6 Chic and Cute Ways To Wear a Blazer

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Trendiest Blazers for Women

Gone are the days when blazers were only worn in a professional environment. Blazers are an awesome addition to your wardrobe because they are versatile and can be worn to create a number of different casual and sophisticated looks. Plus, blazers are super flattering since they add structure to your shape. Our favorite part about blazers is that they never go out of style. If you don’t already own a blazer, you should definitely purchase one (or two!) since you won’t need to worry that will look unstylish if you wear it next season. Though there are a lot of stunning ways to incorporate a blazer into your outfit, we have selected 6 that are our absolute favorites. Keep reading to check out our top 6 suggestions for chic ways to wear a blazer, with pictures of celebrities rocking the look to help you gather wardrobe inspiration!

1Tailored Blazer With Skinny Jeans

black blazer with jeans
Kim Kardashian

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: Kim is well-known for her awesome wardrobe, but one of her most notable and applauded looks is when she pairs a blazer with skinny jeans. Aside from the structured blazer, Kim’s outfit is casual with skinny jeans and a loose gray t-shirt. However, Kim’s structured blazer with dramatic shoulders adds a burst of elegance and high-fashion that takes her outfit to the next level and flatters her figure. This outfit will complement all body types, but will be especially figure-flattering on girls who want to show off their curves! If you want to replicate this look, we definitely think you should consider adding a statement necklace and pair your outfit with a pair of killer heels!

2Menswear-style Blazer With Miniskirt

blazer with skirt
Miranda Kerr

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: This outfit is a stylish combination of feminine and masculine elements. The skirt, bright yellow color of the blazer, and patterned shirt are definitely girly, but the shape of the blazer has undeniable menswear undertones. We love the contrast between the tight short skirt and the relaxed fitting long blazer that Miranda is wearing. If you don’t like the look of wearing a bright colored blazer, we would definitely recommend that you choose to make one of your outfit elements bright. If you keep the outfit completely neutral in color, you may end up looking more corporate than you intended. Although you don’t need to have Miranda’s exact figure to look great in this outfit, a long, loose fitting blazer is most flattering on girls whose shape is on the boxier side. If you are on the curvier side, the fit of the blazer will hide your waist which may end up making you appear to be larger than you actually are.

3Dark Blazer With Distressed Denim Shorts

denim blazer
Annalynne Mccord

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: AnnaLynne seriously knows how to rock a blazer! Though distressed denim shorts and a blazer don’t seem like an obvious pairing, they look totally amazing together. We love this cute outfit because it blends casual and business effortlessly to create a super stylish and flattering look. Although we love a simple t-shirt and daisy dukes, adding a blazer is a super easy way to make your outfit look well-put together. The contrast between the denim with holes and the sleek blazer is interesting and may feel unnatural at first, but you should definitely try out this combination. This outfit is great for running errands, but it can also be a great date night option on warm summer nights!

4Military Style Blazer with White Eyelet Dress

blazer outfits
Rachel Bilson

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: Rachel Bilson is an established style icon so it is no surprise that we take inspiration from her when it comes to creating awesome fashion outfits with blazers. We love stylish contrasts between clothing items, so this sweet eyelet dress and military style blazer is a winner in our books! The dress is super feminine and adorable and the blazer adds an unexpected masculine energy which creates an amazing and unexpected combination. This outfit would look great with a pair of high heels, but it would look just as amazing with a cute pair of pointed flats or a strappy pair of sandals!

5Tuxedo Style Blazer With Skater Skirt

casual blazer
Solange Knowles:

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: Blazers add flattering structure to your shape and skater skirts are super complementary on all body types because they flare out and make your legs look slimmer. Needless to say, we are definitely in favor of a look that incorporates both of these flattering wardrobe staples. Though Solange chooses to wear her tuxedo style blazer buttoned up, a skater skirt would also look amazing with an open tuxedo blazer or blazers that have a higher cut than the tuxedo style.

6Blazer With Tight Dress

blazer dress
Maria Sharapova

Why this is a chic way to wear a blazer: Pairing a blazer with a tight dress is an awesome going out look. While you can always take your blazer off if you get hot while dancing, the blazer is a great way to make your tight dress look extra sophisticated, plus you don’t need to worry about your jacket ruining your outfit if you get cold! We love the look of pairing a statement necklace with this outfit like Maria does!

How amazing are blazers? There are so many outfits that you can create by adding a blazer so blazers are definitely a versatile wardrobe staple. We think every girl should have at least one blazer that she can immediately reach for when she wants to quickly spice up an outfit. We hope you enjoyed this list of suggestions for chic and cute ways to wear a blazer and don’t forget to experiment with your outfits! The beauty of blazers is that pairing them with unexpected pieces often creates stunning results!



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