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Best Drugstore Concealers For Your Beauty Bag

Best Drugstore concealers

15 Best Drugstore Concealers For Your Beauty Bag

There are countless reasons to wear concealers… whether you are looking to cover that blemish, that mole, or to simply even out your skin tone, a good concealer is an essential part of every woman’s makeup routine. But, finding the right concealer can be as difficult as covering that blemish if you don’t know what you’re doing.
After all, each and every concealer claims to be the best, get the job done, and give you that flawless look you have been dreaming of. But as you well know, not all concealers are created equal, and it’s not at all uncommon for you to spend $10-$15 dollars on one, only to be disappointed when you get home.
Don’t worry. We have rounded up a group of the best concealers you could imagine. Get ready to say hello to beautiful, flawless skin.

1Revlon Photoready Concealer Stick

Getting rid of that unsightly blemish or those freckles is incredibly easy with the Revlon Photoready concealer. Specially formulated to cover everything you want covered and leave you with gorgeously perfect skin, this stick is an essential for every makeup bag. Embrace your naturally beautiful skin tone as you use this stick to cover anything you like while evening out your skin’s natural color. Giving you the coverage you want without caking, grab one of these sticks the next time you are at the department store, and be ready for that close up anytime, anywhere.

2Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

You know nothing beats that pair of jeans that fits just right. Now, get ready for a makeup that fits you perfectly, too, with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. Available in 6 different shades, you can find the match that truly does fit your skin. This oil free and wax free makeup concealer is designed to blend into your natural skin tone, concealing anything and everything you want hidden. The matte finish of this formula also keeps shiny skin at bay, allowing you to take on your day like the queen you are. Pick up a bottle in your favorite shade, and say hello to perfection.

3L.A. Girl Pro.conceal

You know the one thing that’s worse than a breakout? A breakout with dry skin! With winter weather in the air, dry skin is almost as common as Christmas songs playing on the radio. Now, you don’t have to pick between moisture and the coverage you want, because L.A. Girl has finally come out with a solution to make everyone happy. Use this perfect concealer to erase any blemish or breakout while giving your skin the hydration it needs to stay silky and soft in this dry weather. Available for under $10, you just can’t say no to adding this concealer to your makeup bag.

4Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

This makeup might promise setting the clock back, but that’s not all it’s good for. With the super soft sponge application at the top, and the flawless coverage this concealer provides, we just had to include it on our list of favorite department store concealers. Whether you want to cover the tiniest blemish or if you want to use it for all-over perfection, the sponge applicator makes smooth skin much easier to achieve. Give your skin the moisture it needs in this dry weather while you perfect that perfectly punk look, and taking on your day is as effortless as your perfect look.

5Milani Conceal + Perfect

Every smart girl knows how to get a good deal, and when you are snagging two for the price of one, you know you have the luck of the draw. Milani conceal and perfect isn’t just a concealer, but it also brings out your skin’s natural glow. Available in 14 different shades, you have more choices than you could ever dream of to achieve that perfect match. Available at nearly all department stores for under $10, you know a good deal when you see one. That’s how the smart girl does it.

6Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder

In a world that tells you “bigger is always better”, it can be hard to know when to make a choice for yourself, especially when it comes to the makeup you use. If you have used powder concealers in the past, you know getting the right makeup is no joke, but it seems the better the powder, the more expensive it is. Finally, Cover Girl has heard our cries for help, and released a powder that everyone can fall in love with, regardless of… anything. Use a broad brush for smooth, full coverage that leaves you with an airbrushed look that is true to life. Move over creams, there’s a new coverage in town.

7Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin

Nothing is worse than trying to get through a stressful day of classes and stopping by the bathroom, only to see that your concealer is fading. Maybelline understands the day you face, and knows how important it is for that makeup to stay put, all day long. With the Super Stay concealer, you not only have perfect control over where the makeup goes, but you can rest assured it’s going to stay in place through gym, through lunch, and through that horrible mid-afternoon exam.

8NYX Wonder Pencil

Pencils aren’t just for your book bag anymore. With the NYX Wonder Pencil, you have instant coverage both at home and on the go. A thick cream, this concealer glides on like a paste and easily spreads to give you that even complexion you’re looking for. With the NYX Wonder Pencil on hand, you can solve a lot more than a math problem in your day. Available for around $5, this pencil is a bargain that packs a punch.

9NYX Cosmetics HD Photo Concealer Wand

Let’s face it, stuff happens, and when it does, you need something that will go on smoothly and dry quickly. NYX Cosmetics HD Photo Concealer wand is the perfect thing to have on hand for moments like these. Small enough to fit even in your pocket, this concealer is the magic wand you need for a quick fix. Smudging and fading are things of the past with this concealer in your backpack!

10The De-Puffer Eye Concealer

Cream concealers can be a challenge no matter what your skin type, or how much you want covered. But for that perfect amount of coverage plus easy application, we recommend you try this eye concealer from Cover Girl. Fix more problems than one with this concealer you can use to both cover and contour. And what perfects this silky smooth cream? A mess free applicator that gives you professional precision every time.

11Almay Wake-Up Undereye Concealer

Tests. Sports. Friends. When does sleep fit into the schedule? Few things make your day feel like a drag more than waking up looking tired. You can try putting on eyeliner and eye shadow, but no one wants to be asked if their tired when they walk into a room. Look and feel refreshed and awake with this undereye concealer. Simply dab a bit under each eye and blend with your finger, and you’re ready to take on your day full force!

12Cover Girl TruBlend FixStick Concealer

Remember how easy it was to color in those lines with crayons? You could completely smooth out any picture you wanted with just the right hue… and now you can in real life, too! With Cover Girl’s TruBlend FixStick Concealer, you can cover, blend, and perfect your look with just the swipe of your hand. Available for under $10, you simply must keep this simple solution on hand.

13L’OREAL Infallible Pro-Matte

Feeling like a prom queen every day may not be practical for most girls, but when you have L’OREAL Infallible Pro-Matte in your makeup bag, feeling like a prom queen is just another day. With incredible twenty-four hour coverage, you can breathe easy knowing that wherever your day takes you, you will look simply infallible.

14L’OREAL Visible Lift

We all could use a little lift in our day, whether you are stopping by your favorite fast food joint for French fries or sipping on your favorite icy drink, that little push can make or break an afternoon. The same can be said for your makeup routine, and with the Visible Lift from L’OREAL, you have that little something you’ve been craving. Easy to apply, instantly perfect coverage, and small enough to take anywhere, keep this concealer on hand for any time of the day.

15Cover Girl Fresh Complexion

No matter how much things change, nothing can change the beauty of the classic look. Cover Girl Fresh Complexion has been on the market for years, and with good reason. This is a lightweight formula by Cover Girl that will glide onto your skin easily, but won’t clog your pores. Simple matte colors blend into your skin, giving you that no makeup look and feel every time. A simple solution that keeps more problems at bay, we recommend you keep this concealer in your makeup bag at all times.



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