How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

So you found a guy that caught your eye but you don’t know how to tell him? We all have had that moment! These are the things you can do to let him know how you truly feel.

After watching all these movies and tv shows that have romance, guys are usually the ones that make the first move towards their love interest but the roles have changed nowadays. Girls are stepping up their game, going up to guys, and stealing their hearts. There are many ways to show interest whether it’s through expressions or the things we say. Going after a guy can be a different experience from some ladies but there’s a first time for everything! Don’t let the stigma of the girl waiting for the guy play a factor. Trust me, it can get uncomfortable trying to tell a guy you like him but if you want something you never had, you sometimes have to do things you have never done. With your acts, you can actually impress him more than you think. We gathered all the ways to get your point across to make him yours in no time:

1Become interested in his interests

Sometimes it can be hard to talk to a guy because there’s nothing really to talk about but if you start talking to him about his passions, you’ll have him on lock. He’ll definitely acknowledge you more than you think. Most of the time, he is usually talking to his friends about his interests but having a fresh face to talk to will make him want to talk to you more. You can’t deny that it gets exciting talking to someone who enjoys the same things you do. Not only will you learn about him but he can slowly learn about you too – you might end up talking about your interest as well.

2Compliment him

In whatever he does, let him know you’re noticing. There’s nothing more validating than someone congratulating you on your hard work, especially when it comes to men. The fact that you can see all the small things that he does, he will feel appreciated by you. This can go beyond his work and towards his looks. If he got a haircut or is wearing a shirt that you think looks good on him, let him know! It’s an easy to flirt indirectly. You’re basically saying, “Yeah, I’m checking you out” without necessarily saying it out loud. Who knows? You might get something in return.

3Use body language

Body language is the most powerful tool you can use to steal a man’s heart. A man will definitely pay attention more of what your body says rather than what you’re actually saying, unfortunately. When you’re talking to him, make sure your body is completely facing him – this gives him the sign the he has your full attention. And don’t be afraid to lean in a little, this creates an intimate space for the both of you. Make sure all the body language you’re using is positive! Refrain from having your arms crossed. This will give a barrier between the both of you and that’s something you don’t want!

4Text him first

Living in this day and age, our cellphones hold so much power. Use that advantage and text your crush first! I know us girls usually are too prideful to send that text message but sending the first text will let him see that you don’t care about the roles. Also, it will give him hints that you are thinking about him and want to talk. Texting is also a great way to have a conversation if he makes you a little nervous. That way, you get to know each other without necessarily having to speaking face-to-face all the time.

5Call him

Take communication to the next level and call him! Personally, I don’t call anyone as much unless I’m comfortable with them and if something is an emergency. In this case, calling will show him a different side of you. Sure, text messaging is convenient because it’s quick and can be done anywhere but calling has much more intimacy to it. You show more of who you are with what you say and how you say it. Also, calling people takes some time out of your day and you want to show him that he’s worth of your time. Call him and actually TALK to him.

6Break the touch barrier

While breaking the touch barrier, you have to be careful with how it’s done. Make sure you are touching in safe spaces but allow you to be flirtatious at the same time. Breaking the touch barrier lets you become more intimate with him and basically tells him that you are attracted to him. A way to start is by resting your head on his shoulder when you are tired. Sneak in a look into his eyes when he looks down at you, it’s a cute way to send him a “I caught you checking me out too” message. An easy way to hold his hands is to simply point them out. All you have to do is say something amongst the line of, “Wow, you have big hands. Let’s compare mine with yours”. At that moment, you can be holding hands right after.

7Glow with Confidence

Any man loves a girl that glows with confidence. Confidence is sexy, powerful and eye-catching. When you are confident, you are calling the attention from everyone around you. He will be impressed with the powerful woman that you are. It will show him that you are self-assured and can do well all on your own. At that moment, he will realize that you don’t necessarily need him in your life but are interested in his company. Even though you are powerful without him, he will definitely want to contribute on enhancing the confidence within yourself.

8Surprise him

I am not talking about showing up at his house at random times of the day because that can freak him out. I’m saying, if you see something when you are out and think he might like it or it makes you think of him, you should get it for him. It can be something small that won’t embarrass him like those huge teddy bears. Picking up something for him out of the kindness of your heart will make him realize that you think about him, especially if the object reminds you of him. That way, whenever he looks at what you bought him, he will think of you too.

