounge your Saturday away down at the pool or if you are preparing to be the next prom queen, having a waterproof foundation that works for both your face and body is simply priceless. Pick up a bottle of this liquid gold today, and kiss your skin problems goodbye.

7Tarte Full Coverage Waterproof Foundation

Um, did somebody say Ah-mazing? Because that’s the only word to describe this liquid clay foundation from Tarte Cosmetics. Crafted using Amazonian clay and the best sunscreen technology, your skin will thank you for this long lasting foundation. Put it on in the morning before you head off to class, and rest assured it’s going to be in place when you finally wash your face before bed again tonight. When you have this foundation, it’s all you’ll ever need.

8Rimmel London Stay Matte Waterproof Foundation

There’s times when you simply want to get the most for your money, and when you buy this foundation, you are doing just that. At only $4.99 per bottle, this inexpensive waterproof foundation more than pays for itself the first time you wear it. Spread the creamy foundation evenly across your skin for rich, even color that stays put all day long. Who says inexpensive can’t be effective?

9Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

Would you like to feel as though you spread a cloud across your skin every morning? That’s exactly what this air-infused foundation feels like, and we couldn’t love it more. It blends well to match any skin tone, and lasts all day long, so you can go from class to homework to hanging out with your friends without ever once having to touch up your look. Grab a bottle of this rich foundation today, and start walking on sunshine tomorrow. You know you deserve the best, so why not treat yourself?

10Maybelline Super Stay Cream Foundation

There’s makeup that stays, then there’s makeup that really stays, and this is by far one of the longest lasting foundations you can put on your skin. Full coverage for a full 24 hours, you could go to bed with this on, and still see coverage when you woke up the next morning. (Of course, we all know you need to wash your face before you hit the sack, but it’s nice to know that it could stay put if you ever needed it to). Grab a bottle of this foundation today, and rest assured your foundation issues are solved for life.

11Milani Waterproof Camouflage Cream

A smart girl knows how and when to make things disappear, and with this creamy camouflage cream, you will be able to do that very thing in a matter of minutes. This cream spreads on thick, but you only need the tiniest amount for all over coverage that lasts for hours. Slip this into your backpack or even your pocket, and you can fearlessly face your day, knowing you have the element of surprise on your side. The only things that will be seen, are the things you want to be seen.

12Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

The only real purpose of makeup is to enhance the beauty you already have, and with this skin enhancer by Kevyn Aucoin, you are going to do that very thing. This cream has such a luxurious feel you will almost be pampering yourself each morning as you apply. The coverage is flawless, and will keep anything you want under wraps hidden for hours on end. This cream foundation is a busy girl’s best friend when it comes to true, natural coverage that will hold up until lunchtime and beyond. Suddenly, second period doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

13IBTS Long Lasting Waterproof Foundation

There are times one color isn’t going to cut it. Your skin isn’t a single flat color, so why expect a foundation that’s only one color to get the job done? No, if you want that flawlessly perfect look, you have to match your makeup to the tones of your skin, with the highlights and the lowlights. With this foundation, you have your pick of the crop with coverage and color, meaning you are going to get that flawless blend every single time you put it on. It’s so perfect, it’s magical.

14L’OREAL Infallible Liquid Foundation

From the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning until you finally go to bed at night, you are on the go. Whether it’s school, homework, chores, or any other priority that pulls you in different directions all day, you hardly have a minute to grab a mirror and make sure your makeup is staying where it should, as it should. When you have this small bottle of foundation, you have that quick fix right in your back pocket, any time you need it. This foundation made our list because it works, so get out there and grab a bottle for yourself today.

15Cinema Secrets Long Lasting Powder Foundation

No list of foundations would be complete without one powder holding its own. It’s hard to find a good powder that can stand up to the waterproof test, but the Cinema Secrets Long lasting Foundation did that very thing. It glides on almost like a cream, but it blends like a powder, leaving you with that flawless, beauty queen look you crave. This makeup might be a powder, but it’s a powder that means business. Keep this in your makeup bag, and never face the dreaded “rainy day” makeup worry again.



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