9Flaunt for him

When you see him, have those days where you look extra nice for him but try not to do it all the time, especially if that’s not in your nature. You can express your confidence in other ways, like how put together you can get. You will having him dropping his jaw with your beauty. Let him know that you don’t always get dressed up for people, just the special ones and that will make him appreciated. It shows that you see him more than just a friend.

10Talk to his friends

There is no better way to get to know your crush than talking to his friends. They might not tell you everything there needs to know about your crush but they will give you an insight of who he is. They can possibly slip out information about what he thinks of you. The best thing about talking to his friends is that they will tell you crush that you asked about him. Yes, guys talk to each other the same way girls talk to each other. So, he knows you are asking about him and that is what you want him to know. You are indirectly telling him that you are curious about him because you are interested.

11Laugh at ALL his jokes

Yeah, laugh at even the terrible ones but do not do the fake laugh. If the joke is terrible, laugh at how terrible it is and don’t be afraid to let him know. Make sure you do this in a nice way though and let him know you appreciate the effort. At least you’re being honest right? But if you do find his joke to be funny, don’t try to hide your laughter because he wants to make you laugh. There’s a confidence boosters guys get from making girls laugh and if he’s trying, don’t be so hard and give him what he is trying to get.

12Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is the most important form of communications. You can say so much just by looking at a person. I’m not saying to have a staring contest because that can get awkward really fast but hold it for the right amount of seconds. Maintaining eye contact is calling for attention and it’s the best way to grab his. Right when you turn around, he will be there introducing himself to you.

13Ask him about his love life

You are not trying to be nosey, you are just curious. It’s a topic that can startle him a bit but he will understand why you are asking. Most of the time, people wonder about other’s love life because they want to know if they are single or not. You can blatantly ask him if he’s single or finesse your way and ask him how all the ladies are doing. Either way, you’ll get a clue and he will get why you want to know.

14Status: Single

Similar to how you ask him about his love life, this is your chance to let him know about yours. Who cares if he wants to hear it? The point is to let him know you are available and this will allow him to take an initiative if he’s interested in you. Letting him know you’re single is an instant clue in telling him you like him and he can change your relationship status if he wants. *wink wink*

15Spend time together, privately

It’s understandable when you first meet someone and go out together in a group because it makes the situation more comfortable but that can’t last forever. If you really want to take things to the next level, you have to spend time together – JUST the two of you. Here, you get to know each other better by being completely yourself without other people playing a factor.

16Open up to him

This could take some time to feel comfortable to tell him certain things about you but there’s so much that comes with opening up to him. He will notice that you are telling him things about you not every person has the privilege to know so it will be obvious that you trust him. Letting him know that you trust him will secure that part of your relationship already and he will realize that he can trust you too.

17Be there for him

Try to be his fan! Guys love when they have someone encouraging them through difficult situations, whether it’s a game, an exam he has coming up or if he’s simply feeling down. Be there to reassure him that everything is going to be ok and he notice that you have a great heart. You can simply send him a text, or give him a call, to let him know that he can conquer whatever he is going through and that you’re there if he needs anything. He will definitely see that you care for him!

18Be flirty

You obviously like the guy so the best way to do it is to flirt a little. Take the friendship conversations to the next level by dropping clues that you like him! The best way to do it is to call him “cute”, “handsome” and everything along those lines. He’ll notice that you find him physically attractive. If you’re not into the pet names then don’t be afraid to get a little touchy. Hold onto his arm while you walk, lean on him or smile more often.

19Ask him on a date

You don’t want to spend your whole life wondering if he will ever ask you on a date. Instead of wondering, just do it. If you want to go out with him, let him know. And if you don’t want to call it a “date”, simply change the words to “hanging out”. Deep down inside, we both know we’re calling it a date.

20Straight up tell him

Guys can be a bit delusional when it comes to girls trying to get their attention. We can flirt and do everything listed above and they STILL won’t catch on to the clues. Guys like things to be said to the point and if it comes down to this, the best thing you can do is put your big girl pants on and simply tell him how you feel. It can definitely get uncomfortable because this was the last thing we wanted to do but sometimes, this is the only thing that can work.



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